500 Female Emcees: Meet Ruby Ibarra-Bay Area Icon

Ruby IbarraRuby Ibarra is a Cali-bred spoken word artist/rapper/lyricist. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay area; she has been writing and rapping for several years. Recently she decided to take her art to another level and to pursue it professionally.

Penning her lyrical style as 90’s hip- hop sound with elements of raw poetry, Ruby describes her style as “a variety of topics — boastful raps, about my culture, society, politics, my experiences, and stories of others that I feel haven’t been told too often.”

Pursuing more success as a talented a rapper and lyricist, Ruby recently caught the attention of XXL Magazine by being featured on their site column ‘The Break,’ and MYX TV cable channel. With the ups and downs that come with being in the industry, Ruby has a strong foundation to stand on from her family, despite the shadiness the business can be at times. “I try not to be intimidated by the fear of rejection or failure in the music industry because at the end of the day, I’m doing this because I love it, enjoy it, and it’s one of things I feel natural in and know that I’m good at.”

Ruby continues to hone her skills, while currently working on a mixed tape. She is focused on reaching her the long-term goals of having multi-platinum selling albums, touring the world, and most of all, maintaining control over her art and image.

Ruby recently released a mixtape called Lost in Translation… check for it HERE

Ruby Ibarra  – Nonconceptual


Ruby Ibarra  – Game Up


Ruby Ibarra  w/Kris Payne – Where They Go


Ruby Ibarra  – Guess Who?



  1. i like her, i hope she goes more conusios rap that gangsta in her future, but very good…