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Oakland Music Festival was Bangin’ Here are some photos I took

The City of Oakland was on tilt yesterday with two major music festivals.. The first was OMF.. Oakland Music Festival which had more than 30 acts did not disappoint.  From Anderson Paak to Afrolicious to Caleborate to Los Rakas to J Boogie Dubtronics to name a few, each one after the next was hittin' and not quittin'.  The vibe was nice... The people mad cool...The energy was … [Read More...]

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Oakland’s Blackalicious is What Hip Hop Has Been Missing

It's been a long time, they shouldn't have left you, with a strong rhyme to step to...It was 10 years ago that Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel aka Blackalicious put out … [Read More...]

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Straight Outta Mexico- Oakland’s Raw G Catches Wreck

Gina Madrid aka Raw G is a fixture in the Bay Area's current Hip Hop scene who earned her stripes and position by doing what so many successful Bay artist have done … [Read More...]

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Oakland’s Boogaloo Reunion BBQ : A History Lesson in West Coast Street Dance

  The 5th annual Oakland Boogaloo Reunion BBQ  which took place in West Oakland's Shoreline Park was an incredible and inspiring intergenerational gathering that provided much needed living history. There's a popper's picnic that takes place annually … [Read More...]

Oakland’s Zion I Crew Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

During the recent Blackalicious show at the historic Fillmore Auditorium, the capacity crowd was treated to a stellar show from Zion I which has expanded its members to include founding member Zumbi Zoom, legendary Triple Threat deejay Vinroc long time South … [Read More...]

Don’t Sleep on Martin Luther- A Musician’s Musician

One of the most talented Bay Area artists around, who many like to consider a musician's musician,  is Martin Luther. The San Francisco native plays a variety of instruments but the guitar is his main tool. His voice is part Sam Cooke, part Marvin Gaye as he … [Read More...]

Kendrick Lamar Proves There’s More to Hip Hop than Sex and Drugs

Kendrick Lamar Proves There’s More to Hip Hop than Sex and Drugs Hip hop traces back to the 1970s when DJ Kool Herc pioneered the breakbeat revolution. The music genre has since evolved immensely and has a number of factors that gave rise to its current … [Read More...]

Some Thoughts on the 4th Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

4 years ago the Occupy Wall Street Movement kicked off... Seeing and hearing about commemorative marches and gatherings.. Hearing conversations about whether or not its tactics were effective or not and how and why OWS failed .. What I'm not hearing is how OWS … [Read More...]

NWA- Art or Irresponsibility an Intv w/ Eazy E & Ice Cube

These LA Rappers Never Asked to be seen as role models. But with their debut album 'Straight Outta Compton' headed toward platinum, they may not have a choice.... Note: Out of all the interviews I've done.. this had to be the most intense... Both NWA and … [Read More...]

Talib Kweli and Zakiya Harris w/ Elephantine Rip Stern Grove

San Francisco 08-16-15 In the words of Ice Cube.. 'Today was a good day' Two steller acts took to the stage and seriously rocked it at Stern Grove Festival. Oakland's own Zakiya Harris and Elephantine along with Talib Kweli set a new bar for throwing down and … [Read More...]

Mike Brown Memorial- One Year later What’s Changed?

Ferguson, Mo 08-09-15 Today was a very sobering occassion as hundreds came out to mark the one year anniversary that 18 year old unarmed Mike Brown was ruthlessly killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. What stands out the most about this tragedy … [Read More...]

70 Arrested at DOJ in St Louis Seeking Justice for Mike Brown

St Louis (08-10-15 ) During the historic march to the Department of Justice in St Louis one year after the killing of Mike Brown, faith and movement leaders read off a list of demands and attempted to deliver them to the DOJ.. Department of Homeland Security … [Read More...]

The March to St Louis DOJ to win Justice for Mike Brown

Below are some photos from historic march to the Department of Justice in St Louis. It was led by faith leaders including; Rev Toni Blackman, Rev Sekou, Dr Cornel West, Pastor Mike McBride, Jasiri X and many others who sought to win justice not only for Mike … [Read More...]