Who Within LAPD Killed the Notorious BIG? That’s what we should asking today?

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 8.46.01 AMWho within LAPD shot and killed Notorious BIG is a question not only all of us should be asking on the ‘anniversary’ of his death March 9th 1997… But its also something with all the money, fame and political access folks have in 2014, we should be aggressively pursuing. Heck his  boy Jay-Z is buddies with the most powerful man on the planet, President Obama. At the very least why not ask him to launch some sort of special investigation into his death.

When Cynthia McKinney was in Congress she held several hearings on the death of 2Pac and put forth her own investigation on modern day Cointel-Pro. She even proposed a bill to look into his death. That was years ago and she came up with a lot of disturbing info..With all that we know now and and theoretically who folks know, the proverbial envelop should be pushed.

At the same time we all should be seeking to find out who really knocked down those twin towers sitting in the background of this picture of Notorious BIG.  We know it wasn’t some fools running around with box cutters…

Anyway the ‘Brooklyn Way‘ is such that folks should not let any of these unsolved atrocities slide. We should not get comfortable with unsolved Black deaths even if its become a profitable industry onto itself for some within the music biz.  Perhaps in vigorously pursing the circumstances surrounding his death, it’ll move the ball of justice a bit closer for all those other deaths of Black and Brown folks at the hands of a corrupt state that has never been held accountable…

Lastly we need to find out who killed ‘Do or Die Bed-Stuy‘, Biggie’s home. The man who many deemed the King of NY old stomping grounds  is over run with hipsters who probably could care less about his legacy much less who killed him…





  1. When you rap about death , killings and hos ect. drug dealing. And you pretend to be a gangsta….musicians aren’t gangstas. Remember the rap game is basically IMPOSERS WHO AFRAID TO BE THEMSELVES.. then you eventually may attract the real criminal element.
    The US is so infatuated with this because this is what sells records ; these guys are rappin basically a big façade. If you are over 20 and you believe these guys and what they rap… then you got issues.
    Real gangstas criminals don t
    bring attention to themselves… So Davey please stop with all your victrimization !!!!!!
    Your actually just perpetuating the problem rather than getting to the heart of it.
    how about having a father at home. How about guns in the community… How about letting children know these gangsta rappers are really just entertainers and not real. How abouot finishing your high school ? How about repecting your women ?
    Police violence is no more prevalent than it always has been and go to other countries and be very glad the you have the police force you do.. Are there dirty cops ? There are dirty people in every biz.

    The root of violence in the community has nothing to do with cops. What would happen if you removed them from certain areas ???
    It s like the alcoholic who blames everyone else for his drinking ; none of it is his doing.

  2. re John:

    Very good points. I agree. You must also point out that as long as the lyrics are dumb and they promote negative images and lifestyles, it will sell money or on the flipside, doing illegal activities live in the life of luxury. I will be glad when all of this will stop but we have a long way to go when you have people like Miley saying she is a gangster. Come on GTFOH!!! You got one of the most beautiful singers in the world saying NON-SENSE chants in her songs again to DUMB it down (Beyonce’). Every part of the “URBAN” music sense is garbage.

    I digress….

  3. you right, John

  4. Nixakliel says:

    Tupac [who had several family ties to Black revolutionaries of the 1960s -70s & 80s] is gunned down in 1996 after leaving a Mike Tyson fight on the main Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas is a town that NEVER sleeps & the lights NEVER go out! So there had to literally be 1000s if not 10s of thousands of people [= potential witnesses] on the strip when Tupac was shot. Yet to-date NO-One seems to have any real clues as to who the hit-man / men was nor who had him hit. HUMM!!!
    -T hen Biggie gets killed in LA n 1997 after leaving a club he did NOT really even want to go to but was talked into by his home-boy ‘P-Diddy’. And again just like Tupac- His is a ‘Cold-Case’, cause no-one apparently has any real clue as to who the gun-man / men was nor who ordered the hit. Double HUMM!!!
    – Then Jam Master Jay gets killed in 2002 in his own studio. Unlike Tupac & Biggie no-one even suggests his murder had anything to due w an alleged east-coast / west-coast ‘feud’- nor did he have a gangsta rap persona. Yet someone guns Jam Master Jay down in his NYC studio [in broad day-light?]- which the motive apparently was not robbery- & then just disappears into ‘thin-air’ like a ‘Ghost’! Triple HUMM!!!

    Now maybe it’s just me but- These can NOT be easily explained away as small-time ‘thug’ murders, cause they all seem to have the Hall-marks of Professional HITS!