MC Hammer Releases Video Repsonse Directed at Jay-Z

As we mentioned last week, MC Hammer wasn’t feeling Jay-Z taking shots at him around his past financial  woes. Hammer promised he would expose him with a video response on Halloween night.

Hammer wound up alerting people to two of them. One was done by a Christian rapper named Bizzle who raised questions about Jay-Z and his use of demonic symbols. The other was put out by Hammer called Better Run Run.  Initially a lot of folks immediately hated on the videos which has gotten close to 70 thousand views in less than a day, but then that started to turn around. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

It’ll be interesting to see if Jay-Z responds to either of them.

Below is the video from Bizzle..

Here’s the official Hammer video

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  1. Don’t have Jay Z running wearing a New York hat. You know how that’s going to be perceived. We don’t need to throw gas on that spark. Why take it there? This is just beneath Hammer. I’m very surprised.

  2. Jay Z didn’t diss Oakland, Hammer. He just dissed you. Re edit that video and take the NY off of his hat. Original copies of the video be damned. Who cares? At least you made the edit. You can say you took it out if anyone asks you if you’re dissing NY, because they’re going to.

  3. -Hammer’s Retort To JayZ Carries Deeper Message-

    Hasn’t anyone caught the religious overtones in this video? Watch it again, and
    you will notice Hammer has cast himself in the role of “God’s soldier” or exorcist.

    Hammer is apparently making reference to something I’ve been noticing both on the Net
    and on the street working with younger MC’s (particularly Gospel rappers). He’s advancing
    the notion that JayZ is either a devil worshipper, or an antichrist figure. Peep the last
    scene; its very telling–Hammer “casts out” the Devil by baptizing the Jigga look alike.

    Very strange “beef/battle”, if you ask me. Although he does have an “ungodly” amount of money
    I doubt Jay has sold his soul to Satan–more like, sold his soul “to a soul-less people who have
    Lost their soul” (to quote a personal hero of mine!)…peace. J.Fresh/South Sac

  4. I like it when I’m on the bus overhearing 20+ year olds debate if Jay Z worships the devil.

    I really enjoy that.

    It’s a crystalized reminder of the median level of “thought” of the average american; and very reassuring to know the world will never run out of cheap labor and fast food workers.

    I think Hammer and JayZ should get a cottage in the hills together and a “hip hop” until they don’t stop. Maybe they could film the whole ordeal and put it on pay-per-view porno.

    And YOU can watch it!

  5. Who cares about the Yankee fitted, if you really real about the birth place of Hip Hop, you would take that bullshit hat off and demand the Yankees to give us back our parks or give us the jobs they promised. But on that note, I would of jumped off my chair had Hammer said all that, instead of just trying to diss Jay Z.

  6. This is hilarious! And the way-to-serious critiques of it are even funnier. -lol

    Lyrically, Hammer is NO match for Jay-Z, we all know that. Therefore Hammer must throw jabs at Jay-Z’s persona.The religious undertones made it a little corny in my opinion, but I certainly admire Hammer’s resolve to respond to Jay-Z. Jay-Z calling out Hammer makes him no more than a big bully. Pick on someone your own size, Jigga! -lol Hammer should have made this into a David and Goliath video. :o)

    But in the realm of Hip Hop beef, this battle ranks at bologna or Spam. -lol Lets get back to the battles to where the incumbents were actually relevant contenders… the Nas and Jay-Z beef, or the Common and Ice Cube beef.

  7. e-scribblah says:

    bottom line is Hammer looks way better in a suit than Jay.

  8. In your previous posts Davey, I’ve been quick to judge some artists and put the “satanist” label on them, but as I’ve done more research on this subject I’ve changed my stance in regards to a few artists. The attack of Jay-Z’s character is similar to the witch hunts and Christian crusades. In my opinion, Jay-Z is being framed as a “satanist”, while the truly evil satanic folks that operate behind the scenes who are in power continue to get away with the most horrific crimes in human history. To me Jay-Z is a “Saint” in comparison to the those who run Wall Street, the Military Industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, etc.

    The so-called Illuminati are able to continue to distract us from the real issues that are plaguing us by having us debate and bicker about what pop stars are in the Illuminati and that’s a damn shame. They even got us “demonising” Egypt when it’s clearly evident that all religions got their concept of spirituality from there (Google Ashra Kwesi & Anthony Browder for more info). The Illuminati stole the knowledge from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, tampered with it by adding their bullshit evil philosophy to it, and now use that knowledge against us to enslave us.

    And if hypothetically Jay-Z came out publicly and claimed that he is a “satanist” I bet’cha he’ll only lose a small percentage of his fans like 5%-10%. I bet’cha he’d still be able to sell music and his other products. Case in point, how many of us knew that the rock bands KISS and AC/DC were satanists, but still listened to their music back in the 70’s? Yet, didn’t a couple of Hip Hop producers sample their music?

    We need to stop being judmental and focus on the real problems that’s affecting us and get organized and start finding solutions.


  9. Satanists? Word? Seriously? If I had 100 guesses as to what this story would be about before I clicked on it I doubt Jay Z being a Satanist would have made the top 100.
    That explains why he and beyonce are so tight with the Obamas. Since I learned from Vinnie Paz that Obama was made in a test tube by the Satanist masons. Holy crap we should stop everything and research these theories. Instead of trying to make change in the real world let’s pretend there’s magical enemies stopping us.

    This is all starting to make so much sense.

    After seeing how gullible hip hop fans are I’m surprised there isn’t a cult yet. Like a real Jim Jones not the chain snatcher but the kool aid server.

  10. RobThomas says:

    SlabTzu, I think back to that Dog Pound video showing them walking over a miniature NY like giants, kicking down buildings, etc. A caricature of Jay Z in a New York hat, running FROM Hammer, to me could easily be perceived by some of the wrong people as Jay Z running from Hammer AND Oakland, and, henceforth, the west coast. I guarantee you there’s some hip hoppers who lived through that bullshit in the ’90s who want to talk to Hammer right now. See if he can’t address that and make it clear he’s not dissing NY. Just Jay Z.

    • Rob its simple.. Hammers MO from day one is if u talked about him he was gonna respond.. He’s from the era where he as a rapper would respond..He’s from that era where on some street shyt he’s gonna respond.. Plain and simple.. It wasn’t me or u Rob taking shots it was Jay-Z.. of course he would respond.. Could he have done it differently? I would’ve, but Hammer has always responded..

      The Hammer I met in 88 is not too different then the Hammer in 2010..He’s always been a street cat.. He’ll tell you directly, if you don’t know him keep your name out his mouth. he allowed very few passes.. Sure he’s not gonna respond to every critic, writer or tweet…Put trust me, If you get in his face and pop off he will hand your ass to you genie pants or not..I’ve seen it dozens of times and there’s along list of industry cats who made the mistake of saying something once or twice, got checked and never did it again..

  11. RobThomas says:

    I still think all of this is beneath Hammer, too. To be honest, I don’t know why Hammer is even offended by what Jay Z said. According to his own religion, he’s supposed to love the sinner. He should look for any kind of positive meaning in what Jay Z said, and I can think of one right now. He could have meant that people just need to be careful how much they consume, because their consumption could hurt their ability to survive. Did Hammer ever consider that maybe that line by Jay was a message from the very “God” he prays to? Isn’t a Christian belief that “God” speaks to you through random phrases by people, or random events?


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