500 Female Emcees: Meet Audry Funk from Mexico

Audry FunkAudry Funk is from Puebla, Mexico and considered one of the most representative emcees in the country. She’s put in more than 8 years on the independent music scene. She first started out doing reggae and after a while started dabbling in HIP HOP.  Her first album GREEN SOUL SYSTEM came out in the year 2006. Iin

In 2010 she was invited to join the collective WOMEN WORKING Together with other female emcees who were holding down the  national scene. Since 2011 she’s been working with HIP HOP tHE BOROUGH. This year he takes out his first solo material ….


Audry Funk Kemalo


Audry Funk Matices


Audry Funk Destreza Hip Hop Tatuado


Audry Funk ft. Achepe La Simplicidad




  1. carlitos magallan says:

    she’s not one of mexico’s most representative emcees. Actually lot of people down there are making fun of her weight .

  2. So proud of her! … Poniendo a Mexico en alto! Con orgullo!

    Mujeres Trabajando Crew