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NWA- Art or Irresponsibility an Intv w/ Eazy E & Ice Cube

These LA Rappers Never Asked to be seen as role models. But with their debut album 'Straight Outta Compton' headed toward platinum, they may not have a choice.... Note: Out of all the interviews I've done.. this had to be the most intense... Both NWA and myself were very passionate about our positions at the time and both parties came away with a lot to think about.. At the … [Read More...]

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Talib Kweli Good 1

Talib Kweli and Zakiya Harris w/ Elephantine Rip Stern Grove

San Francisco 08-16-15 In the words of Ice Cube.. 'Today was a good day' Two steller acts took to the stage and seriously rocked it at Stern Grove Festival. … [Read More...]

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FERG Stop Killing Us Sign

Mike Brown Memorial- One Year later What’s Changed?

Ferguson, Mo 08-09-15 Today was a very sobering occassion as hundreds came out to mark the one year anniversary that 18 year old unarmed Mike Brown was ruthlessly … [Read More...]

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DOJ March St Louis Neeeeta

70 Arrested at DOJ in St Louis Seeking Justice for Mike Brown

St Louis (08-10-15 ) During the historic march to the Department of Justice in St Louis one year after the killing of Mike Brown, faith and movement leaders read off a list of demands and attempted to deliver them to the DOJ.. Department of Homeland Security … [Read More...]

March to DOJ Cornel

The March to St Louis DOJ to win Justice for Mike Brown

Below are some photos from historic march to the Department of Justice in St Louis. It was led by faith leaders including; Rev Toni Blackman, Rev Sekou, Dr Cornel West, Pastor Mike McBride, Jasiri X and many others who sought to win justice not only for Mike … [Read More...]


A Look Back at Consolidated & Their Song ‘Friendly Fascism’

This song Friendly Fascism, comes courtesy of one of my favorite groups Consolidated, who released this song back in 1991 or 1992... The song back then was pretty powerful, although at the time it went over many people's heads especially with the defeat of … [Read More...]

Baltimore Police

The Baltimore Curfew…Was an Abuse of Power

One of the most important things folks can and should be doing with regards to the Freddie Gray situation is pay close attention as to how and why a city wide curfew was allowed to be imposed on the entire city of Baltimore... That's serious biz. It was a the … [Read More...]

Lydon Johnson

What LBJ Really Said About Selma

For those who saw the movie Selma, this clip may give a bit more insight into the thinking of President Lydon Johnson (LBJ). There was a bit of controversy when the movie dropped because some felt that Johnson was shown as being too deferential to Martin … [Read More...]

Rebel Diaz

Which Side Are You On? REMIX – Rebel Diaz ft. Dead Prez and Rakaa Iriscience

The homies from Rebel Diaz team up with dead prez and Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples to go in on their hit song Which Side Are You On? Nice intro from the Blastmaster KRS-One.. … [Read More...]

Logo Baltimore mom and youth

Thoughts on the Baltimore Mom & Youth Fighting Police Terror

There are a number of folks who have been critical of the Baltimore mom (Toya Graham) who stepped to her kid after she lost it and swapped him in front of nationwide cameras..The mom said she lost it when she realized it was her son and went after him.. She … [Read More...]


Prisoner in van with Freddie Gray speaks out | MSNBC

Chris Hayes talks to Jayne Miller, the WBAL reporter who interviewed interviewed Donta Allen, who was the 2nd prisoner in the police van along with Freddie Gray. Source: Prisoner in van with Freddie Gray speaks out | MSNBC … [Read More...]

Baltimore Black youth

Black Youth in Baltimore Speaks Out About Revolution

As drama continues to unfold in Baltimore, folks may wanna listen to this incredible break down from this youngsta who speaks out and explains what he is feeling. The video comes courtesy of DJ Lucky (justin Walker) who penned the following: I'm not even … [Read More...]


Hillary Clinton: ‘There Is Something Profoundly Wrong’ In Our Criminal Justice System

Sadly Hillary Clinton seems to be saying more about the situation and Baltimore and police terrorism in general then President Obama... Of course she's on a mission to win our votes, so there's no doubt she's gonna say what she thinks we wanna hear... The … [Read More...]