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Political Will To Prosecute Bill Cosby -but Not Killer Cops?

Seeing how newly elected Montgomery County, PA  district attorney Kevin Steele with political ambition and hopefully a desire for justice, has gone full throttle to bring charges on comedian Bill Cosby for a sexual assault incident that took place over 12 years ago. The first go round back in 2005 resulted in the prosecutor at the time, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. saying no charges … [Read More...]

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Hillary Clinton Has a Counter terrorism Plan-How Will she fight Police Terror?

Noticing Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is gearing up to lay out detailed plans to combat terrorism. She notes that she has plans to disrupt all aspects that … [Read More...]

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History 101: The Panther 21, Police Repression, The BLA & Cointel-Pro

Long time Freedom Fighter and former political prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad penned a serious history lesson for all of us to soak up and grow on.. It covers the the … [Read More...]

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Where is Kamala Harris on this Mario Woods Killing?

In the wake of last week’s brutal police execution of Mario Woods by San Francisco police in Bayview Hunters Point, many are asking where is California State Attorney General Kamala Harris? She was elected with the hope and expectation, naive as it may be, … [Read More...]

Trump, Political Rhetoric and the Death of My Father

When Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump spews his openly bigoted, anti-Muslim nonsense, it makes great headlines, drums up support from the most racist elements of his base and gives newsrooms something to lead with.  As he rises in the polls and … [Read More...]

Did the Police ‘Fear for their Lives’ in Colorado Springs?

Today was a tragic day as a number of innocent people were shot killed and injured at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. The circumstances surrounding this raises alot of questions.. Earlier this week we saw a video of police in Chicago shooting a 17 … [Read More...]

Khan: No More Bloodshed (The Paris Attacks)

If you listened to many politicians on both the right and left discussing the rise of ISIS (or ISIL) and terrorism at large, you’d think that everything began with 9/11.  Even people like Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – who, let’s remember, … [Read More...]

Blaming Black Lives Matter for the Fake Killing of Officer Lt Charles Gliniewicz

Nov 5 2015: People should not lose sight of the fact that when the death of this police officer occurred, you had people like Alex Jones of Info Wars along with police union folks pointing a finger or insinuating the cause of death for veteran Illinois Lt. … [Read More...]

Gentrification Wins in SF w/ Low Voter Turnout

November 4 2015 Well the 2015 elections in San Francisco are over and it looks like it was a big night for tech billionaires like Ron Conway along with big developers, greedy landlords and AIRBnB who he backed. Measure F and lost. In short, GENTRIFICATION … [Read More...]

Sheriff Says Brutalizing officer Ben Fields has a Black Lover So He’s Not Racist

Oct 28 2015: So apparently, the officer, Brian Fields who threw this child around and dragged her, is not a racist.  The reason being according to his boss, Richard County Sheriff Leon Lott; is because 'He's been dating  a Black woman for some time'. Yes … [Read More...]

Davey D Mix: The Beat Goes On…Till the Break of Dawn

Let's not get it twisted, many of us are big fans of James Brown inspired breaks and the boom bap sound which was once a dominant hallmark within Hip Hop. This past week on my mixshow (Breakdown FM heard on All Day Play FM), I dug in the crates a little and … [Read More...]

Lyrics Born Rocks the New Parrish

Lyrics Born is one of the tightest emcees in the Bay Area.  Formerly known as Asia Born, Lyrics Born is a key member of the Quannum Crew which includes stellar acts like; Blackalicious, DJ Shadow,  wife Joyo Velarde and Lateef the Truth Speaker who Lyrics Born … [Read More...]

Singer Joyo Velarde Represents Alongside Lyrics Born

Oct 12 2015 We recently got a chance to see Bay Area singer Joyo Velarde as she threw down some fierce vocals alongside her husband Lyrics Born during his recent show at the New Parrish. She’s definite showstopper and a powerhouse in her own right.. For those … [Read More...]