NJ Police Threaten to Kill Black Man-Say He Assaulted them..He’s Saved by New Footage

Police brutality NJThis is an incredible yet disturbing and sad story. For many who are about to watch the video posted below, you may wanna sit down as it is certain to trigger a lot of emotions. Its upsetting to the least.

What you are about to see  is the potential for murder and in this case a young Black man named Marcus Jeter from Bloomfield, New Jersey was on his way to jail for 5 years because of the deliberate and over the top nihilistic behavior of 3 police officers who then lied and piled up a bunch of charges.

As you watch the video and hear officers yelling ‘He’s got a gun, He’s got a gun”,  one can’t but help wonder how many innocent people are languishing in jail or have been killed by police behaving in this manner. Jeter had no gun. Jeter didn’t assault an officer. One can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if Jeter didn’t have the temperament and presence of mind to take a beating vs panicking and running away or resisting as a way to protect himself..

When the second cruiser pulls up to the scene and deliberately crashes into the car and officers yell stop going for my gun, I couldn’t help but think of how police in Westchester County in NY murdered Pace University student DJ Henry in 2010 when he was asked to drive his car away from a fight he happened to drive upon. Police came over to his car and instructed him to drive away as he did so, an officer jumped on the hood of his car and started shooting,  claiming Henry tried to run them over. Two years later police admitted they lied, but nothing ever happen to them and sadly their admission doesn’t bring Henry back from the dead.

In this latest case involving Marcus Jeter, whats even more disturbing is one of the officers who tampered with evidence and hid it from defense lawyers wasn’t even indicted, he was allowed to simply retire. Now we’ll see if these indictments of the other two lead to convictions. This all underscores the fact that we need to have special incorruptible cameras on police at all times and we as citizens when pulled over or stopped need to have some irrefutable protections for ourselves.



  1. Danette Chavis says:

    National Action Against Police Brutality – is needed! http://www.change.org/petitions/national-action-against-police-brutality

  2. Danette Chavis says:

    Nothing short of a nationwide demand against this will even come “close” to putting an “end” to it!

  3. this shit has got to sto[p!!

  4. Ned Flanders says:

    I think the best piece of protection you can wear are a USB pen camera or camera glasses.
    less than 100 for the pen and 200 for glasses and you have a hidden camera that records on mini-SD at excellent quality and most importantly that the cops dont know is a camera.
    the 200$ glasses could even fit prescription lenses.

    this hidden camera could literally save you from being framed by a ltying cop.

    btw, this is NOT an america only problem. This problem exists on every continent. There is no one to police the police and if it comes down to your word agaisnt yours, you always lose. Lying cops is a universal disease.


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