Philly Cops Captured in Disturbing Video Abusing Stop and Frisk Tactics

Philly PoliceOver the past few years, there has been a pervasive counter argument to those who oppose the police policy of Stop and Frisk, that if you have nothing to hide, there should be no problem in having cops ‘momentarily‘ detain you…

Such arguments have been uttered by Mayors like Michael Bloomberg as well as other elected officials who would like to adopt such policies to their respective cities. We’ve heard police commissioners like Raymond Kelly who heads up NYPD defend the practice, ensuring us that law-abiding citizens have nothing to hide. Law makers have stated that Stop and Frisk is a small price to pay for public safety..

For the hundreds of thousands who have been stopped, being innocent and having nothing to hide has not resulted in slight inconveniences. far too often the encounters teeter on life and death scenarios ..

We saw this with unarmed Ramarley Graham in the Bronx who was killed in front of his grandmother. The cop who shot him Richard Haste was not indicted.

We saw this in Pittsburgh, Pa with Jordan Miles, an honor student beaten by police within an inch of his life.. There’s a long, long list of abusive behavior by police during these stops with little or no change in sight..

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 6.31.49 AMBelow is a video highlighting the latest incursion. This took place in Philadelphia two weeks ago and is  indeed scary. It clearly shows you what so many have long complained about..This is not police work what we are seeing. This is bullying and abuse of power and two officers ‘hunting’ for Black men to mess with. Its part of much larger policy of containment.

in the video the two cops are shown cursing and berating the two men detained. They threaten them and warn them to stay out of Philadelphia, even though they live in the neighborhood.  It was truly demoralizing, which seems to be the end game of these encounters. Where’s Philly’s Mayor Michael Nutter ?

This incident comes on the heals of a retired Philly Cop named Herbert Spellman speaking out and saying Stop and Frisk is demeaning..He was recently profiled and accosted by Philly police while on his way to a bus stop. You can read about that HERE.


  1. How did we not see that one coming?

  2. We have the same problem in Brazil.


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