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Frederick Douglass

Be Patriotic & Reflect on Frederick Douglass’ Independence Day Speech

So today is July 4th Independence Day for the Good Ole USA, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave ..This is the beloved place where we have written before the statue of Liberty.. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden … [Read More...]

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Dont sell Outt 5.39.45 AM

How Some Black Members of Congress Are Selling Out to Telecom Companies

Big phone and cable companies are attacking the free and open Internet – and some Black members of Congress are helping them do it. Ten members of the Congressional … [Read More...]

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Phil Agnew

Phil Agnew and the Dream Defenders are No Joke

We recently sat down with Phil Agnew of the Dream Defenders which is an incredible organization based in Florida. They were the first on the scene kicking up dust … [Read More...]

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Mike Hutchinson

Mike Hutchinson: How Oakland’s School Board Plans to Further Gentrification

Oakland, California like most city's around the country and for that matter around the world has two big buzz word that spark intense, heated  passions among its residents GENTRIFICATION and PRIVATIZATION... Here in 'tha town' public school privatization has … [Read More...]

Dr Jeff Duncan Andrade

Courts Rule Teaching Tenure is Unconstitutional-Here’s the Real Deal Behind that Fight

On Tuesday a Superior Court here in the state of California issued a landmark ruling declaring teachers who receive tenure is unconstitutional. Immediately afterwards a number of folks jumped on social media and took to the airwaves declaring the ending of … [Read More...]

Tracy Morgan

Some Thoughts on Tracy Morgan & Over worked Wal-Mart Truck Drivers

Soon as I heard there was a Wal-Mart Truck involved in that horrific crash that critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed his friend, writer/ comedian James McNair, the first thing I thought of was driver fatigue... Now we know that the man behind … [Read More...]

danyel Smith and Elliot Wilson

Our Intv w/ Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson about the State of Hip Hop Journalism & HRD CVR

Danyel Smith and Elliot Wilson are two individuals whose names have to be mentioned when you talk about Hip Hop journalism. The husband and wife team have been at it for a minute and have covered a lot of ground. Danyel, a former classmate at UC Berkeley … [Read More...]

Yuri Kochiyama

Our Tribute to Yuri Kochiyama-Human Rights Activist & Freedom Fighter Who Never Wavered

Over the weekend we lost another Freedom Fighter, Yuri Kochiyama... I hope folks take time out to know she was more than 'just the small Asian Woman' who cradled Malcolm X when he was assassinated that dreadful day in February 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom. For … [Read More...]

Edward Snowden

We Must Move Beyond the ‘Patriot’ vs ‘Traitor’ Debate Around Edward Snowden

One thing I got from this Edward Snowden interview that was shown on NBC last night, is that we best refocus our energy on engaging one another above and beyond our fancy electronic devices. While these are helpful tools and can allow us to reach large numbers … [Read More...]

Santa Barbara shooting

Big Media Should Help Us Heal vs Exploiting Emotions Around the UC Santa Barbara Shooting

In watching all the coverage around this tragic UC Santa Barbara shooting this past weekend, what appears to be showing up is not an attempt to heal and find ways to forever stop this from happening. Instead, we're seeing the coverage as a way to profit, with … [Read More...]


Omar Akbar aka Labtekwon: Swinging Swords & Fighting Off the Gentrification of Hip Hop

One thing about Hip Hop, if you limit yourself to what is presented via commercial outlets you will undoubtedly short-change yourself and miss out on a lot of stellar artists doing some great and innovative work. Please note the emphasis is on the word 'art'. … [Read More...]


Madlines: Talks About New Album ‘Love Child’ & Transitioning to the Bay Area

We sat down with Madlines who was one half of the the Seattle based duo Canary Sing, to talk about her new solo project called 'Love Child'. For Madlines its her second big move in terms of her being a fierce emcee who decided to push the envelop by embracing … [Read More...]

Jasiri  x mic

Jasiri X: Raising the Flag & Using Music as a Weapon to Fight Oppression

We sat down and spoke with long time activist/ artist Jasiri X about his latest moves and why he continues to raise up the flag of activism  and use music as a potent weapon. In recent months Jasiri X has been doing a lot of work with Harry Belafonte. He … [Read More...]