Blaming Black Lives Matter for the Fake Killing of Officer Lt Charles Gliniewicz

Davey-D-brown-frameNov 5 2015: People should not lose sight of the fact that when the death of this police officer occurred, you had people like Alex Jones of Info Wars along with police union folks pointing a finger or insinuating the cause of death for veteran Illinois Lt. Charles Gliniewicz on September 1 2015 was because of the Black Lives matter Movement..

We should also note that there as massive manhunt which means the death of this officer brought unwarranted scrutiny on any number of people.. Some of it was direct, a lot of it was probably covert. The initial reports during the massive nationwide manhunt was his walkie-talkie was taken and the so-called culprits were listening in.. This blatant lies leads us to question;  How many emails were looked at? How many activist organizations challenging police violence were infiltrated?How many phone conversations were eavesdropped on??

Lt Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

Lt Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

When all was said and done what we find is that  Lt. Charles Gliniewicz was a crook.. He was stealing money from charity and using it for porn and personal expenses. He then supposedly staged his own death by making it look like he was killed by suspects who committed a robbery. Was this a lone wolf with a ‘troubled past’ or was he the tip of the iceberg of a hornets nest of crooked people working within law enforcement?

Heck how do we know he wasn’t killed by his fellow officers because he stepped on toes or crooked colleagues he worked with weren’t trying to cover up something? Should that be part of the line of questioning we ask especially since initially innocent civilians demanding police accountability were subjected to anger and scorn? Has there been an apology about that??

Instead of protesting film maker Quentin Tarantino for calling cops who murder unarmed people ‘murderers’, perhaps the attention should be focused on ‘the few’ bad apples within the ranks of law enforcement. Lt. Charles Gliniewicz killed himself and for the family and friends that’s a sad thing. No one likes to loose a loved one. They should get our condolences..

At the same time we should not be lulled into forgetting that if this cop did what his fellow officers are now saying he did which is; stealing from children’s charity and staging his own death to look like innocent people did it before he took his own life…Well then let the record show that cop was a bad apple.. rotten to the core.. Hence we should be asking how many innocent people did this ‘rotten apple’ impact when he came across them during patrols and routine stops?

If he was suffering from mental illness what was the root cause and how many others on the police force are also suffering? How are they being treated so they can get better? And lastly whose watch did his existence and all this happen? #‎staywoke‬

Below is an article written by Shaun King that sheds more light on this peculiar case