3 Dope Songs from UK Artist Lowkey-Taking on the Obama Nation

Lowkey redOver the past few years Lowkey who hails from the UK and is of Iraqi and English descent has been making a lot of noise both with his lyrical prowess and his hard hittin’, social and political content..He had been putting out mixtapes since 2003 and caught a lot of attention with the release of his 2008 project called ‘Dear Listener‘..Songs like Alphabet Assassin and Revolution were the standout cuts there..

In 2011 he released the critically acclaimed ‘Soundtrack to the Struggle‘. It was preceded by several popular singles including “Voices of the Voiceless” featuring  Immortal Technique, ‘Long Live Palestine’, ‘Something Wonderful’ and ‘Obama Nation‘ which was arguably the song that put Lowkey on everybody’s radar especially after the song was banned on TV in the UK…

Lowkey has been outspoken both in songs and in real life about the plight of Palestinians and the oppressive nature of Zionism. In fact he is said to have coined the phrase..’Nothing is more anti-semitic than Zionism’ . This was in  reference not only to the seldom acknowledged fact that Arabs are themselves Semites but also to what he called the “identical points of view” within Zionism and anti-semitism; he argued both believe that Jewish people cannot co-exist among other people and grow into a single community.

He has also called into question US and UK foreign policy arguing who is the real terrorist as was the case in his popular song Terrorist which spawned a number of remixes. You can check for that cut HERE

Long Live Palestine has also spawned off a number of remixes which led to the inclusion of vocals from popular Palestinian artists Dam and Shadia Mansour as well as fellow Iraqi artist The Narcicyst and Iranian artists Hich Kas and Reveal.. Check for that song HERE

Needless to say Lowkey’s  political positions this has resulted in this gifted emcee  being shunned by mainstream outlets. Hence we are proud to highlight him in 3 Dope Songs

In recent days Lowkey announced that he was taking a hiatus from music so he could concentrate on other things including his studies and political activism

Below are 3 Dope Songs from  Lowkey

Lowkey Obama Nation pt1

This track was one that caught everyone’s attention primarily because he was one of the first to publicly call out Obama over his policies while noting that the president probably had little choice since he was heading what many have called an Empire…

This cut led to several remixes which featured vocals from M1 of dead prez, Lupe Fiasco, Malcolm X and 2Pac.


Folks who enjoyed this song may wanna see Obama Nation pt 2 featuring M1, Lupe Fiasco, Black the Ripper


The remix track featuring Malcolm X and 2Pac called Obama Nation 3 can be found HERE

Lowkey Hands on Your Gun

This is an incredible song that questions the weaponry used by armed forces, in particular drones. Its featured on the album ‘Soundtrack to the struggle‘.


Lowkey w/ Faith SFX  ‘Alphabet Assassin’

This was a jam that came out early in Lowkey’s career and helped establish him as a formidable emcee whose lyrical skillz are unmatched.. Faith SFX is beat boxing the entire time






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