Terror in Charlotte- Who Killed Justin Carr?

Justin CarrWho shot Justin Carr? You are right now watching unapologetic ‘gas lamping’ take place, where folks who stood next to this young brother Tuesday night while they were out protesting police terror, are being made to feel like they are somehow crazy for what they witnessed..

You’re seeing people who should know better automatically accepting police narratives without question and adapting and normalizing police lingo..

Many were eager and quick to adapt police lingo and not present fair hearing and space for eyewitnesses who had differing accounts who witnessed Justin Carr’s murder..

Anyone using the term ‘protestor on protestor‘ violence, ‘civilian on civilian‘ violence or any variation have been pimped and seduced by the possibility of have proximity to power….

Anyone adapting and attempting to normalize ‘police speak‘ sounds just as backwards as those deceitful corporate backed journalist and media outlets who adapted military terms and tried to sound official when selling the public the false notion that weapons of mass destruction existed leading up to the War in Iraq..

Justin Carr was not a ‘civilian’ needing to be ‘contained’ or ‘ordered around’. He was not some faceless ‘civilian’ engaged in ‘protestor on protestor’ violence..

Justin Carr is not ‘collateral damage’ that was involved in a riot.. He was a young brother calling out police terrorism in his community..

You start to refer to him like the police as a nameless ‘civilian’ or ‘protestor’ you detach yourself from his humanity and his human response to the trauma they caused..

Sharleen in CharlotteCompare the way Justin Carr is described in the police narratives being pushed on us vs the way he was described by the young sister named Sharleeen who Rosa Clemente interviewed who was with Justin and witnessed him die the other night.. Don’t f–kin lose sight of your humanity people..


And as a friend of mine most recently noted.. Justin Carr was a Black man.. He was a brother from the community who would not be dead if Charlotte police never shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott..

Justin Carr would not be dead if police weren’t shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at peaceful protestors..

Justin Carr would not be dead if those who we entrusted to protect and serve us physically, politically & culturally were not doing death dances with the devil….