Former Street legend Pee Wee Kirkland…has some choice words about Hip Hop



Pee Wee Kirkland

Pee Wee Kirkland is a street legend from New York City who was known for being one of the best ball players to ever step foot on the courts, but he was also a high powered drug dealer who was rumored to be making so much money that he turned down an offer to go to the NBA.. He was recently interviewed where he had some choice words about Hip Hop.. do you agree with his assesment? Is he spitting the truth, rough, rugged and raw?

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  1. “Without an education your finished” I agree with his views and think this interview would hit home with a lot of kids who are headed in the wrong direction. Respect to Pee Wee Kirkland and Davey D. Honesty always represents the truth..

  2. frank talk says:

    As real as Pee Wee is keeping it. As real as many were on those hypocritical clear channel stations in Chicago this past weekend, it ain’t gone make too much difference when the masses are still fed a constant diet of gucci mane and lil wayne 25-30 x per day. what we need is a mass movement to role up on these stations and rid our commuinity of this ignorance? what delman coates and those were doing in dc and nyc needs to be organized and duplicated throughout the nation.
    For instance (clear channels) WGCI is all righteous during the peace talk explaining how we need daddy to stand up and stay with the family. A lil while later i’m hearing 50 rap “have a baby by me baby – be a millionaire.”
    Went to a peace concert at a skatting rink in Gary on Saturday host by the Street Principal and Theodore McClendon (who’s parents were brutally murder less than a month ago by two young dudes who did a home invasion, stole their caddy and left them out off the side of the road in a forrest preserve. Well after the program was over this establishment had a juc jam for the youth. We were outside talking after the event hearing n-bombs, pu**y and gucci telling the youth start drinking at 10:00 in the morning.

    Slop hop has played a major role in contributing to the conditions of the masses in the afrikan community.

  3. I agree with what peewee K. said. But there is a significant problem with his build that is consistent with the larger issue that none of hip hops critics can ever seem to grasp.
    he’s speaking on an issue and yet he has no grasp of it’s complexity and the complexity is vital in order to effectively critique the issue.
    you CANNOT lump HIP HOP into… Read More a diatribe on COMMERCIAL/CORPORATE RAP not when I can point to a Conscious Artist database with over 80 different artist with music that could HELP our communities.. that do the work that help our communities.. fact is they can’t get a shot.. and don’t run that crap about.. oh cause they music aint as good as this ones or that ones.. HOW WOULD U KNOW.. u aint ever hear it! I hear great songs from some of these young cats .. but do they get a chance NO.. and who’s fault is that.. these same cats railing about where is the positive this.. or this negative crap that.. we gotta stop talking about problems and get to solutions. real solutions and stop talking about real issues from a position of ignorance. Or steadily throwing groups of people under the bus

  4. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Boy, I thought that I was the only “adult” left not afraid to tell the truth about Hip-Hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People). That inteview was the truth, rough, rugged and raw, but ignorant people don’t want to hear that. They want to “keep it rea”l dumb – Hip-hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People). Surprised that that type of interview made it on here. Pee Wee told you all to wake up. He spoke about you all not being able to flip Hip-hop, but you can flip an education. He spoke well about how Hip-hop is controlling our young people’s minds. He warned everyone “be yourself” and stop following these Hip-hop clowns. He talked about respecting your parents. He spoke about the Hip-hop fantasy and delusion messing up our hoods. How our kids are trying to emulate ignorance. He said “be Yourself”. He talked about the real gangsters being in jail and not in no studio. He talked about drugs being a form of escape so that people won’t have to face reality. He talked about young people going to school acting out instead of getting an education. MOST IMPORTANTLY, AS A BLACK MAN, NOT A SELL OUT, NOT A JEW, NOR CAUCASIAN PERSON, HE TOLD YOU ALL MUSIC (HIP-HJOP) IS NOT A WAY OF LIFE FOR BLACK PEOPLE. I told you all for months that its a term European people created that jews used to sell Hip-hop music to white kids and globally. Hip-hop is not our way of life. Like Pee Wee said “Music not no way of life”. He said you all are stuck in the matrix of Hip-hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People). Stop listening to your enemies. Pee Wee didn’t speek like Cornel West, Eric Dyson, and all them, but the Brother told the truth, and I respect any Black man that has the guts to “kick the truth to the young Black youth” these days. Word is Bond, Brother Pee Wee. That’s two of us that know the” truth”. My Man! Once again, Hip-hop (Helping Ignorant People – hurt Our People), and if you don’t know now you know, listener (Juicy).

  5. My problem with this issue is that people have been saying this about “hip-hop culture” for decades now. It aint new that people have seen the influence of rap or hip-hop, or whatever you want to call it, is having on the youth. Why does it take someone who is a “legend” in people’s eyes to make the message “the truth” or legit? Go to any hood in any city in any state and the elders there will tell you the same thing and have BEEN saying it ever since LL Cool J was grabbin his niggy niggy nuts. Because a celebrity or street legend echoes what big mama been sayin since i was a kid makes it more worthy of attention? NO WAY! That’s the problem right there. We are more interested in what a public figure or celebrity thinks or says more than what our own elders in our own community KNOW. Of course there is positive hip hop out there that doesn’t get a chance. SO WHAT? There are also healthy foods to eat and exercise to do but people are fatter than ever. When unhealthy things are easily accessible and cheap (be they music or food) the path of least resistance takes over. I agree with Peewee though. When it comes down to it, it’s just a music form. If it comes down to life or hip-hop… man, f hip-hop!

  6. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    “When it comes to life or hip-hop…man, f hip-hop!” Whiy, I do not know where you live, but for the urban areas that I speak of, its down to this – hip-hop or life (hip-hop culture vs. education) , because our people have been brain-washed that this is “A way of Life” and it must be defended at all cost. Forget HISTORY. Hip- hop is an alternate life to do what when do you grow up in this matrix called Hip-hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People)? Mrs. C. Delores Tucker, Myself, Bill Cosby and others have been saying this same thing Pee Wee said over the past 15 years, but we are fighting against an industry that has has more money and control of more people’s minds. They own the media, and they that control the media and images of us control our minds and our history. Fact of the matter is, and correct me if I am wrong, our young people like being ignorant (Generations X and Y), they think its fun! And we never had a problem with LL until after that Slick Rick ignorant first album. Don’t use a” Rap” legend to try to make a point for this ignorance, please. Trust me, if Big Mamma was really saying this, like Mrs. C. Delores Tucker had to do back in 1993 this ignorance wouldn’t have lasted this long. I got the documentation how Black parents, jews, and whites responded to the music back 15 years ago. Pee Wee Kirkland told what people don’t want to hear, perhaps better how they could better understand “us”. Time to grow up! The hippies eventually learned they all had to grow up and “turn off the music and drugs” and become a part of mainstream America and get real jobs. “All you gonna be’s, wanna be’s, when will you learn” – LL Cool J. Whiy, F “Hip-hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People)” is right! Choose the blue pill of marked – education. And get yourselves out of this hip-hop “matrix” that Pee Wee Kirkland talked about. It doesn’t matter “who” speaks the truth, it will set our young people free from the shackles on their minds. “Kick the truth to the young Black youth!”

  7. I don’t disagree one bit. I guess my point is if we respected our communities and the advice that comes from older wiser people within them the ignorance wouldn’t have lasted this long. It shouldn’t take somebody on TV to tell us what is wrong. C. Delores Tucker is one of thousands of people who share the same wisdom and outlook. If anything, the media made her out to be an old out of touch fool. They tried to do the same to Bill Cosby and anybody else who had the foresight to predict where we are headed.

  8. No disrespect to LL Cool J. He just happened to have the line that popped into my head.

  9. I agree with what you said NYOIL. Though brotha Pee Wee Kirkland is shedding some light, not all of Hip Hop is negative. I think Pee Wee is talking about commercial gangsta rap. I follow Afrika Bambaataa’s philosophy of Hip Hop which is peace, unity, love, and having fun. Afrika Bambaataa has also stated that the 5th element of Hip Hop is knowledge. And personally, I don’t even listen to ignorant rap music. I could name 100 Hip Hop artists that I currently listen to that brings uplifting messages in their music. I know of several Hip Hop organizations that are helping our communities. To me, it’s about what you focus on. In life, there is positive and negative in everything. If Pee Wee took the time to listen to cats like Jasiri X, then I think his rhetoric would be more specific and aimed at the white power structure who’s pimpin’ these commercial gangsta rap sellouts.

  10. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    The day we stop defending “ignorance” and stop being afraid of being called “anti-semitic” by these people who have been poisioning our communities for the past twenty-two years with “Hip-hop” (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People) is the day we can break some of the shackels these people have put on our minds. “Hip-hop” was created to control Black kid’s minds. They saw the effect of Public Enemy back in 1988. “Rap Music” was created when a part of the music industry experimented and recorded young people to make records ” for young people to dance to”. Sounds to me like you guys guys are saying the KKK is bad, but not everybody that wears the sheets hate Black people. Well, they are all under the same colored sheets aren’t they? If we knew our “HISTORY” and IF NEW YORK DIDN’T SELL-OUT, WE WOULDN’T NEED ANOTHER BROTHER FROM NEW YORK TO STAND UP AND TELL THE “TRUTH”. ‘CAUSE FLASH, BAM, HERC, CAZ, AND THE REST OF THEM, DAMN SURE WASN’T GOING TO KICK THE TRUTH TO THE YOUNG BLACK YOUTH! THEY ALL CUT A SIDE DEAL WITH THEM MUGS. WE DEALING WITH OLDER IGNORANT BLACK PEOPLE JUST LOOKING FOR A PAY AND OPPRESSED YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE AND PRIVILIDGE WHITE PEOPLE IN THIS HIP-HOP MATRIX. LET’S BE HONEST, PEOPLE. I can’t change no one’s mind, I’m just glad that there is one person in “New York” that hasn’t sold -out. Thank you, Jehovah God!

  11. Thomas Knockerson says:

    Realest shit i’ve heard in a while. He speaks the absolute truth. Although the issues are a bit deeper then just Hip Hop, Hip Hop/Rap still fuels these kids to act out ignorance do to the ignorant ass lyrics from rappers they idolize. Hip Hop has destroyed our youth. Just look at a ll the kids and how they dress and act. Just like the fake ass thug rappers on TV. I myself as a young teeen with no father looked up to rappers and immatted what i saw. THought i was bad. Ended up with a punk ass felony. Rap is not all to blame, but i was just trying to be like the older men i looked up to who taught negativity and self destruction.Now as i’m older i really see how fake this bullshit rap is and how it is really affecting our black people. Shit all people. So how can we change this?? We can’t. I hate to sound so negative. But the masses, the billion dollar companies need and want their money. So they will keep injecting the ignorance to all the children so they can continue to get rich. Money man. Plain and simple. However there is one good solution. Be a father to your child so he doesn;t look to other men who can lead them in the wrong direction. Let your son, cousin,nephew, lil dude on the street know that that rap way of life, that partying, gangbanging, pimping, selling dope shit will lead you to prison or death, or both. Rap is defintely a factor in the downfall, and ignorance in our children. They rather be like Jeezy than Obama. They rather be like Jim Jones instead of a law abiding respectful man who strives to work legally and earn an honest living. One more thing. “Jim Jones” the nerve and total lack of compassion. By using that name he basically is telling you i don;t give a fuck about my people. The real Jim Jones exterminated hundreds of black men women and children. And you gon use that as your rap name and act like you love black peole?? Fuck rap!

  12. So I wonder how he lives with his past of being a High Powered drug dealer.. Because the way I see it some of this falls on him and his actions.

  13. thetracspot says:

    there once was a time where hip hop actually helped the community rather than take it down.. i think that music industries that expliots all that commercial stuff has used Hip hop as its propaganda machine.

    Its not in a very positive light right now in music wise. Hip hop use to be community driven…now what we get is a bunch of unnecessary young primadonnas who keep telling me either ” im richer than you” or i’ll shoot you” if i dont buy their album…. thats why i stay away from that commercial stuff and ONLY pay attention to the more conscious and the real musicians in this genre. but only time tell if my favorite genre will wake up while asleep at the top…..

    I wonder why they dont really sponsor or give coverage on the zulu anniversaries….. yet they’ll do it for a vh-1 show or somn

  14. we gotta get out of this it’s not all hiphop, that’s like saying i’m alittle pregnant, and there is no such thing, let’s keep it real the masses are listening to what calls itself commercial hiphop today, it is up to those who continue to say there is good hiphop out there to say it loud and fight for it to be heard, and demand that hiphop be respected, and not used as a debating tool while future generations continue to be forstered on the trick 97 definition of hiphop.

  15. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Thank you for sharing that, Thomas Knockerson. Those are the real stories our youth need to hear. You nailed it, be a father to your child. Or get invilved with a church or youth program to help mentor kids from catching a case like you did. We, well God can use you Brother. You was preachin’.

  16. What Pee Wee Kirkland spoke to in the video is real on so many levels. I just started teaching in the public
    schools and many of the kids do identify with what they hear and see on T.V . But, that is a symptom. Not the cause. Many of these kids are geniuses, but haven’t had a nuturing and loving environment to help them develop. I’m down with education, but if we’re going to keep it real, we must admit the educational system is not design to free the mind & spirit of these kids. It’s doing what it design to do. The kids are nothing more than a symptom of the collective fear and failure of Black people. To point the finger at them is to point it at ourselves. Black and White people who have ” a ” degree is miseducated if that is where they stopped. Reading a few books and taking a test on a 882 Scantron doesn’t accord you full human being status. The pathology manifest itself differently in them. The issue of commerical hip hop as opposed to “real” hip hop is debating the symptom. We, myself included, didn’t give it protective cover to ensure that it was accountable to us. But that’s not new. Our elders gave up Black businesses for white ones. They swallowed the red pill of integration. My father and his friends get together a talk proudly of the black institutions back in the day. Many of them attended a HBCU back in the back. Now, they don’t even suggest to their children about attending the same schools that a good job in socializing to responsible adults. What happen. At this point we nothing to fall back on if anyone mistreats. An elder told me something very powerful that I’ve never forgotten, he said Black don’t mind being oppressed they just don’t won’t to be mistreated For me it’s one criteria that tells the whole story. If and when we sit down and balance our check or check the dividends on our inflated stock, how much is being spent with someone who looks like you? I’m a fan of Jay Z’s lyrical gifts, but Jay also used the mojo to “influence” young people to be consumptive zombies, also. That’s not hate, we can listen to his body of work. I grow up on Hip Hop and still hold a glimmer of hope that we correct it ways. For those who believe that European Jewry created Hip Hop really don’t understand the spirtual womb that gave birth to the rebirth. Spirit is not limited to time and space. Time is not linear. And the origin of Hip Hop is not New York or the Carribean. The birth or impetus is with Traditional African spiritual systems. There are young African brothers and sisters, in Philadelphia who practice Voodun & Ifa, etc., who are documenting the origins of the icons, templates, rhythms, beats, dances of Hip Hop back to the origin. This origin preceded European Jews existence. You have to have existed before you can create something. A lot of this information is oral and can’t be found in books. I’m not engaging in some nostalgic, dreamland stuff about Africa, either. This is real. The world is experiencing an end of a cycle, don’t confuse that statement with the Mayan 2010 Holloywood either, change is taking, some of the “stuff” were trying to hold to must die. I’m absolutely sure that we as a people will be what were supposed to be. We all end up right back where we started.

  17. Please forgive the typos, I hope everybody can feel what I’m saying. I didn’t proof read it before I hit submit comment

  18. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    All I can say to all that is my kids go to Catholic School. And if yhey ever published the real defintion of the word “Hip-hop” it would be defined as a word to describe European nursery rhymes. No debate from me, not because of a lack of facts, but mixing apples and oranges and it ain’t that hard to find the definition of the “European” word “hip-hop” that’s been hidden. Just glad my kids don’t attend public school. Tell us about the kids you teach five years from now, Adekunie. Keep the passion, Bro.

  19. A.D from the A.V. says:

    Prodigy, Guccie Mane, T.I., Lil Wayne, DMX, Mystikal, C-Murder, Remy Ma, Lil Kim, Shyne, Method Man…this ain’t the line up for the BET or Soul train Awards….. these are just some of the rap cats that are either going to jail, in jail… or just getting out of jail. …AND THOSE ARE JUST SOME OF THE FELONS…. How many rap dudes have been arrested in traffic stops up for weed charges? (Busta, Queen) Thrown out of entire countries (snoop, AKON…although I don’t call what akon does as rap) And when a rapper is not doingthat…he is in court paying HUGE sums of money in child support to those MODEL and R&B chicks they love to portray in those videos….. I mean really…what other proof do you need.

  20. Robert,

    I’ve read your post in the past and I agreed with a lot of what you stand for. I just want healing for my people and humanity as a whole. Our current system unsustainable, that includes Hip Hop, also. The truth is it’s just an expression. Keep ya head up!

  21. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Can you say – “Parole Models”?

  22. A sad black mother says:

    Hell yeah he ain’t lying I am crying right now because I hate the day I ever supported this shit. But they say slavery is dead even with some of these hip hop site they are promoting death at it’s finest. and he is tell the freaking truth.

  23. A sad black mother says:

    Praise the lord !!!! I am ready for the fight because it’s war.

  24. y’all are all on point.

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  26. observe510 says:

    i watched half of this video…but my question is, if pee wee doesn’t agree with hip-hop,,,”WHY WAS THAT NIGGAH IN “THE CLIPSE” “GRINDIN” MUSIC VIDEO??!!???!!!!????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!

  27. observe510 says:

    and everything the Clipse raps about is drug related..haha

  28. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    observer510, we really don’t care what you do with the “messenger”, we are just glad to have someone giving a counter message. I wouldn’t care if it was Nino Brown! You got jews and ignorant Blacks on one side and people like me, sad black mother, and Pee Wee on the other . And I don’t mess with drugs. Ask Pee Wee why he was in the video. I’m sure he’ll tell you. He seems like he’s not afraid… Will view that Clipse? “Grindin'” video if I get the time.

  29. So before hip-hop, no pimps were disrespecting women in the 70’s? There wasn’t drugs in the 70’s? Black folks were doing extrodinary during the harlem rennasiance, during the highest murder rate in the US history, by white people..”The Great Depression” and hip hop wasnt even invented yet….soooo hip-hop contributed to murders??? It’s like how parents back in the days hated Rock n Roll, sayin that it was satan’s music and against society..Is it better to be a fake gangster rapping or a real gangster locked up?????

  30. i’m 1/2 black n my gurl’s jewish…i don’t have a problem with any if u have a prob with jewish folks, u should address it to the Israel council

  31. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    I’ve seen you before, observer510. There’s no need to address the Israel Council, there are enough people like you and your “gurl” monitoring this site already. Hip-hop is you all’s “baby”. Perhaps you should have watched the “whole” Pee Wee video.

    Now, now that I got your attention, because obviously you or someone in your your girl’s creed has “some” sort of stake in this “Hip-hop” (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People) game, I was watching C-Span 2 this morning and they were discussing “Climate Change and the Economy”. And the reason I tuned into the program was because I saw a Black Pastor speaking. I did not get to see the entire program from the beginning, but they were holding a forum on “The Bread for World Hunger Report” ( Hopefully, they’ll rebroadcast it on C-Span tonight (Monday, Nov. 23rd).

    Moreover, the Black Pastor was Rev. Lennox Yearwood the President and CEO of the Hip-hop Caucus. What initially caught my attentionally was to see a young Black Pastor on C-Span 2 speaking, and then to read under his name the title “Hip-Hop Caucus Pres. & CEO” made me say, “Oh, this should be interesting, perhaps Hip-hop is aout something and is not just being used. I see how Hip-hop has their Rev. Run, perhaps this guy is different?” I’m not going to give the Charlie Murphy “WRONG!” until I see the “whole program”. But it was interesting that the National Press Club had forum on the Hunger Report and Rev. David Beckman of the Bread For the World Institute was present, Robert “Greenstien” the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Director was present, and then there was representing “Hip-hop” was Rev. Lennox Yearwood the Hip-Hop Caucus Pres. & CEO. Atleast I thought it was interesting. Number 1 because – when did Hip-hop become the voice for “Faith Baised” America?, 2) when did Hip-hop become the voice for “Communities of Color”, 3) when did the word “Hip-hop” become the movement or term to define the post-civil rights era that never went no where, 4) why is this guy pushing this “Green jobs” thing so hard for the urban communities, is that a good thing or bad thing or just a Van Jones thing? Basically, what the hell “Is” a green job, is that another “” type employment?, 5) who went out and got this guyor “hired” him to speak about Green Jobs, the Communities of color, ect.. and what was his “purpose” besides exposure for being there… I have to go to work now, but I’ll revisit this. Hip-hop has to know and accept what it is doing to “our” community before it can really “help”. We’ll talk, but observe510, “Those that benefit never see the harm”. Got to go to work, but you stay tuned, Bro. (Rheoric vs. Accountability)

  32. Haha… tight… I just don’t agree with his use of the term Hip Hop. Most rappers aren’t Hip Hop artists.

    Hip Hop has been used to describe and represent dumb ass irresponsible rap music for too long. The 5th element in Hip Hop is knowledge. If a rap artist isn’t a responsible leader, then we can’t support them or let them be labeled as Hip Hop artists. We have to make a distinction between the two and support positive, engaging music.

    There’ a difference between hating and not supporting. I remember when Davey D used to get interviewed about why he didn’t play NWA. Simply a choice on what he wanted to support. Now a days we have to do more than support with choice, we have to really fight for good music, and define a musical movement.

    For those of us that make a living, making and playing music, it comes down to sex, violence and drama selling. What’s a shame is that the term “sell out” has been flipped around so that everything is excepted. If you say a rap artist is a sell out, then society labels you a hater.

    As a DJ. producer, music teacher, and label owner, I struggle with finding a balance between what people want, and what people need everyday. It’s everyones responsibility that it is the way it is. Too many are scared to be called haters and to many are d#ck riders.

    Great music has nothing to do with reality, it influences and creates a new reality.

    It’s time for a new convention, panel or forum Davey. I’m getting a lot folks together to talk plans. I’ll let you know more…


  33. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! 🙂 Just glad to hear so many new voices. I just hope that “Hip-hop” isn’t providing all of these new voices to take control of the message to help our youth. Corporate America is quick to put in their “puppet” politicians and speakers to do “their” bidding. My mesagge hasn’t changed. Would love to fly out to California to discuss the impact of “Hip-hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People)” as it relates to the prison and the down-fall of our youth. For those who are into to it and to just make good “music” – join us to stop it from being a vehicle to foster “ignorance”. I heard Queen Latifah recently talking about how she used “HIp-hop” to get into movies and televsion and that she has a “responsibility” to help other girl artists (She also released 20th annual album like Rakim) . Always down for discussing “responsibility” and history, Hip-hop, just let me know when, TD Camp.

  34. This is a great clip that needs to be wide spread. I believe in most he has to say though in the past year I have learned a lot more about why so many Blacks and Latino’ send up in prisons and on death rows across America by a hip hop artist that seems to be working to bring hip hop back to its luster, back to be edutainment and I invite all to peep out his work. Here is a recent write up on Raptivist Capital-“X” There is good hip hop out there being put out it’s just up to the hip hop community to ban together and support good hip hop. As for corporate hip hop that poisons the minds of our youth, we need to listen to Public Enemy and “Shut Um Down”.
    More links to Raptivist Capital-“X” “The Voice of the Voiceless”.

  35. In life there comes a time when one must Stand for what he/she believes is right. The questioned to be asked here is Am I my brothers keeper? The problem is bigger than hiphop, this is a life problem. Don’t get me wrong hiphop does play a part in bringing down our communities but we can’t blame it all on hiphop. Truth be told we have to blame ourselves as a whole. Most of us allow our children to sit in front of the tv or cpu wasting time instead of getting them out of the house, hiking, fishing, etc. Home work is a 30min task with little parental help. As a black man from a single parent home I fell into the trap, some say set by the powers that be I say the devil, in the end that whose really behind it. But anyway, now I am a father and I see the difference I make in my childrens lives by being actively involved. As a whole we must do our part to reach our youth. From the comments it seems many here has this same philosophy. I enjoyed the comments and pee wee was correct. However one can be educated and still be evil, we can’t changed the world but we can change the lives of those around us. There are more followers than leaders and many need someone or something to follow. We are all slaves and can only be set free by the power and Spirit of the Most high. God bless