USSF 2010: Historic March for Social Justice in Downtown Detroit

Day 1 of USSF (US Social Forum) in Detroit We caught up with a number of activists who poured out in the streets of Detroit for the historic march in Cobo Hall in downtown. Folks were there to let the world know social justice movements are uniting. An estimated 20 thousand took part.

Here in pt 1 we caught up with folks from Southwest Workers Union in Texas, Just Cause in Oakland and folks from Alto Arizona… All spoke to the pressing issues of the day Check out the videos below..

Our continued coverage of the historic March to Cobo hall.. We talk to a ‘real Tea Party member, some young brothers out of Detroit about to get their building game on.. We talk to Bay Area activists and get some more insight into problems facing Arizona..

We spoke to Big Nel of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement about the importance of being in Detroit for the USSF and why our communities must be ready to defend its freedom…

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