We Remember Malcolm X on this Date When He Was Taken From Us..

Malcolm-xthinkgreenAs we celebrate Black History month, we should not forget that on this date February 21 1965, Malcolm X and as he was later known, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was brutally murdered  as he got ready to speak inside New York’s famed Audubon Ballroom. There was the famed, Presbyterian hospital right across the street, but it took almost an hour for him to be taken there.. Hopefully we take a little time out to reflect on Malcolm’s philosophies and also the cointel-pro efforts used to take him out and kill him..

Just on a side note, the Audubon was an influential and popular spot for Hip Hop as it was emerging in the 1970s..Many of the great pioneering groups cut their teeth there. The love affair Hip Hop had with Malcolm should not be overlooked. Long before sampling and records, deejays especially Afrika Bambaataa would rock excerpts from Malcolm’s speeches over beats..In fact one of the first labels to put out Hip Hop breakbeats Paul Winley records  also put out records of Malcolm’s speeches. I still have my vintage copies of Legend of Malcolm X Black man’s History.

We wanted to post a couple of clips for us to remember him by including this interview from 1965 on CBC TV just weeks before Malcolm was killed …


In this clip we honor Malcolm X by fusing excerpts from his speech message to the Grassroots where he talks about Revolution and questions whether or not we’re ready to embrace it.. We also hear reaction to his death at the time it happened.. We conclude with the riveting eulogy given at his funeral by actor the late Ossie Davis..



  1. I used to carry crates for Pete DJ Jones and help set up his sound system in the Late ’70s. At the Audubon Ballroom and the Renny, where Djs like Starski, Flash, AJ and others would play on Pete’s infamous system from time to time. What memories!

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    An awesome man who’s change of direction spelled great forward movement for the minorities of this country. His interview on CBC in 1965 clarified many things and opened the door for great discussion and understanding.

  3. You can kill a man, but not an idea.

  4. Chris Robinson says:

    Now we know the FBI had planted agents in his entourage…..how can a man be killed when he has FBI (Im assuming armed) agents standing just a few yards away?And the killers aren’t apprehended?Or even Identified?And the hall washed of all evidence before the cops even get there?There is a certain smell to his death.Like MLK and JFK.And it’s still stinking to high heaven!

  5. Behind every great man, there is a greater woman: http://theshabazzcenter.net/

    As I follow the experiences of convert_Ism the truly neck wisdom into such community efforts a theory could bring. What was great in this time period of the 1960s here in ma influenced postfascist >Europe, is always the striving bulletins self_pressed and widely debated. Whats today dis_ability in communication was there a great analysis of mad math into thetical fields to hypocrite the mass with truly inspired answers. No wonder that by that effort, each FBI agent in >Europe is so blatantly transparent like a Steak on Mr. Flintstones eye coolin….


  6. All hail Xenu! says:

    He was a spokesman for a black prison cult called the nation of islam that was founded by a white drug dealer and since has now merged with the church of scientology.

  7. here’s a recording of the FBI trying to flip Malcolm when he was suspended by Muhammad in 1963. they don’t sound too comfortable.

  8. Yep for sure..Go Malcolm (RED)

  9. so long ago but the wounds are still fresh! -purple

  10. these dumb a$$ young ppl only know D M X BIG

  11. A great leader who was wise beyond his years


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