michaelsteelecon-225The chairman of the Republican National Committe, Michael Steele, is showing again why he’s a sellout and Republican party patsy. We won’t even bother to mention the other obvious: he’s also a jealous, Obama hater.

He recently agreed with a caller, while hosting conservative host/pundit Bill Bennett’s radio show, who said that President Obama is “the magic negro.”

Interestingly, as reminds, during the January campaign for chairmanship of the RNC, Steele slammed his then opponent, Chip Saltsman’s distribution of a CD with a song called “Barack the Magic Negro.”

“It doesn’t help at all,” Steele said at the time. “Absolutely, it reinforces a negative stereotype of the party

However, as we said, that sentiment is suddenly out the window. Now that he’s the chairman and needs to suck up to Rush Limbaugh and the party’s hard core fringe right – just to keep his job, suddenly the “magic negro” reference sounds good:

CALLER: It’s just like the LA Time said last year or two years ago: He is
the magic Negro.

STEELE: Yeah he — [laughing]. You read that too, huh? [still laughing]

CALLER: Oh yeah. I read that too. Even when things go wrong, he still
manages to come out smelling like a rose.

STEELE: Well, yeah.

Listen to it: Here’s the first video of Steele denouncing the song


In this clip here Michael Steel is now supporting the magic Negroe song..

Wow how quickly they change-How quickly they change

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  1. So it doesn’t matter to you that this ‘song’ was written by a NY Times liberal? That Rush only mentioned it, and suddenly you idiot left-wingers were pretending it came from him?

  2. naw it doesn’t matter the NT Times Liberal was a racist prick himself..

  3. Sprizzle says:

    Steele is a puppet.

  4. toms and puppets ..thats all they all are

  5. Nice blog. Very interesting. Hey, in case you are interested, here is a link to my posting today on Rush on Franks and Obama, and the matter of free speech. See: