500 Female Emcees: Meet Rinko A True Survivor from Japan

RinkoRinko Nagahisa aka Rinko hails from Kagoshima, Japan and now lives in Tokyo. She both sings and raps and has made a name for herself. What makes her stand out is  the realness of her music.  Coming up she was sexually assaulted and is a survivor of domestic violence.  She notes that music was her salvation.

Here’s what she noted in her bio

Parents were constantly quarelling, I was verbally and physically abused. I was fed up with it at all. The next thing I noticed, I was holding a knife against my mother.

Just as I thought my singing career started to progress, I was confined then sexually assaulted for 10 days. When I finally ran away for police , the officer told me ” go back to wherever you are , I don’t care you get killed”. I couldn’t believe anyone. After the incidents I was really alone, suffered from PTSD, depression, panic disorder which kept me down for 4 years.

I struggled to continue singing without looking away from severe realities. I had to be strong. I sing true to my experience so people like me who suffer inside can ease their heart.

My songs empowers listeners with truth and my way of life.

Rinko What u gonna do?


Rinko Tatakae


Rinko I know You want Me


Rinko Spend Money