KKK & Neo Nazi’s Square Off Against Black Panthers in Paris, Texas



Here’s pt2 of our interview with Brother Jesse

Madness went down in Paris, Texas today as members of the New Black Panther Party and White Supremacists squared off. The trouble took place when skin heads descended upon a rally held by members of the Black community to protest the jasper style-dragging death  of Brandon McClelland last september by two white men. In what appeared to initially be a slam dunk case, the special prosecutor Toby Shook said no charges would be pursued due to lack of evidence..

Brother Jesse Muhammad of the Final Call Newspaper was one of the first to break this story. He was present at the rally today and gave us a in depth break down of what took place.  You can peep out brother jesse’s blog here.


In the meantime take a look at the footage from AP and you can get a glimpse of what took place.. As you watch this ask your self- how and why is this happening in the Age of Obama and why isn’t Race being discussed seriously as advocated by Attorney General Eric Holder

-Davey D-

Brother Jesse of the Final call was on the scene and took this crazy picture. Reuters and AP were also on hand.

Brother Jesse of the Final call was on the scene and took this crazy picture. Reuters and AP were also on hand.

Neo Nazis and KKK Members tried to disrupt a rally in Paris, Tx held by the New Black Panther Party

Neo Nazis and KKK Members tried to disrupt a rally in Paris, Tx held by the New Black Panther PartyPolice stand in between Neo Nazis and New Black Panther members










Police stand in between Neo Nazis and New Black Panther members

Police stand in between Neo Nazis and New Black Panther members

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  1. Damn, I knew this was coming. Most of these white supremicst have been stocking up on guns ever since November mostly for the fact that a black man is runnin “their” country.

  2. Ryan J. Barber says:

    I look at these KKK klowns and wonder how they can even exist today but the more pertinent question is how can we help them become a thing of the past?

    What can ‘real people’ of all complexions, religions, genders and orientations do to help their unbalanced (some would say fucked up) brothers and sisters wake up, grow up and stop dragging us all down?

  3. I wish I was shocked.
    This is just exposure of what we already know and live with every day in the USA. Those skinheads and klan members were just bait to incite the protesters (who do you think all those state troopers were for?), I’m so glad they didn’t fall into that trap. It would have been a disaster.
    CNN tells it as well as could be expected [“Racial tensions mount in small Texas town” by Mayra Cuevas-Nazario with CNN’s Carolina Sanchez (http://tinyurl.com/qc65dr)] (note the writers’ names).
    On the other hand, the Associated Press goes out of their way to spin it in the racists favor [“Black, white protesters rally over dragging death” by Jeff Carlton with AP’s John McFarland & Schuyler Dixon (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090722/ap_on_re_us/us_dragging_death)] (note those writers’ names, hmm) calling it a “standoff between black and white extremists”, not protesters and racist provokers. They made sure to mention that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party as “black separatist and hate groups” (who without, we wouldn’t even know about this situation). They even blamed the protesters, saying “the conflict began with a march by activists who avoided the ‘protest zone’ and walked to the town square to chants of ‘Black Power!’ and ‘No Justice, no peace!'” (There must’ve been a sign in the town square that said “Whites Protests Only”). They also made sure to describe the suspected murderers as “two of McClelland’s white friends”. Even the AP video you included began with “Police in Paris, TX, had their hands full TRYING TO KEEP members of the New Black Panther Party SEPARATED from from a SMALL group of white supremacists”, inadvertently admitting the truth that the police were there to protect the white supremacists, not the protesters.
    We already knew that. Please ask 100 people you know if the police EVER helped them. You’ll get 95 no’s, 1 yes, and 4 maybe’s. (Ask Henry “Skip” Gates. If they do HIM like that, …you already know.)
    I’ve been following your tweets Davey D (& been listening to you since the early 90’s on KPFA), and I have to say you are still on the pulse. We have to be ready for what these racist groups are preparing for.
    Conservative talk-radio has been hypnotizing these simple-minded and frightened guilty-conscience white folk (and their non-white but white-is-right converts) nearly 24 hours a day for the last 15 months (I mean 600 years). Lately I’ve been hearing them tell their listeners to get prepared for a system collapse, to gather survival gear (weapons) and supplies (food & water) and hunker down. It’s a good thing there are many white people who don’t ascribe to that line of thinking. However, white supremacy groups memberships in the US are growing exponentially, so what does that tell you? There’s a lot of undercover racists out here that have yet to show their true (non-)colors.
    My advice?
    Get ready & stay ready: Learn as much as you can from your elders. Educate and train your loved ones, especially the youth. Establish low-tech communication networks. Grow & stockpile food. Learn to build shelters and repair machines & devices. Learn to use (& acquire) firearms and ammunition. Learn the local topography & escape routes. Get fit, your life may depend on it. Appreciate & defend yourself and your people. Don’t let sell-outs, suckas, and snitches discourage you. All this from now ’til Judgement Day. Amen.
    Sayin’ too much,
    Governor Don

  4. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    The media loves having whites fighting against blacks, as long as they continue to make all the money and no ones focusing on who’s “really” running this country. And CNN Soldad needs to stop exploiting Black people with her “Black in America” specials. She done gone hip-hop with the shit. What happened to the “Hispanic in America” one. She just throw these Black in America jerntz together too quick don’t she? All designed to piss white people off and cause racial tension. Is she even Black? Wake up, people! She ain’t doing no one a favor but hte media with those bogus programs.

  5. I love the riot police’s outfits… those face covering masks, them shit’s is tight.
    I need to get me some!

  6. Sweeney says:

    They got you all fighting against the police, the KKK, the neo-nazi’s, the conservatives, and all other kind of white people. Did “we” really select Barack Obama or was that the guy they gave us? Just asking. Because if the day comes to have to fight against these white people to the death, will you be ready? I already know what the Black women are going to do. Sometimes Black people will fight harder if they have a martyr than they will for themselves. You cowards ain’t ready to fight, just like you all wasn’t really ready for no Black President. Tell that man to sit his ass down. Health Care is the welfare our your people – you media selected puppet!

  7. Some more bait and switch to divert attention…

  8. Justice was not served here on many fronts… If the tension and the violence continues, it will keep affecting all sectors of society while America gets rebuilt for the wealthy. Any form of justice will cater to those who can afford it and/or are not discriminated against… and to the above poster “Jose”, if you like the police uniforms so much, why don’t you join them…

  9. I see alot of you talking smack about the kkk and the nazi’s yet you think it’s ok to be a “black panther”…

    listen to them in the back ground “get these white beasts” black people are just as racist as these white people.

    I’m white and not racist, I think both the kkk and the black panther party all need to be wiped off the planet.

  10. Why didnt Obama stick his nose in this news story??And say something about this situation! Why is it so hard for everyone to grasp Blacks dont like us and we whites dont like them!!

  11. I Guess I'm A Hater says:

    Womp, educate yourself on the history of black people in America. Try to walk a mile in our shoes. What you call black “racism” isn’t the same as the racism white people tend to show. Not even a little bit.

  12. I fear no man, of any color.Can you imagine all colors fighting together against a true cause, like, americans freedom.If you don`t like people of different race`s,fine,but keep it to yourself.You accomplish nothing by doing
    what these thugs do.We are and will always be , ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Why not fight to protect your family from starvation,or infection,or wars from abroad. What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you think your little fight in paris Tx. will solve anything? Who gives a sh%% about what color the president is? If you feel hes right then follow him. On the other hand,if you feel he is wrong, then place you vote to get rid of him.Now ,a man was drag to death. Does it matter what color he was. The guilty should be punished. Case closed! If you feel the law did not do right by this death,why blame individuals of different colors? Get after the law,but do it the lawful way.In this particular case, the black panthers or the skinheads,or what ever the hell they call their idotic selves,did not come to Tx. to fight for justice,they came to cause a seen and a riot and would have killed innocent people of all colors just because of their hate.But you can take this to the bank,GOD SEES, and his law will be your final destination,and He doesn`t care what color you are.

  13. misshelenbaby! says:

    iThink that both of it’s dumb [I’m black]
    but you say blacks are just as racist
    we’ve been slaves’ till you can go back and time and see what happened shut the hell up
    I’m tired of white people thinking they rule everything
    I’m tired of blacks thinking they need sympathy
    racisim needs to be gone foreverr!

  14. i don’t understand why so many of you people have so much bad shit to say about white people standing up for our race and being proud of ours but not a negative word at all of the “black panther’s.” the “black panther party” is NO different than the “neo nazi’s” or the klan- but black folks can’t be racist or so this is what society sees…. wake up people!!!!! racism is racism either way you look at it- i don’t believe it’s wrong to be a racist, one should be proud of his people and want to educate one’s folk of thier heritage and race. it’s only human nature for us to be prejudice of one that is not like our own, it’s called natural selection….

    • tc..how many white people did black panthers put in an oven? how many did they hang for looking at black women? what Jim Crow laws did we invent? did the panthers come and start a fight with the nazis or was it the other way around?

  15. BNP (Black National Party)

    The BNP (Black National Party) has been created to expedite the work of the Race Equality Secret Service (RESS).

    The BNP (Black National Party) gets stronger as “STORMFRONT” gets weaker.


  16. WaKAMoleee says:

    The KKK, Nazi Party, New Black Panther Party or any group of hate are all organizations whose members are bottom feeders that are so blind they may never see what is really going on around them. Remember M.L.King, Remember Jesus, Remember we are Americans, Remember all peoples blood runs red.

  17. United Races says:

    UNITED RACES and The Holy Book of Racial Government

    From London to The Shires to Britain to Europe to The World.


    This is the most powerful religio-political movement for more than 3500 years, possibly.



  18. Brother Jesse thank you for researching and reading history, listened to your interview tonight.

  19. Cut the niggers throts. White power! Rip Hitler. A great leader.

  20. aiyanna says:

    I used to live near Paris, but I heard nothing about this until now. I’m black, and I know that although blacks have not treated whites as badly as whites sometimes treated them, there still are racist blacks. Besides, DNA research indicates that about 1/3 of “whites” have black DNA-and we all know blacks with white ancestory. Besides the fact that all racism must stop, we should realise that blacks and whites are more related than they might wish to think.

  21. Red Vengeance says:

    @Hitler killed himself because he was a coward, you fucking idiot. And he was ANYTHING but a great leader, the dumbass needed to brush up on his history because he made the same mistake Napoleon did, he dared to try and invade Russia and England, and that costed him the whole war. Not to mention he had his own people killed by having disabled German kids taken away from their families. I recommend you read up on Hitler, because he hated Americans and Democracy, so he would’ve had your ass killed too, you moron.
    Racism is racism, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and New Black Panther Party need to be locked up and reeducated. This “New Black Panther Party” is sickening, and puts the original Black Panthers to shame, because they are hypocrites themselves, fighting racism with more racism, yeah, that’ll make a lot of fucking progress. The New Black Panther Party have the same views as the KKK and Neo-Nazis, they hate Jews and homosexuals, but just replace blacks with whites. The New Black Panther Party condemns people who make life for black people in the world better, simply because they didn’t kill any white people in the process. Even the members of the original Black Panther Party hate these guys! They exploited the name of the Black Panthers and replaced the love for black people with a hate for white people. Them and the white supremacists need to be removed from this Earth.

  22. Drop a bomb on all three groups!

  23. Afro americans and you are too racist against white people !!! It’s stupid 🙁

  24. Blacks think that whites owe them something, which is completly absurd. White people were also slaves back in the day in North Africa from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th. 1.25 million to be exact! So I guess now white folk could jump up and act like black folk owe us too. Nah…. we have enough sense to understand that the people responsible for it are long gone including the slaves and the people of today aren’t responsible for what took place. Federal monuments and graves should be left alone by these evil racist that are causing civil unrest in this country as well and anyone caught desecrating either one or both should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! I believe in fairness and equality, but don’t see.it happening in this country because the uneducated rouges like to run their mouths for attention and have no idea that they’re causing more problems for themselves in the future which is sad cause all people should be treated EQUAL!


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