Oprah Defends Jay Z Says She Loves Magna Carter- Belafonte Gives Context to His Criticisms

OprahWell folks its official.. Oprah Winfrey has spoken and weighed in on the Jay Z/ Harry Belafonte flap.. The woman who once famously ‘hated’ and disparaged Hip Hop by not inviting rappers on her show and had artists like; Ice Cube, Ludacris and 50 Cent to name few, criticizing her,  says that she listened to Jay Z’s new album and absolutely loves it.

She went on to say that actor/ activist Harry Belafonte needs to better understand Jay Z. She noted that Jay Z does charity through his music and artistry..

I don’t know what else there is to say when Oprah lays it down like that.. Many are still bugging off the fact that it wasn’t too long ago that Oprah said she wasn’t befriending folks who use the N word, so it’s not quite sure how and why she is praising Jay Z unless, she got a clean copy of his albums.. In any case, me personally,  I’m gonna gracefully tell the Queen of Talk to have a seat and leave it at that.

Below are two videos folks should watch..The first is Oprah speaking on her movie the Butler and the Jay Z Belafonte flap.


Harry Belafonte Beat StreetOprah says that Harry Belafonte needs to better understand, many feel that folks need to better understand Harry. Unlike Oprah, Belafonte early on put his money and famous reputation behind Hip Hop by financing and producing the iconic movie Beat Street..

Belafonte at 83 has not missed a beat as he still routinely meets with artists to engage in projects. His latest efforts saw him working with everyone from Chuck D to David Banner to Yasiin Bey to Jasiri X to Talib Kweli and Bun B involves bring attention to juveniles who are locked up..

Below is a video where he clarifies his remarks and gives context to his initial criticism of Jay Z and Beyoncé including the fact that he didn’t just rush out to the press and bash them as many have suggested..His remarks were part of a bigger conversation..




  1. He did the induction speech for P.E. when they were inducted into the Rock n Roll HoF….

  2. Soulfulindustry says:

    At one time, we as a people generally paid attention to our elders and respected them. Especially the ones who sacrificed so much for us as a people. Who do Oprah and Jay-z think they are? Where would either of them be without Harry Belafonte’s work? I find it so sad to see them disregard the wisdom of an elder who wants all of us to prosper.

  3. Not a big fan of her but that’s cool

  4. You know, Harry (respect due) said exactly what I have been thinking. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for a while but fully understand what it is now. One thing that mainstream rappers lack nowadays is the struggle. Listen to a 2Pac record from 1996 when my man was on top of the music world and the Billboard 100 for that matter and his music was still searching for freedom.

    Amongst all the drama he was going thru, the high life of being the world’s biggest rap star, personal drama with some of the biggest name MC’s in NY, him having the knowledge of past injustices and a system that was built upon Afrikan oppression still bothered him. And there are things wrong with the world today and what happened in AmeriKKKa’s bloody past should never be forgotten.

    However the likes of Jay Z and P Diddy put forward this image to the youth that everything is swell. And because they have millions of $ can afford to say stupid lines like ”Money Ain’t A Thang”. It makes me absolutely choke to hear this mess passin itself of HIP HOP today. Remember this all y’all Obama supporters out there, the man represents the WHITE house (the most evil representation of tyranny) and once he got into office did not paint it BLACK(peace to George Clinton).


  5. I got to see a speech by Mr. Belafonte two years ago. It was a well thought out presentation on his life and career. More in the hip-hop generation of performers would do well to learn from his examples set.