The Ten Weave Commandments (Great parody song)

We all need a good laugh in the middle of all the vitriol of the Election 2012 season.. This hits the mark…We need more fun songs like this in Hip Hop..The song is pretty timely considering last night a couple of sisters broke into a beauty supply store here in Oakland and stole a bunch of hair.. No money or anything else..Just the hair..

This is what happens when you mashup Biggie’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ with a Black Woman’s ‘Ten Weave Commandments’ – all my ladies with weave out there should be able to relate; or at least learn a few tips to take care of their weave.


  1. lol 1

  2. its most def a real topic of discussion amongst women

  3. haha great one

  4. DEADIN!!!! This was highly educational lol. It’s some chicks out here who need this!!


  5. preach! ….#Datzhott ….2

  6. Very enlightening.. What will we think of next .. (4)

  7. This was hilarious. – 3

  8. LOL this is hilarious but women take note!

  9. Hilarious post….. you should have put information on safe removal of weaves, or detangling matted tangled hair after taking a weave out.