T.I. Kicks Alfamega Out of Grand Hustle Crew on Live Radio


There is no denying that the newly revealed intel about Alpha Cedric Zellers has sent ripples through the Atlanta hip-hop community. In a genre where street cred [no pun intended] is the most important trait one could have, it’s clear that Zellers has given a serious blow to Tip and the Grand Hustle crew.

Many people thought that Tip would stay mum on the breaking news. But the self-proclaimed “King Of The South” called up HOT 107.9 moments ago in attempt to clear the air. And not surprisingly Tip publicly handed Alfamega his walking papers. The audio was horrible so I deiced to do a little transcribing. Check it out below.


T.I.-redhat-225Tip’s quote:

I am stunned and totally surprised by the news about Alpha “Ced” Zellers. Even though all our artists and employees are asked by us to be honest and open about their past history, at no time did Alpha never disclose to me or Grand Hustle which is now [inaudible..] he essentially deceived us by failing to fully disclose information about his past, and there is no place in our organization for dishonest and misleading behavior.

As I’ve always said, you must take responsibility for your own actions. We at Grand Hustle can not support or condone blaming others for our own mistakes. [more inaudible..] but i don’t for see me or my company playing a role in his personal or professional business. [Audio]

Mr. Harris sounded extremely subdued as he delivered his statement. And though it would be nice if we could all just move on, you know its not gonna happen.

I’m trying my best to remain nuetral on this, but this just isn’t a good look.

Several sources have confirmed to me that Alphamega is currently in the hospital recovering from what many is saying was some sort of police altercation. I hear he’s suffering from two broken legs, but that information has yet to be confirmed.

There’s just so many questions that need to be answered. And I fear nobody is going to move on until they are all addressed.

So sad!

Alpha – you’re a moron. Uh uh uh!

Is it bad that I want his PSC chain?

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  1. Flavorblade says:

    Alfa fired for conduct unbecoming a thug, huh.

    I’m not feeling this move by the “Kid of the South”. When Alfa’s image suited his agenda It was all he’s my friend, it’s bigger than music, blah, blah, we family.

    Then Alpha put in that work being his muscle and I guess he sold a few records for T.I also. Before Mega that camp wasn’t built like that – on the back the fuc up tip.

    Now that Alpha has some dirt that isn’t related in anyway to Grand Hustle, but could have a negative impact (temporary at best) T.I dumps him. Yet T.I himself is doing only a year for machine guns and silencers.

    T.I talks a lot about learning from mistakes. Did he give Alpha a chance to redeem himself? Did he take into account the work he been putting in for the team, much of it having legal risks.

    As a past victim of snitching (expelled from high school – twice) I don’t condone that behavior. However if I make a pact with a dude, and his past comes up ugly, but doesn’t involve me or my people. Then we still have to ride. Might drop you down in rank, but you shouldn’t just be disposed off. Got to take into account the good street time earned.

    Now T.I’s going to prison and he just fired his strong arm. His narrow ass best keep his mouth shut in there. He’ll probably have his people feed the guards off hours. That’s not snitching that bitching.

    Damn Mega – in the hospital beat up severly by cops, lost his job, street rep damaged, was never really a good rapper, but could fit in with how they do down south. Man you need Jesus.

  2. Flavorblade I couldn’t have said it better. It’s not that this Mega guy snitched on T.I. ! It’s not like dude is on that now! Furthermore, if T.I. is into this clean living and deading his past he should have nothing to hide so who cares who dude informed. There should be nothing to tell…right?
    I’m not a street chick, never have been so lots of this stuff just sounds nuts to me. I do think T.I. is wrong for kicking dude when he’s down especially since he is on the road to redemption/jail ( for machine guns at that) his damn self.

  3. nazafloss says:

    flavorblade you must be a snitch yourself. it doesnt matter what kind of fuckin pack tip and alpha made, under no circumstances is being an informant in the past ok. that nigga is a fuckin bitch. he will never succeed in hip hop so he might as well just go to school and become a pro at something else

  4. flavorblade says:

    No. In the past I have been a victim of snitching. I feel TI is being a hypocite on two counts. If you want to know my general views on snitching go Davey D message boards and click on the Venting Chambers. I have an article there called To Snitch or Not to Snitch.

    Lady J you sound like an intelligent and poised person. Come to Davey D Political Palace and blog with us grown folks.

  5. I’m still trying to understand why people continue to overlook that T.I. gets a year and a day after being a felony in possession of assault weapons. A Felon!!!

    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop… maybe smoking gun will come up with T.I.’s paper work because I think that guy is the Great Deceiver and then when he gets exposed maybe he’ll kick himself out of Grand Hustle as well…

  6. Bizzledipp says:

    i stil cant believe this shyt alfamega is heat regaurdless if in his past he told on sumbody t.i. should recognize game but if alfamega would have told grand hustle that he had snitched earlier on then he probably woulda got kicced out anyways and 4real alfamega is probably the realist that ive seen i seen him at the dirty south awards awhile bacc takin care of business and it wasnt even his beef

  7. flavorblade says:

    The ironic thing is if Alpha did not snitch he would have never got with Grand Hustle. He would have missed his window of oppurtunity. It’s like devils pie. You will get your serving quick but in the end you will get sick.

    Now that the situation has come full circle for Alpha perhaps he will get a true fresh start. As far as T.I to get the deal he got he had to fully cooperate. You think he didn’t tell them something they didn’t know. Now he’s on the wrong side of Karma. Shower fast huggin.

  8. Snitchin is way more practiced than believed.

  9. If I’m correct, the smoking gun article said Alfamega was at the scene of T.I.’S arrest…considering that this dude got knocked in the past for selling guns to an agent, becomes one on someone else to save his ass, and then be at the scene of arrest, the story may go deeper than what we see. I’m sorry, but the way the situation has played out, I’d fire tha fool too because the trust factor is gone and loyalty is based upon that. I couldn’t run with a dude with a hisory like that because what if some major shit went down and he wanted to save himself again and scapegoat my name? No, I’m cool…first mistake, stupid you, second one, stupid me.

  10. And as for T.I. Getting a year and a day for his crime; everybody got a price and if you who’s palms to grease, you can get away wity murder…

    Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman…

  11. flavorblade says:

    I understand your view Ozone. If trust is truly gone than yes you have to go with what you think is best. In T.I’s bust there was an identified informant, not Alfa. Alfa being no stranger to gun running was probably the deal consultant broker and on site security.

    My thing is the way T.I reacted to this thing, publically firing Alfa immedietly once the news broke tells me T.I was more concerned with damage control and his street cred than anything else. Media whore.

  12. flavorblade says:

    O.J didn’t grease any palms. He got off because the LAPD was so hard up to get him they planted a glove. Then Johnny did his thing. O.J killed them and he had AC with him to help. That’s how the victims got took down so quick and clean. The Bronco chase was about OJ and AC getting their story straight. They had the lawyer on the phone. After that AC faded way back. Damn am I snitching?

    T.I didn’t pay off anybody these weren’t local patrolmen in the alley. This case was highly publized. The police would have been crazy to comprimise themselves with a payoff. Maybe the D.A was a big T.I fan is more plausible than a payoff.

  13. frank talk says:

    i’m just thinking about ‘hurt’ put em in the dirt with these two cats on it, including busta where they rap about a home invasion, duct taping children, 1/2 with mac 10s other 1/2 with tech 9’s. All of which was aired on bet 106 & park and we have young folks murdering each other like dogs in the streets of chi, gary, philly ……. do we have to have this to have good musik??? this slop hop has got to cease. i’m not feeling sorry for any of these dudes pushing minus musik to the masses.

  14. Maybe T.I. had to let Alpha go! He is about to go to jail. How would he survive in jail with a know informant on his team. This may be a move to protect himself and other members of his camp. Since T.I. is working on being drama free. This may be drama that he don’t need including the past drama cause by Alpha. Lets face it Alpha loves to get it in and if T.I. is serious about changing he don’t need the drama brought on by someone else. You really knows if this is the reason he is being let go. There could be other factors involved. This story is not that cut and dry.

  15. Another point, could Alpha had something to due with the investigation that got Tip locked up in the first place? He was at the scene of the arrest.

  16. flavorblade says:

    Alfa must of had a serious nasty slice of devils pie. Now he just got locked up for an illegal handgun and evading. Be ironic is somebody snitched on him he was rolling with a pistol. I guess he felt with the story out he needed protection.

    Bad Hustle Records