500 Female Emcees: Meet Alika from Argentina

Alika (Argentina)

Alika (Argentina)

Based on his early days of hip hop, Alika has become one of the leaders of the world reggae-dancehall-speaking After joining Attitude Maria Marta (one of the first hip hop bands Argentine)

In 1999 decided to start their own project based on the Rastafarian culture. Alika has gained recognition as a highly conscious voice emanating from Latin America, direct and clear writing lyrics that speak of respect, dignity, and self-confidence at the same time recounting situations and common problems in neighborhoods in the Third World.

Her charisma and stage presence have allowed you to take your music to festivals, theaters, clubs, schools, hospitals, prisons and even in different cities around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela , Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Andorra, Building an incredible race for whom, to this day, remains an independent artist.

Alika has 5 studio albums to date and is credited with creating some of the great hymns of Reggae in Spanish. Songs like Ejercito Despierta, Do not be sad, Galang, Lighters, Custom and kill you Hey my friend, have helped to establish Alika as an international reggae star and have helped put Latin Reggae on the world map. An example of this is the 5th. Alika in claborcion album with world renowned dub producer Mad Professor. This 2009 album titled Mad Proffesor meets Alika was entirely produced by the genius of dub.

Alika Dem Gots No Love


Alika Galang


Alika Todo Lo Negativo 



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  1. Oh yeah,she’s dope! She got skills. And a cutie too.lol

  2. Kanyi from South Africa.