A Look Back at Consolidated & Their Song ‘Friendly Fascism’

Consolidated Friendly FascismThis song Friendly Fascism, comes courtesy of one of my favorite groups Consolidated, who released this song back in 1991 or 1992… The song back then was pretty powerful, although at the time it went over many people’s heads especially with the defeat of George Bush Sr and the election of Bill Clinton..

With the 92 election, many thought that the worse which was personified via 12 years of Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr were behind us…Unfortunately the fascist direction this country was headed continued just with a friendly face, starting with Clinton who was dubbed the ‘First Black President‘, followed by George W Bush who was dubbed a Compassionate Conservative and now Obama who is the target of daily racial attacks and threats which leads to many circling the wagon around him while he does serious dirt both abroad and here at home.. To be honest Ronald Reagan aka the Great Communicator with befuddling demeanor also fooled a lot of people which is why he was elected twice.

Consolidated Anyway if you ever get to check out the entire album Friendly Facism by Consolidated, its worth a listen. It was definitely ahead of its time.  Many of the topics covered and the lyrics are relevant today. If anyone ever went to their shows you will recall they were among the first to fuze multimedia with their stage shows.. After each performance they would hold impromptu town hall and discussions with the audience.. Depending on what part of the country they were in, those discussions could get pretty grueling as many would get angry by their messages..

Another nice aspect of Consolidated was their harsh critique of the entertainment and music industry. Some of what they said then may seem like old hat today, but back at the time many groups pushed to be on platforms like MTV and commercial radio. If you got on them, the last thing you wanted to do was dis them publicly.. Consolidated was relentless and was right on time with their critique..  I like this song below ‘Music Has No Meaning’ and appreciated being sampled in it..


Several years later, Consolidated teamed up another Bay Area  artist Paris, the Black Panther of Hip Hop to do this dope song Guerillas in the Mist...Love the way they smashed hard on Tom Metzger and the White Aryan Resistance ..


3 Dope Songs from Desdamona Reppin the Twin Cities

DesdamondaDesdamona is a hip-hop and spoken word artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota She has won five Minnesota Music Awards for ‘Best Spoken Word Artist’ in the years 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 and is considered to be the best female spoken word and hip-hop artist in the Midwest.

Her emcee name, comes from Desdemona, the wife of Othello in William Shakespeare‘s tragedy Othello. She was born and went to school in Iowa. A childhood inspiration for her music, she said, was her father who would dress up as Count Dracula and tell bedtime stories to her.

In college, Desdamona and her friends formed a band in which Desdamona was the rapper, inspired by the R&B group TLC. The group performed around Waterloo, Iowa and had a few shows in Iowa City. When she moved to Minneapolis, she found an audience for her work. She began to go to open mic nights to perform her poetry. In this way, she became known as a spoken word artist, which was not her original intention, but which, she says, “made me a better writer.”

Desdamona was noticed for her guest vocals in Brother Ali‘s We Will Always B in 2000. Her lines criticized male dominance of hip-hop and chauvinism in general. This led to her first CD, The Ledge, which came out in June 2005.

Desdamona frequently collaborates with Twin Cities beatboxer Carnage the Executioner, also known as Carnage. On Desdamona’s second disc, The Source, which came out 26 June 2007, the duo do the first track, Infinity, together.The two have formed a group called Ill Chemistry, which was noted as a rising hip-hop group at the 2007 Minnesota Music Awards. Desdamona has noted that they’re working on a collaboration on her blog.

Desdamona co-founded an female based music festival, called B-Girl Be, which incorporates all the aspects of hip-hop and spoken word; emceeing, break dance, D.J.-ing and graffiti. She also works with schools, teaching students, as well as in the Stillwater Prison program, In the Belly.

In 2010, Desdamona was invited by Ursus Minor to sing on their third album “I will not take but for an answer” and also did the 21010 Ursus Minor October and August French Tours along with Boots Riley.

Desdamona “The Comeback”


Desdamona “The Source”


Desdamona ‘I Don’t Stop’


Desdamona “Get By”


3 Dope songs from LA Rapper Ak’sent

aksentAk’Sent aka  Krystle Kantrece Johnson is from LA..I remember when she first hit the scene around ’05, ’06, she looked like she was ready to be that main person everyone was checking for.. But then she disappeared.. Not sure what happened, but her music was dope and as an emcee she was up there..

Her father is of African-American descent, while her mother is of Mexican descent. Ak’Sent grew up quickly thanks to a rough childhood. Her father was an aspiring rapper caught up in the gang lifestyle and was killed in a gang shooting when she was four years old, and with her mother unable to support her on her own, she was sent to live with her grandparents in South Central, Los Angeles.

Ak’Sent was signed to Capitol Records when she was only 16. Since then she has worked with a number of well-known professionals such as The Jugganauts, DJ Quik, & Beenie Man.

Ak’Sent aims to avoid the glorification of violence and prefers to think of Hip-Hop as a form of “street poetry.” Her first album, International, was released on September 26, 2006. She released her second album Gem-In-I under the Avex label. It was released on July 16, 2008 in Japan only. She is currently recording her third album and a mixtape.

Although Ak’Sent signed to a major label when she was only 16 years old, her African-American/Latino background had her wondering where to fit in. Adding to her challenges, rap music wasn’t allowed in her grandparent’s house, but as Ak’Sent learned more about her father’s hip-hop aspirations, she decided she should carry on in his honor. She eventually spent time in several R&B-based girl groups and began dance training with Debbie Allen. One showcase at the age of 16 had the young multi-talent signed to Capitol and working with the production duo The Jugganauts. Ak’Sent was especially excited about the Caribbean-styled beats the Jugganauts were working on, and soon she was writing a series of dancehall numbers. One was the future hit “Zingy“, featuring guest star Beenie Man, who Ak’Sent herself had chosen because she was a huge fan. Her debut International landed in 2006 with a Spanish-language remix of “Zingy” and an ode to her departed father titled “My Life“.

source wikipedia.. for more info on Ak’sent go to http://www.aksent.com/

Ak’sent ‘The Bomb’


Ak’sent ‘Bounce’


Ak’sent ‘I Hate Love’


3 Dope Songs from Alia Sharrief Repping East Sacramento

Alia SharriefFinally hip hop heads can rejoice in the emergence of Alia Sharrief. Hailing from East Sacramento and now living in the Bay Area, she is well-known throughout California, and now internationally. Alia’s message stresses that she is more than an image. She is #newfemalehiphop. New art. New revolution.

“That’s All I Do”




“Tough Love”


3 Dope Songs From Sa-Roc: A New Day is Upon Us-True Mastery

Sa-RocWe continue our 3 Dope Song series by shining a well deserved  spotlight on the very powerful and gifted Sa-Roc who originally hails from Washington DC, and is now based in Atlanta where she reps the God-Hop Movement.

Her new joint True Mastery is the biz as she lets folks know a new day is upon us in Hip Hop.. Either come to the table with heat and get your bars up or be removed from the cipher. Sa-Roc is not playing. Check out her new album Babylon

Here’s a bit more info about this sister as noted in her bio

A product of Afrikan-centered parents, Saroc developed a rebel mentality from an early age. She grew up on the music of Jimi Hendrix, Gil Scott Heron, and Earth,Wind & Fire. Her musical soundtrack was a klash of sounds, from gogo, to rock, to hip hop. This foundation began an aural quest for different sounds and concepts in music.

It wasn’t until 2002, when Saroc met Atlanta producer Sol Messiah, that she began her love affair with the mic. Armed with the lessons and musical genius of Sol Messiah, she developed a sound that was 1 part hood poetry, 2 parts otherworldly, and totally new and fresh. From subject matter ranging from melanin to pyramids, Saroc spits metaphysical ideas over melodic hip hop beats, seeking to fuse knowledge of self with great music.

Sa-Roc – True Mastery


Sa-Roc – Queen’s Philosphy


Sa-Roc – Sun Tzu


Sa-Roc – Black God Theory


3 Dope Songs to Check for that Clap Back at Oppression

Jasiri X

Jasiri X

Pittsburgh based emcee Jasiri X needs no introduction as each month he’s puts out dope music accompanied by compelling videos that address key issues of the day. If there is anyone who has been providing and essential sound track for the lives of this generation it would be him..

This latest offering details his recent trip to Palestine where he got to see first hand whats going down. He was part of a much larger delegation which included among others labor leader Bill Fletcher and long time writer/ activist Dream Hampton..

This song Checkpoint‘ is based on the oppression and discrimination Jasiri X witnessed firsthand during his recent trip to Palestine and Israel “Checkpoint”


Rebel Diaz

Rebel Diaz

Chicago raised, Bronx based Rebel Diaz has been putting down incredible music for a while that is squarely backed up by their intense activism..In the song below to put to rest the debate around immigration as the detail the fallacy behind the term ‘illegal alien’. They break down how its not as simple as saying someone broke the laws by crossing the borders. They note that such activities are a form of displacement initiated by harsh foreign policies that leave folks with little or no choice..  props to them for this video..


MV Bill is an artist we should all know

MV Bill is an artist we should all know

If you’re not up on MV Bill aka the Messenger of Truth you need to be as he one of the most popular, prolific and politically charged emcees in Brazil. Hailing from the infamous City of God in Rio, most of his songs deal with social justice, police and government corruption and the unequal treatment of Black folks  living in the Favelas which are now being upended and people being massively and unceremoniously displaced to make way for the 2016 Olympics.

For those not up on MV Bill you may wanna check out this in-depth documentary from 4 Real TV  done by Sol Guy out of Canada and Mos Def now  known as Yasiin Bey... Its riveting to say the least.. http://www.4real.com/tv/details.asp?pageid=10

In the song below titled ‘Causa e Efeito‘ MV Bill talks about the police being an arm of the government and the elite and they help in them stealing millions from the poor. He also addresses the fact that the rich are often evil, and abusive and have their devilish deeds covered up..


3 Dope Songs from Jezzy P; the Perfect Formula, B-Girl Extraordinaire

jezzy-p HatMany like to refer to Jezzy P as one of the most authoritative voice in mexiano rap.  She’s a pioneering figure of the national movement and the founder of Women at Work , which is the first and only female collective of hip hop in the country’s  music scene…

With almost 20 years supporting and touring career in the interior of the country and abroad, Jezzy said that she was influenced by hip hop at an early age. Movies, songs and TV shows that came from the United States encouraged her to write rhymes.  Since high school she was drawn closer to do graffiti, break dance and do choreography.

Over the years Jezzy has been part of the development of hip hop culture in Mexico and has strived  to further “professionalize the scene and provide more quality events, songs and even royalty ”

check out this full interview she did with El Econimista


La Formula Perfecta‘ – Jezzy P


Mi Vida‘ – Jezzy P


Brown Sugar‘ – Jezzy P


B Girl Representa’ Jezzy P


3 Dope Songs from Tiye Phoenix: Amazing, Awe-inspiring & Afrocentric

Tiye PhoenixWe hope in 2014 that more people pay attention to one of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets Tiye Phoenix. Many of her songs are unapologetically Afrocentric and uplifting. Her flows are on point and rep her tenure in this game where’s she’s held court with some of the best..

Originally from Baltimore, MD,  Tiye started out by studying classical piano and building her foundation around poetry. In the late 90s she formed S.O.U.L. Food Symphony, a D.C.-based all female collective that performed with artists such as Nas, Black Moon & Gil Scot Heron. She later signed to Rawkus Records and worked with fellow artists Mos Def, The Last Emporer & Talib Kweli.

Tiye then went on to write and work with iconic hip-hop producers Hank & Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy. She also toured and performed with the late legendary Teena Marie and the late Rick James. She also recorded with the UK group, The Runaways.

Tiye then went on to become a member of the super group Polyrhythm Addicts (which included; Tiye, DJ Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Mr. Complex). In 2007, they released the album Break Glass which featured the video: Reachin’ f. Pharoahe Monch

Tiye really caught people’s attention with the 2009 release of her critically acclaimed album..’Half Woman Half Amazin‘ It contains a 12 banging tracks that range from hard hitting lyrical gems to more introspective, spiritually based songs.

In recent days Tiye has released a couple of songs off her new EP called Transit To Illumination.  Check out her 3 Dope songs

Tiye Phoenix – ‘Skybound”


Tiye Phoenix – Tiye’z Reachin’


Tiye Phoenix – Waking Up(The Diamond Mantra)


Tiye Phoenix – Twin Flame


3 Dope Songs from Snow Tha Product: From the Bay to Texas & Beyond

Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product

Straight outta San Jose, California and now holding it down in Texas is Snow tha Product who has been causing quite a stir for the past couple of years..Initially know as Snow White Tha Product until Disney got a hold of her and claimed copyright infringement, Snow caught everyone’s attention with her rapid fire rhyme flow and put folks on notice. She was one that would definitely hurt your feelings if you stepped into the rhyme arena with her..

Although she had been grinding away the past few years doing mixtapes like Good Nights and Bad Mornings pt1 and pt2, showcases here and there including South By Southwest and Rock tha Bells, performing throughout Mexico and Central America and doing collabs with everyone from Slim Thug to Trae tha Truth and more recently Tech 9ine,  it was the ‘Holy Shit‘ freestyle that really set it off for her…


In fact the freestyle set off a bidding war among a number of labels including Atlantic who she eventually signed with. She’s set to drop an album later this year..As far as her music is concerned, Snow’s rhyme style left many wondering if she could actually do songs or would she be one to only do rapid fire rhymes without a whole lot of concepts and substances. We’ve seen over the years that she’s a talented and versatile song writer who can dip and make pop songs that you could hear on the radio as well as keep it 100 and truly rep for the underground.. Below are  3 Dope Songs that caught our attention..

These two songs capture the essence of Snow’s rhyme flows and lyricims..Seems like there were some critics who thought she was a gimmick so she let em know.. she’s far from it..

Snow Tha Product ‘Lord Be With You’


Snow Tha Product ‘Unorthodox’


Snow had a number of break out songs that were regional and nationwide hits.. The best known is a cut called Drunk Love.. The one that we really like is the one below called ‘Til death’..

Snow Tha Product ‘Til Death”


Snow Tha Product ‘Break ‘Em


3 Dope Songs from Medusa The Gangsta Goddess

medusa-gangstagoodess-225Every once in a while I feel compelled to do my duty as a productive citizen and generously give back to the community. Sometimes I volunteer my time. Other times I give money. Still on other occasions I give sound advice.

Today I wanna take some time out and give some sound advice to anybody who is an aspiring artist as well as to those who have been around the block a few times. My heartfelt advice to you is as follows: If you happen to be booked for a show and the promoter has you coming on AFTER this LA based artist named Medusa… DO NOT DO IT.

Have your manager re-negotiate your contract, but do not go on stage right after her. You may be able to get by if they let the deejay play an hour long set or something or you have an artist like KRS-One performing alongside you… Maybe if you’re a bit sadistic and like pain, then following Medusa might be the thing for you to do. This woman is not to be followed.

Below is a quick run down of the Gangsta Goddess from a recent article in LA Weekly

Medusa was born twice. The self-described gangsta goddess of hip-hop was first born in the city of Los Angeles, and then spent her childhood in Pomona and Altadena. After a yearlong stint in prison almost 15 years ago, she was reborn ? creatively, spiritually ? in the heart of the legendary Good Life Cafe/Project Blowed hip-hop scene in Leimert Park, where shes lived for more than a dozen years.

A stalwart on the local music scene with her collective, Feline Science, she’s perhaps best known for her womanist anthem, ‘Power of the P,’ as well as for a high-velocity live show that she performs regularly at Temple Bar and Club Fais Do-Do.

She’s appeared in a slew of hip-hop documentaries, acted onstage and had a large part in the HBO prison drama Stranger Inside. With three different projects tentatively set to drop this year, she’s on a career high.

MEDUSA-Choclet Giddy Up


MEDUSA-‘Next Sensation’


MEDUSA-‘Know Thyself”


MEDUSA-‘Pimps Up (Live Freestyle)’


MEDUSA-‘Cali Frame’