An Interview w/ community activist, author Kevin Powell-Why activists should run for office


We caught up with community activist, author and former MTV Real World cast member and  Vibe magazine writer Kevin Powell who talked to us in depth his run for congressional office in his native Brooklyn. In our interview he stressed the importance of why community organizers and activists should run for office. He says its important that people who clearly understand and have the community’s best interest at heart position themselves to leverage resources needed by the community.

Powell shared with us some of the pitfalls he made during his first bid for office. He also gives some keen advice for those who are seeking office.We also talked about the role celebrity plays or doesn’t play when seeking office.

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  1. native brooklyn? he hails from there now, his native is newark.

  2. Wow! thanks for the info Davey! This interview just change my view about the resources available that we’re missing out on.

  3. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Good luck, Kevin Powell. Just don’t use a white girl again for you “come up”. You got away with that back in the day, but look at Kanye, they ain’t going for that no more. If you got the passion to help, do it, but if you just want the fame…