Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester



As I’m reading this article by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, I had to add a few thoughts. When ever this topic gets brought up  I’ve always noted the most glaring omission to this whole ‘child molester’ myth. It’s quite simple-Show me the kids and show me the parents. The emphasis is on the plural ‘s’. Almost all experts on this topic have noted that a molester doesn’t stop at one victim, they have lots of them. Such would’ve been the case with Michael Jackson who routinely hosted hundreds if not thousands of kids at his Neverland Ranch.  There would’ve been more than the one or two victims who accused him.

This leads to my second point, show me the parents. Out of all the kids supposedly molested, not one parent ran off to get Mike? Not one? There was no parent who looked at their innocent 6,7, or 8 year old and said to themselves; ‘WTF? This 45 year old man violated my child? My seed? My loved one? ? Hell No-Michael Jackson gotta die?’ …

Think about that for a minute. What parent sits by and doesn’t try and snatch the head off the person who harmed their precious loved one? I know my parents would been in jail if anything like that happened. Hell moms was ready to call it a day when she heard about teachers acting foul toward me or my sister. Pops beat the crap out of man right there in Macy’s for pushing me out of the way and calling me a little nigger when I was about 7. He knocked this man over a Christmas tree and would not stop until pulled off. He kept pummeling the man and yelling ‘No one touches my kid-No one’  Could you imagine if I had been molested?

The natural reaction of any parent is to protect their kids and protect them at all costs. You never saw this with the parents of Michael Jackson’s so called victims. Sure there might be one or two parents who would be in denial. Sure, there might be one or two parents who would be greedy and take money to remain silent, but there would be at least one and all you need is one family that would not be having it. That one family would pull out all the stops to bring justice for their kid.

You touch my seed and no money in the world would prevent what I would be dishing out. Death, death serious pain and a long jail sentence would be the only solution if you dared touch my kid. After that was meted out, there would be no need for financial settlement cause I would sue in civil court and get all the money. If for some reason Jackson got off and was found innocent to such an egregious act that I as a parent knew he did, I would be that parent that showed up at every single event to kick up dust and bring attention to his wrong doings. I’d be that parent holding fliers, picket signs, calling up radio stations, going to award shows demanding him and his music be boycotted.  There would be no place on earth that MJ could not go and not have to deal with an upset, loving parent who wanted justice for their kid.

You never saw that with any of the two parents who claimed MJ molested their child. You never saw this with anyone. No outraged grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins-no one. Hell where are the victims? Michael Jackson was first accused back in ’92, ’93 of molestation. In theory any young victim would be an adult at this time-No one saw or felt the need to speak out and raise hell knowing that the person who molested them was still hosting kids at his ranch? Compare the lack of reaction from  supposed victims’  of MJ with those who were victims by priests in the Catholic Church.  When charges were levied on one Cardinal, bishop or priests by one brave soul, a string of victims soon followed. They all came out the from hiding and spoke up. Where were MJ’s supposed victims?

I’ll tell you where they were? No where cause there wasn’t none. No outraged parents and family members, no traumatized victims who are now adults willing to step up and speak. No strong convincing evidence from an out of control Santa Barbara distric attorney who was hell bent on seeing MJ in jail?  Don Sneddon had 20+ years to find something to get MJ in jail and he couldn’t even with the full weight and resources of one of the wealthiest counties in America.

Michael Jackson a child molester? Negro please. Strange fella at times?  Yes. Child molester? Perhaps if you believe in the Easter Bunny or you were seeking a quick payoff.

-Davey D- 

Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester 

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson


Earlofari-225Websites, blogs and chatrooms pulsed with garish cracks about it. Legions of commentators and news reporters snuck it in every chance they got. More than a few of Michael Jackson’s fervent admirers and supporters made a dismissive reference to it. Even President Barack Obama in a cautious acknowledgment of Jackson’s towering contributions to American music and artistry still made reference to the “tragedy” in Jackson’s life which was a subtle nod to it. And New York Congressman Pete King skipped the niceties and flatly said it.

The “it” is the never ending myth of Jackson the child molester. It still hangs as a damning indictment that feeds the gossip mills and gives an arsenal of ammunition to Jackson detractors. This is not a small point. In the coming weeks, there will be a push to bestow official commemorative monuments, honors on and a national stamp for Jackson. The taint of scandal could doom these efforts to permanently memorialize Jackson.

The child molester myth doesn’t rest on Jackson’s trial and clean acquittal on multiple child abuse charges in a Santa Maria courthouse in June 2005. Only the most rabid Jackson loathers still finger point to that to taint Jackson. The myth of Jackson as child abuser rests squarely on the charge by a 13 year old boy a decade before the trial and the multi-million dollar settlement out of court. The settlement, then and now, feeds the suspicion that Jackson must have done something unsavory and probably criminal, or else why settle?

Sixteen years later, though, the facts remain unchanged. The charge that Jackson molested the boy was brought by the boy’s father. In interviews the boy repeatedly denied the charges. This changed only after he was administered sodium amytal, an invasive, mind altering drug that medical experts have frowned on and courts have disregarded in witness testimony.

Prosecutors, police departments and investigators in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara spent millions of dollars, convened two grand juries and probed nearly 200 witnesses that included 30 children, who knew Jackson to try to substantiate the charge. Not a single corroborating witness was found. Nonetheless, a motley group of disgruntled Jackson’s former housekeepers, attendants and bodyguards still peddled the story to any media outlet willing to shell out the cash that Jackson had engaged in child sexual wrongdoing. Not one of the charges was confirmed. Typical was this exchange between one of Jackson’s attorneys and one of the accusing bodyguards under oath:

“So you don’t know anything about Mr. Jackson and [the boy], do you?” “All I know is from the sworn documents that other people have sworn to.”
“But other than what someone else may have said, you have no firsthand knowledge about Mr. Jackson and [the boy], do you?”

“That’s correct.”

“Have you spoken to a child who has ever told you that Mr. Jackson did anything improper with the child?”


“Where did you get your impressions about Jackson’s behavior?”

“Just what I’ve been hearing in the media and what I’ve experienced with my own eyes.”

“Okay. That’s the point. You experienced nothing with your own eyes, did you?”

“That’s right, nothing.”

When asked at the time about the charges against Jackson, child behavior experts and psychiatrists nearly all agreed that he did not fit the profile of a pedophile. They agreed that the disorder is progressive and there are generally not one but a trail of victims.

The myth of Jackson as child molester never hinged on evidence or testimony to substantiate it, but solely on the settlement. Why then did Jackson agree to it?

No charge stirs more disgust, revulsion, and pricks more emotional hot buttons than the charge of child molestation. The accusation stamps the Scarlet letter of doubt, suspicion, shame and guilt on the accused. The accused can never fully expunge it. There is simply no defense against it. Under the hyper intense media glare and spotlight that Jackson remained under, the allegation no mater how bogus would have been endless fodder for the public gossip mill. This would have wreaked irreparable damage on Jackson’s ever shifting musical career and personal life.

A trial in Los Angeles in the racially charged backdrop of the Rodney King beating, the L.A. riots, and pulsating racial tensions in the mid-1990s would have been risky business. A trial in staid, upscale, and majority white, Santa Barbara County would have been even more risky.

Jackson and his attorneys knew that when it came to the charge of child molestation the presumption of innocence, or even actual innocence, is tossed out the window. Though Jackson did nothing wrong, a trial would have left him, his reputation and his career in shambles. The settlement was the only pragmatic, logical and legal way to end the sordid issue.

The settlement under extreme duress must not sully his name and place as an honored American icon. The myth of Jackson as child molester must finally be buried.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His weekly radio show, “The Hutchinson Report” can be heard on weekly in Los Angeles on KTYM Radio 1460 AM and nationally on blogtalkradio.com

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  1. Im playing Thriller right now! Wooooo. I love it still. He was great. I got the 25th anniversary edition on CD.

  2. right on, Dave!

  3. please please do end this disgusting, media made, money driven myth … it was another disgusting ploy to tear down a one of a kind performer / entertainer and was ultimately used as a distraction when “necessary” by our gossip crazed media during times of war, recession, and failed government leadership. thank you for this article and yes, let’s say our goodbyes and respects to Michael Jackson by remembering him and his legacy the way it should have always been, through the celebration of his music and performance, not the hype. R.I.P. Michael, thank you for your endless inspiration.

  4. Let the real freaks in the MSM/world come out and play for a change. It’s funny watching these talking heads speculate on all sorts of issues, including MJ’s life.


  5. It’s sad that such a stigma would haunt him. I can only imagine what he went through emotionally and mentally. I would even suspect that it was a big part of his decline. He loved that the world loved him and to have such a horrid stigma wrongfully placed on him was a death sentence.

  6. Mara Woods says:

    I don’t know if it is true or not… but I could never figure out why he would put himself in that position by continually having children in bed with him.

  7. Kimberly Hose says:

    Thank you, thank you , thank you for this article. We must also add that Martin Bashir, the man that made the world suspect our beloved Michael Jackson of such a heinous crime has now admitted, after MJ’s death, that his relationship with children although unorthodox was not criminal. Hear Martin Bashir’s admission of the truth from his own mouth, with your own ears:

  8. Look at his catalogue folks –

    jackson 5

    the jacksons

    off the wall





    What an absolutely phenomenal entertainer and showman. The Icon of all icons and its fair to say that he was and will always remain quite simply the greatest entertainer ever to be born


  9. We have home-grown and adopted children. It wouldn’t matter which – we would have stalked you until the end of the world if you touch one of ours. NO MONEY would have stopped either of us! Your article is dead on!!

  10. Davey, I considered that money in exchange for justice scenario back in ’94 or whatever it was, when the allegations first hit. At a dumb 19 years of age, I asked myself if I would accept money, any amount of money, in leau of pressing charges against someone who had molested my kid. Hell fucking no. That’s how I knew that at least Michael’s accusers were full of shit. Either that, or royally fucked up. The only thing that bugged me throughout the years is how that kid was able to identify the birth mark on Michael’s privates. Man, there is no excusable reason a kid should be able to identify your private parts, not even your own kids. I have no idea what my dad’s you know what looks like. If there were a birth mark there, I wouldn’t know it. Might have walked into their bedroom a time or two when I was a kid but neither of my parents kept themselves nude long enough for me to memorize a birth mark. So, I never liked that about Michael. What was he doing? Or, was it fabricated? Did the DA see michael’s birth mark, then coerce the kid into describing it? Nonetheless, this is the land of the free (supposedly..) where you’re innocent until proven guilty. Michael Jackson died an innocent and persecuted man. Joe Jackson was right that Michael was murdered. Not necessarily at the time of his death, but the way the media piled on with the molestation accusations would be enough stress to kill anyone over the course of time. As it were, the blood is on their hands. RIP, Michael.

  11. Hear, Hear!! Acquitted should still have some meaning in this world. Are people saying he pulled the wool every 12 jurors eyes? Come on. The more the detractors gripe about MJ, the more horrible they seem. Sometimes I wish the “reporters” now covering MJ had directed their super sleuth skills to uncovering things about the war before we went, or the corruption that costs us so much, or climate change or any myriad of issues. Its a damn shame how MJ has been treated. And to think people teased and made jokes about the lupus and subsequent effects. His light shines on our darkness as a society. May be find peace, and may the vultures spend their time investigating something deeply important to society. How about tackling the issues of division, hunger, poverty, health and children’s issues that MJ spoke about through his music. Enough. Basta!

  12. icecold alpha says:

    A simple question to ask all of the MJ apologists. Would you let your son spend the night at Neverland? What does the following from radaronline.com

    In 1994 Jackson paid to set up a trust for Jordy Chandler (now 29) in the amount of $15,332,250. Chandler, son of Beverly Hills dentist and screenwriter Evan Chandler, alleged he had been molested by the singer.

    The carefully worded twenty-page agreement was for compensatory damages for alleged personal injuries arising from the claim of sexual molestation. Both sides agreed to keep the proceedings strictly confidential and to make no public statements, especially to the media, or accuse each other of wrongful conduct. Shortly after the massive pay-out the LA County District attorney announced that no sexual molestation charges would be filed against Jackson since the only witness was not prepared to testify.

    Don’t let facts get in the way of anything

  13. Hey Ice code its a dumb question.. would any of us let our kids spend the night with Michael? I wouldn’t let my kids spend the night at anyone’s house who was not family or a camp.. which is why Iasked the first question show me the parents.. Lots of parents did let their kids spend the night and thus I have to assume that they are as intelligent as me or you and were able to assess a situation and saw it as ok..

    Me personally we don’t do sleep overs, but that just me.. with that being said you made this huge jump about the payoffs and carefully worded statements and then concluded about not letting the facts get in the way..

    So lets look at the facts..
    1-Was Jackson a pedaphile? Yes or No? If you answer yes, then we have to go down the road of what experts show is the pattern of pedaphiles 99% of the time.. Whats that fact?

    They have more then one victim.. In fact they are likely to have lots of victims.-So ice where are the victims over this 20+ year span? Where are they? Bring them out? No one was traumaticized enough after all these years to speak out and say something?

    The DA could only find ‘one’ person to fess up? Only one? LOL Of course he only had one.. and that one was really none.

    Forget asking the dumb question of would you let your kids stay there. Ask the real question if Mike touched your kid what would you do as parent? There would be hell to pay.. Lots of hell. Mike would’ve given me a check for 20 million not as a settlement. he would’ve given it cause I would’ve sued and won after I made sure his ass was in jail or I was in jail for tryuing to kill him..

    If you’re a PARENT WHO DOESN’T HAVE OUTRAGE FOR THE MOLESTATION OF YOUR KID then you’re a sucker ass parent who needs to be examined.. Money don’t pay for the damage of molestation.. It was extortion plain and simple..

    try not to let logic get in the way of your so called facts..

  14. My Hero Ain’t Molest Them Bitch Ass Kids:
    Phonte’s teary-eyed tribute to The King

    by Phonte of Lilttle brother

    I haven’t been compelled to blog in a long time.

    In an era where everybody is twittering and text-messaging their lives away, a well-thought out essay that extends past 140 characters is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    But when our universe lost its brightest star on June 25, 2009, I felt a deep, overwhelming sadness that I haven’t experienced in many years and I felt moved to say….something.

    My hero, Michael Joseph Jackson, is dead.

    Honestly I’m still trying to process it, almost like the loss of a much-loved family member. I mean, hell, to many of us Michael WAS family. Much like Nike, or Coca-Cola, or McDonalds, Michael Jackson wasn’t so much a person as he was a living, breathing, American institution; a ubiquitous force that has seemingly existed forever and one that we couldn’t imagine a world without. Seeing Michael onstage was less like watching a musician perform and more akin to witnessing a magician at work.

    But contrary to his otherworldly stage presence and magical aura, the man we called The King of Pop proved to be a mere mortal. And now my hero, Michael Joseph Jackson, is dead.

    What isn’t dead, unfortunately, is the cloud of false accusations, unsubstantiated rumors, myths, slander, and outright lies that surround his life and his legacy. The greatest myth regarding Michael Jackson is that he was a pedophile who preyed on young children.

    It is my belief now, just as it was 16 years ago, that the charges brought against Michael during his 1993 sexual abuse case were false. The allegations made by Jordan Chandler (the accuser) and his father Evan Chandler always seemed suspect to me for a few reasons:

    1. Ask the average parent whether they’d want justice or money for their abused child and more than likely they’d say justice, if for no other reason than to protect their child (and other children) from a future attack. The fact that Evan Chandler was willing to essentially let Michael off the hook for a few million (reportedly 2-3), made their case seem like a well-orchestrated extortion attempt. In regards to the case, Evan was later caught on tape saying, “If I go through with this, I win big time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…Michael’s career will be over.” Notice that homeboy ain’t mention jack shit about his son. So much for being a concerned father…

    2. Generally when victims of abuse come out with allegations against someone, other victims come forward to corroborate their story (i.e. the Catholic Church scandal, where a few parties came forward and it later led to thousands).

    Very rarely do child molesters stop at just one kid, or even two for that matter. An alleged pedophile with only two accusers is kinda like an alleged serial killer with only one body. Or an alleged sneaker addict with only two pairs of Jordans in his closet. It just doesn’t make any logical sense, nor does it coincide with the recurring psychological characteristics of most people who fall into those categories.

    In the case of Michael Jackson vs. the Chandler family, not a single corroborating witness could be found to help prosecute the case and after raids were conducted on several of Jackson’s homes, no hard evidence of sexual abuse was gathered.

    Michael later settled the Chandler case out of court, not as an admission of guilt, but at the behest of his lawyers and financial advisors who warned him that a criminal trial could cost him millions of dollars in legal fees, as well as the loss of hundreds of millions in touring and endorsement revenue. With the Chandler case finally over, Michael continued to tour and released his greatest hits package “HIStory” in 1995. Ten years later though, he would face another trial that, in my opinion, would be the one to literally and figuratively, kill him.

    Martin Bashir’s heinous, Machiavellian documentary “Living With Michael Jackson” aired in 2003. It was in this documentary that Mike (albeit foolishly) talked about his fondness for sharing his bed with children, and was seen holding hands with a young boy. Shortly afterwards the young boy from the documentary, 13 year-old Gavin Arvizo (a cancer survivor who had all his medical bills paid for by Michael), accused him of sexual abuse.

    When Mike’s case against Arvizo hit airwaves in 2005, I must admit that I had my doubts. Much like the Chris Rock joke, I too shook my head in disbelief and said “ANOTHER kid!?! Mike, what the fuck?!! How could you be THAT stupid?!?!” As the case unraveled though, the financial motivations of the accuser’s family became much more apparent.

    Similar to the Chandler case from ‘93, the prosecution couldn’t produce any credible witnesses to corroborate Arvizo’s testimony against Michael. Many of the prosecution’s witnesses were either former employees of Michael who had financial disputes with him, or had criminal convictions themselves. Arvizo’s testimony contradicted previous statements he’d made to officials saying that nothing ever took place between him and Michael, and Arvizo’s mother Janet Arvizo, an eccentric woman with a prior conviction for welfare fraud, single-handedly killed the case with her flippant remarks on the witness stand and overall bizarre courtroom behavior.

    Actor Macaulay Culkin came forward in Michael’s defense and testified that no inappropriate behavior ever took place during their many times together, as did many other associates who had spent time at Neverland. Ultimately, Michael emerged from the Arvizo case with a Not Guilty verdict on all counts, but it proved to be a pyrrhic victory. The damage was already done. In the court of popular opinion, The King of Pop was an unrepentant child molestor.

    When defending Michael Jackson against his detractors, I am often asked if I would let one of my sons sleep over at his house. The answer is no. Shit, I wouldn’t let my sons sleep over at YOUR house. But that doesn’t make you a pedophile, it just makes me a concerned and protective dad who doesn’t leave his kids around people I personally don’t know well enough to trust.

    When it came to children, the only thing Michael was guilty of in my opinion, was naivete. While cuddling in the bed with children isn’t technically illegal, it does violate several social norms; norms that a man who dresses funny, lives at an amusement park and refers to himself as “Peter Pan” would certainly pay a higher price for breaking. When I hear the tales of Michael laying in bed with those children, watching movies, tickling, and engaging in general horseplay, it sounds less like the work of a pedophile and more like the actions of a man trying to experience a childhood he never had.

    During his investigation for the Arvizo trial, Michael was examined by Dr. Stan Katz, a clinical psychologist who concluded that Michael didn’t fit the profile of a pedophile but instead that of a regressed 10 year old, an analysis which I agree with wholeheartedly. I mean after all, only a person with the simple, unsuspecting mind of a child could truly believe they could sleep in the same bed as their pre-pubescent buddies and not pay a price for it.

    Still, the most saddening myth surrounding Michael’s life is that he was ashamed to be Black. During the mid 80’s, in the midst of his ever-changing skin complexion and facial features, popular opinion in the Black community was that Mike was a sellout. This was an opinion that would unfortunately haunt him for the rest of his life, but a closer look reveals quite the opposite.

    As echoed by my man Scorpeze of the house music duo Windimoto in his excellent blog, Michael Jackson never tried to disown or separate himself from his Blackness at any point in his career. In fact, he was probably the most openly pro-Black pop entertainer of his time. Michael Jackson ashamed to be Black? I mean, this was the same guy who:

    -portrayed Black people as kings and queens in ancient Egypt (“Remember the Time” video)
    -called Tommy Mottola (his then label boss) a devil and a racist
    -sang “white man’s gotta make a change” live on the Grammies in ’88
    -sang about a beautiful African woman in “Liberian Girl”
    -featured an African chant at the end of “Wanna Be Startin Somethin”
    -donated over $25 million to the United Negro College Fund
    -sang “I ain’t scared of no sheets” in “Black or White” and upped the ante by morphing into a BLACK PANTHER at the video’s end
    -wrote a song called “They Don’t Really Care About Us,” with a Spike Lee-directed video that featured prisoners raising the Black power fist
    -uhhh “We Are The World” and USA for Africa, anyone?

    What about this man wasn’t Black enough? Was it his battle with vitiligo and how it caused skin discoloration? Was it his excessive facial surgeries, due I’m sure in no small part to the teasing and ridicule he faced about his looks as a teenager?

    Why did we turn our collective backs on a man who always reminded us that he never forgot who he was, or more importantly, whose he was?

    This essay is my plea to all people who consider themselves a fan of Michael Jackson, but especially to Black people: Don’t let them talk about our Brother. Don’t let his naysayers convict him of crimes that were never proven. Don’t let people reduce the memory of one of our greatest heroes to that of a weird guy who wore a shiny glove and molested little boys.

    When Elvis Presley died, did the media remember him as an overweight, drug-abusing racist who dated a 14 year-old, or was he eulogized as The King of Rock and Roll?

    When Woody Allen dies, do you think the media will focus on the controversy behind him marrying his own stepdaughter, or on the films “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan” and how great they were? (Ditto for Jerry Lee Lewis, the rock and roll pioneer who married his 13-year old cousin.)

    When people accuse Michael of being a pedophile or a child molester, ask them to provide hard evidence. Ask them to provide an opinion rooted in fact, rather than one based on gossip, hearsay, and conjecture. Chances are, they won’t be able to. The Black community has done a great disservice in not reciprocating the love that Michael Jackson showed us when he was alive. The least we can do in honoring his death is ensure that his legacy is remembered properly for future generations.

    Was Michael Jackson a weirdo? Of course he was a weirdo.

    But maybe if you had been in the public eye since you were 7, had grown ass women throwing themselves at you since you were 13, suffered physical abuse at the hands of your father, watched your father and older brothers engage in sex with groupies on tour as a child, were called “Big Nose” and “ugly” by both family members AND fans, developed a skin disease that took away the one thing you repeatedly expressed your pride for, and spent the last half of your life as the most famous person on Earth, you’d probably be a bit of a weirdo too.

    I am not attempting to paint Michael Jackson as a saint, as no man ever lives up to such a lofty title. But to me, the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” seems to sum up Michael Jackson’s life more than ever.

    Why would people try to tear down a man who constantly used his power, money, and influence to help others?

    Why would people express such disgust and contempt for a man who constantly sang of love and peace, and used his talent to entertain, uplift, and inspire millions?

    Tell em that its human nature, I suppose…

    Rest in Peace, Brother Michael. I love and miss you dearly.


  15. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Just wish we had of written pieces like this for MJ BEFORE he died.

  16. Desiree says:

    OMG OMG OMG… THANK YOU to Davey D for writing such a beautiful and eloquent response! Bringing me to tears. I have cut and pasted to my wall on facebook (I hope you don’t mind). I too love and miss Michael like the family member (of sorts) he was and I am still processing his death… it’s gonna take me a while.

    Bless you,

  17. “Just wish we had of written pieces like this for MJ BEFORE he died.”
    and I wish people appreciated/respected MJ when he was alive.

    I miss him dearly.

    Thankyou for this article Davey D.

  18. Michael's Friend says:

    All I can say to you is thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this article. Michael lived the last 16 years of his life being tortured over lies! This was a beautiful and loving man who wanted to do nothing more than to help those in need. How dare the media and the public continue to berrate this man and his legacy based on unproven, biased information. Where was the public support for Michael in the US during and after the trial? Where were his so called friends in Hollywood?! Most of them were hiding because they didn’t want to be seen with a “child molester”! There were very few people who stood in Michael’s corner during his darkest period. For that I will always be grateful to them. But for the fakers that decide to come out of the woodworks not these gone, GO TO HELL!
    My heart is still heavy at the loss of Michael’s life. But I try to find comfort in the fact the he is in heaven with God and doesn’t have to suffer anymore. God bless you, MIchael and Happy Birthday!

  19. Verna Hebert says:

    Let’s not forget Jordan Chandler as an adult, admitted Michael did not do anything to him !!!! The Arvizo family were proven to be such liars and money mongers !!!! Michael was taken advantage of by the scum of the earth !!!! Evan Chandler, The Arvizo family , Bashir, and Sneddon are vulgar criminals ! The scum of the earth !!!!! How Gavin Arvizo can live with himself is disgusting !!!!!!