RIP Hip Hop Spray Can Art Pioneer Tracy 168 (Friends and Family Say this is a Hoax)

***UPDATE*** We been getting word from friends and family who are close to Michael Tracy that his death has not been confirmed and reports of his death are cruel hoax. Fellow graph writer Copes2 says Tracy is alive and well and has been on Facebook.. His family is not so sure and are still trying to confirm whats going on and his current whereabouts.. Hopefully he’s alive and well… That’ll be major good news..we’ll keep you posted…In the meantime we encourage folks to learn about Tracy 168..

Davey D 10-31-12

This morning I saw the FB status of  Grandmaster Caz alerting us that Hip Hop lost a pioneering legend.. Michael Tracy aka Tracy 168. For many in today’s world of Hip Hop, Tracy is not known. Within the world of spray can art, he’s iconic and was very much relevant after being on the scene for 4 decades. He’s one that was on the scene before there was a term called Hip Hop and even before folks were spinning records and rocking the mic..He was featured in the movie Style Wars

Tracy, a Bronx native is considered by many an architect of the Wildstyle technique. He was seen as an artist’s, artist who was recently profiled in fellow artist Justin Bua‘s book Hip Hop Legends. Tracy 168 will forever have a seat at the Hip Hop Table of Greats…. RIP Tracy 168


  1. jesussavesnyc says:

    i got 3 text from 3 old school writters that was more closer 2 tracy than i was.he passed away yesturday morning at 7:20 am.hospitals & pricent decided 2 keep this confidencial & let it be known 2 the public

  2. Richie Rich says:

    COPE2 was far from a “fellow” graph writer of Tracy. His latest twitter puts a few very disrespectful tweets about Tracy.. COPE gets no love from me….

  3. Cope doesn’t know shit but to be a disrespectful hater ,Coward and a snitch. Bottom line I got conformation from a close friend of Tracy that manage him for over 40 yrs and spoke to him on a weekly basis, The family just wants to keep it private and not a show boat!!!

  4. tracy is alive. He was seen last night at 238th. and Broadway. This is a fact My name is Vac3 writer from 1974 to 1976 # 4 train insides.