LA Sheriffs Fire 7 Rogue Cops Known as ‘Jump Out Boys’

LA Sheriffs Fire 7 Rogue Cops Known as ‘Jump Out Boys’

Jump Out Boys In the middle of the Christopher Dorner saga the LA Sheriff department fired 7 Rogue officers known as the Jump Out Boys. These officers considered themselves Alpha Males and were aggressive and celebratory with each shooting their members were involved in. They sported tattoos like the one shown here, which was against department policy.

There written creed found in a pamphlet read as follows:

“We are alpha dogs who think and act like the wolf, but never become the wolf. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty without any disgrace, dishonor or hesitation… sometimes (members) need to do the things they don’t want to in order to get where they want to be.”

Around the time of the firing, several deputies came forth to launch a lawsuit stating that their bosses were members or had close ties to White Supremacist gangs. This story came and went without too much fan fare in 2013..

What caught our attention was that the deputies named off one of the gangs within the department known as the Vikings. For many of us who have been following this, the Vikings was a name that first surfaced about 10-12 years ago when members of the group Aztlan Nation did an investigative report for Rap Pages Magazine. It included famed cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz and journalist Esteban Zul who discovered that there where white supremacist gangs within the LA Sheriffs who used names like Vikings and Nomads.

A few years ago we did an interview with former Rollingstone editor Randall Sullivan and former LA Police Detective Russell Poole.. Our discussion was on the killing of Notorious BIG which Poole was a lead investigator. He was emphatic that the Biggie investigation was hindered by rogue cops associated with Death Row Records and the Bloods street gang. Poole went hard on the rogue cops and said they ruined the force.

We asked him about the Rap Pages investigation from years prior and brought up the issue of White supremacist gangs within Southern Cali Law enforcement. Detective Poole bristled at the notion and stated that at one time they were a problem but had been eradicated from the ranks.

A visitor to LA County Jails Gabriel Carillo was savagely beaten deputies

Gabriel Carillo

To hear deputies in 2013 filing complaints name check the Vikings White Supremacist gang in 2013 was eye-opening and bothersome on a number of levels. First there was hardly any coverage of this. Second, in spite what detective Poole told us in that 2004 interview, the gang was obviously was still functioning.

Last year in 2012 Colorlines reported on another rogue gang within the LA Sheriff department known as the 3000 Boys who routinely brawled with deputies outside of their clique. Read about that HERE or watch a video from a couple of years ago HERE

Since the firing of the Jump Out Boys, the LA Sheriff department has been hit with new allegations of abuse and corruption. This time 18 current and former members have been charged with everything from rape to groping 14-year-old boys to brutally beating visitors to the jails.. such as in the recent case of Gabriel Carillo .. Read about that HERE..

Much more is set to come in 2014.. Stay woke on this story