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Rubin Hurricane Carter

Remembering Rubin Hurricane Carter..Our Hard Knock Radio Interview

Hard Knock Radio 04-21-2014: We talk with the two reporters who were on the scene last year in Boston during the bombings that took place at the conclusion of the marathon.. Chris Farone and Dart Adams share their thoughts on what was going on then and now and how the response to those bombings impacted our civil liberties .. Later on in the show we give a throwback … [Read More...]

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Trayvon Martin wore a hoodie in the rain..In the world of Don lemon and Geraldo, maybe He should've had an umbrella instead

MSNBC Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom Breaks Down Trayvon Martin Case

Hard Knock Radio 04-16-14: We speak NBC legal analyst, lawyer and author Lisa Bloom about the her book Suspicion Nation which gives keen insight into the Trayvon … [Read More...]

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Jesus Christ

Reflections on a Good Friday… Are We Crucifying or Stopping Crucifixions?

Thinking about Jesus and the sacrifice he made this Good Friday..In doing so, its noted that he was chased down, unfairly prosecuted and crucified. And while we all … [Read More...]

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Michale Bloomberg

Can We Trust the Uber Rich like Michael Bloomberg on Gun Control?

Was peeping Michael Bloomberg on the Today Show talking about all the money he's set to lay out and the new tactics he set to deploy to enact what he describes as sensible gun control legislation.. He's gearing up to launch NRA type organization that pushes … [Read More...]

Two mothers

A Tale of Two Mothers in America in a Post Racial Society

A tale of two mothers.... The one with red hair on the left, Catalina Clouser decided to get high and drove for 12 miles with her 2 month old baby on the roof of her car..By the time she realized her baby wasn't in the car, it was too late.. The baby fell off … [Read More...]

Gentrification map

Explosive Just Cause Report Shows Health Impact of Gentrification

Hard Knock Radio 04-09-14 We sat down and spoke with Robbie Clark of Just Cause/ Causa Justa about the new 110 page report called Development Without Displacement: Resisting Gentrification in the Bay Area that shares important finding on the impacts of … [Read More...]

Words Beats Life Logo

Black Male Achievement, Hip Hop in the Academy; 2 Educators Speak Out

Hard Knock Radio: 04-08-14 We speak with local community activist and educator Brenden Anderson about Black Male achievement, effective teaching methods, the school to prison pipeline and the upcoming Black male Achievement Man Up Conference. We talk about the … [Read More...]

Alex Nieto

Critical Updates on the Alex Nieto Killing by SFPD | Special Election in Jackson, Ms

Hard Knock Radio 04-07-14: Today we sat down with local activist and Professor Ben Bac Sierra, who was best friends to Alex Nieto. Alex was the honor student and security guard at El Toro Nightclub was slain by SFPD as he sat eating in a park in neighborhood … [Read More...]

Jordan Miles

Jordan Miles who was Beaten By Police May Have to Pay Their lawyer fees

Once again an all-white jury found ruthless police officers 'not guilty' of egregious actions. In this case we are talking about honor student Jordan Miles out of Pittsburgh, Pa.  A couple of years ago Miles while en route to his grandmother's house 3 white … [Read More...]

Sabrina Carter

The Eviction of Sabrina Carter-SF’s Privatization and Negro Removal Plan

  Hard Knock Radio (04-02-14) Co-Host Anita Johnson speaks with Tiny Lisa Garcia of Poor News Network and long time resident Sabrina Carter about the ongoing privatization and gentrification that is unfolding in urban areas, in particular San … [Read More...]


Pro-Football Distancing Itself From Gang Affiliation w/ New Campaign

Last week football fans all over the country were stunned when the Philadelphia Eagles suddenly released Pro Bowl widereceiver DeSean Jackson. What was officially stated as noted in a recent article on was DeSean had a 'bad attitude, an inconsistent … [Read More...]

Frankie Knuckles

The Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles Has Passed-He Will Be Missed

I'm at a loss words as I'm just getting word that House Music pioneer Frankie Knuckles has passed away..Man this hurts my heart. Known as the Godfather of House,  Knuckles who was originally from the Bronx, New York moved to Chicago in the late 70s (1977) and … [Read More...]

Cookie Crew

500 Female Emcees: Meet the Cookie Crew-Hip Hop Pioneers from the UK

When we talk about Hip Hop  and its history its good to not only know the pioneering figures in New York where the music and culture was born, but its good to know who were the pioneering figures in other places. When we talk about the vibrant Hip Hop scene in … [Read More...]