500 Female Emcees: Meet Akua Naru-World Traveler, A True Wordsmith

Akua NaruHaving begun writing and performing rhymes as a young girl, in her native New Haven, CT, Akua Naru, began crafting in her early years what would later reveal to be a great talent for profound lyricism and extraordinary musical performances.

Known as a traveler, as chronicled throughout her Jan. 2011 debut release, The Journey Aflame, this female wordsmith has garnered attention by trotting the globe, recording her experiences and fusing musical genres with her brand of hip hop.

Formerly based in Philadelphia, there have been many stops along the way, from traveling West Africa to touring China, Naru moved to Cologne, Germany where she currently resides and creates music.

Naru has performed with the world renowned Afro Beat pioneer and Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen, toured with classic Hip Hop group Lords Of The Underground, & shared the stage/collaborated with artists Patrice, Tete, Ursula Rucker, Blitz The Ambassador, Angelique Kidjo and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of the legendary Roots crew to name a few.

Not just an emcee, Naru has also recently teamed up with one of the nation’s leading scholars, Dr. Tricia Rose, author of the classic book “Black Noise” & “The Hip Hop Wars”, to lecture at The Hip Hop Academy in Hamburg, Germany.

Akua Naru’s album ‘…The Journey A Flame’ has a rare depth, warmth, and honesty that has garnered international appeal. With her first official release, Naru reflects on her path with an intricate landscape of words that provoke thought, inspire, and soothe. With this album, Naru reveals that her journey has not only been  aflame: it has just begun.

‘‘I have written, sung, and performed since I can remember having my first thoughts. I have never discovered the music; the music and rhyme discovered me.‘‘ she noted

Akua NaruThe Backflip


Akua Naru The Block


Akua NaruThe Wound w/ Blitz the Ambassador


Akua Naru Nag Champa Gold


Akua Naru -Tales of Two Men w/ African Footprint