Beats for the Revolution: The World Must Hear the Words of a Sista

Breakdown FM 05

Blackwoman-MaleenaToday is International Women’s Day and and we wanna celebrate with Beats for the Revolution. Hopefully all of us take time out to not only reflect on the challenges facing our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunties and grandmas on the daily. Ideally we take time out to reflect on the constant war that’s being waged on them.

Sadly that war manifests itself in the form of sexist and over the top abusive remarks to physical assaults and rapes. It manifests itself institutionally as predominantly male law makers stand in the way of ensuring women get equal pay, equal protection, have full control and say so of their bodies or have opportunities to escape rampant poverty.

Hopefully all of us take time out to not only reflect, but take bold decisive steps to help eradicate the conditions that cause the women such hardships…A society is judged by the way it treats its women and children and right now as advanced as America likes to think she is, we are seriously lacking in the way we engage our sisters.. If you don’t believe me, take some time out and do something really revolutionary-Try listening to what our mothers, sisters, daughters aunties and grandmas have to say..That’s right Listen.. Don’t talk. Don’t object. Don’t make excuses.. Listen, Learn, Embrace their words and Step Up…

female-emcees-psoterlightWe did our thing the other day on All Day Play radio with our show Breakdown FM. We call its Beats for the Revolution and we dedicated it women rocking the mic..The point we wanted to get across was there is lots of good music out hence it’s unbelievable..There’s no excuses for those who say its lacking. With all the new technology, good music is there for the embracing..

Hundreds of female emcees are out there.. no excuse to say they are not.. From Dessa Darling to Kellee Maize to Vanessa German to Raw G to Aima the Dreamer to Devynity there’s a lot of sisters catching wreck.. One of the things we in Hip Hop must do is see our music as timeless and without limits..The music industry wants us to retire artists and dope jams from 5 or 10 years ago and act like they never existed.. That’s done so that we can develop the mindset of a consumer vs having the mindset of a cultural preserver..The saying Old is New and New is Old applies here.. As we continue celebrating Women’s History Month, enjoy this mix.. Its a gem among gems and our second offering in a 4 part series..

Special shout out to Aisha the Raptivist who gave me some killer drops in the form of speeches and sayings..

Playlist Part 1

Mixes to celebrate Women’s History Month

01-Sweet Honey & the Rock ‘I’m a Woman’
02-Shirley Chisolm and Aisha the Raptivist ‘Speaking Truth to Power  (Menahan Band remix)
03-Kofy Brown ‘Playing Fields’ (rmx)
04-Roxanne Shante Independent Woman
05-Monie Love ‘Detrimentally Stable”
06-Monie Love ‘Swiney Swiney
07-LA Star ‘Fade to Black’
08-Sonya Blade ‘ Blade is the Name’
09-Bahamadia “spontaneity’
10-Mystic ‘Ghetto Bird’
11-Lauryn Hill ‘Lost ones’
12-Hurricane G ‘Whateva’
13-Poetess ‘Simply Poetry’
14-Heather B ‘Glocks Down’
15-Conscious Daughters ‘Come Smooth Come Rude’
16-Queen Latifah ‘Wrath of My Madness’
17-Sweet Tee ‘Its My Beat’
18-Lady of Rage ‘Sure Shot
19-Medusa ‘Fix is the Fiend’
20-Da Brat ‘Give it 2 You’
21-Queen Latifah ‘Just Around the Way’
22-Queen Mother Rage ‘Slipping Into Darkness’
23-Sista Souljah Speaking Truth
24-Aima the Dreamer ‘All you Need’
25-Dessa ‘The Crow’
26-Godesa ‘Social Ills’
27-Vanesa German ‘Two Wings’ (Zion I remix)
28-Jezzy P Ecatapec ‘La Formula’
29-Melina Jones ‘Rock w/ Fire’

Beats for the Revolution Women’s Day Mix pt1

Part 2

01-Angela Davis ‘Incarceration’
02-Lauryn Hill ‘Killing Me Softley’
03-Angela Davis ‘Women Are Targets’
04-Aisha the Raptivist ‘Who Wants Freedom’
05-Poetic Pilgrimage ‘Freedom’
06-Rosa Clemente w/ Aisha the Raptivist ‘Rosa Meets Schoolly D at Hot 97’
07-Eternia ‘Spring Fever’
08-Brand New Heavies ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’
09-Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings ‘Somethings Change’
10-Kellee Maize ‘Mad Human’
11-Maria Isa ‘Die Not Kill w/ Lolita’
12-Aya De Leon ‘My name is Viegues’
13-I Was Born w/ Two Tongues ‘Excuse Me Amerikka’
14-Jennifer Johns w/ Mystic ‘Ghetto Tales’
15-Kellee Maize ‘Third Eye’
16-Jezzi P Ecatapec ‘Entre Ximbo’
17-Invincible ‘People Not Places’
18-Maria Isa ‘Esto Suena’
19-Nah-ee-lah ‘Jehrico Wall’

Beats for the Revolution Women’s Day  Mix pt2

Part 3

01-Laura ‘Piece’ Kelly ‘Sound Awake’
02-Mystic ‘Fatherless Child’
03-Kellee Maize ‘Story of Me’
04-J Ross Parelli ‘Home is Where’
05-Dessa ‘Children’s Work’
06-Desmonda ‘Faulty Fuses’
07-Queen Latifah ‘Nature of a Sister’
08-Devynity ‘Heard em Say’
09-Brigette Gray ‘Shades of Gray’
10-YoYo ‘ Don’t Be No Fool’
11-Medusa ‘Mine to Give’
12-T-Love ‘When You’re Older-Ode to the Picanniny’
13-Kofy Brown ‘Turned Out’
14-Raw G w/ Aima the Dreamer ‘Connexiones Subterraneas’
15-Kemelo ‘Audry Funk
16-Cihualtl Ce ‘Rise Above’
17-Cihualtl Ce ‘Dreamah’
18- Women’s Roundtable’

Beats for the Revolution Women Day Mix pt3



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