The Election of Chokwe Lumumba as Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi

The Election of Chokwe Lumumba as Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi

Chokwe LumumbaIn 2013 we saw many pundits jump for joy as Bill De Blasio was elected Mayor of New York City.. We heard terms like ‘new era‘, ‘turn of the tide‘ and ‘political trail blazing‘ when describing a man who seemed to break all political conventions by highlighting his family which is racially mixed. He prominently featured his son who sported a large afro and told the world that his son and those who look like him would not have to worry about New York City’s infamous Stop and Frisk program..

There was lots of celebration when DeBlasio got elected only to have it damped when he announced that his first order of business would be to rehire Chief William Bratton to head up NYPD. Bratton was the architect and remains a strong proponent for Stop and Frisk..Folks were faced with the reality that it was Business and politics as usual

Meanwhile many of the folks celebrating then bemoaning De Blasio who were talking about the need for political change, ignored the historic election of Chokwe Lumumba, a long time human rights lawyer who in the past represented the late 2Pac Shakur and political prisoner, now exiled in Cuba, Asaata Shakur. Lumumba who is founder of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and a former VP of the Republic of New Afrika won with a stunning 87% of the vote..

He has promised to change the Jackson, Mississippi charter to a Human Rights charter and has plans to convene the 50th anniversary commemoration of the pivotal 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer when Civil Rights activists descended on Mississippi to help the historic voter registration battle being waged by Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, Lawrence Guyot, and others involved in the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party..

Not only has Chokwe’s victory been ignored, but he is rarely invited to be a part of political roundtable discussions on important issues of the day the way we see other mayors and political figures..


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