3 Dope Songs from Lebanese American Rapper Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie is a Lebanese-American emcee who hails from the south shore of Massachusetts in Brockton. She started out as a poet and then merged those skills into a formidable emcee who is no joke on the mic. Her first project was a mixtape released in 2010 called “Welcome Home.”..Her second project  was a compilation of all her then Youtube versus called ‘5 More Minutes‘. Her latest one is a slamming ep called ‘Heartbeat‘ that you can access here-http://alyssamarie.bandcamp.com/

Here’s an excerpt of an interview that Alyssa Marie did earlier this year for:  http://www.peacexpeace.org/2013/03/alyssa-marie-a-female-rapper-who-can-rip-a-mic/

I think it’s very much a gift and a curse being a female rapper. Of course, it’s easier to achieve the wow factor given that there aren’t too many females who can rip a mic and do it well. This also can lead to people spreading around the music like “Check out what this chick can do!” It’s definitely easier for a lady in the scene to get some recognition and buzz. At the same time, though, I think being taken seriously as an actual artist instead of just an impressive video to show your friends is a lot more difficult. People may feel weird about having one of their favorite rappers be a female, so instead they have you as their favorite “female rapper” or say you’re “dope for a female.” So I guess what it comes down to is it’s a lot easier to get noticed as a female rapper, but in turn you need to work twice as hard to be taken seriously.

In what ways (if any), does your background as a Lebanese American influence your work?

I’m very fortunate to be from an extremely close Lebanese family. My cousins are more like siblings and my extended relatives are closer than most people’s immediate families. I think this has affected the way I approach and create my music in two major ways: 1) I’ve always wanted to make music my older relatives can listen to and be proud to show people (which I did successfully), and 2) the support and determination I am blessed to receive from them has made it possible for me to actually pursue music 100% as a career path. It took awhile for me to come out and say to them this is what I wanted to do, and even longer to show them my music and videos, but it is because of their reactions that I’m still on this path to living my dream. My work ethic and determination are due to them, and I can never thank my family enough for that.

Alyssa MarieTrigger Finger ft. Lady Essence (HeartBeat)


Alyssa MarieMr Lamar Another Control Response..


Alyssa MarieFreedum