Madlines: Talks About New Album ‘Love Child’ & Transitioning to the Bay Area

MadlinesWe sat down with Madlines who was one half of the the Seattle based duo Canary Sing, to talk about her new solo project called ‘Love Child‘. For Madlines its her second big move in terms of her being a fierce emcee who decided to push the envelop by embracing a reggae sound which is reflective of her Jamaican roots. Her new song The Weapon has caught a lot of attention as she not only reflects her new style but also reminds folks to put down the guns and pick up the mic. Use your words and flow as a weapon for change.

Her first big move was coming down to the Bay Area to go to Mills College where she studied writing and literature.

During our interview Madlines talks about her adjustment to the Bay Area after relocating here from Seattle. She compares and contrasts the two regions thriving independent Hip Hop scenes. She talks about what it was like collaborating with Bay Area artists like Gigante of Brwn Bflo as well as linking up with fellow female emcees and singers like long time friend Hollis, Miss Haze and Melissa Jones to kick dust and round off her new project.

Madlines also talks about what it was like going solo as well as her next steps..

3 Dope Songs from Madlines Making Noise from Seattle to the Bay Area

MadlinesLot of folks have been talking about Seattle as of late and its burgeoning Hip Hop scene. Much of the buzz is due to the success of Macklemore who has had a stellar year.. But folks shouldn’t stop with one artists in exploring the Emerald City which has a rich history and filled with talented emcees.

One of the folks who is standing out is Madeleine Clifford aka Madlines one half of the group Canary Sing which has been on hiatus for a while. She is more than just an emcee, but an educator and activist. As a member of Canary Sing, she along with her best friend Hollis Wong Wear who has sung on a couple of songs with Macklemore, could be found all over Seattle at spoken word events, conducting workshops and hyping up rallies by spitting dope rhymes that gave extra life to the causes they were repping..

The group became fairly popular and released an EP called ‘The Beautiful Baby‘ Standout cuts included the big band sounding ‘Prove It‘, the boom bap inspired ‘Heroine’ and the sultry sounding ‘H206‘ which pays tribute to Seattle.

Madlines albumA couple of years ago Madlines moved from Seattle to Oakland to get her masters degree. In true form she started making the rounds  and has become a fixture here in the Bay Area.. She made some noise last year with the release of a horn laden song called ‘I Need a Moment‘.

This year she put her shoulder to the grind to finish her first solo EP called ‘Love Child‘. Here Madlines pushes the envelope and expands her sound to include nice reggae sounding jams like ‘A Good Thing‘  and ‘Irie‘ which features Hollis. According to Madlines, the sound scape to the peroject reflects her West Indian roots..

The EP has a dope stand out track that reflects her more traditional flows called Blocka which features Madlines trading rhymes with Gigante of the group Brwn Bflo. The pair recently teamed up to do a heartfelt song about mass incarceration and the impact it has on families  called Beyond the Bars

If you happen to be in the Bay Area at the end of the month December 21 2013, Madlines along with fellow Bay Area artists Aisha Fukishima, Coco Peila and Ana Roth will all be performing at the Legionnaire Salon located on 2272 telegraph Ave in Oakland

BLOCKA (Don’t Block My Shine)

I Need A Moment


Seattle Rapper Madlines drops New joint-Blocka Teams up /w Brwn Bflo

MadlinesEver since Mad-lines has touched down in the Bay Area from Seattle, she has been making serious moves and serious noise.. Her music has been on tilt and her activism on point.. She made noise a few months ago with this retroesque song and video called ‘I Need a Moment

The whole vibe reminded us just how creative and diverse Hip Hop can be and is..

Her new song ‘Blocka Don’t Block My Shine’ continues in that vein as she teams up with Seattle producer Bean One and local Hip Hop icon Gigante of Brwn Bflo..

Here’s a recent recent press release…

For the past few months, up and coming Oakland-based MC, MADlines, has put a tremendous amount of positive vibes and raw styles into a brand new EP called “Love Child,” which DROPS in SEPTEMBER.

She’s collaborated with BeanOne out of Seattle (Sea/Oak TOWN Connection), and he’s created unique Reggae-Hip Hop fusion tracks that SLAP!!

MADlines is jet setting for Jamaica in a matter of days but before she goes she’s got something special for you…

BLOCKA (Don’t Block My Shine)” is the first single from the project and it features Gigante (Giant) of BRWN BFLO. 

Please enjoy the video for the single, shot by Genuienzo in the Fruitvale neighborhood of East Oakland, CA.

Feel free to share the video, download the song here:


Madlines of Seattle-Based Canary Sings Drops a Gem of a Song-I Need a Moment

I long been a big fan of Seattle-based group Canary Sing.. Made up of Madeleine “Lioness” Clifford and Hollis “Ispire” Wong-I first met the pair several years back when they were rocking hard on the spoken word scene. Later when they put beats to their rhymes and started making noise culminating in the release of their ep The Beautiful Baby back in 2010.

The group had a funky retro sound and a fun vibe which is best personified in one of my favorite songs Freak Show…

It wasn’t to long after the Beautiful Baby dropped that Madeleines  came down to the Bay Area and blessed us with her talent as she pursued her Masters degree at Oakland’s Mills College. She’s been rocking the mic as well as the books and recently dropped a gem of a song and fun video called ‘I Need a Moment’. Look out for this sister to keep making noise. The best has yet to come..