3 Dope Songs from Soul Singer Charles Bradley aka the Screaming Eagle

Charles Bradley aka the Screaming Eagle

Charles Bradley aka the Screaming Eagle

Charles Bradley aka the Screaming Eagle of Soul is someone who we should all know. Born in Gainesville, Florida and raised in Brooklyn, NY,  his music is infectious, filled with emotion and takes you back to the hey day of James Brown and raw 60s soul. His lack of exposure makes you wonder what’s wrong with the current crop of music taste makers and record selectors who somehow have avoided highlighting this man’s musical offerings..

Bradley never had an easy go of it.. His mother bounced out on him when he was 8 years old which led to him being shipped off to Brooklyn to live with his grandmother. Sadly she lived in extreme poverty which meant that Bradley’s room was in the basement on a dirt floor. He eventually ran away, roaming the streets during the day and sleeping on subways at night..

3 events helped change Bradley’s life for the better. The first came in 1962 when he first saw James Brown aka Soul Brother Number 1. Bradley came back inspired and tried to imitate Brown, both in his singing style and showmanship. Many said that Bradley looked like James which led to him working as a James Brown impersonator fat nightclubs under the name Black Velvet

The second event was him joining the Job Corps and him moving to Ben Harbor, Maine, where he worked as a cook. It was there he formed his first band, overcame his stage fright and started to hone his skills. Unfortunately key members of the band were drafted off to fight in Vietnam War. The band never regrouped.

Charles BradleyBradley struggled for a long time, working odd jobs, and performing sporadically as Black Velvet.. He was homeless for a period had to deal with the tragic murder of his brother and almost died himself when he was accidentally given penicillin which he was allergic to.. Bradley eventually moved out west… During one of his Black Velvet performances in 2002, he caught the attention of Gabriel Roth who was the co-founder of Daptone Records… The rest they say is history..

Bradley was introduced to members of the then emerging Brooklyn based Menahan Street Band. He came to a few of their rehearsals, left an indelible impression and started doing some song writing for them and cutting a number of singles. This led to his first album ‘No Time For Dreaming’ which many consider a soul classic released in 2011. His second album Victim of Love came out earlier this year. A documentary on Bradley life was released last year at SXSW to rave reviews called Soul of America.

Below are 3 Dope Songs From Charles Bradley..

Charles Bradley The World Is Going Up in Flames

This song was first released in 2007. Several years later a video was done for the song after it was including on Bradley’s debut album No Time for Dreaming. This video led to him having a documentary done on his life. There’s no denying the passion and the James brown influence on this song as he brings to life the challenges many are facing in this world.


Charles Bradley Stay Away

This song is a soulful cover of a popular song from the rock band Nirvana.  You can peep the original Nirvana song HERE Bradley and the Menahan Street Band completely flip and give a soulful Hip Hop flavor. It’s my favorite song by Bradley.


Charles Bradley Golden Rule

This is another dope song from Charles Bradley that’s laced with social political content.. I wish they did a video for it, but this live version done at SXSW is dope on its own..


Charles Bradley Strictly For You

This is another song and video highlighting the diversity and range of Charles Bradley.. He can be energetic, funky and dynamic one minute or thoughtful and soulful the next.