What the Hell Is Russell Simmons Thinking? A Parody Sex Tape of Harriet Tubman?

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons

I’m at a loss for words..earlier today, rap mogul Russell Simmons who has been in a war of words with CNN Anchor Don Lemon for accusing Black folks of being their own worst enemies to systemic racism, has sent out this video.. Normally I wouldn’t give this the time of day, but when you’re a 50 + year old man who is deemed a success story many should aspire toward, then this can’t be left unchecked..

I sent Russell a quick note to see if his account was hacked.. It has to be.. I just can’t believe he would co-sign this.. especially after all the flack that erupted around Lil Wayne making disparaging sex laden remarks about Emmett Till and Jay Z calling Harry Belafonte ‘Boy’.. I’m at a loss and have come to the conclusion , there is a class of Black folks who have lots of resources but should be written off..  But below is a screen shot of his account with the video which hopefully he will remove pronto..If he doesn’t middle finger to Russell on that one.. To women out there, please note that there are many brothers who don’t co-sign this.. There are many who do not hate our sisters that we would joke about this.. Too many of our sisters were rape while enslaved…. There is No excuse for this….

And No Russell has not hit me back on this.. I’m hoping his account was hacked but the video says otherwise..

Russell Simmmons Harriet Tubman




  1. Some have been saying this is not “rape”. Just because the character Harriett here initiated sex with her ‘master’ doesn’t make it consensual sex. He is still her oppressor and if the point of the video (i don’t understand the point of it: it’s too in poor taste to get whatever it’s point is across) is that she used her only weapon at her disposal to gain freedom, it is still non-consensual, hierarchical sex which makes it rape. It’s like the modern portrayal that Sally Hemmings was in a ‘consensual’ relationship with Lincoln. Do you think she had a choice about it or was it just her hope that if she slept with him, he’d keep his promise to free her/her brother?

  2. I’m at a lost for words…and to think this is supposed to be one of hip hop’s Godfathers…maybe that’s why Ross can talk about rape so freely….the apple is not falling far from the tree

  3. Monsoon_1978 says:

    Russ Simmons… U are officially an Uncle Tom…

  4. I need more information

  5. what a waste of money i know i could have done way better things

  6. Russell’s not the only one who thought this was cool (if in fact he did sign off on it). I say that to say there’re some sick people over there. Someone had to write it, folks had to work on it and the actors obliged (the worst part). If Russ did sign off on that, I don’t wanna hear anything that he has to say to deplore other fuck shit going on. This is amongst the fuckest of shit…

  7. I was hoping his account was hacked but I saw a recent article confirming the station so that means he legitimately thought this was funny. I unfollowed his Twitter account and unfollowed Global Grind. I reported the video on YouTube under two accounts and I’m PRETTY much not supporting ANYTHING he does from here on out. I regard Harriet Tubman as one of the ultimate icons. I just can’t wrap my mind around how anyone would think this was funny. I’m so incredibly disappointed.

  8. ok but your helping to spread this video by placing a link to it on this very page. i understand putting Russell on blast b/c this shit is foul!!! But don’t help spread this shit!!! Think about it. Russell didn’t expose me to this video you did!! Your page only told me about what Russell did but i saw the video from link off of your page!!

  9. that youtube channel is his new company and at the end they thank Russell Simmons, he’s down with that

  10. SHAME on Russell Simmons and the so-called actors, director/producer in this video! This is BLATANT disrespect to Harriet Tubman a TRUE Black LEADER who LITERALLY put her LIFE on the line SEVERAL times to free OUR people! You NEVER see ANY other culture make funny of THEIR leaders like this!!! What’s on your mind Uncle Russ?!! HA HA VERY FUNNY MOTHERF@&*#$! …WE need to pull his caed on this, MAYBE it’s TIME for a REAL “Drop Squad” to handle NONSENSE like this, WORD!!!! SMDHH! …oh yeah, just for the record @ Debbie, Sally Hemmings was the concubine of Jefferson, not Lincoln.

  11. 2 words for Mr Simmons….FUCK YOU…

  12. I thought Russell lost it when he was seen with actress Melissa George (who is half his age) as a couple in public. He must like his white girls. Just struck me as quite odd.

  13. ajamu chaminuka says:

    Because we as a community of African people in america are not organized and have no power, anyone can do anything to us and there’s no response. They can kill us, make fun of us, make money from us and off of us, and we lay there helpless only able to cry out in pain. We must organize ourselves to liberate ourselves from the evil of racism/white supremacy and all that that produces including the dis-respect of our elders and heroes and sheroes. We must organize ourselves and arm ourselves to enforce our will on those who would destroy us and help the enemy destroy us.

  14. Gregwms285 says:

    Russell is a HYPOCRITE!!!

  15. smh cmon son

  16. Some people has lost their mind.

  17. lol who would want to watch that?!?!

  18. He didn’t just send the video out, it is actually his video. His new digital media company launched and this is their first video. This is the type of “entertainment” Russell thinks people want to see. His money went into creating this mess. Just a shame.

  19. Very poor taste…what was Russell thinking

  20. I can’t see Russell even dignifying this!

  21. CeejayTruelyBlessed says:

    Smh at this foolishness…

  22. I think he just sees African Americans as those Niggas. They will just think its funny. I wonder how much money he figured it would make him