Lyrics Born Rocks the New Parrish

LB Lyric Green micLyrics Born is one of the tightest emcees in the Bay Area.  Formerly known as Asia Born, Lyrics Born is a key member of the Quannum Crew which includes stellar acts like; Blackalicious, DJ Shadow,  wife Joyo Velarde and Lateef the Truth Speaker who Lyrics Born often trades rhymes as a  duo named Latryx.

According to his bio:

Lyrics Born had been a music obsessive since his youth, and in 1993 freestyles among a group of UC Davis classmates that occupied the same cramped radio quarters began to find their way onto paper, and suddenly LB had written “Send Them”. It became the first single on the newly minted Solesides Records, a collaborative venture between himself and his accomplices who would later go on to be known internationally as Blackalicious (comprised of MC Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel), DJ Shadow and Lateef The Truthspeaker, an East Oakland rapper with whom he found a shared affinity for the rapid-fire lyrical volleys that would define the next step. As Latyrx (a combination of their working names) the two MCs released The Album, in 1997. The LP would go on to become a certified classic, selling 100,000 copies, yet would prove to be the tip of an even larger iceberg.

Lateef and Lyrics Born

Solesides was re-imagined as Quannum Projects in 1999. As co-owner, LB used Quannum as a conduit through which he delivered his most realized project to date, 2003’s Later That Day. The album yielded his biggest commercial success to date, “Callin’ Out”, which charted nationally and was featured in several major motion pictures, EA Sports games as well as a Diet Coke spot featuring Adrian Brody.

The remix LP, Same !@#$ Different Day was released shortly after, showcasing the talents of his closest associates and as well as new material. Meanwhile, Lyrics Born began to explore different means of engaging listeners. He kept fans abreast of his work by peppering the internet with The Lyrics Born Variety Show mixtape series whoch he released himself through his website. The mixtapes, as well as ceaseless touring and the creation of his own internet media outlets Lyrics Born TV and LBFM, were elements of a new formula.

LB Lyrics redSince the release of Later That Day, Lyrics Born has averaged over 150 shows a year, and his explosive live energy was captured on the disc Overnite Encore, a compilation of live performances with live musicians from the Australian leg of his 2006 world tour. He followed up in 2008 with Everywhere At Once, a varied studio disk that signaled a departure from the sample-based pieces he had become known for, supplementing the sound with a full band and a healthy does of synthesizers. Hence, he has arrived at well-rounded sound that is classic and yet futuristic. Tom Shimura hasn’t forgotten how he got here, but he’s never been afraid to look to the future, either.

Here are some shots taken during his recent show at New Parrish..

Singer Joyo Velarde Represents Alongside Lyrics Born

Oct 12 2015 We recently got a chance to see Bay Area singer Joyo Velarde as she threw down some fierce vocals alongside her husband Lyrics Born during his recent show at the New Parrish. She’s definite showstopper and a powerhouse in her own right.. For those who are unfamiliar, here’s what her bio says about her:

If you lived in California in the 90s, chances are you’ve sung Joyo’s refrain in the shower. After the Manila-born NorCal transplant finished studying opera in Rome, she returned to the Bay Area, where she and future husband Lyrics Born recorded what would go on to be Solesides’ greatest hit, a little number called “Balcony Beach.” The song appeared on 1997’s Latyrx, a record that went on to sell over 100,000 copies worldwide.

As part of the seminal indie hip-hop label Quannum Projects – a group whose founders included Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Jeff Chang (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop/VIBE Magazine,) and Joseph Patel (MTV) – Joyo quickly found her place as “The Quannum Songstress.” In 2000 her first official solo offering – the jazzy and soulful”People Like Me” – was released on the label compilation Quannum Spectrum.

Definitely an underrated talent, Joyo Velarde is someone who we should be paying more attention to..Below are some of the shots I took of her during the New Parrish Show

-Davey D-

Below is a dope video put out by Joyo Velarde

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This week we came with heat by digging in the crates and unearthing a series of ragga-muffin songs from the 90s..  Cuts by artists like Burro Banton, Cutty Ranks, Sluggy Ranks and Bounty Killer were nice reminders of how dope  those records sounded.  My favorite joint right now is Cee-Lo.. The longer he’s around the more mature and doper he gets.. I love the cut Old Fashioned. Bright Lights Bigger city is also dope. Of course we had to dip in the crates and bring out some classic Paris including Freedom featuring dead prez and Public Enemy and Thinka Bout it..
01- Busta Rhymes-‘Abandon Ship’-rmx-instrumental
02- Busta Rhymes-‘Abandon ship’-rmx
03- Herbie Hancock-‘Rough’
04-Bounty Killer-Mama Ivy’s Last Son-Chill rmx-instrumentel
05- Bounty Killer-Mama Ivy’s Last Son-instrumental
06- Bounty Killer-Mama Ivy’s Last Son
07- Burro Banton-Me No Fool-instrumental
08- Burro Banton-Me No Fool
09- Burro Banton-Me No Fool-instrumental
10- Terminator XChuckD wSister Souljah-Buck-Whylin
11-  Burro Banton-BoomWaDis-instrumental
12- Cutty Ranks-LivingCondition-hiphoprmx
13- Roxanne Shante-Have a Nice Day-instrumental
14-  Roxanne Shante-Have a NiceDay-fullversion
15-  Art of Noise-Beat Box-full version
16- Divine Styler-WordPower
17- Downtown Science-RadioActive-dub
18- Dead Prez/Paris/Public Enemy – Freedom [the Last Cell Remix]
19- Cee-Lo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City
20- Souls Of Mischief – ’93 Til Infinity
21- Paris – Thinka ‘Bout It
22- Public Enemy – Security of the First World
23- Public Enemy – So Whatcha Gone Do Now?
(2 minute break-keep listening..)
24-  Cee-Lo Green – Old Fashioned
25- Jay-Z – Song Cry
26-  De La Soul – Held Down (Featuring Cee-Lo
27-  Sluggy Ranks-GhettoYouthBust-instrumental
28- Sluggy Ranks-GhettoRanks-sprousarmx
29-  King Tee-way Out There-dub
30-  King Tee-Way Out There
31-  Junior Reed-One Blood-UK-instrumental-reggea
32-  Kanye West ft Pete Rock, Jay Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield and Kid Cudi – The Joy (Clean)
33-  J-Dilla (Davey D rmx) – Malcolm X Meets J-Dilla
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