500 Females Emcees: Meet Lucia Vargas from Columbia

Lucia VargasColumbian based rapper Lucia Vargas Salinas is a citizen of the world, convinced that music and art have the power to generate a positive transformation in all aspects of human development. She believes in a proactive re -evolution,  loves music that inspires poets and whose rate is based on the rumbling sound of musical instruments and musical passion of beatmakers. For Lucia, the world moves on word of mouth, has the hidden force of the self-management done right.

She began her musical life accompanying traditional Colombian music groups who influenced the construction of her lyrics focused on the ancient wisdom. Combining this with the revolution influence concocted by HIP HOP, resulting in her first work entitled “RE- EVOLUTION LAND AND FREEDOM ” being  released in EUROPE in 2008.

After touring to many communities worldwide following and sticking firm in her conviction that music can generate social justice, she released a second album in 2010 entitled ” THE ESSENCE VIVA ” which launched a second European tour entitled ” POSSIBLE WITHOUT ANY DREAM FIGHT “.

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  1. Colombia not Columbia