500 Female Emcees: Meet the Cookie Crew-Hip Hop Pioneers from the UK

Cookie Crew (South London)

Cookie Crew (South London)

When we talk about Hip Hop  and its history its good to not only know the pioneering figures in New York where the music and culture was born, but its good to know who were the pioneering figures in other places. When we talk about the vibrant Hip Hop scene in London, you can’t talk about its early beginnings without noting the music accomplishments and social and political advocacy of MC Remedee (Debbie Pryce) and Suzy Q (Susan Banfield) collectively known as the Cookie Crew.

The duo formed Clapham, South London in 1983 which was about 2 years before  groups like Salt-N-Pepa formed. Their career took off after winning a national rap championship and recording two sessions for the John Peel BBC Radio 1 show. They gained a recording contract from the UK dance record label Rhythm King and were put in the studio with the production trio Beatmasters, who put them in a house music direction.

In July 1987, the resultant single “Rok Da House” was popular in the nightclubs. many consider it one of the first Hip-House songs. Their follow-up single “Females” also was a minor hit in October 1987. The continuing popularity of “Rok Da House” in nightclubs eventually renewed interest in the track and garnered a couple of television appearances on the No Limits programme.

The record was re-issued at the end of December 1987 and crossed over into the mainstream. The song became a Top 5 hit in the UK Singles Chart at the beginning of February 1988, and was even used for an advertising campaign. The track is often quoted as being the first hip house record.[who?]

Cookie CrewThe duo moved on to another record label, FFRR and different producers, resulting in a string of hit singles in 1989, with “Born This Way (Let’s Dance)“, “Got to Keep On” with Edwin Starr and “Come and Get Some“; plus the album Born This Way! which reached number 24 in the UK Albums Chart. “Got to Keep On” also reached #33 in the U.S. Dance chart.[2]

By 1992, there were differences of opinion between the duo, who wanted to pursue more of an orthodox hip hop/rap style, and FFRR’s parent label London Records, who wanted to steer the duo towards more of a pop oriented style of rap. This resulted in the duo parting company with FFRR and retiring from the hip hop/rap scene. Despite this, Pryce and Banfield have remained involved with other projects within the music industry.

The two continued to perform and travel the world. Banfield is the sister of The Pasadenas’ singer Andrew Banfield, and Pryce was formerly a chef for the Ministry of Defense.

Reach Debbie Pryce on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/cookiepryce

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Cookie CrewFemales’


Cookie CrewBorn this Way’


Cookie CrewSecret of Success’


Cookie CrewHow Long has This Been Going On?’


Cookie CrewRok the House’


500 Female Emcees: Meet Alika from Argentina

Alika (Argentina)

Alika (Argentina)

Based on his early days of hip hop, Alika has become one of the leaders of the world reggae-dancehall-speaking After joining Attitude Maria Marta (one of the first hip hop bands Argentine)

In 1999 decided to start their own project based on the Rastafarian culture. Alika has gained recognition as a highly conscious voice emanating from Latin America, direct and clear writing lyrics that speak of respect, dignity, and self-confidence at the same time recounting situations and common problems in neighborhoods in the Third World.

Her charisma and stage presence have allowed you to take your music to festivals, theaters, clubs, schools, hospitals, prisons and even in different cities around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela , Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Andorra, Building an incredible race for whom, to this day, remains an independent artist.

Alika has 5 studio albums to date and is credited with creating some of the great hymns of Reggae in Spanish. Songs like Ejercito Despierta, Do not be sad, Galang, Lighters, Custom and kill you Hey my friend, have helped to establish Alika as an international reggae star and have helped put Latin Reggae on the world map. An example of this is the 5th. Alika in claborcion album with world renowned dub producer Mad Professor. This 2009 album titled Mad Proffesor meets Alika was entirely produced by the genius of dub.

Alika Dem Gots No Love


Alika Galang


Alika Todo Lo Negativo 



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500 Female Emcees Everyone Should Know- ( Davey D’s Ultimate List )

maria Isa

Maria Isa

Below is a list of 500 Female Emcees and the first thing that everyone reading this should know is that the list is not complete. To be honest there’s more than 500 names, much more, but still the list is not complete nor will it ever be. There are too many places and spaces that I have never been nor have the incredible artists like Aisha Fukashima the Raptivist, Mad-lines, Aima the Dreamer, Raw G, Ximbo, Invincible and D’Labrie who over the past year contributed greatly to this list.

The list is not complete even as we have other wonderful lists like; the Illest Female Rappers, Women of Hip Hop, Female Rappers Tumblir, The Female Rappers Network or more recently Patrick McNease‘s Ultimate Female Emcee List. If we really think about it, we don’t want this or any list to be complete. There will always be more emcees to add as long as this culture call Hip Hop is alive, well and is global. If the list stops growing Hip Hop stops growing..

With that being said, the reason why the list came about in the first place was out of frustration and a realization that many within this industry , in particular my male brethren needed to be enlightened.

It was a frustration that many of my women friends within Hip Hop were having when they would hear some pompous music critic or ‘industry expert’ say some ignorant crap like; ‘all women sound the same‘ or ‘these women need to put out hit songs‘, women need to grind harder and promote themselves better or ‘there aren’t a lot of quality women emcees out there‘. All those statements are gross generalizations and reflect a laziness on the part of those making the claim or extreme bias.

The frustration many were feeling was one that would come after hearing announcement after announcement for some huge mega-Cochella-Sumer-Jam-Rock-the-Bells-Spring-Bling type concert that would feature 20 plus acts and only one woman would be on the bill. It was frustration that was felt after pointing out such egregious oversights only to be ignored and ridiculed.

female-emcees-psoterlightIt was the frustration of hearing promoters doing smaller shows claiming that women won’t attract an audience and hence would not be a sound business move even to have one open up a show.

It was frustration of going to a club featuring a popular deejay lauded for being a Hip Hop icon with a reputation for ‘digging in the crates’ and turning audiences onto new music from far off lands and forgotten times only to discover that they rarely dig in crates and ‘discover’ a dope female emcee…

And don’t get it twisted, this refusal to share space has been going on a for a while and many women have expressed frustration the ones I know have not been sitting around waiting for miracles to occur. Many have started doing their own shows and put on vibrant events..From Invincible out of Detroit who I saw do several all women showcases at SXSW and have them packed with lines out the door to Aisha the Raptivist who has traveled the world and and done her own tours to Raw G who promotes here in the Bay Area locally and always brings out incredible women emcees like Alika from Argentina Dunay Surez from Cuba or Ximbo from Mexico, folks are steady grinding and making moves

Where I think folks are getting short changed are in male dominated spaces where female voices, POV and approaches toward Hip Hop are not readily present. Its a cipher that’s incomplete and that has got to change.
The list below was ideally to serve as a guide of sorts to anyone who had this female emcee blind spot.

Its a guide for deejays caught yapping about how ‘there ain’t no good female emcees‘. Its a weak excuse often given for them not rocking any women during a deejay set or mixshow.. Out of all the emcees featured on this list there are  some hard hitters out there they can not and will not be denied. This list gives them no excuse. There are sistas on here who do Trap, Backpack, boom bap, raggamuffin, pop, underground, commercial, hardcore etc..The variety is endless.

The list below is guide for promoters who say there’s ‘no market out there for women emcees‘.  A quick look at some of the folks on this list crushes that assertion down to its very last compound. From the days of Her Story Hip Hop Tours and See It Live showcases to 5th Element gatherings to upcoming Queendom Concerts to all women showcases put on by Invincible to showcases like Black Women Rock w/ Jessica Care Moore to Rock Like A Girl on the Mic w/ Toni Blackman to Hip Sister Radio to name a few, the scene is healthy. No matter what city. No matter what country, there are emcees listed for you to check out.. From Brooklyn to Oakland to Russia to new Zealand to Pakistan and beyond..



The list is a guide for academic types who can speak at length about male artists over various eras in Hip Hop but when it comes time to referencing women, they only know MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and Nicki Minaj and maybe a Lil Kim. This list is for them to check out and help expand their hip hop vocabulary so they can reference dynamic women like; Sa-Roc, Stahhr, Rocky Rivera, Shadia Mansour, Keny Arkana, Cihuatl Ce, Kellee Maize or Farrah Burns. Rock their songs, play their videos, examine their lyrics

The way the list works is each name is linked to a video and in a few cases to a sound cloud page.. Some of the names are linked to 3 Dope Song series page or a 500 Female Emcee page. In putting this list together it was noted that one song or video often didn’t do artists justice. They are much more complex. As you will note, included on the list are several singers and  spoke nword artists whose presence and influence in Hip Hop can not be denied.

It’s hoped that folks will peep the music, read about the artists click on the links associated with them and start digitally digging in the crates. Not everyone is gonna be great. Not everyone is gonna have a masterpiece of a song or album, but many do and as lovers and protectors of this culture we all should be pushing ourselves to do a better job bringing forth ‘new finds‘ vs having it be dictated to us by corporate interests and their mouth pieces.


-Davey D-

























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500 Female Emcees: Meet Isis Tha Saviour-Speaking Heartfelt Truth to Power

Isis tha SaviourThey say music is a universal language and when done right it can excite and agitate and it can calm, sooth and heal. When it comes to Hip Hop we often hear folks say the old adage ‘Hip Hop saved my life’. When you listen to Philly emcee Isis tha Saviour you hear someone who speaking to the pain of a community under siege. You hear someone addressing the senseless violence and mayhem that has visited far too many in our community. Her song Forever on My Mind which is about the murder of her cousin is one that will touch us all. Isis tha Saviour is an emcee with a purpose.

According to her bio

Isis Tha Saviour is an up in coming Lyricist, screen play writer, poet & activist who exploded on Philadelphia’s music scene last fall with her critically acclaimed single “Street Chronicles”. Since her musical debut she has been nominated for both lyricist & female freshman of the year honors at Philly’s 2011 Hip~Hop Music awards!

Isis has also featured as poet of the week for “The Renaissance” which is a collaborative effort by Embacy Entertainment & Legendary Host Tiffany Bacon of WRNB 107.9fm/ Praise 103.9fm to create a resurgence of artistic pride & creativity within Philadelphia’s inner city.

Isis has performed at numerous Open Mic & Showcase venues within the city including “World Cafe Live”, “Fluid Night Club”, “The Arts Garage”, “Dowlings Palace”, “The Boys & Girls Club”, “Sneaker Villa”, “Black & Nobel”, “The Rotunda” & “Waterview Lounge”.

She has appeared on Several Internet & mainstream Radio Shows including “Brain Kave Radio”, “Air It Out Radio”, “Critical Mass Radio”, “Official Smack Radio” & “Batcave 2.0 Radio” on 91.7fm. She has graced the cover of M~PIRE Magazine & is slated to appear in Go Getter Magazine when it launches in September.

Isis has collaborated on mixtapes released both locally and abroad while finishing up her highly anticipated album “The Isis Papers”. This summer her work will also be published in a book called “Creative Beams Of Light” which will be comprised of 27 inspirational poems for children suffering with Autism. Co~ written by artist all around the country, the proceeds from this cooperative project will be donated to help build sensory rooms at Autistic schools.

In addition, Isis networks with fellow artist, community organizers, promoters & activist to coordinate “Stop The Violence” rallies & concerts throughout the city of Philadelphia.

In the past, Isis Tha Saviour teamed up with G.R.A.V.I.T.Y (Get Real About Violence Impacting The Youth) for an 18 city “Stop The Violence” music tour. G.R.A.V.I.T.Y is a non~profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and finding solutions to help curb youth violence.

Isis states that her main goal throughout the tour was “to encourage the youth to find alternatives ways to express themselves through the arts rather than getting involved in criminal activity.” Isis believes that many of the issues affecting todays youth “stem from limited outlets & resources in their communities for constructive and engaging activities.”

Isis Tha Saviour Forever on My Mind


Isis Tha Saviour The Fall of America


Isis Tha Saviour Gunshots & Tattoos


Isis Tha Saviour Black Rose



500 Female Emcees: Meet Boog Brown-Always Grinding and Being Herself

Boog BrownOriginally from Detroit and now living in Atlanta is an emcee, songwriter and poet who many like to say has skillz comparable to artists like Nas, Rakim and Lauryn Hill. We’re talking Boog Brown who is no stranger to set-backs. After moving from Detroit to Atlanta in 2007, she found herself without a job , a car or even a mattress to sleep on. But nothing feeds the soul of a true Detroiter like adversity.

Determined to make her unique voice heard, Brown donned her work clothes, put pen to paper, Chuck Taylors to the pavement and started to grind. Boog became a regular at Atlanta’s hip-hop venues, meeting producers, promoters, writers and aficianados. The message of her music was simple and the purpose, pure: Be yourself. Grind hard. Be better. Get paid.

Since the release of her first “official” mixed tape, Grind Season Vol. 1 in 2009, Boog has grown an impressive following, both online and off. She’s been featured on PotHolesInMyBlog.com, TheGrittyCommittee.com, and TheFembassy.com. Boog Brown has also graced the pages of Creative Loafing and MetroTimes- Detroit.

Boog Brown signed with Mellow Music group and in September of 2010 released the critically acclaimed ‘Brown Study’ with producer Appollo Brown. An instant classic, the album earned a spot on ITune’s Top 10 New Hip-Hop Artists list as well as a 2010 Itunes Indie Spotlight.

Fresh off her stellar performance at the AC3 music conference in Atlanta, Boog Brown was featured on BET’s My Mic Sounds Nice: the Truth About women in Hip Hop and has since gone on to win Best Female Emcee from ATL’s coveted Heart of The Hood Awards.

check for Boog Brown at http:/www.twitter.com/boogbrown

Boog Brown In Tune


Boog Brown Polaroids


Boog Brown Shine


Boog Brown Window Open


500 Female Emcees: Meet Mystic-Beautiful Resistance & Keen Insight

mysticMost people know the Bay Area’s Mystic as a dope emcee who put out the critically acclaimed album Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom in 2001. This album was best known for  hit songs like ‘The Life’, the empowering ‘Girlfriend Sistagirl‘  and the heart-wrenching Fatherless Child which was about her losing her father to a drug overdose.

Many know Mystic as an independent artist who broke ground with that album by having her song The W which was also  on that album and featured Planet Asia be nominated for a Grammy.

For those who are here in the Bay or in LA where she spent a number of years, Mystic is more than just an artist who can spit. It’s common knowledge that her skillz comes from years of paying dues which included singing hooks for her home girls and fellow Bay Area artists, the Conscious Daughters or hanging tough as the only female member of Digital Underground. Mystic was on the scene grinding away for a number of years before her big breaks came.

Locally we know Mystic as a sharp businesswoman who when it came time to signing her deal was adroitly able to negotiate a number of advantageous terms that very few veteran artist at the time had been able to obtain. For good measure, after she was signed and released her album, Mystic spent a number of years working behind the scenes in the industry where she was able to accrue more game. In short, she shall not get got…

Many of us know Mystic as Mandolyn the school teacher and educator who is currently enrolled at UC Berkeley getting a higher degree in that field.

We know her as a committed activist who shows up at events and places not as a celebrity but as someone who truly cares. From fact-finding trips to Haiti after the earthquake to helping maintain the Children’s Library at the Occupy LA site, Mystic stays connected and comes to the table with keen knowledge of the issues.

Many of us know her as an environmentalist who could and does maintain a garden or a greenhouse and not miss a beat. And from that garden she throws down and whips up unprocessed, non GMO meals good enough to pen a cook book or open up a restaurant which many have urged her to do..She is often online kicking out recipes and letting folks know how to combine spices and where to find the best vegetables etc..

All these activities are important to note, because they help inform, and are the core of Mystic’s searing and reflective lyrics. These activities enable her songs to be timeless, affirming and healing for many who hear them. For example, shortly after the tragedies of 9-11, a memo was sent out to the local urban station in the area to play her song ‘The Life‘ because it was one that help ease people’s tensions.

MysticSongs like Girlfriend Sistah Girl and Breath have become anthems of empowerment. While songs like Beautiful Resistance which is off a yet to be released album, reflect timeless political realities.  For example, when the song was done it was just  as President Obama was getting into office and was enjoying immense popularity with everyone talking about Hope and Change. Initially one wondered if she was taking a swipe at the President who had just made history or  was the song done with George Bush in mind and was released late?

Mystic noted that ideally she hoped that what was written would never apply to President Obama or his policies but noted the truth is the office of the President is such that very little could or would be done to change the conditions she described and many will no longer be as enamored. Hence the over riding message for people to come together and support each other no matter who is in the white house. In short stay grounded and look beyond the hype.

check for Mystic at http://www.twitter.com/thatgirlmystic

Mystic Beautiful Resistance


Mystic The Saga


Mystic & Da Beatminerz Pull Your Card


Mystic The Life


Mystic and the Angel Destiny Complete


500 Female Emcees: Meet Bahamadia-A True B-Girl-& One of Philly’s Best

BahamadiaBahamadia is a Philadelphia-born hip hop artist who started out as a DJ and later became an emcee. As a member of Gang Starr Foundation, she released her critically-acclaimed debut album entitled Kollage in 1996. The album featured production by Guru and DJ Premier of Gang Starr.

Kollage was followed in 2001 by BB Queen, an EP release.That was followed by the critically acclaimed Good Rap Music. Her most recent project came out in 2013 was called HERE  and featured ground-breaking collaborations with artists like Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Sweetback (Sade & Maxwell’s band), drum n’ base auteur Roni Size. Its on her own B-Girl Records.

Bahamadia is a respected lyricist in hip hop and is known for her silky, subdued monotone delivery. She has expressed a positive attitude toward globalism as an emerging trend in hip hop. For example, in a 2003 collaboration with little-known group the Sisters of the Underground on a track entitled “Global“, she performs lyrics in the chorus which acknowledge Japan, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Thailand, among other countries, for fostering vibrant hip hop communities, and Japan in particular for the dedication of her Japanese fans.

She has recorded a number of bootlegs exclusively released in Japan. Her reputation in North America has been enhanced by a number of highly regarded guest appearances on tracks by artists including Talib Kweli, The Roots, Jedi Mind Tricks and Planet Asia, and through her association with the Philadelphia hip hop collective Army of the Pharaohs.

Check for Bahamadia  at http://www.bahamadiamusic.com/ and http:/www.twitter.com/Bahamadia



BahamadiaUknowhowwedu w/ Mecca Star and K-swift


Bahamadia – Total Wreck


BahamadiaReal Love


500 Female Emcees: Narubi Selah Raising the Bars -GodHop Affiliated

Narubi SelahThe quote below is some of the wisdom coming from Narubi Selah in a recent interview she did for Womanizing.com.

“I think the largest thing missing today in the rap/hip hop game today is the ability to just be creative and be YOU! Everything sounds the same and everyone is rapping about the same thing. There used to be stories and tales told of love, pain, etc. Now it’s just a cookie cut formula; girls, cars, liquor (fancy kinds of course) cars again, clothes…you get the drift.

I also do not think it is that much of a stretch from what’s missing in female mcs. First of all, there aren’t too many female mcs that are main stream today. The game is pretty much dominated by Nikki Minaj, and that alone speaks for itself. It’s a shame that you have to go under-underground to find really good mcs, whether male or female. Artists such as Sa-Roc, Stahrr, Curly Castro, Omni Blaze etc, will never get spins on major radio or their videos to get 9 trillion hits on YouTube because their music goes in contrast to the cookie cut blueprint.

For those who don’t know Narubi is a spoken word artist, vocalist, actress, and middle school math teacher who is not playing around when she gets on the mic.  This one woman show swept through most of the east coast between 2000-and 2008 with her lyrical ability, claiming the much deserved title “Slam Queen”.

Prior to her 2008 debut on Russell Simmon’s Peabody Award Winning HBO Def Poetry Jam,  she has performed with such notable artists as Mos Def (Yassin Bey), KRS One, Lauryn Hill, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, and Styles P, just to name a few.

Narubi released her debut album “IAM LivingMath in 2010, and her sophomore album The Architect in 2012.

Check for her on twitter @NarubiSelah

Narubi Selah Hookless2


Narubi Selah  U Already Know


Narubi Selah Gun Law


Narubi Selah Live on WBAI


500 Female Emcees: Meet Maria Isa Reppin’ the Twin Cities aka ‘Soto Rico’

Maria IsaBorn in Minnesota aka Sotorico to NuyoRican parents (New York-Puerto Ricans), Maria Isa began her arts education at El Arco Iris Center for the Arts in 1992, and quickly progressed from the role of student to the role of singer, songwriter, emcee, instructor and performing artist.

Her 2007 M.I. Split Personalities and 2009 release of Street Politics, has received much critical acclaim using her talent to create social change and labeling her as a woman proud of her heritage. In 2002 she co-founded the dance group, Raices, whose mission is to conserve ancestral Puerto Rican heritage through folkloric music and dance.

In addition, Maria organizes various social events – walkathons, fundraisers and more to raise money and public awareness for juvenile diabetes. She has been nominated for a Minnesota Music “Best Hip-Hop Artist” Award, and was recognized as a 2010 Rising Star by the National Hispaña Leadership Institute for her outstanding work with Youthrive on behalf of working and educating incarcerated youth throughout the Twin Cities.

She has also been honored for her involvement with Peace Jam on behalf of hosting several Nobel Peace Prize laureates. She recently received the Best Urban Artist award from Univision 13, a Certificate of Appreciation from the Governor of Minnesota for her outstanding songwriting and contributions to the Latino Community, and a David Laffyette Award for her dedication towards the peace movement through the arts.

She has headlined the International Bazaar stage at the Minnesota State Fair, received grand reviews for her role as Mimi in the Jonathan Larsen musical “Rent” at the Guthrie Lab Theatre and dominated the BMI Publishing Latin Alternative Music Conference showcase.

Her music has been featured on ABC’s The B in APT 23, MTV’s Punk’d and The Paulie D Project. Maria’s songs have reached audiences around the world, including Asia, the United Kingdom, Latin America, the United States and Puerto Rico.

In 2011 Isa introduced herself as the other half of the political satire hip-hop duo group Villa Rosa with Muja Messiah, whom have been praised by 2Dope Boys.com and World Latin Hip Hop for their critically acclaimed album Blue Diamond Island. Villa Rosa has recently released a 2012 EP titled Exotic Paraphernalia.

Maria Isa has shared stages and performed alongside Slick Rick, Plena Libre, The Roots, Atmosphere, Dead Prez, Los Pleneros de La 21, Digable Planets, Julio Voltio, Tego Calderon, Magos Herrera, La India, Wu-tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Tiempo Libre, La Bruja, Habana Harlem, Miguel Alegrin, Alice Russel, Bomba Esterio, Brother Ali, Semisonic and Paracumbe, to name a few.

Isa is currently shooting and producing music for the indie film Strike One in Hollywood with Danny Treo; as well as shooting the documentary We Rock Long Distance with film maker Justin Schell in Puerto Rico.

Maria Isa Lowrider Mamis


Maria Isa Basilando


Maria Isa Street Luv w/Muja Messiah (Villa Rosa)


Maria IsaPassion Fantasy (live on The Local Show)



500 Female Emcees: Meet Kellee Maize Reppin’ ‘the Age of Feminism’

Kellee Maize Kellee Maize hails from Pittsburgh, PA.. She’s an incredible singer, songwriter and a dope emcee who can seriously flow.  Her music which includes 5 albums Age of Feminine (2007), Aligned Archetype (2010), Integration (2011), Owl Time (2012) and The 5th Element (2014) reflects her activism. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights, environmentalism, and issues relating to poverty, and racism.

Her music also reflects her spiritual side which includes the power of intention, meditation, quantum physics, astrology, Tarot and indigenous wisdom. Maize feels her purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy/good vibes and music that make people think.

In 2013 Kelle performed at Zeitgeist Media festivals in LA and NYC supporting The Zeitgeist Movement, the worlds largest peaceful social movement that advocates the replacement of the current global system with a highly technical sustainable society called a “Resource Based Economy.” Kellee also appeared in TZM founder Peter Josephs short documentary “Culture in Decline 6: Take of Two Worlds.” Her involvement in this is also reflected in her music.

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania and adopted by a family that lived in New Berlin, a small town in Central Pennsylvania, at the age of nine she started her first rap group, Thunder and Lightning.

In her teens she moved to Pittsburgh and in the year 2000 she began rapping and singing on stage.  While cutting her teeth on the local scene, Maize worked at the Pittsburgh City Paper company and began promoting various events around the city. During her time there, she helped launch multiple programs supporting and promoting local musicians and spoken word artists, as well as a local fashion show.She was soon promoted to the position of Events and Promotions Director. In 2006 Maize founded Näkturnal, which is a woman’s collective and a guerrilla marketing firm, that’s a mainstay in the Burgh.

Kellee Maize Freakuency


Kellee Maize Revival of the 5th Sun


Kellee MaizeL’outro


Kellee MaizePeaceburgh


Kellee Maize Get Lucky remix & cover w/ Draft Punk