500 Female Emcees: Meet Kellee Maize Reppin’ ‘the Age of Feminism’

Kellee Maize Kellee Maize hails from Pittsburgh, PA.. She’s an incredible singer, songwriter and a dope emcee who can seriously flow.  Her music which includes 5 albums Age of Feminine (2007), Aligned Archetype (2010), Integration (2011), Owl Time (2012) and The 5th Element (2014) reflects her activism. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights, environmentalism, and issues relating to poverty, and racism.

Her music also reflects her spiritual side which includes the power of intention, meditation, quantum physics, astrology, Tarot and indigenous wisdom. Maize feels her purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy/good vibes and music that make people think.

In 2013 Kelle performed at Zeitgeist Media festivals in LA and NYC supporting The Zeitgeist Movement, the worlds largest peaceful social movement that advocates the replacement of the current global system with a highly technical sustainable society called a “Resource Based Economy.” Kellee also appeared in TZM founder Peter Josephs short documentary “Culture in Decline 6: Take of Two Worlds.” Her involvement in this is also reflected in her music.

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania and adopted by a family that lived in New Berlin, a small town in Central Pennsylvania, at the age of nine she started her first rap group, Thunder and Lightning.

In her teens she moved to Pittsburgh and in the year 2000 she began rapping and singing on stage.  While cutting her teeth on the local scene, Maize worked at the Pittsburgh City Paper company and began promoting various events around the city. During her time there, she helped launch multiple programs supporting and promoting local musicians and spoken word artists, as well as a local fashion show.She was soon promoted to the position of Events and Promotions Director. In 2006 Maize founded Näkturnal, which is a woman’s collective and a guerrilla marketing firm, that’s a mainstay in the Burgh.

Kellee Maize Freakuency


Kellee Maize Revival of the 5th Sun


Kellee MaizeL’outro


Kellee MaizePeaceburgh


Kellee Maize Get Lucky remix & cover w/ Draft Punk