The Great Debate on the Civil Rights Movement w/ Malcolm X, James Farmer & Wyatt T Walker


Wanted to take people back into time and remind folks of an incredible debate between Malcolm X, James Farmer of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), Wyatt T Walker of SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Council) and host Alan Morrison. This debate took place on June 12 1963 , this was the same day Civil Rights leader Medger Evers was killed. The day before President John F Kennedy had given a speech on race and plans were in the works for the Great March on Washington where King would deliver his famous I Have a Dream Speech. ..

This historic debate touched upon an array of topics ranging from integration to segregation to the general direction of the Civil Rights Movements.. They also debate Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy. Malcolm goes in and points out what he feels are major flaws with the Civil Rights Movement and the quest for integration, he gets push back from the other panelists.. pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6



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  9. Malcolm opens by saying Elijah was sent by God. This separates him, his words and his message from any leader that we’ve had. Elijah birthed Malcolm, Muhammad Ali and Farrakhan. What other leader has birthed anything. These men are Giants, Marvels, yet they weren’t birthed of knowledge in western schools or colleges. The wisdom, science and exegesis has an Origin. As we dissect the brilliance of Malcolm and his pointedness and direct truth we have to acknowledge that. Saying 50 years later he was Right is saying his Teacher was Right whom there still is a LIGHT of. Do we have another 50years to say Farrakhan was Right? No leader has came to us and said, “he was sent by God” and did a work that still lives past the destruction of black leadership by the U.S. Government besides the N.O.I. Being sent by God is the same as Moses telling the Children of Israel to Leave Egypt, separate and go to a land that God has promised. If we are to evaluate this with Intelligence and study we have to study the origins and pay more attention to the light that is still here with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivering the Same Message that we are saying 50 years later is RIGHT! We have to do it….let’s discuss it, let’s study it. We can’t cherry pick Malcolm, say he’s right and not acknowledge who taught him Right. We can’t cherry pick his words and not acknowledge what Solution he spoke of. -very nice post


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