Christopher Dorner: Former LA Cop Goes on Killing Spree Seeks Revenge

Christopher DornerChristopher Dorner: Former LA Cop Goes on Killing Spree Seeks Revenge ..

In February of 2013, many of us were greeted with the news that a former disgruntled LA police officer named Christopher Dorner had killed the daughter of a fellow cop and a her fiance who he felt done him wrong. He left behind on his Facebook page a detailed Manifesto where he promised to use all his skills and training to take out a bunch more cops who he felt were racist and had done him wrong…Before all was said and done Dorner killed 4 people including 3 police officers and injured several others.

A spooked LAPD while telling the public the manifesto was a bunch of ramblings, took it very seriously and had 50 different officers under protection. They launched a massive manhunt involving a couple of thousand officers that covered most of Southern Cali and Mexico. Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson penned an open letter to Dorner.. You can peep that HERE

LAPD shoots Blue TruckIn trying to detain Dorner 6 LAPD officers fired over 100 rounds at two unsuspecting Latina women delivering newspapers.. LAPD was looking for a dark grey truck being driven by Dorner who stood 6’4″.. The two petite women, Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother, Emma Hernandez were driving a light blue truck of a different model and as they delivered papers near a house that unbeknownst to them was under protection, 6 LAPD officers without warning shot up the truck.. 30 of those rounds missed. To this day thanks to the Policeman’s Bill of Rights the names of the officers who shot the two women has not been released.

A few minutes after the LAPD shooting, a surfer named David Perdue, who is white and was on his way to the beach was stopped by Torrance Police who were looking for Dorner, they somehow mistook him and opened fire after ramming his truck. Torrance police deny any wrong doing..

The pursuit for Dorner ended in Bear Mountain where police cornered him in a cabin, set it on fire and let him burn to death. The media that was on the scene and embedded with the LAPD were ordered to stop tweeting about the event..Dorner’s death coincidently happened minutes before President Obama took to the national airwaves to give the State of the Union address.

This story has been erased from many end of year timelines and it shouldn’t, when you consider the number of people killed by Dorner and the manifesto that he left behind detailing a number of names, dates, times and places he wanted reporters to check out for accuracy. During our coverage of this story, we were contacted by several former and current Black officers who told us both on air and off that much of what was in the Manifesto was true. They provided more info for us to check out. LAPD promised they would check it the Manifesto and concluded there was nothing to it.. We were surprised to see not too many investigative reporters pursued this story and the allegations raised.

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  1. I’m really glad that you wrote this column, DaveyD. Dorner’s execution is a disturbing example of the justified killing attitude that permeates law enforcement (and foreign policy re drones). Clearly, the police intended to kill this man instead of arrest him given the number of bullets they sprayed at those two elderly women. That the press didn’t even question the actions of the police–in fact, obeyed them when ordered to suspend basic journalistic practices–is equally disturbing. No questions about a decision to burn a man to death and to burn down someone’s property as well.

    I recently read the Dorner 5-part series that ran in the LA Times–a story that propped up the “heroic” LAPD and trashed the “sulky” Dorner. The bias in that story was loaded into every paragraph, with no attempt at all by the writers to consider what would drive a person to do something like this. It completely cut him off from any sociocultural context, depicting him as “loser from birth.” That series also justified the shooting of those women by showing how scared the LAPD was a previous shooting, so scared that I guess training flies out the window.

    Only you and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now covers these executions, by police or stand-your-ground citizens, of black people. Another needless, shameful killing is that of Miriam Carey, which seems to have been swept under the rug for political reasons.

  2. blueburner, I can assure you we have not forgotten about Miriam’s death. We are patiently waiting for the results of the “investigation” then make our next legal move. Eric Sanders, Esq., The Sanders Firm, P.C. Representing the Carey Family


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