3 Dope Songs From Amber London One of H-Town’s Finest

Amber LondonWhatever pre-conceived notion you might have of what a “female MC” should be – Amber London is here to subvert it. Despite being the only female rapper in SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan, Amber doesn’t define herself along the lines of gender. Her raw, no-frills approach to rapping is neither skewed by sexualized gimmicks, nor stuck in an aseptic cage of tomboyishness. Simply put, Amber London is just doing herself, and feeling good about it.

A child of the phonk, Amber grew up in Houston in the 1990s – a biographical fact that resonates strongly in her music. The en vogue Screw aesthetic is embedded in her bloodline, as is an appreciation of similarly-inclined 90s underground rap from other parts of the South and the West Coast. The beats she raps over, her unassuming, laid-back mode of delivery, and the way she presents herself in all-black-no-flash throwback gear is just as much ode to times passed, as it is an authentic expression of her personality.

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Four Twenty


Servin’ Fiendz


Get Respect