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Davey-D-brown-frameEarlier this summer, I (Davey D) got hold of a camera which is added top his journalistic endeavors. It’s allowed a unique and insightful way to tell and document important stories. The camera has allowed the enhancement of traditional stories. Photo essays are great and to be honest often times captures the essence of a story in ways that writing doesn’t.

More importantly it’s allowed me to re-engage the music scene in big way outside of deejaying. Scores of concerts, bboy/bgirl events have been covered and documented. A number of demonstrations have been highlighted via the camera.

We set up a separate site http://daveydphotos.com/ where many of the photo’s our housed. You can link to it from this page. Occasionally we will post up a photo essay directly on the Hip Hop and Politics site.. Below is a directory to my various photo archives.. Enjoy

Davey D

OAK vs World Prime Time Memphis 4LB Lyric Green micLB Joyo up 3Nas mic side 6