The NAACP is Just As Backwards as Clipper Owner Donald Sterling

SterlingThe NAACP was set to give Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling a Lifetime achievement Award… Yes you read that right…On May 15th he was to be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award along with Al Sharpton and the good folks from Walmart who are set to get a Corporation of the Year Award…

Let’s give this some perspective. This Cali NAACP was set to give Sterling a Lifetime Achievement Award even after he paid one of the highest fines in the state for housing discrimination against Latinos and Blacks in LA.. He is on record saying Blacks are vermin who shouldn’t be living on his property. You can look up Sterling and Housing discrimination to get a better understanding of how ratchet this man is…

As for the NAACP.. This is the same outfit that in the 11th hour sided with Monsanto in the 2012 elections to defeat Prop 37 which would’ve required big food companies to label any and all food products that contained GMOS.. The NAACP came out swinging in support of Monsanto..Don’t believe me? There are dozens of articles about the sellout move like this one here–>

(UPDATE) As of this writing the NAACP has decided to rescind their award…That should be a no brainer.. Given Sterling’s record why was he being honored in the first place?? It was backwards thinking even before he made these racist remarks. Shame on them!

ClippersWith respect to Sterling, there are far too many folks who are trying to excuse this by saying that ‘all NBA owners are racists’ ..Not sure what that means?? Do we have them all on tape saying the madness Sterling said?? How many of these owners have been fined for housing discrimination? Is that an excuse for players to take the court today without addressing the issue??

Folks should keep in mind that the NBA routinely suspends players for the slightest infractions.. From dress code violations to talking greasy on or off the court about ref.. Players have been fined and suspended for not standing up and singing the national anthem.. Y’all remember Mahmoud Abdul- Rauf? Players have been suspended for making homophobic remarks such was the case with Kobe Bryant and Tim HardawayDwight Howard was fined for criticizing the refs on his blog a few years ago..

But in this egregious case with Sterling  you have a circling of the wagons. When the story first broke,  ESPN dragged their feet in reporting it.. They didn’t go in on this until they had Jesse Jackson on the air with them.. We have NBA commissioner Adam Silver doing an ‘investigation’.. Whats to investigate? Homeboy said those inexcusable remarks-end of story..

The only way for this to be resolved is for sterling to be banned from the League..This means he doesn’t get to buy his way out by giving hush money to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the  NAACP or any other ‘leader’ who may pocket the loot and then tell us we should forgive him. F— that!  Since Sterling is a real estate mogul, maybe suitable payment will be paying for all the Black homes foreclosed on in LA. That would be a good first step to atonement…

Miami Heat HoodiesAs for the NBA players?? Those who wore hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin, need to wear hoodies.. (KKK type hoodies ) to protest Sterling. They need to hold a press conference denouncing his remarks and demand he be kicked out of the league.. Trust me if any NBA player transgressed the way Sterling did , there would be no hesitation in financial punitive actions being levied on them.

Black players from the Clippers should hold a press conference and demand to be sold … oops I mean traded or auctioned off. No NBA team should play against the Clippers until Sterling is kicked out! If any Black player tries to defend him, they should be sent a copy of Malcolm’s Message to the Grassroots speech.

One has gotta wonder if the owner of the Clippers was a George Zimmerman supporter or an advocate for killer cop Johannes Mehserle if players on either team would show up to play ball? Sadly we already can guess what the Cali NAACP would do??Instead of playing nice with Sterling, the NAACP should’ve been holding a press conference demanding the players and Black folks in general boycott the Clippers and the NBA until Sterling is gone. They should’ve done this after he paid all that money for the housing discrimination case back in 2003.

May this be a lesson for all.. The owners of some of these teams see Black folks as glorified field hands in stadium/ arena plantations…Don’t look for an apology, get ownership and transform the power dynamics in play…


  1. the whole team should boycott so it forces the commissioner to step in.

  2. We are on the same word of the same page in the same book.
    totally fed up with mainstream media downplaying this with language such as alleged and attributed.
    Players get kicked off of teams for alleged and attributed – in short w/o proof.
    There is proof period and positive.
    The look on some of the faces of the men who’s DREAM IT IS to play ball and make their life about Basketball… when I listened to an interview – one gentleman said STUFF – made me think of GEROGE CARLIN and what he had to say about STUFF.
    Made me think of all sorts of THINGS PEOPLE ARE DOING FOR STUFF including sterling golddigger screwing with a married man for STuff to come easier.

    Made me think of the choices they felt or feel they have. working within their paradigm of dreams. Time to build our own.

    May the Black sports moguls wield their power financial and otherwise to get off their collective asses and create Black owned franchise team. *NO NEGRO
    Integrate that shit into SPORTS cause I know he aint the only mindset like this and I KNOW it aint only basketball.
    *PAUSE…. black team in a black building on a black block with black Uniforms, black.

    drop some M*E*F on What’s happenin. For REAL it’s time for a black power Nigga (and I hate that word) moment in sports,
    Busta Rhymes
    ……. Go head and babble you can watch me patiently waiting
    Aimin’, attackin’, instead I’mma let one of my bitches slap you
    I ain’t watch you when your niggaz’ll try
    To feel a wrath of the un-rulely waking of a sleeping giant
    (Very defiant), once I give you the pressure
    And then I apply it and then your breathing is stopped and totally quiet (sss..
    Captain of this ship, so call me the pilot
    I leave you and your crew to collide on me
    Die, stomp on a nigga, just like a herd of a thousand cattle
    That’ll travel over your face and frazzle your shit
    Chop you worse than a brick and then be torturin’ you
    then get the reverend, and get to steppin’, nigga!
    This shit’ll make you…..

    Time for A BLACK OUT

    *Pause – No Negro (boondocks reference paraphrased via no homo – Tyler Perry spoof) – Pause…no negro. ya gots to say No Negro, granddad so folks know your mind is Black.

  3. William C. Rhoden just recently wrote a book calle “Million Dollar Slaves: The rise, fall and redemtion of the black athlete. I haven’t read the book but the title is very relevent and fitting with this Sterling Prick. Unfortunately NAACP has not been the same since the days of the Civil Rights Movement. Many of these prostigious Black organizations have fallen off course and continue to maintain the status quo. There are many Grassroots organizations that are doing real valuble work who don’t get the federal funding of a NAACP or Urban league (which are no longer effective in my opionion. There was a scene in the movie “Im gonna get you Sucka” when One of the politicians states “The brother’s went in with guns and came out with Jobs”……. This is Real and many of our so called “Leaders” continue to sell us out!!!

  4. It’s about the collusion with Power , not ” backwards , or not being vetted ” . The NAACP KNEW his history of discrimination in housing and we don’t even have get into phony debate , if they did or not . But they chose to kiss the ring of Power and if you want to know who really ruins ” Entertainment ” look into the LAW SUIT by Black Concert Promoter Leonard Rowe Against William Morris , makes this issue look like a walk in the park . He gave paid 200K to get Racist Emails from Agency Executives introduced into Court .

  5. Big Jeryl says:

    The finger should not be pointed at the NAACP any more than it should be pointed at any other sell-out Black person or orginization. Rather, we should question Sterling. What “Culture” is he refering to? Who are the other members of this Culture? How much power do they wield and how are they planning to use that power against others? How have they used their power in the past and who have they hurt as a result of the use of the Culture’s power? I do agree with your call for the NBA boycott and protests. But, we should also not stopping asking these questions until we get the answers. The NAACP is not going to change a damned thing, nor is any other person or persons of color. We are all their victims. WHITE FOLKS who are RACIST are the ones who are going to change this!! Rescue me if I’m wrong.

  6. Why is everyone so shocked ! This is the only rascist in LA county.
    I like how all the NBA players suddenly abhor this kind of language and comments.
    I would like to know what percentage of these players coaches TV announcers of any color if they were secretly recorded at one time another ever made similar type of comments in their household.
    All the hoochie mamas , whores and baby mamas they have access to.
    Isn’t it amazing in America how every fan and player is suddenly holier than thou.

    Is he rascist ? Yeah. But he is not afraid to speak his mind !! Give me that over someone who smiles at me but is rascist as hell 20 times over.

  7. The NAACP is a sell out organization where money and financial contribution trumps everything.
    Obviously, look at this example.

    • Well said John! And Jessie Jackson has been fleecing corporate America the same way for the last 25 years! So look who shows up on ESPN NOW THAT THE FIRE IS BURNING HOT! You got it, Jessie Jackson looking to cash in! That clown doesn’t speak for me nor for the black community as a whole.

  8. Henry C. Service says:

    The NAACP has become irrelevant. Here in Kansas and Missouri, they serve only to throw parties and pat members on the back for doing absolutely nothing. All you need to do, is ask the local chapter of any NAACP branch, what is the most recent “significant” thing they have done? I give to the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU etc…. not to NAACP who do more harm than good by pretending to represent the African-American community and doing such a bad job of it. EXHIBT A… they would have given cover to a known racist simply because he is rich and because they feel privileged to be in his company…

  9. Dion Evans says:


  10. As Far as big Sport team owners- Sport Writer Dave Zirin wrote a book about them called ‘Bad Sports’- which says that most of these are filthy rich BIG BIZ white guys who’ve never been college &/or pro athletes themselves, & who have Napoleon complex egos if not out right slave-owner type mentality. [FYI: the only pro sports-team to be community owned is the Green-Bay Packers- for which they then re-wrote the rules encouraging ownership only by filthy rich white Napoleon complex type guys] – Also note that the only pro sports team majority owned by a Black &/or ex athlete is Michael Jordan’s team [& they even sent MJ thru the wringer].
    Speaking of MJ- Chicago witnessed the effects of to rich white Napoleon complex guys name Jerry do the unprecedented by dismantling the Bull’s 1990s double 3 peat championship dynasty – right after winning [NOT loosing] its 2nd 3-peat- all based on EGO- to prove that the Bulls was their team-NOT MJ’s. Scottie’s Nor Phil Jackson’s.
    This slave-owner mentality raised up again when Le-Braun left the Cavaliers for Miami. The Cavaliers owner-who publicly slandered Le-Braun’s rep, was later outed as Cleveland’s biggest slum-lord!! [LOL kind of an inverted reflection of his Clippers chum Sterling]!! Jesse Jackson wrote one of the best rebuttals to the Cav’s owner anti-Le-Braun slander-meme stating that Le-Braun is NOT his ‘Prized Buck Slave- Le-Braun had & fulfilled his contract & is now free to move-on as he wishes.
    But this racist mentality ain’t just limited to men’s pro-sports owners, it extends [subtly or NOT] to college, women’s, [white] sports commentators & fans. Just look at how Venus & Serena [plus Poppa & even Momma Williams] have been dissed through-out their out-standing careers. White US sport commentators & fans have too often hyped foreign white-women tennis players, who’ve accomplished far less, over Venus & Serena [the WTA number 1 rankings have become a damned joke since the Williams sisters era- 3Xs women who have NEVER Ever won a major being ranked number 1 over Venus & Serena]- So much for so-called ‘patriotism in so-called post-racial USA! And too often white fan comments re Venus & Serena on US sports web-sites have been out-right racist!
    RE Black [lame-stream] orgs [IE: the NAACP] fawning all over white folks that they shouldn’t-Remember the Black music awards fawning all over Justine Timberlake right after that so-called ‘Ward-robe Malfunction’ incident- where Timberlake snatched Janet Jackson’s bare titty out on-stage live & in color during the Super-bowl half-time show? Timber-lake effectively let Janet take the fall & all the heat- as his careen took-off while Janet’s tanked!!!
    For more info on what happened to Black lame-stream civil rights [& other] orgs & leaders since the 1960s & 70s freedom struggle- as they got funding from filthy rich white guys &/or corporations [IE: AR’s ‘Good Ole Boy’ Waltons of Walmart Family]- see this recent DN! interview w Arundati Roy [@ – Note: the relevant points are in the later half of this interview]. So the NAACP takes filthy rich $$$ & then ‘honors’ a racist NBA owner; slave-wage paying ./ women [mainly Black & Latina] discriminating Walmart [Note Billary sat on Walmart’s board for yrs as AR 1st Lady]; & accused
    snitch Rev Al-WOW!!!!

    • Nixakliel says:

      PS Note: Sis Margaret Kimberley & S.Hutchinson have posted articles at BAR that explain something about Tokowitz / Sterling’s racist rants that even most so-called ‘liberal’ alternative news sites have failed to report: IE: During his racist rant Tokowitz /Sterling confirmed the ill treatment of Blacks [even Ethiopian JEWS] in Israel by the Likudnik gov’t.[see: ‘The Lessons of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling’ & ‘The Sterling Shuffle: Unpacking White Jewish Racism’ @]

  11. Jaddy Baddy says:

    The NAACP ain’t out selling racial pardons for donations,
    and Sunday preachers ain’t selling absolution for alms either.
    When the hell were you people born, last night?

    Politicians don’t sell votes for congressional junkets, and
    generals don’t sell weapons endorsements for country club
    memberships, and actors don’t sell hemorrhoid cream for
    diamonds, either. Aids charities ain’t out laundering Paul
    Allen’s and Bill Gate’s dirty money. Any more than a 60’s
    Civil Rights hero on the Dimocratic Natlonal Committee
    will screw half the voters of Florida and Michigan to get his
    favorite son of a black hack a presidential nomination.
    Presidents won’t screw you out of using your favored doctor
    so their supporters can get a free ride at the hospital.

    I keep waiting for the Uhmerican people to grow up, but they
    never do.


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