Hugo Chavez Passing in 2013 is Overshadowed by Mandela’s Death

Hugo ChavezWith Nelson Mandela recently passing many overlooked the fact that earlier this year the world lost another great leader of African descent Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela who noted that his ascent to president was inspired by Mandela. For many Chavez was considered a friend and a champion of the poor. He was seen as a hero who was willing to stand up to the United States and other western powers who have an egregious record in South America of undermining democratically elected leaders..

It’s important to understand that while Chavez was a charismatic singular face attached to Venezuela in terms of how he’s depicted here, in Latin America, he was part of a large movement. In short , he didn’t obtain his position in a vacuum. Nor can you explain Chavez or Venezuela in a 30 second sound bite..

Here’s our coverage of Chavez’s death as told by folks who knew him like former Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Cynthia Mckinney. We also got keen insightful reaction from Immortal Technique and Professor Sujatha Fernandes


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