Dead Prez Member Mike Flo Kicked off Plane bc of ‘Suspicious’ face Tattoos

Mike FloWe caught up with Mike Flow (Mike Flowers) who is the dj for the group dead prez who talked to us about how he was racially profiled and kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight en route from Seattle to Portland.. The flight attendant became suspicious of his facial tattoos and decided to delay their flight and have Mike removed..

Flo in our interview explained that his facial tattoos are African symbols  and part of his religion and that they are legally protected under our laws. He also noted that he’s a platinum member of Delta Airlines which is a partner to Alaska. As he pointed out, if I was such a threat or my tattoos were ‘so offensive’ why take me off and put me on later flight?

Flo noted that he was made to feel less than human and during our conversation we noted the increasing amounts of  suspicion tossed on Black people with negative and sometimes fatal results. They range from the young college student named Trayon Christian shopping at a high-end store in NY ( Barneys New York) who drew suspicion from the cashier who felt he shouldn’t be buying such an expensive piece of clothing to two young men in New Jersey who had a cashier refuse their cash payment for a baby stroller because she thought the large sum of money might be counterfeit… Even after the cops were called the store, Buy, Buy Baby refused to accept the payment..

The suspicion has had fatal results including the tragic killing of Renisha McBride last month who went seeking help after a car accident in a Detroit suburb and was shot to death by an elderly man who says he thought she was a burglar. Police shot 24 year Johnathan Fowler after he was in a car accident and approached them seeking help, they claimed they thought the unarmed injured man had a gun..The most egregious and notorious case of Black person being profiled because he  looked suspicious was that of Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed by a racist neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman who was acquitted of the crime.

From wearing hoodies in the rain to having face tattoos on the plane there’s agrowing list of these types of incidents. What went down with Mike Flo is the latest one.. In his case he’s already gotten a lawyer who are hard on the case and he’s launched a campaign  called #ItsArtNotACrime.

Click the link below to download or Listen to the HKR Intv

Click the link below to download or Listen to the HKR Intv