Martin Luther King Goes Hard.. Reps for Black Power-We need to see More of This

This is the Martin Luther King we need to see and hear more of.. I have the speech in August of 1967 when he talks about this to Black Radio announcers NATRA..But I never saw a video of it. Not sure if this is to the same body of folks , but its the same words.. King was feared because he was coming at folks hard and pulling no punches..



  1. This is WHY Dr. ML King Jr. is OUR TRUE KING… we BELIEVE he SPOKE the Hip Hop generation into being with FEARLESS speeches like this!…It’s up to US to uphold his TRUE legacy!… Check out the chapter, “The Promiseland” in the The Gospel Of Hip Hop, Word!

  2. Dr. King was not just a leader for black people but for HUMANITY, everyone of every color and it is because of people like him that we now have a black president, and not just a black president, an intelligent MUSLIM black president. I think the people black, white, brown, and what have you, have done a great job upholding his legacy. Racism may still exist but its nowhere compared to what it was then at all. Look at kids these days, their groups are so mixed and many kids are mixed themselves , i give the u.s. about 50 to 60 more years and all that ignorant crap will be history because they will be in office

  3. Thats What im talking about spoken by a king Im Black and Im Proud Holla if u Hear me!!! Peace to the people lordrah im out! Peace!!!!!!!!

  4. stylist says:

    sound packs, you’re buggin out with that Muslim thing.

  5. richard solomon says:

    Dr. king is an inspiration to me. As a young black man, I look at MLK as a fearless leader who wanted the best for his fellow brothers and sisters.

  6. Is this site just a pro black site now? Its used to be a good Hip Hop site with good Hip Hop news and interviews. I rarely see Hip Hop news now, just pro black articles. What a joke

  7. where can I find the text for this speech.

  8. Lay'Di Cleopatra says:

    If you find out Tom, let me know. Here’s another one I’m trying to find the whole speech of