Sheriff Says Brutalizing officer Ben Fields has a Black Lover So He’s Not Racist

Davey-D-purple-frameOct 28 2015: So apparently, the officer, Brian Fields who threw this child around and dragged her, is not a racist.  The reason being according to his boss, Richard County Sheriff Leon Lott; is because ‘He’s been dating  a Black woman for some time’.

Yes you read that right, the logic being put forth pretty much implies; that ball the past allegations and lawsuits against deputy Ben Fields that have been filed by Black folks who see this man as violent and abusive have no racial implications because he gets down at night with a Black woman. The fact that he’s nicknamed Officer Slam because of his brutality to students at Spring Valley High can be overlooked because of his Black lover.. One can make this stuff up.

Officer Ben FieldsLet’s put this in perspective… because we always have folks who are in denial of police brutality and racial discrimination who like to point to a Black spouse or friend of those accused and insist that’s the reason why they can’t be racist. We saw this logic play out in the aftermath of George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin. He had a Black friend named Joe Oliver, a former CNN reporter who went on all sorts of TV newscasts vouching for him.

We saw this with former NBA basketball team owner Donald Sterling, who in the aftermath of being caught on tape making disparaging remarks about Black people pointed to the fact he was set to receive and award from the NAACP and had a Black girlfriend  as proof he was not a racist. Fortunately, the NBA thought otherwise and issued a lifetime ban and made him sell the team.

Thomas JeffersonThe ‘I have a Black lover/ friend and hence can’t be a racist’ excuse goes back to the founding of this country. We should never forget one of this country’s beloved founding fathers ‘dated’ a Black woman.. actually she was a 13-year-old slave girl named Sally Hemmings.

He was 44 and was a key architect to this nation’s Declaration of Independence which proclaimed ‘All Men are Created Equal‘. Let that sink in for a minute. The man in question was Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.

He supposedly loved 13-year-old Sally Hemmings and she bore him 6 kids but he never saw fit to set her free along with the other 200 plus slaves he owned.  Can you really ‘date someone’ when you’re their slave and you are deemed property? And again to reiterate, we revere Jefferson for helping found this country and putting forth the notion that all men are created equal..(Unless your Black…)

What’s the point here? You can be as lofty and high brow as Jefferson and still be a racist and rapist who owns slaves. Hence, you can be white deputy in South Carolina revered by his fellow officers and supposedly loved by a Black woman and still be a racist, brutalizing dimwit who should be removed from the force and sent to jail for brutalizing that teenager. In short, no passes are given..

As for the recent news reports that attempt to justify her being beat because a third video has surfaced claiming this girl hit the 300 pound body builder officer Ben Fields, many are led to believe she hit the officer prior to the encounter..Not true. The girl flailed her arms when her chair was upended and that’s when the officer ‘was hit’.

Her classmates who were interviewed were horrified and in disbelief.

Here’s additional information on this case along with a video of the classmate who filmed the encounter and as a result was arrested for ‘disturbing the school’.  Check that out here–>