A Tale of Two Mothers in America in a Post Racial Society

A tale of two mothers…. The one with red hair on the left, Catalina Clouser decided to get high and drove for 12 miles with her 2 month old baby on the roof of her car..By the time she realized her baby wasn’t in the car, it was too late.. The baby fell off and was found still in his car seat in the middle of busy freeway.. fortunately unharmed…Clouser was just sentenced and got probation..http://nydn.us/1m7ogNE

Meanwhile in the woman on the right Shanesha Taylor was homeless and trying to get her life on better footing. She had a job interview and could not get anyone to watch her kids ages 2 yrs and 6 months , so she left them in the car, with window open and went inside to do her job interview.. This mom was arrested and charged w/ a felony, her kids were taken away.. Both women live in Arizona.. http://bit.ly/1l1yKym

Two mothers


  1. The article doesn’t mention age, but it might be an age thing rather than race that determines what each was charged with. Also maybe it is time to start calling out the police officers because they initially determine what a person is charged with. What is the cop’s name??

    • mrDaveyd says:

      The red head woman was 19 when she drove high with her bay on the roof of the car.. The homelss mom is 35.. Not sure how gae would factor in.. Also the police simply make arrests, the DA charge you..

      • If the girl is charged as a minor, that would affect her sentence. But i think it depends where. I still think this is ridiculous. It’s just like the story of the lady the warned a home intruder with a warming shot. Got life in prison. And Zimmerman walked away.. smh

        • This is sad says:

          There is no where in the United States that a 19 year old would be charged as a minor. NO WHERE. This is not an age issue, when you turn 18 (some places 17) you are an adult, and we’ve seen little black boys being charged as adults for crimes as young as 13 even when their brain hasn’t fully developed.

          • I agree with you because it doesn’t have a thing to do with age, it’s the color of their skin, point blank period! The black mother was trying to get a job and the white was getting high! The black mother left her kids in a axe with the doors locked windows cracked but the white one left a small enough child in a car seat on top of her car and it fell off into traffic, come on now, even Stevie Wonder can see what’s going on here!!!

          • ImBlackSoYouOweMe says:

            Only little black boys at 13…. I’m pretty sure it’s every race as young as 13.

        • Actually that lady shot a warning shot for her husband that was abusive.

          • James Allen says:

            She was in his home, left the house and returned with the gun and fired towards him and her kids. She had left and got a gun and pulled it on him in HIS OWN home where she was not allowed by her own restraining order.

        • What 19 – year old is going to be charged as a minor? That makes zero sense.

          • PassinThrough says:

            The original poster didn’t know the age. After the age was revealed the next poster was trying to explain how age could have been a factor if the age fit, which it doesn’t. Read it like a conversation, not an argument.

          • A 19 year being charged as a minor? Really?

          • Just because she is 19 now does not mean she was 19 when the crime took place. BTW it is CPS not the DA that determines when a child is removed from custody and judges that hand out sentences.

        • pitchguest says:


          Yes. Warning shot. The “warning shot” that went through the wall behind him. Not the roof, not the floor. She missed the target she was aiming for, his head and she was taken into custody for it. I have no problem with her being punished. I do have a problem with the longevity of the sentence, but that’s Florida for you.

          • If I was firing a warning shot I would shoot straight, just a bit off to the side of my target. The only time people shoot up or down is to make it known that they have a gun. If he already knew she had a gun and didn’t think she would use it, aiming straight but purposely missing him is exactly what I would do. Not to mention, even if she was aiming for him and missed, he was abusive and scaring her. The warning shot was in self defense, and if she had hit him it should have still been considered self defense.

      • The police arrest * charge the DA tries to up hold the cops charges for a conviction.

      • Factually….your charges initally begin with what the officer write in his/ her report. You could be doing something as simple as trying to explain an incident to an officer and that can be easily switched around as disorderly conduct when the paperwork is filed. It isn’t always the court system. That’s why I encourage people to learn the law, know their rights and don’t always be so eager to sign their name before reading documentation. Age has absolutly nothing to do with this situation.

        • Age has nothing to do with this situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who refuse to acknowledge the GLARING racial disparity that exists in not only this case, but this nation.

          • DWilliams says:

            My GOD….how may more cases of racial injustice do they need?! This is obviously wrong and they know it. Institutional racism has always existed in this country,along side those racist folks who refuse to admit it. They’ve been playing this game for far too long. What goes around will surely come around for every last one of them!

          • Absolutely. The refusal to acknowledge the existence of racism is its own self perpetuator.

          • Those of you claiming race played a part are idiots. Learn the facts and quit being ignorant. Enough whining. The black woman is not serving 8 years. That’s just what the maximum is. Both bailed out of jail. The white girl got 16 years probation. That’s a very long time. More than what most felonies would get you. It’s all about what your lawyer can plea out. The black women could get the same deal. Ya’ll are missing the point which is both women made horrible mistakes. Don’t blame race cause the white girl had a decent lawyer.

        • U must be white if u think this isn’t racial. White ppl, always think the situation has nothin to do with color.

          • ilovefoolsball says:

            …and conversely black people always think the situation has everything to do with color.

          • I’m white and I see it as a race issue

          • hah! that’s prejudice. “you must be ____ if you ____”. it’s the same exact logic as the court thinking “she’s black so she must be a bad mother”. for you to disagree with the ruling in this case and then say that you’re just like the racist court system. that’s the reason these issues exist in the first place. the color of ones skin has nothing to do with the brain in ones head. terrible.

          • true

          • I’m as white as possible. I am horrified at the injustice.

          • Apparently you must be a fucking retard

          • You mean like thousands of niggers doing the knockout game on whites with no hate crime charges yet 1 white does it to a black guy and it is a hate crime.for every skittles thug purple drank thief banger trayvon there are 100’s of the black on white crimes.

          • uknowuwantit says:

            i really think both situations are very messed up, but i dont think its a matter of age, i kinda dont think its a matter of race, but i DO think its stupidity on both ends, the white chick should have been put in jail and not been able to bare children if all she really wants is to get high, and i think the black lady should have explained (even though its embarrassing and none of the jobs business) that she has no one to watch her little ones for the short time of the interview im sure they would have helped her, and obviously she didnt get the job anyway…….

          • Wow… your comment is just a raciest! Check yourself.

          • Im white and i say color be damned the red head needs a come to Jesus meeting, it’s another sad example of racism. Maricopa County i bet cha, Dumb asses!!

          • Eh they both should be in jail… and this website should be shut down because it’s anti-white, pro-black racists that run it.

        • I’ve read up on this story & I just don’t agree (on the racism) If you ask me the way the racism lies is on our part in this particular presentation of this story… “Oh the dumb high white girl vs the oh so poor black mother trying to better for her kids” BS!!! The black woman hasn’t even been convicted yet & people screaming RACE!! Shit can get papers & then what?
          You also have to factor in that one was truly a mistake where the black woman’s was a premeditated horrible “decision” & there’s a HUGE difference between a “mistake” & a “decision”


          • Rhe white woman made a “decision” to get high and thus must be held accountable for her detrimental decision….The act didn’t happen bc she absent mindely left her child on the roof of the car-she was doing illegal drugs, and then drove a car while high which also put other drivers and pedestrians at risk; so there we have numerous DECSIONS that warrant a slap on the wrist whereas the black mother was on a job interview and left her children in a ventialted car but has lost her children to the system., Whether or not she is convicted of charges getting her children back will still be a battle for her especially becuase she is living in poverty.

          • But!!! The chick was high!!! Where I’m from they take your children for just that. So slap the mom trying to make it on the wrist and lets keep it moving, if its not a race issue. But we all know whats up. I’m sorry, but it has only been 50 years since they lynched us for sport. Lets not act like we’re past it.

          • I’d rather release the woman who decided that a job would help save her family than the girl who made the mistake of driving with her baby on the roof. Just saying. If you can’t see the forest through the trees here, nothing can help you.

          • A mistake? She made the conscious DECISION to get high while caring for her 2 month old, driving at what I assume is high speed, and subjecting her child to the real risk of death. To characterize that as a mistake is a gross and unfair understatement! Yes the AA woman made a conscious decision as well, but it wasn’t a selfish one, rather it was made for and on behalf of her children…That’s the problem w/ race in this country – a white girl gets high and endangers her baby, and that’s a MISTAKE; a black woman make the difficult decision to leave her children in a car while pursuing employment, and that’s a DECISION necessitatiing the removal of her children. We can’t solve this race issue if we are unwilling to name it when we see it.

          • Well it wasn’t a mistake that she was high so what makes it OK that she was high and “forgot ” her child was
            on the roof of a care which fell off on a busy highway and child could have been killed vs a woman leaving her kids in the car with windows down to go to an interview. Both made bad decisions with children involved. It’s clearly a race thing.

          • vivian adams says:

            bb them: are you nuts? both these stories have mothers who made bad decisions. One made her decision based on being high, but who knows the extent of her mental capabilities when she put that baby on top of the car. If the baby had fallen off 7 gotten killed, would she be charged with murder? Probably not-the other children were safe even tho she made a bad decision. Personally, if it were me, I would have taken them inside with me & told them I had no one to care for them that day! At least they would have been safe.There are so many stories like this now that you can*t count them. But why does the legal system add to the already downtrodden persons.?

          • She mistakenly got high right

          • How is getting high and driving a mistake?

          • Getting high was not a “mistake”, it was a horrible decision she made while she was supposed to be caring for a child. Setting your child on the roof of a car was also a decision she made and a poor one at that. You can not say when she did was “truly a mistake”. That’s bullshit. Bad judgement on Ms.Taylor’s part leaving her kids in a car but her intentions were good, where as Ms.Clouser intention is unknown, I don’t think any good comes from getting so high you forget to put your kid in your car.

          • Choosing to use an illegal drug is certainly a personal decision. What happens after that is all that person’s responsibility. And the black woman’s babies have been taken away from her, while the other has not lost hers.

          • @bb – Please tell me how you accidentally get high, grab your keys, put your child in a car seat, carry the child out to the car and drive off. Even if the child actually made into the car, it still was NO ACCIDENT that she intended to drive with her child while high!

          • I definitely understand what you are saying but you can’t call that a mistake…a mistake is putting your kids clothes on backwards…this was pure neglect!! Nobody in their RIGHT mind would leave their child on the roof of a car…who in the world would even put them up there in the first place????

          • In My Honest Opinion says:

            There were not mistakes. Both women made decisions. The young lady that left her baby on the top of the car made the DECISION to smoke,shoot up, inhale or whatever that made her high and then drive with her defenseless child. The woman that went for the job interview also made a decision after careful thought and planning chose her only option. The children in the 2nd situation were not in danger and their best interest were considered at the time of the “incident” the same cannot be said for the child in the 1st situation. That is the only “HUGE” difference that I see.

          • lorraine says:

            You are stupid to think otherwise, if it was the African-American your comment would be diffrent….she white girl was on drugs….the African-American wasnt…the white girl almost killed her child, the African-American was helping her children stupid

          • Getting high ain’t no mistake. Driving with the infant in the car ( I mean on top of the car) is a desperate drug head doing whatever she needs to get high. Huge difference is redheaded girl don’t value life and other woman trying to better life.

          • KeyBSunshine says:

            You don’t mistakenly put your child on top of a car. Further, she “decided” to get high. Thank heavens nothing happened to the child after falling off of a moving car. You can’t seriously think that this is the lesser of two.

          • Yes leaving the baby on top of the car was really a mistake. GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!!!

          • “true mistake”? i thought [driving while under the influence] was a premeditated decision

          • Really you IDIOT???!!! I Guess getting high and getting behind the wheel wasn’t a premeditated horrible “decision”. Asshole!

          • I’m sorry…a “mistake”. Both were premeditated decisions. Choosing to get high while caring for your 2-month old was a “horrible decision.”

          • So you call it a “mistake” to knowingly get high and put your child at risk in the first place??????????? Come out of lala land!! Both were decisions and a mother with a child should know not to be using drugs and her DECISION was to continue using them and therefore put her child at risk.

          • I don’t understand how getting high is a mistake.

          • actually both were choices fool…the 19 year old chose to get high which lead to her leaving her baby on the roof off the car…one dumb act lead to another. same goes for the older black female…although her intentions were good the act that follow were dumb.

          • Does ‘stupidity’ fall under mistake, or decision. H-m-m-m.

          • You don’t drop a 2 month baby off the roof of your car by “mistake”. She made a “decision” to get high and put her baby on the roof of her car!!! Color and money talk!!!

          • the white girl DECIDED to get high while her child was with her, the child falls off the ROOF of her moving vehicle but she gets probation and her child is still in her custody… BUT the black woman, the one who was NOT GETTING HIGH WITH HER CHILD!!! tried to better her life and admittedly her decision to leave her kids in the car was a bad one but she was desperate to make her job interview (unlike the white girl who was only desperate to get high) so ummm what????

          • Have you ever really thought about that this May or may not be racial? This is modern day slavery. The darker you are the more time you serve the lighter the skin the less time you get. Anyway you look at this the 19yr old was high(illegally) left her chil on the roof I her car for 12 miles, fell off in the middle of traffic. If that had I been an African American and I’m being realistic here she would have gotten life plus some. So age really has no factor, skin color does sweetheart. That’s MODERN DAY SLAVERY!

          • SunGodEyeRa says:

            Both were decisions. The young mom “Decided” to get high while her child was in her care. The older mom “Decided” to take a risk that her kids would be okay for 10-15 minutes or so.
            Just because the young mom was high, doesn’t make it less of a crime. It is no different than being drunk and driving, then injuring or killing someone.
            Not a person to holler racism quickly, but this one seems like it fits the bill.

          • what!? she decided to get high, she decided to drive with her child while high, and she decided to put her child on the roof of the car…. so let me guess, had the child died it would have been reckless endangerment right? please make sense when you decided to communicate.

          • you are ignorant………..the pink hair’d bitch it wasn’t a “mistake” SHE WAS HIGH!!!!!!!!!! The Black woman WAS trying to find a better way of life for her children……….now of the two, the Pink Bitch should be in jail, and the Black woman should get a fine, and some counseling/help to assist……..FYI WHEN YOUR HIGH YOU CANT MAKE A DECISION RATIONALLY So her actions were ill-rational and selfish without a thought of her child………..but by the grace of GOD did that child survive. The Black Woman was the one who made a mistake in judgement, YES she should have brought her children in to the interview with her and explained the situation. THAT darling was a MISTAKE And YES I am WHITE just in case you are going to ask………… you just plain stupid, white black purple or green which ever color you are, get a clue!!!!!!

          • Yes, I’m sure this poor sweet white girl mistakenly got high…

          • Educator says:

            Are you serious????? A darn mistake that you leave a baby on the roof of a car? So you blame the mother who is trying to get a job and left the window cracked but not someone who is getting high with their child around them? It is special people like you that makes our society as crazy as it is.

          • Ok… outside of the fact the young lady decided to get high and decided to get high with or on her with to get her daughter, if some drink, drive and kills someone else, is that a mistake? Should that person be absolved from responsibility, no they should not. The fact is both ladies broke the law and they should have consequences for their actions. The circumstances of the situation is what many or considering, One has a drug problem and the other is homeless.

            Regardless what anyone says, this is a good example of racial disparity. The cops did the right thing in both situations by charging them both with child endangerment, it is the prosecutors job to bring the charges to court (assuming there is enough evidence), a jury’s job to convict and a judge’s job to sentence.

            Where the racial disparity is present is CPS removed the black ladies children however did not remove the white lady’s child. Regardless mistake or decision, she endangered her child, period.

            I do not believe you are racist but highly racially insensitive and racially ignorant. You are the type of person who says, “I don’t see color”, begging the question, “how do you get dressed in the morning”. If you cannot see your tolerance for what the white lady did while choosing to deem the black lady’s actions as intolerable something is wrong with you.

            Assuming you are not a drug addict, do you think it’s okay to be in possession of a child while high? What if your babysitter or nanny is high right before picking you kids up, is that a mistake or a decision?

          • You’re an idiot if you don’t think race applies in this situation. BOTH of these situations were planned or “premeditated” choices. White girl planned to go get high which lead to all of her dumb decisions and actions that followed due to her inebriated state. The black woman made her decision to leave her children in the car for the interview. BOTH forms of child endangerment. White girls situation is far more worse and severe than the black woman. Stevie Wonder could see that. But people refuse to open their eyes to this still obviously racist America we live in….

          • Wouldn’t smoking weed a premeditated horrible decision which lead to leaving her child on the roof while she was driving?? she put her child in more danger than leaving kids in the car with windows open. Now who is BSing who? Why don’t you FACTOR that in!


          • "bb" Sucks says:

            Btw if she wasn’t high then she wouldn’t have made that mistake as you call it…
            Yeah and it was a desperate Decision made V.S a high dumb ass…
            The fact you went out your way to make an Invalid point “bb” in an attempt to defend a careless high mother, obviously was not in her right mind because
            of her “Premeditated” decision to use drugs and her Child suffered for it, and also
            using the Phrase “Oh the dumb high white girl vs the oh so poor black mother ”
            easily proves your motive was encouraged by RACE

          • Are u fucking serious however u are? U must be a troll out to piss people off. Do your self and the worl a huge favor and empty a pistol in your mouth

          • One made the DECISION TO GET HIGH which caused here to make a mistake and leave here child on the roof of the car.

            The other was a single mother TRYING TO GET A JOB that made a bad decision out of desperation.

            So based on your logic if I kill someone by running a red light while drunk driving and speeding I’m less liable than if I kill someone speeding and running a red light while heading to a job interview I don’t want to be late for.

            Apparently in Florida it’s ok stand your ground, shoot, and kill someone after you initiate a confrontation with them (Zimmerman v Martin). However a woman in Florida can’t fire a warning shot at a man that just pushed her down and threatened her. She’s facing 60 years. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/florida-woman-who-fired-warning-shot-could-get-60-years/

            The white man and former officer that killed a man at the movies for texting is only facing 25 years. Why wasn’t he charged with a count of aggravated assault for every person that was potentially in the path of the bullet?

          • coop021065@yahoo.com says:

            According to the article she made a decision to get high before she made the mistake to leave the baby on top of the car. Look again for another loop hope please as always..

          • So you think that the 19 year old made a mistake by LEAVING HER CHILD ON TOP OF A CAR AND DRIVING and the 35 year old made a decision because SHE WENT ON A JOB INTERVIEW AND HAD TO LEAVE HER CHILDREN INSIDE OF THE CAR? The BOTH made horrible decisions, one was on drugs though, so SHE should be charged with a felony!

          • You must be white… because the white girl definitely decided to get high, then her high ass left her baby on the roof of her fucking car while she drove off down the road, her baby could’ve died… yet you’re defending that as a mistake; whereas the black mother, left her kids in a parked, locked and ventilated car… for an interview. Race aside… i’ll take the ebony decision any day vs the mistake you say was made on the other end… #TakeYourBlindersOff

            I’m neither btw

          • Indeed there is a difference. One woman made the premeditated decision to get high before driving with her kid in the car and, probably because she was high, made the negligent mistake of leaving the kid on the roof and didn’t notice for miles, putting her kid’s life in serious danger. The other made the decision to leave her kids in the car unattended, as many parents used to when I was a kid, presumably because she thought they’d be ok – and they probably would have been, had they not been taken from their mother. Your sympathies lie with the white girl because everyone makes mistakes – but you choose not to see her decision. This is a perfect example of unconscious racial bias.

          • So, deciding to get high (a criminal act in AZ and most other statres) and then drive under the influence, (a criminal act in every state, even where getting high alone is legal), high enough to forget a baby on the roof of a car, is just a mistake…

            But being desperate enough to get a job, that having not been able to arrange baby sitting a woman leaves her kids in the car with windows open is absolutely horrible.and a premeditated criminal act.

            Yeah right.

          • I believe that is a load of crap … You don’t not accidentally get high while taking care of your child and mistakenly leave them on roof of a car for miles ! She did the drugs knowing exactly what she was doing ! And yes the mother made a a wrong decision very wrong ! The main difference I see is one homeless woman was trying to make a difference to better her children life and her situation while however wrong she was but the young drug addict was not thinking about welfare of her child at all ! It is ridiculous to say it was a mistake I have never mistakenly taken drugs and put my children in immediately danger or harms way ! Let’s be realistic here !

          • So making the decision to get high was a mistake? Knowing you have a child? You don’t even know Shanesha’s story, but Catalina just made a mistake?

          • She decided to get high.. which is illegal and led to her “mistake” isn’t driving under the influence a felony?


          • So in your opinion the high chick had no intention of getting high while her child was in her care, and certainly did not intend to be under the influence while driving. Poor thing she must have been drugged or was taught that drugs make you more level headed and gives you the ability to think completely sane.

          • somethingfortheppl says:

            how is deliberately getting high then making bad choices considered a mistake?

          • This is the dumbest comment ever. Getting high and leaving your child on top of the car is not a mistake. That baby could of died. Leaving child in the car is less harmful but not a smart decision. The girls should be put into jail. The black women children should be taken away until she is able to take care of them. Simply as that dummy

          • so u saying if someone gets high and shoots a room full children oh oops it was a mistake, ummm i dont think so it was no mistake.

          • So it was a mistake to get high!? I think that’s a decision too. A dumb one at that. Especially while driving a vehicle with your infant child. Or any child for that matter.

          • Oh well that sounded stupid as hell….that 19 year old GOT HIGH how the hell was that a mistakes?? They fact is they BOTH did something stupid….but the punishments were different. That 19 ur old made a “premeditated” decision to get high…so high her retarded butt leaves her baby on the roof of a car and drove to serve what purpose…..the other mother made a poor decision with only the best of intentions to better her and her kids lives….the system was WAY to hard on the one who was trying to do better and WAY to easy on the one who needed a tough lesson….age is just a number the system IS harder on black people whether people wanna hear it or not….

          • She let something take over her mind and forget about her baby on top of a car get out of here that bitch don’t need kids!

          • I don’t understand how getting high was mistake

          • Wow… so getting high while caring for an infant which opens the door to a possible tragedy is not premeditated? Doing drugs makes it premeditated! So because the red head was under the influence of a drug, the excuse is that she made a mistake? You dont get a free pass because you did drugs before you do something stupid. She truly made No mistake when she made a conscious decision to get high. As far as I’m concerned they were both neglectful. The only difference in the end is that one of the infants fell off a moving vehicle… Very scary! This is a funny world we live in….


          • zdragon1one says:

            Getting high with your baby in (or on) the car is NOT a mistake. They both made horrible decisions but one was getting high and the other was trying to make a better life for her kids. The major difference is that one is black and one is white. I would hazard a guess that the white chick probably has parents who went to bat for her too. Oh yes, there is a major difference in the way people of color are treated. The druggie needs to go for treatment and have her baby in a safe environment while she gets straightened out. The black woman needs some help – and a job.

          • Immackulate says:

            Actually….if you think about it….the white girl’s “mistake” was the result of her horrible “decision”. She decided to get HIGH……she decided to jump in her car & go for a ride HIGH…..she decided to take her baby with her to ride in the car with her HIGH….she almost killed her child because of those bad “decisions”!!! Ijs

          • Well for that mistake a baby could have died the kids in the car where safe and unharmed if the shoe was on the other foot and the black lady would have left her baby on the the car and drove off just her admitting to being high and the possibly of the baby get hurt would have lost her the rest of the life she has free .

          • sit urself in the woman’s position. would u try ur hardest to get a babysitter? would u try ur hardest to get a job? wat happens u can’t find a babysitter for that interview? u’d probably do the same thing. she did not “PREMEDITATE” child abuse. she already tried to find a sitter. she had her choices limited.

          • PoeticTel says:

            She didn’t accidentally get high though, before she made the decision to attempt to drive a car under the influence, which would have had her child in it If she hadn’t been high and forgot the baby on the roof of the car( who the heck forgets their baby away?!). Why wasn’t her baby taken? I do feel that leaving your child on the roof of a car and driving long and fast enough for the baby to fall off the roof into freeway traffic is just as dangerous as leaving them in an unattended vehicle with windows down So if they took her children away for leaving her two kids in an unattended vehicle with windows down then there is no way the mother that was on drugs, driving and horribly endangered her child’s life by driving 12 miles before “remembering” her baby on the roof should get to keep her kid. So her only true mistake was getting caught, she had all intentions of breaking the law (getting high) and (attempting to drive under the influence with her child present) endangering her child anyway.

          • So…was it a “mistake” that the white girl GOT HIGH before she decided to take a drive with her child on the top of the car? Clearly, there was a poor “decision” made by this young mom. As for the black woman, I agree that she made a poor decision to leave her 2 young kids in the car unattended. But the punishment for both of them does not fit their crime. The girl who got high put her child in a life threatening situation by getting high, getting behind the wheel of the car while high &, of course, leaving her child on top of the car. So, do you honestly believe that the girl’s punishment of probation really fit her crime?

          • C. Smith says:

            mistake is correct & decision is exactly correct…the white girl DECIDED to get high, that was no MISTAKE…the black girl DECIDED to get a job, she made a MISTAKE by deciding to leave her children the way she did…and how can you look at these cases and not see how race influenced the charges filed against these women or any comparison of how much of a difference their is in the way white’s & blacks are sentenced. these arestats from 2008 in home state of Mississippi; 6 years old but still makes the point…
            MS Dept. Corrections houses 26,274 inmates. Of those inmates 18,988 are black males/females; 9508 are white males/females; 548 other minoities combined.
            Black males make up 67.28% black females 50.77% of the prison system…while white males make up 31.47% and whhite females make up 47.99%… can you see the point now…

        • It does start with the police and for a lot of us that is where it ends, you are beaten and sometimes killed before you make it to jail if you make it! The fact of the matter is there is a disgraceful biased flaw in the judical system

          • I believe the mother of 2 is out on bail. And no it did not start with the police. It started, when one decided to drive while under the influence. And the other decided to drive to her interview and left her kids in the car.

      • Exactly getting high and driving with a child on the roof is inexplicable for anyone off any age this is a racial issue.

      • This article is very misleading. Taylor hasn’t been convicted of anything and closer child was taken also.

      • can’t arrest without a charge.

      • I am glad there is so one to educate ignorance

      • The judicial systems knows what it’s doing. The DARKER the skin, the more time and less judice that will receive.

        • Yeah. look at OJ Simpson.

        • That is a true statement. It has everything to do with your skin. This world is so blinded by fear of the truth that we can’t see past the injustice that’s going on today. What ever color you are when it happens to you then what will you say. The laws are so off balance till its hard to prove yourself right and when you’re wrong it’s the same. Until we as God fearing people stop letting the unjust be convicted and the real criminal walk away free handed. Things like this will always happen.

      • David Hill says:

        To the person who said that the police are the ones who charged those women, you’re very wrong. The police makes the arrest. The Prosecutor is the one who decides who gets charged or not. Let’s call a spade a spade, this is racial. I realize that America wants everyone to believe that we’re pass that, but we’re not!!! #WakeupAmerica!!!!

        • No David, you are wrong… The police do charge you, which is how they are able to take you into custody. The prosecutor decide whether or not to take those charges to trial. But you are right, race is apparent in this situation.

      • Key word “Arizona” 16 years probation is nothing she gets to see her child grow up to age 16… The other lady doesn’t. I’m black and both women was wrong . Firstly you getting high is bad judgment then with a 2 month old is poor judgment then add a car is horrible judgment. At 2 months a baby can’t hold its own head up she’s lucky God protected her child and I thought whatever happened while under the influence you were liable. The black woman if you can’t find anywhere for your kids to go for a job interview how the hell you gonna get someone to watch them while you work? Neither of these stories makes sense To me however pinky should have done jail time for the drugs and her child should have been taken pending investigation for child endangerment. the other ladyshould have maybe got probation for 16 years cuz who really needs their kids in the car someone could have took the kids Since the window was down they’re both Bad mothers

    • AlmondMilk says:

      How would age be a factor? Either the 19 y/o woman had some good lawyers (which I doubt) or it’s a typical case of Black vs White in America…. smh.

    • To ‘Comment’- Seriously?? What does age have to do with it? She was old enough to have a baby wasn’t she? And she DRIVES WITH A BABY ON THE ROOF OF HER CAR??!!! SHE’S the one who should have had her kid taken away. The other mother tried to do the best she could under her circumstances and she gets hell. There’s too damn many disparities like this and I don’t know what I can do or if there’s anything I could do to help.

      • Roosevelt says:

        Legally they are BOTH adults! I wish people would look at the “crime” then give a punishment.

      • Bless you ; your one in a million .

      • Thank you

      • Good response.. so true

      • Dear Charlotte… the fact that you can see what’s in front of your eyes is doing a lot!!! Being the kind, compassionate person that you clearly are is doing a lot…. Being brave and talking with friends and family about what you are able to see but their not be strong enough to recognize would also be doing a lot…

      • HI Charlotte, I like the way you are looking at the law. You seem to understand the concept of the law and the spirit of the law. The purpose for child endangerment laws is to keep people from abusing and neglecting their kids, not to penalize people who are trying to create a better life for their kids.

      • Ma’am it is obvious u have a good heart beating in that chest of yours. There isn’t any thing that anyone can do do fix this problem in America. The history of this country is steeped in evil, violence, theft of land and dignity from its inception. The concept of America was all wrong for native Americans and Blacks fr the beginning and it is still that way now

      • Charlotte Vale Thank you!

    • the age gap does not matter!!! the bitch was high first of all!!! then she left her baby on the roof and the baby fell onto the freeway!!! Really!! i would not have left my babies in the car but i can understand why she did what she did!! it was to help her situation!!! this is racism and its fucked up

    • She is over the age of 18, she is not a minor and just the fact that she was getting high around her infant is wreckless endangerment. Color is a factor when you can get a slap on the risk for endangering your child on two levels and be prosecuted for leaving you children in a car. One woman created her negative circumstance with no reprecussion while another is trying to change hers and is considered a felon. Getting high alone is enought to lose your child and she gets probation! Tthe law is supposed to work for everyone yet ot only works for some

    • Ofcourse the first comment is from a person who would deny race as a factor. And that person is likely white.

      Same shit, same piles of shit.

      • What does that matter? THE LORD KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT…the problem lies within yourself. If you or anyone uses the “race card” about others’ situations…it is something in u. (that goes for all of us) (This world would be boring if everyone was alike. JESUS LOVES U.

        • Why do you say if you use the race card that its something in you. Have you ever been racially discriminated against. Maybe those who have been discriminated against knows what it look like. Race is still a big problem in America. Black people can never just get over it until these types of situations are corrected.

        • Marianne Hassell says:

          My mother always said the empty wagon makes the most noise, no one has to know how ignorant you are until you open your mouth, Mini if you are not going to say something smart keep your mouth closed!!!!!!!

        • Amen!

    • The cops have nothing to do with the charges. That’s the prosecutor’s job and a court can always throw out charges. The police only job in the matter is arresting the suspect for an incident. An incident and a charge are 2 different things although sometimes they can be one in the same.

      • You just made no sense at all. You started the sentence with cops have nothing to do with the charges and then say court can throw out the charges (that clearly the cops make). An incident usually ends in someone being charged with a crime. Then the DA can fight to CONVICT you of those CHARGES. Police = charge you with crime and the DA = convict you of the charges against you. Being charged does not mean convict. People, get your facts straight.SMH at the misinformation in this country.

        • Actually convict means to be found guilty. That’s what the jury does before the judge sentences you. When you get arrested police tell you what you’re charged with then they read you your rights. The DA’s job is to either make the charges stick, escalate the charges or not go forward with some charges. For example, someone gets arrested. They are then told they are being arrested for assaulting someone and they are read their rights. The details of the charges are brought up to the DA. The DA then sees that said person had a glass bottle. The DA decides to escalate the charges to assault with a deadly weapon. The DA and the defense goes to arraignment where the defendant pleads guilty,not guilty, or no contest the DA brings the new charges to the judge and bail is discussed.

      • That’s not accurate. Without the police to charge people with an offense there the prosecution cannot take people to court. Thing about it, the police have to give a charge to bring you to jail, thus the quote, “you are under arrest for….” but you are correct in the prosecutor does have the discretion to dismiss charges without a trial.

    • It’s not the age it’s the skin!! No way you driving high and leave your baby on top of your car and not be charged with child endangerment! It’s not the police its the people with the black robes on!!

    • Definitely not about age… She has the complexion for protection & police don’t charge anyone the DA office does & they definitely like to pick and choose who and how they prosecute charges, being black & poor the justice system is almost always never on your side…

    • Yeah, definitely not age.

    • Lakissha says:

      Age should not have a factor in either cases unless you are like 10 years old. If you are going to be treated as a crime then it needs to be handled equally. In the case of the 19yr old She was high and driving because of that she left her baby on the top of the car..then you have this 35 yr old who was going for an interview and left her babies int he car..umm to be honest the older mother should have gotten the lesser charge.

    • Possible….more likely that class had more to do with in than age or race. Hopefully, Shanesha will use some of the cash she got from that fundraiser at YouCaring (now six figures!) to hire an attorney.

    • Bullshit. Age has NOTHING to do with the charge

    • Liberty and Justice FOR ALL says:

      Age has absolutely nothing to do with it! It is a well known and documented fact that the justice system is lopsided favoring Caucasians. If age was a factor in determining the severity of a crime & sentence, they would never try children as adults! Also the comment above is correct, the police can charge you with whatever but it is up to the DA as to whether or not those charges stick. They have the option of keeping the charges as is, and/or adding/adjusting charges to make lessor or more sever charges.

    • are you serious!!!!!!

    • How does age factor into how a punishment is given? One was high and left her kid on top of a moving car, the other needed a job to support her and her two kids.

      If race has nothing to do with this, color me purple.

    • Kelly Crook says:

      Man, just another reason to cry racism. Yeah it’s wrong what the white chick did, I understand what the black mom did and it’s unfair. That doesn’t make it about race. Allow me to google arizona mom criminal cases and I’m sure I can find both black and white moms that were charged and convicted for a variety of things.

      • It was but a maybe 2 to 3 decades ago when white people were hanging and torturing blacks. It wasn’t 100’s of years ago. Those same people that were children watching this torture are now adult and have found a better approach to ruining the black community as they did With slavery by seperating child from parents they’ve been doing since we got off the boat so what or who’s going to stop them from continuing this agenda? Whites can sit back in a gullible state thinking there isn’t racism but all of your people will be extinct once the mixing of the races is complete its genetics at its best black is a much more dominant gene than white and the world knows it meaning it started with black and will end with black.

        • Three decades ago, we were in the 1980s. WTH…? I can’t make heads or tails of your comment… other than that it’s about the most racist thing I’ve read today.

      • Well then please do…. I for one would like you to make present evidence on this case you’re pleading.

      • Poor misguided thin you ;

    • The age of both mothers kids where mention.

    • Sounds like a Naive white person up top to me. Because white folks LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE acting as if race isn’t a factor in situations when they clearly are!! WHAT DOES AGE HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING YOU RACIST BIASED IDIOT!!! THAT IS PATENTLY RIDICULOUS!!!! WE LIVE IN A RACIST SOCIETY! YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! RACE PLAYED A PART IN HOW THE TWO SITUATIONS WERE HANDLED!! DAMMIT! IT’S COMMON SENSE!

      • What if you found out the police officer and the prosecution and judge are all black. Which you do not know. What about then . Everyone is comingto conclusions on this and DO NOT have all the facts. The black lady may have a record a mile long. Which it did say she was trying to get her life back in order. By what was said in the article. I think it was more the white girl had no prior record. Which I don’t know for sure. And the black lady. Had a prior record. AND IF that is the case that could explain the charges.

        • TIL I learned black people can’t be racist against other black people.

        • Jerry Powell says:

          your comment hit the nail on the head…

        • PROUDTOBEBLACK says:

          race definitely plays a big role in the judicial system…. Yes 90% of whites don’t think racism is still active. But if they open they eyes they see that african americans chances of striving in this world is slim to none.

        • Fedupwithfools says:

          Yes it stated she was trying to get her life together, but it also stated she had come home from the Military and had nothing left. So YES she was trying to get it together. Unlike the other mom, that obviously wasn’t trying to get her life right. Especially doing drugs then putting your child in danger by even wanting to drive like that. No one has walked that woman’s shoes! You or anyone don’t know her struggles. Don’t judge, cause one day you will be judged…

      • White Lady says:

        White lady comment here. People who deny racism is not a factor or that institutional bias isn’t still at work are almost more dangerous as that a-hole who shot up the Jewish Community Center in my town. Denying the problem is wrong.

        That said, denying that it is the ONLY issue at play isn’t right either.

        There might be several things going here. Race is on the macro level a factor. We don’t see all the mitgation from this article

        • How about the fact that Taylor hasn’t had a court date yet? I really don’t see how race is an issue here at all other than the fact that this article was written in a way to portray it as so. Clouser, now 21 was just recently sentenced to something she was charged for in 2012…almost two years later. Taylor however was just arrested and charged, she’s now home, her children are being cared for by family. Taylor has YET TO BE PROSECUTED AND GIVEN SENTENCING! Apparently this is very hard to everyone to understand and it’s just much easier to say that leaving two young children unattended, strapped down to their car-seats in an unlocked vehicle where temperatures climbed over 100 degrees (according to the police report), and being issued a citation for it is racism because some white girl also was issued a similar citation then only given probation. If the sentencing comes back and Taylor is only given probation…or even LESS probation is it still then racism? I’m just trying to figure out how this works. OR did this author portray two completely different stories, with very different circumstances, in very different stages of charge/arrest timeline, in a negative way to paint a picture that there is some racial bias existing here? Shame on this author, and everyone that continues to comment this as being racism…go read the facts, get educated on things before you make decisions/assumptions.

          • J shut it, just shut your mouth please. The white bitch got HIGH AND LEFT HER BABY ON THE ROOF OF HER CAR WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING. I’m guessing that doesn’t click with you, there must be a disconnect there. The white bitch got off with just probation, 0 jail time. She should’ve gotten a DUI, an attempted murder charge, and her child taken from her. She put not only her life at risk, but that of her child and the people on the damn road. That baby could’ve fell off that roof into traffic and been road kill. I don’t care if the black mother hasn’t been charged yet, she shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place. If the damn system wasn’t so corrupt, and racism truly didn’t exist and there was zero discrimination in just trying to gain suitable employment in this God forsaken country that poor woman wouldn’t have taken the chance of leaving her children in the car. I’m sick of it, got white people complaining on here about her receiving donations, she should, if I am correct at least this woman served her country, she’s a vet just like me, and come back to this piece of shit land and can’t even prosper. So how about you get educated on the people around you and the country you live in, and its history before you post a stupid opinion. Fucking idiot.

    • The police including supervisor compare the circumstances to the Penal Code book description of the elements of individual crimes, picking out what they think matches. The Prosecutor or District Attorney has the final say when the case file comes across their desk and may add charges, raise the degree of a charge, or lower the charge, even drop some charges if he/she does not think something the police charged accurately enough fits the situation.

      The other thing that will influence the outcome is whether or not there is any criminal history and what the nature of it is. I suspect that the young red haired woman had not been caught before on anything, or very little due to her youth. It is possible that due to her age the older woman had more time on earth to develop a longer rap sheet.

      I agree that the red haired woman should have had more required of her – drug rehab mandated with testing for a year and monitoring by the Child Protective services for a year. 16 years probation is a major pain in the neck, however and means that if she looks cross-eyed she can be slapped in jail. She will be checking in with her probation officer regularly for 16 years and any misdemeanor of any sort can blow the whole deal and land her not only in court on new charges, but they will drag out the original case and penalize her worse. 16 years of that close scrutiny is a long, long time.

      • You’re right! They already know she’s going to screw up!!! I give her less then a year time…locked down in some penitentiary she’ll be

    • “AGE”, that’s bs. Wrong is wrong. If the red head is 19 and was under the influence that proves she is irresponsible and wreck less, so why only probation? Why does she get to go home to her child everyday. At least the other woman was trying to do better for herself and her family. Race played a big part on the courts decision. That will never change.

    • Are you serious? What does age have to do with it? Anyone can see that race has something to with it! Look around you….see how the justice system is failing the African American race. It’s clarity speaks louder than words, for example, the Trayvon Martin case. The court system allowed his whack job killer to walk free. A black woman in the same state sentenced to 20 yrs. for firing a gun in the air protecting herself from an abusive husband, tried using the stand-your-ground law, but it failed for her. These two moms are no different. I guess it’s o.k. to let drug addicts go free after child neglect/endangerment so she can go back to getting high. On the other hand, a black single mother, homeless at that trying to get a job so she can make life better for her kids gets treated and charged like a serial killer. Sometimes as a single mom, you have to do what has to be done for you and yours, I’m speaking from experience. Single parent hood isn’t the prettiest position to be in at times because we lack a much needed support system. Over all, it’s very sad. And no, there still isn’t for the people of color….never has been and never will be.

    • Johnny Swallows says:

      The police does not charge, the district attorney charges. Maybe they do it differently in Mayberry?

    • age doesnt factor into this at all its really is about race the white women was high last time I check that’s a federal crime meaning the female should be locked up then on top of that she had the baby on the roof which is child indangerment but yet she not in jail….so whats really going on??

    • Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but for all those who are getting angry and saying age isn’t a factor, please go back and read the first comment carefully. Instead of just continuing to post useless replies about how age is a factor, why don’t you actually use your brains and understand what the original commenter was trying to say. That person said, “the article doesn’t mention age.” Meaning they just read the quick intros to the articles like I originally did. That person probably didn’t click on the links, so all he or she saw was the children’s ages. They probably looked at the pictures and thought that it was possible that Clouser (woman on the left) was younger than 18, which isn’t a stretch since she is 19 and it’s easy to look at a person of 19 years and think they are less than 18. The original commenter wasn’t implying that a 19 year old should be charged less severely than a 35 year old, but that IF Clouser was < 18 then maybe she was charged as a minor. Stop mindlessly attacking people when you don't even know what was posted!!!!

      • Let’s say she was a minor. Even more so shhe shouldn’t be allowed to keep and take care of her baby. Irresponsible by age and by action! Your point is…pointless!

        • Really? My point is pointless? I think you’re looking at your comment when you made that statement. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Read my original comment carefully. At no point did I give an opinion on this case or say “if she were a minor she should have been allowed to keep her baby.” I was directing readers to the first comment in the thread. That first commenter just mentioned that age could have factored into charges. I was disagreeing with all the people who kept replying with comments such as “Age is not a factor because the women are 19 and 35.” We get that the women are both > 18 and can’t be charged as a minor, but at that time, the original commenter did not see the age of the women.

          So in summation, since it is highly likely that you will misread this comment as well. At NO point did I say, “if she were a minor she should have been allowed to keep her baby.” You may have read it that way, but that wasn’t even implied, so I won’t even apologize for your misinterpretation. I was just tired of reading the endless number of comments about how age is irrelevant because the article “clearly” states the ages of the mothers as being > 18, even though this isn’t the case if you don’t click on the links. (you don’t see the ages unless you read the full article).

  2. You know this country would be so much better if people would stop coneing themselves into believing this is the land of the free and we are all equal. Let’s get real we all knew the outcome of this post before we even read it. This world would be so much better if someday you’ll realize there is no equality

  3. This is TOTALLY unjustifiable unequal justice under the law. It’a AZ and it’s ALL about race. Hate this sht. Wish it was illegal to be this illegal.

  4. Actually the police charge you with a crime, the DA chooses whether or not to prosecute you on those charges and can add to or take away from the list of charges against you.

    • Not exactly the DA is in charge of what to charge, the police will describe the incident but the DA makes a charged based on what the evidence supports…..they can also add, change, amend, and drop any charges. It’s all up to the prosecutor

  5. I wanna agree with this, because I do still feel like this sort of inequality exists…but one was a mistake, while the other was premeditated. Why are we not discussing this?

    • As much as I hate to admit, I have to agree… This should at least be factored into the dialogue of these comments

    • Exactly! People get so caught up in staring at race they fail to look at things objectively. You have to understand the law to challenge it. There aren’t any laws against forgetting your child on the roof of your vehicle, however, there are numerous laws against leaving your kids in a car alone. How many cases do you hear every year of kids dying from being in cars that are too hot or too cold? Plus, she could’ve brought them with her to the job interview and asked front desk to watch them.

    • It may have been a mistake, but it was a mistake that happened while under the influence of an illegal drug. She was driving while impaired and endangered her child’s life, mistake or not. Thousands of Black people lose many years of their lives stemming from drug charges but somehow this woman still managed to not get any jail time. It’s nice that you want to believe that race is not a factor, but everyday we have evidence that Black people are more harshly treated when dealing with our justice system.

    • Yes it was a mistake not to just bring her kids with her to the job interview…

      Or wait, are you claiming the white girl made the mistake? Choosing to get high, and then drive under the influence, with her kid with her?

      Ms. Taylor’s choice was one of desperation. Clouser’s choices were criminal stupidity.

    • Fedupwithfools says:

      How can you truly sit back and say it was a mistake? Getting high is a decision a person makes. Leaving where you are to drive with your child in the car or on top of the car is a choice as well. So really! Ok, let’s day maybe age as others say played a factor in this. Well I see a girl wanting to act as she grown, having babies and getting high. Treat her like she grown!

    • So you take drugs and it is a mistake?!? Am I missing so etching here?!?

  6. Miss Taylor was trying to get her life together, and the windows on the car were down! The other moron is just a poor excuse for a mother and she gets probation and miss Taylor gets a felony! Something is all wrong with this world!

  7. I don’t think there is an argument that the legal system of “post-racial” America isn’t significantly different that that of Jim Crow America, except that, minorities now fill prisons exponentially faster, for longer, in absolutely disproportionate numbers. However, you’re comparing apples and avocados here. Taylor hasn’t been charged yet, and even if convicted on the counts she is charged with, she faces a minimum of 2 years probation for each count. So we can’t call this one until Taylor’s case has ripened to a judgment. She could get off completely, or face a few years of probation.

    • pink tea rose says:

      “minorities now fill prisons exponentially faster, for longer, in absolutely disproportionate numbers” I don’t know what world you live in…. but that is absolutely false!!! Disparity against minorities is at an all time high. I can look around my office and the state universities and employers where I live and see that… we can squeeze in the lower level positions but virtually impossible to move up in higher level visible positions… The Good Old boy and legacy networks and cronyism is alive and well… and we ain’t in nobody’s network and we definitely aint no one’s crony…. as long as people hire their friends and people who look just like them….it is what it is…..PS we are only 12% of the country… not 50%

    • She may not have been charged ; however she is in Jail , and away from her babies . Trying to do better for them just don”t seem right .

  8. this world has had a black white issue since lord knows and this is the reason we are so divided in color, jobs, homes, education and even in the presidency he is the most hated president in history but the only president that have set more laws and done more than any president in history. but the mother that homeless keep your head up justice will prevail the mother who got high I feel sorry for your child because they just set it up for death to happen next.

  9. Arizona has a long history of civil rights issues, and they are proud of it…

  10. tracy says says:

    I think the Lady with the red hair should have went to prison. Im not thinking about race just the fact she was on drugs and Drove 12miles with her baby on the good of the car. She was really high not to here the loud crash of the babies carseat fall off the car hitting the roadway.

  11. Regardless of what age you are, you made the choice to become a parent. At least the older woman was trying to get a job to get her life on track. Granted both woman made reckless decisions and by the grace of God none of the children were hurt. I agree the police are the ones who determine the charges but the DA CAN ALSO UP THEM OR BRING TO A LESSER CHARGE.

  12. It is a racial issue because just think if the to women scenarios were switched. The pink head would of gotten the job and she would of gotten help from some type of fundraisers. If the women on the right would’ve left her baby on the roof of her car and was high she must likely would’ve gotten attempted murder, endangering the life of a child, dui, and the list could continue. We are in the 20th century and it is time to get a grip and move past the color of a person’s skin and learn that we are all human and justice should be served correctly.

  13. It’s a race thing never a age thing! The 35 year old lady was trying to better herself…think about it!

  14. Although I am not saying that racism doesn’t exist in this country, there is a bit of unevenness in this story. The mother on the left pleaded guilty to probation; but I do believe the documents show she was charged with felony child abuse. The mother on the right has not been sentenced yet. She may also get probation.

    Also, we all know that each case is different,with different judges, different juries, different lawyers. To expect the same sentence for every crime eliminates due process. Things are going to be different for different reasons. The mother on the right, although I applaud her efforts to get her life on track, knowingly committed a crime. The mother on the left did not have the intent. She’s just a bad mother.

    Intent dies play a part in criminal prosecution and defense. If I am trying to feed my family and I knowingly go rob a bank, you best believe I will get charged with a felony even though I had purpose for my actions.

    Before we scream bloody racism, let’s let the facts play out and not be swayed by crafty writers and media reporting.

    • Fedupwithfools says:

      Intent, hmmm. So mom on the left didn’t know that it’s agains“he law to drive under the influence of any controlled substance? Naw, don’t fit my book. Even in the states that have legalized weed have laws on operation of any motor vehicles while under the influence. Then, you top that off with including your baby in your silliness. Yeah, I think that baby should have been taken ASAP! But nope, mom on the right gets another chance and probation. While mom on left may not have been prosecuted by the judge in court. She has already been prosecuted by others and the system, her babies are gone and mom on right gets another attempt at ruining not just her`s but the child that didn’t ask to be here. It’s racism alright….

  15. This shows how our justice system is unjust for blacks. Sometimes its not about the color of your skin but yet your back ground. Yea the woman on the right was wrong but she had the right intentions she new she should have not left her kids in the car so a slap on the wrist would have been justice enough but leaving your child on the top of your car roof and than not realizing until after the fact, she should not have a chance to see her child until she was clean and ready to be a mother. I am a young mother and i make mistakes but the young lady on the left did not make a simple mistake instead she could have made a life changing mistake. Until the black culture stand together why should the government stand for us. It starts with ourselves than it progresses. Sad situation for both woman and i pray that things get better for both woman.

  16. U get lesser time for the death of a child rather than endangering a child life…this is the world we live in…its crazy but true…both are crazy but thats the law

  17. Get the fuck out of Arizona, people. That state is not going to change until there’s a revolution, or until the old white conservatives die off and Latinos take over, which will inevitably happen in 20 years. In the meantime, stay the fuck out of there, don’t even visit and try not to spend your money there if you’re forced to pass through.

  18. Why would age be a factor when they’re both adults?? Please stop it!!

  19. Ok. I am the first to speak against racism, but let’s also look how this article was written. Is it not written in a racist way?? The dumb white girl got high and …. the poor black woman who was trying so hard and … the story is set up to feel that the black woman was doing everything she could and had NO choice but to leave her children in the car… REALLY?! present the facts in a nonbiased way!

  20. If convicted, Shanesha Taylor, will receive at minimum 2 years probation for each count. That is looking to be 4 years probation. I think that Catalina got fair punishment! Educate yourselves on the stories people!

  21. Welcome to Amerikkka

  22. just call it like it is: everything reverts back to race and the double standard of the law… if a white person does some thing like she did , which could have caused her child’s life, she was given probation.Now if a person of color had done the same exact thing, they would have had what the other youg lady had done to her and had her children taken from her and deemed an unfit mother and sent to jail. I don’t care what year we are in , I don’t care how far we have come the race card is always an issue. We have people who still don’t respect our President because of the race card.. they say it isn’t but what white President has had his birth certificate challanged as much as President Obama or had a President disrespected my not addressing him properly. He is our Commander in Chief but people will still just call him Barack. If I Stood My Ground because I was in fear of my life and killed a teenage white kid, I’d be on my way to the gas chamber. Race is real and alive!!!

  23. This is sickening! Maybe the lady on the right had former charges against her? If not, then this is just another proof of how messed up our society is!

  24. What about previous convictions ?! When it’s a first offense you could get off a lot easier.

  25. Shanesha definitely didn’t mean any harm. Hell, she was trying to get a job to support herself and her kid, but that doesn’t change the fact that she left them unattended in a car. It is bull shit that Catalina is a piece of shit and got off with a smaller punishment. they should have thrown the book at that white trash ho

  26. Hewey Newton says:

    This article doesn’t mention much of anything however it does High light race to promote its agenda, which does a serious injustice to when Race is the actual issue, how about listing priors taking into consideration the amount of children involved? The legitimacy of each claim and not just the hear say in other words objectivity. I’m just as militant ask the next person, but to contrast two cases based on race with out presenting facts in their entirety is the same method used by those who promote injustice and racial inequality, people please be cautious when you jump on these sensationalized band wagons they discredit actual efforts and destroy the integrity of people with actual legitimate cases. Get all of the facts not just the ones given to you, not saying this article isn’t true but I don’t like my information catered by anyone they will prepare it to their suiting…

  27. freckles38 says:

    I agree there is definitely a discrepancy between the two outcomes. But, on the other hand, sixteen years is a long time. I’m sure she’ll violate somehow, probably fail a drug test, and end up in prison anyway.

  28. Demetri Williams says:
  29. Texas is just as bad with the race issue. If you have ever heard about a city called San Angelo, Texas, dont come anywhere near here. As they say” You come here for vacation and you leave here on probation.”

  30. First off probation!!! Hell no!!! She should get the baby taken away and forced to go to rehab and made to submit to monthly drug test!!! Where as the other woman i can feel for trying to better herself for her and her children. I dont condone leaving kids in the car she could of taken them in..i have and they understood and still got the job… either way its the kids who suffer

    • Amen ; a drug drop 2x’s a week for the rest of little Johnnies life , If Ms. Taylor’s kids are taken and she is put on probation & back into the world she will need ” REHAB ” . because Drugs will be her closest friend . She will never look for another Job because her motivation will be gone .

  31. Both mothers showed lack of good judgement towards the children, however, punishment was more harshly placed on the mother on the right I think she should have received probation, and both ordered to attend parenting classes. And the one on the left also ordered to go to drug rehab. A second chance to get it right is fair if this was there first offense where child endangerment was concern.

  32. The white girl only got probation for almost killing hers and Hbd black gets her kids removed and a felony?! That’s the comparison. Unequal unfair partial sentencing!

  33. WTH does age have to do with this……..pure racism

  34. Its rather sickening.. I am so tired of the racial profiling and the unjust and unfair treatment .. it sickens me

  35. warrick parks says:

    it time too be black people instead of being niggas we killing ourselves and not loving our black sosicity and our kids growing up love and peace warrick parks woop

  36. CorneliusP says:

    yeah, this is pretty outrageous- don’t know how in the world anyone cannot see the stark difference in treatment of these two women for what look to be similar “crimes” they committed. at some point, you just stop and think, hey, what the fuck is going on? what kind of justice is this? someone above mentioned just boycotting AZ until the crazy racist white people finally cease to exist there. one way to stop all this nonsense for sure is to choke off their supply of $$$$$$$$$$$$$, but it has to be a very well coordinated effort. i hope that someday that will happen to AZ and other states like it- reach the pockets of the pompous fuckwads who make the laws in these states, and you’ll get things changed there.

  37. How could anyone Not think race played a part? One was getting high. The other was trying to get a job so she could take care of her children.


  39. Lee Holland says:

    Talk about INJUSTICE and down right UNFAIRNESS!!!

  40. We need to stop making things about race. What both of these women did was careless and they should of been charged regardless of their intention. Its more an economic and social issue that needs to be addressed.

  41. Ages….what do there ages have to do with it??? Just plan BS unless you are a minority (black to be exact) you will NEVER understand how it feels to read about things like this…Just like the BLACK women in Florida that fired “warning shots” killing NO one but she got 20 years…George Zimmerman KILLED Travon and got WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REST MY CASE

  42. This is clearly racism, the red head girl was high on drugs driving with her baby on top of the car, which leads to child endangerment, under the influence of drugs, driving while under the influence all which are worse then a mother leaving her kids in the car for about 45 mins for an interview. It is really disgraceful how police and people always have to use discrimination. Why do it matter what the color of person is to determine how you treat a person.

  43. The article does not mention any prior records, probation, etc. So we do not know the whole story only one part.

  44. Barry Organ says:

    Civil right group, need too look in too this . Where is the Atty General at. This Dam country as not change.

  45. Tired of the Racism..... says:

    The teen should have definitely got more than just probation, but the homeless woman definitely got what she deserves, just because she couldn’t find a babysitter for the job interview doesn’t give her the right to leave her kids in the car alone with the windows down or not that is neglectful. She should have explained her circumstances with her potential employer. This isn’t a race thing people! So stop trying to make it one! Yes it might be unfair, but your not looking at all the factors. And besides life isn’t fair.!

  46. The young woman, Catalina Clouser, is Hispanic. I am not sure what is the point of the article.

  47. One was charged and one was sentenced. Those are two completely different things, so how can these two things be compared to try to prove a racism argument?

  48. The system started unjustly towards blacks, it’s an unequal system you would think we are still in slavery because that’s where it started…if you read the history of the U.S. justice system you will see the injustice that the system started with and nothing has changed, there will always be blacks getting harsher sentences than whites!

  49. They should both have been arrested and charged with a felony. Although the one on the right was just trying to better herself they can’t allow the law to be broken under “certain circumstances” and unless you know the facts on what color the cop and judges were you can’t say its a racial thing. This is no longer 1950, we have a half black president, all black colleges, scholarships for being black. We need to realize that yes some ignorant people are racist because they were raised wrong but America as a whole is not racist what more do you want for us to prove it? Geez I am white and I have had people act racist towards me so gtfoi, it happens to all of us. Its just stupid to think its all about racism anymore. The woman on the left obviously had a stupid judge.There has been plenty of white women who got arrested and charged for the same reason. This article is just creating hostility, anyone could pick two different colored women with a similar story and make it seem about race.

    • Its the people that are claiming this is racist that are the real racists. Do some research and get some real statistics other that just two of the million cases.

  50. Intent

  51. Both cases disturbing. I think the girl wit the pink the nineteen year old should of got kid in put in cps and got a lil jail time. She made a terrible mistake. And i think the 35 year old lady shouldn’t of got a felony but she should of got her kids tooken away and she needs to get her tubes tied u dont need to make kids if ur homeless. Its perplexing she making babies and the bd leave within six months and her family turned on her or at least there not willing to help her.

  52. Bryan Lee Jackson says:

    when cops charge someone they look at their police records and also if one has a record for the same thing it will be harder for them to get off lightly also if no record the d.a. should be ousted?

  53. having anything changed police is nothing but the Klu Klux Klan dressed in a uniform ain’t nothin change

  54. White people have it easier than black folks and water is also wet. The question is, what are black folks doing to change it? Bitching and praying? How’s that working for us?


  56. Amoya Hall says:

    It is very sad that race is still a factor in things that should be judged just based on actions or better yet intent…..

  57. This is ridiculous if anyone deserve to have a child taken its the red head. But of course she’s white…..smh so she gets a slap on the wrist. I hope the black women got her children back.

  58. Great comparison. Seems like Florida all over again doesn’t it?

  59. I live in AZ, right now there are two cases involving children being left in the car. One is with Shanesha Taylor and the other is with Maria-Theresa Pio, she is 39 years old and left her 14 month old baby in the car. Temperatures reached 123 degrees inside the car. She left her baby in the car for 41 minutes while she was shopping. Both women are being charged. The Charging District Attorney today in a radio interview stated that he would not drop the charges against Shanesha Taylor. He stated that she was not homeless and has an address for Ms. Taylor. The Charging DA also claims that she has a part time job. I think how these two case shake out would be a better comparison. Plus people are upset about Shanesha Taylor cause she got like 90k in donations.

  60. Age? Tht wld b illegal too. U can’t charge & punish 2 adults differently because of age. Post a link 2 tht statute.

  61. AZ. where the sun shines, but, only if you are not a minority. Age has nothing to do with the unequal treatment of these two women. It is all about the color of your skin. If the mother with the two children was white she, too, would have gotten probation..

  62. Arizona is the same state that tried to pass a law that allows racial profiling so NONE of this is surprising… NONE of it

  63. Both of the, should have known better, and both of the should be charged for negligence. Simple as that. The white one should have got reckless endangerment as well, Hester crime was worse, but both mothers were negligent.

  64. You really hurt them by not supporting their anything. We have been giving the power to these individuals by believing that we can’t create a quality of life that we want. It has to be given. This is a lie that has to be uncovered We as african descent need to posse together and put our resources together so that we can circulate our backup. How can we expect things like this to change, unless we change it. And yes we NEED to become doers. There is no way that she is homeless and no one knows about her situation enough to help. I don’t know what our population is a whole, but together we can shake the foundation of this earth yet again. We can do it all and more if we get past the self hatred, and then the misunderstanding of all qualities that make us who we are even before the influence of man.

  65. one was clearly an accident and the other one was on purpose. Totally different stories. Not everything is racism and to scream racism at everything is racist.

  66. E. J. McGill says:

    This is jacked up on all levels! Our legal system is the stupidest on the planet! Smh. I just read a story about a girl who remorselessly shot and killed several people randomly at a middle school because she hates Monday’s and got life ! Another story of a girl who fatally stabbed 1 person during an altercation while trying to protect herself and got death! o_O What kind of justice is that?

  67. The reason the high white girl got probation is because it’s Arizona and she’s white.

  68. Rick Nesmith says:

    Wrong is wrong u can’t justify leaving a child on the roof of a car and driving off while a baby is in it and driving intoxicate something is wrong with that picture.

  69. Not sure what age would have to do with this. Cause it shouldn’t. I try hard not to make things about race. But something like this makes u wonder.

  70. Bitch plz says:

    FUCKED UP!!!! Don’t quit arizona, change this shit!!!
    But also, her hair is clearly PINK are you all blind??

  71. It’s not just AZ, it’s everywhere!!!

  72. Do they not have precedent in America? Maybe it’s time to learn from the motherland…

  73. Intent has a lot to do with it. The one did it accidentally and the other was intentional. It’s also a crime to leave your kids in the car. Unfortunately, it’s not on the books how to deal with an idiot girl that gets high and forgets her child. This articles also fails on merit – it states what the white girl was sentenced with (not what she was charged with) and did not mentioned what happened to her kid or her custody rights. It then states what the black woman was charged with not what her sentence was. Articles must be consistent to be argued in good faith. And for those of you that thinks its ‘great’ that one races rules the other is just as racist as those you are accusing of the same crime.

  74. Articles like this incite Racism. The proof is there in your own response from your readers of
    your article.(look at the responses on your facebook,) You posted this today which lacks true facts which information is out there to show but was neglected to be mentioned. Let’s get to the facts of your comparison. FACT:Both woman do live in Arizona. FACT: In the state of Arizona child abuse is a FELONY so they both have the same charge; In Arizona, child abuse charges vary depending on the circumstances of the case. The type of abuse may fall into one of two categories, and that will determine what kind of punishment the offender may face.
    In the first category of felony child abuse, the abuse is deemed likely to produce death or serious physical injury. This includes:
    If the abuse was done intentionally or knowingly, it’s a class 2 felony. If the victim is under the age of 15, the offender can be sentenced according to A.R.S. 13-705.
    If the abuse was done recklessly, it’s a class 3 felony.
    If the abuse was done because of criminal negligence, it’s a class 4 felony.
    Child Abuse Not Likely to Produce Death or Serious Injury

    If the felony abuse occurred under any other circumstances other than those likely to produce death or serious physical injury, the offender faces the following charges:
    If the abuse was done intentionally or knowingly, it’s a class 4 felony.
    If the abuse was done recklessly, it’s a class 5 felony.
    If the abuse was done because of criminal negligence, it’s a class 6 felony.

    From your article you state “This mom was arrested and charged w/ a felony, her kids were taken away.” FACT: Her children were examined at a hospital the day of her arrest and released as uninjured. They are now with family, according to updates on her fundraising page at youcaring.com. FACT: your comparing a sentence vs a charge, and attaching a race card to it. what you fail to mention is The mother has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, Taylor faces a minimum of two years of probation for each count. You also fail to mention that there is a petition going to to have charges dropped against Taylor.

    The reason I respond to this article is not to belittle you but to show you that your words have power. Based on how you write your article is how people respond. They way you wrote this you are trying to show differences between two ethnic groups and show injustice between the two. however that view is destroyed when you look at the facts of the story which i feel was neglected to be mentioned. I wish you well in your career however I do wish you would exercise the way you word things and have facts to back it up. The pen is mightier then the sword.

    • further more i fail to see how race was even brought up as a issue, please educate me on how you came up with this conclusion.

  75. I like how people really try to be indenial that this is clearly a race issue LOL…..” oh maybe its about age” WTF!!! Just accept the fact that is is something you will NEVER understand unless your are a minority point blank period the end!

  76. Serenity says:

    Both of these ladies put their children in harms way. My personal opinion is that Catalina Clouser endangered her child more and should have her child taken away until she took some parenting classes. Also, taking drug tests to show that she is trying to clean up her act. It is a shame that Shanesha Taylorh didn’t have anyone to help her take care of her children while she went on her job interview. I think Shanesha should also take parenting classes to get her children back. It is ultimately up to the court system on what they are charged with. Praying for both of them.

  77. Well you don’t have a criminal back ground on each really. The older one may have had a long criminal back ground. Don’t judge a book by the color of it. Find out what’s on the inside .

  78. Anna Gilleland says:

    This is insane!! When is this gonna stop! I am a well educated Mother of three. And , Oh…. by the way… I am white. I have no problem seeing the racial discrimination here! I would gladly stand by This beautiful Mother trying to get her life together and help, not hinder, her success in life! We say we’ve came so far… but have we? Tears shed tonight for this injustice!!!

  79. markeisha rainey says:

    Baby they got laws for white people and than they got laws for blacks…..see they can come into our world and get the best of us…..but we can never come into their world and get the best of them…its sad cause they should have laws that fixs everybody dont matter if u black or white….rich or broke

  80. Clay Morris says:

    There has never been anything equal about the justice system. In-fact, there has never been anything equal in this country and I served in the military for over 20 years. Race will always be a determining factor when it comes to legal matters. I lived in AZ for 9 years and yes, race determines many things…if you don’t believe me, think back to the King holiday….

    • The King holiday,really. Yeah think back. As soon as that man took the holiday,his tail was impeached.

  81. They both were stupid. Of course you have to make it a race issue. But if you think leaving two children in a parked car in Arizona’s heat with the window cracked for 45 minutes and being charged with a felony and have your kids taken away is do to race, your an idiot. She is lucky the kids didn’t die. And she knew what she was doing. If your homeless there are places and help you can get. The fact she lost her kids is more do to being homeless then anything else. But the other idiot who left her kid on the roof of her car is equally stupid and is facing 16 years if she messes up. Pretty long prison sentence. Didn’t say if she lost her child. But she most likely lives with her parents and they have custody of the child not her. I think society in whole is failing. And Hip-Hop is a major factor, not the cure. I think if you stop playing the blame game and start realizing that the hip-hop culture is the enemy to a great society, things might change for the better. But more than anything taking God out of society will make everyone equally fail. Bring back God and leave out hate.

  82. What was each of the women’s prior records? A lot of times that is a big factor as well.

  83. maybe it has to do with past arrests.

  84. Past legal troubles are also heavily used in determining the punishment. Its hard to make sound judgement on this without knowing a lot of the info left out of the story. The lady that had her kids taken may have already been given chance one, two, and this the third strike was just too many.

  85. I don’t give a damn what the age difference is, she should have her kid taken away for her for child endangerment.. NO ?ASKED

  86. Interesting. I totally agree that these cases are not evenly prosecuted based on the information I have. I’m curious how the comments left above are any less racist. It is no different than my saying every Mexican is an illegal sitting at home living off my taxes, or that every black man is a gang banging thug. The idea should be to end racism, not shift the tide to another’s favor.

  87. Although Ms. Clouser’s sentence seems incredibly lenient considering the fact she recklessly endangered her child’s life, since Ms. Taylor’s case has yet to be prosecuted, comparing the two seems a bit premature. However, if they throw the book at one after the other got off so easy we’ll definitely have something to be upset over.

  88. Carmen Jackson says:

    I’m so sick of this shit. Age didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Clearly it’s a race issue.

  89. Time levels the road All of this is temporary and the faceless and nameless pay one way or another

  90. this is not just going on in Arizona this type of races shit is going on all over the country for this reason and this reason only is why I cannot as a black man ever trust white people I know you’re not supposed to judge people by just a few assholes that’s in the race and I do have white friends that I think is cool but for the most part all white people over 50 years old in my book are not to be trusted unless they have earned your trust

  91. thisiswrong says:

    Asian not have a damn thing to do with that come on man lets be realistic here the bottom line is okay you got these hot shot supposedly upcoming dats who wanna make a name for themselves what are they do it come after the black people that’s what they do so they can make names from cells Point Blank this s*** is wrong that’s all it is to it is no justification and got jackie do with each that you did this wrong old white girl because she was only 19 you know she gets slap on the wrist cause she was f***** up she was how she put her baby on the roof of her car the black woman who let’s be realistic don’t know the struggle of the inner city come on man you know what the struggle is for single black mothers just trying to make a dollar out of $0.15 nah man this s*** is wrong…

  92. What was the charge for the first woman? You can get probation from a felony. Also the second one has not been given a punishment yet. How do you know it will be less than the first woman?

  93. The white girl has 16 (sixteen years) probation. She will be 37 when she gets her freedom papers. I suspect her charge was felony child abuse because misdemeanors are short sentences or maybe a fine. The black girl felony got charged with felony child neglect and $100k for leaving her kids in a hot car. Is the lesson, if you try to cook black kds people raise you a fund and if you try to kill a white baby people think you should be punished?

  94. i know it is easy to though the race card but why jump on bated stories. Do you think Clouser got charged with mister-meaner child abuse with 16 years of probation? the difference in these two stories is not that one is white and the other is black. The difference is that one had family that could take the child and the other did not but the real difference is that one case the sentence has been handed down and the other is yet to go to trial. if you can’t make bail you have to sit in jail till your trial and it will be counted as time served. seeing as how Taylor does not have a job, family or collateral would explain why she is in jail. i know white people are fed up and have proven this through out history. believe it or not things have changed, a wise man once said “those that do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.” truer words could not be spoken but “if we live in the past we will never shape the future.” what i am saying had the race card not been handed out would you have stopped to notice that it does not mention Taylor’s sentence only that she is in jail? Dose any one know if Clouser got her baby back or is it just assumed because she got probation, it also does not say that she will be 35 before she is off probation. i think that many of today’s laws governing the care of children are uncalled for but i don’t make the law

  95. Lol’ing at the comments

  96. Joe Pesante says:

    This is precisely why I laughed in the face of the people who were convinced that the final walls of pervasive racism came down in this country when President Obama was elected…all that did was fan the flames of prejudice that never went away in the first place! And to the anonymous person above who alluded to age being a factor in the double standard instead of racism, please explain that!! On top of the neglect of the baby sitting on the roof of her car, she committed a second crime by being high from illicit drugs…and the last time I looked, you are considered of age once you turn 18.

  97. Az is not a fair state. Minorities alway receive longer sentences than whites. And CPS take black kids more. Its a fact.

  98. Phyllis Moroney says:

    The real tradgy is the children, they lose anyway you look at it.

  99. An online fundraising site is collecting money to help the woman on the right. The goal was $9,000, but that has been passed and currently stands at $109,152.

    Not one red cent has been raised for the one on the left.

    Did you fail to mention this because you don’t do research, or because it didn’t fit in with your biased angle?

  100. :-/ well the young mother should have her child taken from her and the homeless mother should not be in jail or charged as she was, but maybe her kids should have been taken not bc she is a bad parent but bc she was homeless and couldn’t provide for her children, a temporary foster care would be understandable until she found a job and was on her feet

    • The Foster system does not always work ; The children could come back to their mom more damaged , than ever . I work will special needs children everyday and it is unbelievable what some of these children go through; I say only ” GOD” can judge Ms. Taylor , I do think that @ this time she knows that she could have made another choice , however that’s hind sight . The other young lady will still be a Drug abuser @ the end of the day , just Pray for both and the kids as well.

  101. That’s what happens when you be black in the U.S.

    • This and all of the comments citing this as racial discrimination are nothing more than ignorant. Shanesha Taylor has been charged with a felony for leaving her children unattended in a car in Phoenix, for anyone that lives in the area or has you know the authorities don’t take that lightly. Her next court appearance is May 22nd. CPS currently has custody of her children which is standard protocol anytime there is a parent charged with child abuse. This article does nothing more but probe at a rift that exists in this country only because it’s so readily fueled without knowing the actual facts. These are two completely separate cases, with totally different circumstances, one mother has already been sentenced, another has yet to be. Is it the same DA? Will it be the same judge? Is what the younger mother did awful? Absolutely, should she have received a tougher sentence? Probably. BUT comparing the two and saying what’s happening is due to the color of their skin is nothing more than foolish and slander.

  102. Milton Quaffalot says:

    Both women put their children in danger and both were arrested.

    Is there supposed to be a point to this article?

  103. Virginia says:

    Just another example of American justice, Arizona style. What a farce, perhaps the SCOTUS can tell us again how racial inequity is a thing of the past and we should just learn to accept this new post racial era! Baloney!

  104. How many previous charges do both have? What about family structure and support system? All these factor into charges. But its way better to ignore that and play the race card.


  106. if race is not a issue then explain why 60% of the population in prison are black wake up america racism is a problem that will never go away is just masked very good!

  107. Anonymous black guy says:

    Kids got taken away because she’s homeless, not because she’s black.

  108. Wow every one missed the obvious …… one was intentionally done the other was done recklessly

  109. This shit pisses me off, but not for the reasons you might think. I am sick of the “race card” being played. I’m sick of “race baiting”. This article insinuates that there is a racial component to Ms. Taylor’s current situation. While there is a history of African Americans experiencing longer sentences than their Caucasian counterparts, I can assure you that this is not one of those situations. It’s too soon to tell what will happen to the black woman and any assertions about racial bias at this point are irresponsible race baiting tactics that serve to undermine progress, judicially and socially.

    Here’s why:

    This is the story presented:
    Two people commit the same crime; the White lady gets probation while the Black lady gets 2 Felonies and her children taken away

    Real Situation:
    In the case of the white woman, she had her child taken away and was originally charged with 1 count of CHILD/VULNERABLE ADULT ABUSE (a felony) and 1 count of AGG DUI-PASSENGER UNDER 15 (weed and a misdemeanor) in 2012, and after dealing with procedural issues and errors made by the grand jury, later plead to lesser charges in 2014; hence why she only got sentenced to 16 yrs probation. The black lady was charged with 2 counts of CHILD/VULNERABLE ADULT ABUSE (again, felonies) because she left two kids in her car.

    Issue 1: The African American woman hasn’t even been to trial. She hasn’t even had here Initial Pretrial Conference yet. There is no way to tell if she will plead to a lesser crime and receive a reduced sentence. This isn’t racism, Ms. Taylor is just at a different point in our legal process.

    Issue 2: Regardless, the black woman WILL likely receive a longer sentence than the white woman because she committed TWO felonies, rather than 1 felony and 1 misdemeanor. This isn’t racism, it just good law.

    We are certainly not “Post Racial”, in fact, a lot of you and your friends have seen some pretty racist shit. When you see that racist shit, call it out and say it’s wrong so we can eradicate it. But this poor excuse of an article is nothing more than a little boy crying wolf. Literally, all you have to do is check the dockets of both cases to figure this shit out; its all public info that can be found with a google search. Seriously, fuck this article.

  110. Just-Us at it’s best

  111. One case is has been disposed and the other hasn’t. To even make this comparison is premature since the case on the right has not come to a conclusion. BOTH women were jailed upon arrest, BOTH women had/have their children in the care of CPS…. the woman on the right still has the opportunity to either enter a plea agreement (like the first) or go to trial. This article should be called “A Tale of Once Again Race Baiting, Research Not Required”.

  112. It anit got a dang thing to do with race it has to do with the county they live in and i lay money they are in different counties really pissis me off when people make shit out of nothing why the hell does it always gotta be bout race i am white and my kids where taken for no good reason at all granted the one smoking weed should have went to jail for a few months and the mother trying to better herself should have gotten more support but it is all the county and the judge

  113. not to mention: black, white, arab, asian most the time doesn’t even matter the judicial system is all types of fucked up. if you’re not rich you’re fucked. if your lawyer isn’t golf buddies wit the judge, bye bye. you gotta remember it’s not like the DA was thinking “okay well she got that so we have to give her this so everything’s equal”. yes most definitely there is prejudice but more so with the police and profiling. shit is just fucked all up and down no matter what angle you look at it from. to place all the blame for that on racism you’re just missing a lot of shit.

  114. SMH which baby was more at risk…

  115. My personal opinion is 1st of all there is still a lot of racism in this country . I also say did the 1st female have her child taken away because this will happen again and what I have been noticing that if you are trying to do your best for your child or children you have problems with the system trying to take them away. The otherside of that I have seen some people beat and kill there babies there is proof of this and yet they still have more and only when there is public out cry then something may be done. I do not know what is going on but something has to give because bottom line this was not right. The old saying kick someone when they are down WEll this was It.

  116. I really wish blogs would do due diligence and refrain from posting this comparison until AFTER Shanesha is sentencing. Chances are, the charges will be dropped and we’ll all look like over-reactionary race baiters. Neither of these women should go to jail. The first girl got probation because her case started in 2012 and it’s over now. Shanesha’s case is still open. Why don’t we wait until the outcome before crying foul?

  117. I think that race is in view with respect to the leniency given to the white girl. But, my people… we have to keep in mind: THIS IS ARIZONA. If you’re in a desert, it’s not safe to sit in a car just because you cracked the window. Local news in Arizona reported that the temperature was over 100degrees! My heart goes out to the sista, but she really did put those kids at death’s door.

  118. Intentions, whether a crime is voluntary or involuntary, can also play a role in sentencing.

    The first woman(red hair) did not intend to put her baby into that dangerous situation, she took drugs, which caused her to have a lapse in judgement/memory. She left her baby out of the car, but not as a conscious choice.

    The second woman on the other hand, good intentions being put aside, did leave her two young children unattended in a vehicle willfully. With full knowledge of what she was doing, she left them in a potentially dangerous situation.

    Neither of these women were right to do what they did. I’m sorry it turned out this way for this woman who is otherwise, a great mother. She wanted to provide for herself and her children, and I get she had good intentions when she left her children in the car to go to a job interview. I’m also sorry for the other woman’s baby, who had to go through that horrifying experience, and I hope she can get her life straightened out.

  119. A mistake when you are the one who chose to get high. Get serious. I think both situations was wrong, but to think someone getting high and driving their child on the top of the car was a mistake. You must be high. She should have been charged with attempted murder, child neglect, child abuse, drug charges and etc.

  120. The first lady (with the pink hair) also got charged with a felony — she later pleaded guilty — and had her kid taken away.


  121. PoeticTel says:

    I feel the judgements in these two cases are bias. I also notice that white people tend to put on color blinders in situations like this, it also seems to me any form of racism toward black people publicized in the media makes them uncomfortable for some reason. With all the why is it race this and that, just take a good look at the circumstances of these cases. In the white woman’s case she was 1 under the influence of a drug, 2 operating a motor vehicle, 3 on drugs operating a motor vehicle with a child present. The black women parked her car 1 opened the windows (so her children wouldn’t suffocate) and 2 left them unattended. Yet the white woman is basically given a second chance with her kid ( and lets be honest she’s 19 and if she was high then she’ll get high again and next time the baby may not be so lucky). As for the black woman here she is unable to find help with her kids because of her situation she makes a hard decision to leave them there alone, but she also makes sure they won’t suffocate, and she gets a felony plus her kids taken away thats bull. I thought being caught on drugs with children present was grounds to take your kids away let alone leaving on the roof while driving. Both women were wrong in their decisions but the consequences are what makes this stand out as racial bias.

  122. Mrs. Hendrix says:

    Mothers make sacrifices daily, I can remember being a latch key kid at ten taking care of my young brother and my mom would make it home from school sometimes we were already in the bed sleeping. The whole house could have burned down, but she did what she had too to make sure we had a better life. I empathize with the mother she was doing what she had to do desperate and not wanting to look like she had any hindrances from getting a job. Make it plain she was on an interview, they probably would have thought she had excuses if she had of taken her children in so she made sure they were ok and moved forward with trying to attain some livelihood for her family, she was already homeless just trying to survive I guess it would have been better to leave them on a card board box with another homeless individual…Messy! The 19 year old was not worried about her child because SHE WAS GETTING HIGH, this could have easily been that the baby flew in the middle of the highway and was run over by other traffic…then would we be so easy to say it was a slip of the mind?? It is clearly racially motivated which I do not condone either way.. any races against each other. I just wish people would call it what it is and stop justifying things. But God sees and knows all and one day you will reap what you sow!!!

  123. I’m personally more concerned for the children in this situation. I know we as blacks always feel that we are being profiled and a lot of the time we are. Some of these comments are heart breaking. What makes us as people hate someone over something they have no control over when they are born. EVERY individual is different. I like country music but most people wouldn’t believe it just looking at me because I’m black and its sad. I feel so sorry for the people in this world, especially our innocent children. Clearly both of these women need help just in different ways. The black mother is not a bad mother I’m sure. She was just in a bad situation and was doing the best she knew how. Instead of locking her up, help her find affordable child care. She was at a job interviews for goodness sakes not a party.Introduce the other young lady to some programs that may be able to give her some help. We need real leaders in this world not racist, judgmental,and controlling leaders that really doesn’t care about the people any way. Just heartless and cruel. This really bothers me.

    • I hate to say it, Arizona cut the funding for EVERYTHING, under the guise of freeloaders milking off the system. As a recent occupant of AZ, I can verify the mother on the right had ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER OPTION!!!! I explained the situation to my 9 year old & even she said Pinky there deserved to go to jail & not the other mom!!!

    • AGREED!

  124. Israelite Princess says:

    I’m so happy God hates white people. When their time (kingdom/heaven) is up, they’ll be no more of this white privilege and white racism. and then, finally, the world will be at peace.

  125. I feel it is race. The girl with the red hair’s child had to be an infant if it was in a car seat. She should be charged with child endangerment. The other lady was wrong also but she was trying to get a job to make a better life for her children. Now she not only does not have a job but everytime she applies she must indicate that she has a falony on her record. Some employees will count this against her.

  126. I am white. I don’t understand or love white people who feel like they need to defend our race. Do you follow politics in Arizona at all? And you have the audacity to say that race doesn’t play a factor in the judicial system there? Both of these women need help, but the black woman is a far more of a victim of circumstances and she is being crucified, not the redhead. Stop defending whiteness by saying race is not a factor.

  127. A Tale Of Two Views says:

    I am a white woman – and what I am about to say may not be very popular. Yes, I believe racism exists. But I believe it exists on both sides. There are MANY racist white people, as there are MANY racist black people. Just as there are MANY non racist white people, and MANY non racist black people. Racism is prevalent in every race, every culture, every society, every country. It is probably the thing that each and every race has most in common. As a white woman, I understand that many black people will look down on me for that reason. But guess what? THAT is also racist. I have done nothing to you. I understand we have the KKK and all that – our ancestors held your ancestors as slaves – but I myself have done nothing to you. I also know that there are MORE black people out there who won’t care what the color of my skin is, they will either like me or not like me for ME! The same goes for whites. There are more non racist whites then there are racist. It’s just the the ones that ARE racist are the most vocal. Just like when you are selling something – think Ashley’s Furniture. The majority of your customers will be satisfied. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be in business. But the ones that are not, will scream it to the rooftops, while the ones that are, just enjoy their furniture. We need to be aware of the whole truth – not just what makes us feel better. I could deny racism exists in white people – as a white person that would make me feel better. But it wouldn’t be truthful. And before you say that there is no racism in black people, think about the NAACP. It is a college fund to promote ONLY BLACK PEOPLE. If we had that for whites, it would be torn to shreds. Take into account BET. Black Entertainment Television. We don’t have a channel for only whites. Nick Cannon just came out with a CD called “White People Party Music”. Yes, he was yelled at, but not nearly as badly as Julianne Hough when she dressed for Halloween as Crazy Eyes. Racism does need to end. On both sides. On all sides. But honestly? That will NEVER happen. You just have to be sure to live your life the right way, fight injustice when you can, and keep in mind the WHOLE picture, not just what you want.

  128. The prosecutor in Taylor’s case seems like an asshole (with an agenda – might or might not be racial) when you read his replies to the online petition trying to get the charges dropped. Here are the facts, though:

    – Clouser’s kids were taken away until after her case was resolved (not mentioned by MRDAVEYD). She was charged with the same charge, felony child abuse, that Taylor is facing. The two women, to this point, spent equal time in jail. TAYLOR HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING. Her children have been taken out of her custody until the case is resolved…just as Clouser’s were.

    What Clouser did was, in my opinion, much worse than what Taylor did. She deserved jail time – and to not get custody of her child upon her conviction (which is unconfirmed – she might not have custody). We don’t know any of the details of Taylor’s leaving the children in the car – how long, how hot the day was (this is Arizona after all) – leaving a window open might not be enough, whether the kids had water. Fact is, they were too young to be left alone – and while she is homeless, she could’ve found child care (those resources ARE available to the homeless, for free, if they’re going to a job interview).

    Hopefully the judge will see the situation for what it is and either dismiss the case or Taylor her off with (much lighter) probation. This story going viral, and the petition signed in her defense, has led to money being donated to a defense fund set up for her – a better defense team will obviously guarantee a better result. While what she did wasn’t nearly as bad as what Clauser did…it was still wrong.

    The way this article is written is misleading. BOTH women spent time in jail, BOTH women had their children taken away – but the author only mentions that the Black woman had to face these tribulations. Why? Because it supports his view that this is a purely racial matter – that the Black woman is getting the shaft while the White woman got off easy.

    She DID get off easy – but there’s no way to properly compare the two situations until Taylor’s trial is finished. Did Clouser get off with a much ligher punishment than she should have? HELL YES. But to present this situation while selectively leaving out facts to exacerbate the difference in how the women were treated (that they were charged with the same crime, that Clouser also had her kids taken away and went to jail, and most importantly that TAYLOR’S CASE HASN’T EVEN GONE TO TRIAL YET)…does nothing but tell a FICTIONAL “Tale of Two Mothers in America in Post-Racial Society”. Shame on the author for not telling the whole story.

  129. The problem with this story is that it’s presupposing a reason for the convictions without giving us anything more than basic information. It wants us to believe this is a race issue, but there could be many factors involved. For example, we don’t know if child services had reasons to be concerned about Ms. Taylor before or if either woman had priors. I’m more than willing to believe that this is a racial issue, but there’s enough hate in the world today that I don’t want to stir up more anger until I’m sure that these were parallel cases differentiated mostly by racial prejudice.

  130. The white girl has been sentenced. What were her original charges? Was her baby taken away and returned? The black woman has not been sentenced. Her charges could change and her children returned. It’s not over yet.

  131. Before everyone declares this racist, you should consider that one case has been completed and the other is still pending. The women on the right has had thousands of dollars raised for her, which to me is ridiculous. Her attorney is claiming she is a victim of “the system”. i was a single mother and had to work very hard without any child support, food stamps, welfare or public assistance. I never ever left my child in the car either while I worked or looked for work.

    Both women are clearly wrong and we cannot compare to two until both cases have reached a verdict and then we can compare apples to apples. Until then, you are just stirring the pot. Does anyone know that the druggie girl was originally charged with? Did she have her child taken from her? Don’t really think they slapped her on the wrist and sent her on the way with her child…..Please let me know if that is the case.

  132. Benjamin says:

    I hope yopu aren’t excusing the woman who abandoned her children, alone in a car, in a desert, even with the window dow that’s child endagerment. Race might be the bias for the white woman to have gotten a light sentance when she should have gone to joil, but don’t use race or homelessness or trying to get a gob to excuse the same behaviour. If one were to make a fair comment, the homeless woman knew what she was doing, the druggie couldn’t. Still, that’s no excuse, either.

  133. More information has come out about the “homeless” mother who left her 2 kids in the car.
    She was neither homeless or unemployed.
    She was staying with friends and had a part time job.
    She could have paid someone to watch the kids.

  134. They were BOTH wrong and should BOTH be serving jail time and dealing with CPS. Ms. Taylor was ALSO a drug addict just like Ms. Clouser. She had an open cps case for testing positive for drugs with her youngest child. She was previously homeless but NOT at the time of this incident. She didn’t return to the vehicle until an hour after her interview, the windows were only down an inch with they keys left in the ignition but no air on. The baby had on two shirts and a blanket and the temperature in the car was over 100 degrees when police arrived. Ms. Clouser pled guilty to receive a reduced sentence and she lost her son as well. Now with this being said, I still agree that the vast difference in sentencing is ridiculous. However, Ms. Taylor isn’t the complete victim that they are portraying her as though. Her cps worker should have been providing supportive services to her though (such as helping her find child care) so that she could have bettered their lives without endangering her children and the reason why they didn’t should be looked into. If she had gotten the job though, what did she plan to do with the children without any childcare?

  135. Well what this article doesn’t really elaborate on is the issue of intent. Doubtful that the girl who left her kid on the roof actually intended to hurt the kid, nor did any of her decisions directly lead to the kid being hurt. Yes bad things happen, and yes she should be punished but I’m sure that the terms of her probation were tailored to remedy those bad decisions ie rehab, mandatory drug testing, parenting classes.
    In other words she wasn’t a bad person, just someone making a stupid decision that led to a stupid mistake.

    The other lady left her kids (both toddlers) in a car for over an hour in 90 degree weather. SHE INTENDED TO DO IT, knowing full well that it could kill those kids. This wasn’t a case of “oops I forgot something” she knew very well what the consequences were. Not only that but there is the issue of only cracking the window(which actually pisses me off most) Rather then leaving the windows down all the way (which then you can actually say well hey she didnt want to kill the kids) she only cracked them to protect her stuff(sure as hell wasn’t protecting the kids)
    In the end she made a poor decision that DIRECTLY led to the injury of another person. You can say YES she is a bad person

  136. sapphire says:

    When I read the story,my heart went out to the children.(Remember) the children.They are the victim.Black or white doesn’t matter.The Law should have treated both of them the same.They should got.probation .(P.S ) I have to admit ,I did feel the hatred in the article.I feel that their is a message in the article.this world still need a lot of growing .We are not living in the past anymore.We must not teach our children how to hate . They were not born to hate,We as a race planted that seed.I am proud to be a black woman.but,if I was any other color .I would be proud just to be me.

  137. Would it have still been a mistake if the baby was run over by oncoming traffic? Would it have been a mistake if she caused an accident while high? What if she decided to get drunk instead of high? Would you still have the Compassionate “MISTAKE” theory?


  138. I am white. The red head needs to definitely have her child taken away! She is disgusting for putting her child in that much danger. The black lady should also have her children taken away, though. Not for her actions, which sound fairly harmless, but for being homeless. Children deserve a warm safe home. Living on the streets, in a car, or even a shelter doesn’t sound very homely or safe.

  139. They both made stupid choices and both should have their children taken away. Race shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Even with comparing the situations. If people are to stop doing things because of race we need to stop comparing people because of race. How about they are both two idiots.

  140. Michelle says:

    I want whole stories not halves, you think it’s race when there are so many other factors. Like parental help and custody of the children, a judge seeing maybe taking kids who are homeless and putting them in a secure place so mom can get it together. Yes it is up to cops, judges, and attorneys, past behavior, new behavior and information we do not have . Tired of seeing race be the issue when there are so many other things going on. Get full hard facts and truth before you make it something it probably is not

  141. God Almighty – what is wrong with America? Seriously. no wonder America has lots a lot of respect and traction Internationally, she cant even keep herself in good order.

  142. First off…this is clearly a racism-baiting article, and you should be ashamed for writing it. The rest of you should be embarassed for flying off the handle despite not reading the article properly or actually educating yourselves about the situation. At this time, SINCE MS. TAYLOR HAS NOT EVEN BEEN SENTENCED — there can be no comparison between the two situations. Surely you can piece this together? One has been sentenced and the other HAS NOT. Further (and intentionally LEFT OUT by this “author”), BOTH were charged with felony child abuse. Ms Clouser was also charged with DUI on top of the child abuse. BOTH were arrested. BOTH had their children placed in CPS custody. Save any ranting for AFTER Ms Taylor has ACTUALLY BEEN SENTENCED.

  143. Age? thats an excuse! This is absurd, they keep putting people in this position and act blind to why people are so angry and act the way they do.

  144. So let me begin, that it is a double standard that Clouser got off and Tayor didn’t. And I agree that double standard is race related. But Taylor should not get off, nor should Clouded. the Tayor story is over simplified.
    “The details, outlined in a Scottsdale police report, are horrifying. She left them strapped down in their car seats, with the windows cracked open an inch and hot air blowing through the vents. She left the SUV in the noontime sun, with the keys in the ignition and the door unlocked. She left them where she couldn’t see them and never checked on them in the hour and nine minutes that she was gone.
    The children were discovered when an office worker, headed to lunch, heard their cries. It was 82 degrees that day but police estimate the temperature in the car was 103 degrees by the time the boys were rescued.
    Taylor, who also has a nine-year-old daughter, told police that she had nowhere to leave her sons and that she badly needed the job.
    It’s unclear precisely what her circumstances are, as Taylor is declining interviews. She told police she was often homeless and that they’d stayed the previous night in a Wal-Mart parking lot, yet she also told them she’s lived with her mother for the last year. She told police she’s unemployed yet court documents indicate she worked part-time as an office aide for a medical house call service.
    According to police, Child Protective Services already had an open case involving Taylor’s youngest son, who tested positive for illegal drugs when he was born. The children are now in CPS custody.”

  145. Couldn’t find child care during the interview? They found plenty of family members to take the kids when the shit hit the fan!
    Catalina was arrested and released on bail. She plead guilty and got a deal, she got 16 years probation. For one count(one child). No one bought her way out, nor did she have an expensive lawyer.
    Shanesha has plead not guilty, not made a deal. She has multiple counts (two kids). There is an online fundraiser for her that has raised well over $100k for her.
    The both appear to have had the same treatment by courts and prosecutors. While public opinion supports one, not the other. Hec, one was just trying to get a job, while the other was pure neglect. Anyone ever been on probation? For 16 years? Whats easier, few years in prison, or 16 years probation?

  146. We gotta stop doing this says:

    Listen, we need to stop playing this victim card every time we see a meme make it’s rounds on the internet without doing any fact checking. They both were arrested, and they both had their children take away from them initially. Shanesha Taylor is OUT of jail, and her children are with her family. She’s raised the second highest grass roots donation base in history (second only to the Boston Marathon) and has over 106K in the bank. Her kids are now with her family (so in actuality they’re with her). She’s facing a minimum of two years probation per child for a total of 4 years probation. The white woman was also arrested and yes, her child was taken away also. She was released and when she was trialed and sentenced received 16 years of probation. Shanesha Taylor has white politicians in the state of AZ rallying for her because they want the black vote. She might do a little probation time, but she won’t do a lick of jail time most likely. We need to stop jumping to the race card EVERY time something happens. The intricacies in cases like this span more than what can fit on a FB meme.

    • Agreed, though, you are jumping to conclusions by stating the white politicians are only rallying around her for the black vote, you do this while basically stating don’t do this. If they are Dems it could be because she represents people who just need a little help to support her efforts to provide for herself and her family, or the problems of pay inequity, etc. If they are GOP…. then, um, yeah it might be for the “black vote”.

  147. This is just one case, out of a million of people slanting the truth to create racist sensationalism. Both women were arrested and processed the same. Clouser is an idiot, and anyone on probation will tell you, no one does 16 years without going to jail, and that’s exactly what the judge knew when sentencing her. That being said, as horrible and unfair as Taylor’s life situation is, and while she was clearly trying to do the right thing, she still left her children in a dangerous situation. Hopefully they drop the charges, and hopefully they give her kids back and someone will reach out to her and give her a shot with employment, hopefully she’ll take all the generosity she’s been given from the public and really turn this into a positive, but if you had been in a parking lot, and you had walked by that car, and you had seen kids in those temperatures locked in a car by themselves… would you not have alerted authorities? What if no one had and they died? How about instead of reporting and protesting sensationalized, inaccurate, misleading information, we focus that energy on empowering people in these situations and getting them help? How about we focus on solutions and not sensationalism? So many people are so uneducated and such sheep.

  148. In regard to the charges and pending punishment, might have something to do with the fact that one was intentional and the other wasn’t. Doesn’t really matter, neither one of them are fit to be called a “mother”.

  149. It has just been revealed the mother who left her kids in the car was neither homeless nor jobless… she made a bad judgement call, a bad decision… which adds another point here… why did the police/media ASSUME she was unemployed or homeless? hmmmm?? we already know the answer to that… that being said yeah the system is skewed I think we already know that (Trayvon Martin) and the woman doing drugs should serve time in jail and her baby should be put into the system til she proves she can be a proper parent and is drug free!!


  150. this is completely wrong and i feel for the woman whpse in jail for a trying to take care of her kids. I understand all pointa of what everyones saying. cps might have taken her kids away because she had no home. that doesnt explain why she was put in jail. racial discrimination happends everyday back white hispanic whatever race theres always going to be discriminarion but what really bugs me is when something like this happends instead of working together we blame eachother instead of focusing on how to change this we make it a white vs. black debate. nothing will ever change unless we all start treating everyone equally with kindness and respect.

  151. This isn’t a race issue, but a result of “what happened to the child/children.” The red-headed’s baby flew off the car and miraculously wasn’t injured. Shanesha Taylor’s children were left in a car with the windows slightly cracked open and it was parked in the sun. (See news reports for these facts). Both women are equally guilty and should both be treated equally. They were not.

  152. Maybe. That is the thing about almost any example you can offer, maybe.

    What if the white lady had a black judge, and the black lady had a black judge? What was their criminal history? What other factors were involved that made these two different judges make these decisions.

    I’m sorry you can not simplify these issues. We do not know the whole case, history, anything of the sort, and THIS is the problem with conversations about race, everything is attempted to ignorantly be simplified in a way that only makes legitimate issues swept underneath the rug by one side and triumphantly shown as evidence by the other.

    We need to think about these issues critically, logically, and thoughtfully. Yes, their is definite race issues, of course, but making assumptions and acting like this is proof when it is not does not address the problem.

  153. Leaving your child in a hot car is taken VERY seriously in Arizona. It’s basically a zero-tolerance offense because of how hot it gets, and how commonly it happens.


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