Political Will To Prosecute Bill Cosby -but Not Killer Cops?

Davey-D-brown-frameSeeing how newly elected Montgomery County, PA  district attorney Kevin Steele with political ambition and hopefully a desire for justice, has gone full throttle to bring charges on comedian Bill Cosby for a sexual assault incident that took place over 12 years ago.

The first go round back in 2005 resulted in the prosecutor at the time, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. saying no charges would be filed against Cosby. At the time there was disappointment but not much fanfare, but over the past couple of years this issue has blown up. Cosby has become a hot topic with close to 50 women accusing him of rape and sexual assault.

After anger boiled over and outrages ensued, veteran DA Castor who many thought was a relatively safe position, found himself challenged by Steele in what would go on to be a contentious election.  His lack of prosecution for Cosby’s alleged crime 12 years ago was a central campaign issue.

Kevin Steele

Kevin Steele

The end result was Steele doing the impossible and beating the incumbent Castor. In keeping his election promise, Steele with less than a day before the statute of limitations ran out, brought charges on Cosby.

Many of us watched as Cosby was brought down to the police station where he posted a million dollar bond and now he’ll be going to trial. The expectation is that Steele will pull no punches to make sure Cosby spends some time behind bars…

What’s the take away from this?  When there is a political will, there is a way

Steele, a staunch Democrat came through and smashed on long time Republican district attorney, Bruce L Castor and let us all know what is possible when folks are on a mission to seek justice.

Now the question before us is when will we see the same political will being applied to all these cases where cops have killed unarmed men, women and children?

When will we see the same vigorous prosecution and push for justice around rogue police?

When will the lack of prosecution of killer cops by a sitting DA become a central theme in an election resulting in folks who are unwilling to prosecute being ousted from office?

Tim J McGinty

Tim J McGinty

What’s the take away from all this? We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cleveland DA Tim J McGinty could’ve prosecuted those cops who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice

We now know that Sonoma County DA Jill Ravitch could’ve really went after killer cop Erick Gelhaus who shot and killed 13-year-old Andy Lopez back in October 2013 as he walked through a field near his house to return a toy gun.

We now know that DAs like: Bob McCulloch in St Louis, Jackie Lacey in LA,  George Gascón in San Francisco, Nancy O’Malley in Oakland, Anita Alvarez in Chicago and who knows maybe even Steele himself, can go after rogue police who kill and terrorize the people they are sworn to protect and serve.  We know the power they have. We know what they are capable of doing when they have political will.

The fact that all the aforementioned DAs are Democrats should also speak loudly to us… protecting women from a serial rapist? Two Thumbs up… Protecting a voting population that supports their party to the tune of 92-96% from killer cops?  Their record or lack thereof speaks for itself….

Hillary Clinton Has a Counter terrorism Plan-How Will she fight Police Terror?

Davey-D-purple-frameNoticing Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is gearing up to lay out detailed plans to combat terrorism. She notes that she has plans to disrupt all aspects that lead up to acts of terror. She wants to disrupt the financing, disrupt the ways in which people are radicalized and stop recruiting methods. She also wants to increase the ways in which the local police departments interact and work with the Feds. She will be focusing much of counter terrorism strategy on combatting domestic terrorism and domestic radicalization…

Clinton is looking at the way local police and feds have interacted with Minneapolis’ large Somali community as a model for the rest of the nation to follow. In fact Clinton will unveil her counter terrorism strategy in Minneapolis.

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropFor those who are looking at the political candidates vying for president, their actions and lack thereof is what you judge them on.. Hillary has offered up detailed plans and lengthy speeches on dealing with ‘illegal immigration’ and now domestic terrorism… What are her plans for police terrorism? We’ve seen a rash of police shootings and protests in response all over the country in the past few weeks, from San Francisco to Chicago to Los Angeles to Minneapolis, her model city for police counter terrorism. Over a thousand people have been shot and killed by police this year.

What are Hillary Clinton’s plans to address the core issues people are currently dealing with respect to police terror? What are her detailed plans? Where will she be giving her landmark speech to unveil them?

To date we know that Hillary has stated that to combat police brutality she wants to fund police departments with more body cameras. She claims this will help build trust. Hillary Clinton also says that she feels the police are over militarized…She also says she wants to expand Federal investigations of police departments .. You can read about that HERE

However Clinton made much of these remarks several months ago. She offered up increased investigations last month.  Since then we have seen police departments all over the country have been clamoring to get their military equipment back. They are using the San Bernardino massacre as the excuse.

Congressman Mike Rogers

Congressman Mike Rogers

Alabama congressman Mike Rogers is currently working on a legislation to add to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act that will override President Obama’s executive order to take back the military equipment given to departments after the Ferguson uprisings. His actions are supported by Donald Trump who recently garnered the support of police unions back east.

Will Hillary maintain her position on demilitarized police as she seeks to put forth a robust counter terrorism plan? We need to pay attention to that. Can she honestly do increased investigations via the Feds now that she is proposing police work hand in hand with Feds to fight domestic terrorism?

Two days ago Chicago police unions are fighting to have all their complaint and disciplinary records sealed and destroyed before a Federal probe kicks in. Where does Hillary stand on this?

How does she view the secrecy many police unions are pushing for and as we see in places like California and Maryland are the law of the land under Policeman’s Bill of Right’s legislation? is Hillary supporting the call to have Mayor Rahm Emanuel her long time friend, step down or is she avoiding that like the plague??

As noted earlier Hillary will be unveiling her counter terrorism plan in Minneapolis which saw community unrest around the police shooting death of Jamal Clark. Black Lives matter folks protested for several weeks by camping out in front of the 4th precinct police station.

Jamar Clark

Jamar Clark

It was there white supremacist shot 5 BLM members while police stood by and underlined the hostile atmosphere. Eventually police removed the protestors encampment. How will Hillary Clinton be weighing in on that landmark incident?

In Clinton’s scant proposals around police accountability, we see her calling for body cameras, but is she calling for strict, mandatory, zero tolerance style punishment for rogue and wayward cops? What sort of plans does she have for that? What sort of legislation will she push as president? How is she lending support for those in local communities who are fighting for more community control of police?

We need to see Hillary Clinton moving aggressively on issues around police accountability the way we see her moving aggressively around issues of terrorism. If not, then folks who are considering voting for her should with hold their vote and look elsewhere.. She needs to do this now more than ever because many of the people she seeks to win votes from see the police who are not held accountable for wrong doing as terrorists. ‪#‎staywoke‬

written by Davey D

History 101: The Panther 21, Police Repression, The BLA & Cointel-Pro

Long time Freedom Fighter and former political prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad penned a serious history lesson for all of us to soak up and grow on.. It covers the the case around the Panther 21, The BLA, the early merging of the FBI and local police departments and how they worked overtime to cause a split in the Black Panther Party.. Read this and read it again.. Reflect and then come back and read it again..Davey D

Former Political prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad

Dhoruba Bin Wahad

In 1966, the year the BPP was founded in Oakland California the New York City Police Department commenced its own investigation of the Black Panther Party. Detective Ralph White of the New York City Police Department was directed to infiltrate the Black Panther Party and submit daily reports on the Party and its members.The NYPD regularly communicated with police departments throughout the country, sharing information on the BPP, its members and activities. The NYPD was also working with the FBI on a daily basis.

FBI Special Agent Henry Naehle

FBI Special Agent Henry Naehle

On August 29, 1968 FBI Special Agent Henry Naehle reported on his meeting with a member of an NYPD “Special Unit” investigating the BPP. SA Naehle acknowledged that the FBI’s New York Field Office (NYO) “has been working closely with BSS in exchanging information of mutual interest and to our mutual advantage.”

An FBI “Inspector’s Review” for the first quarter of 1969 shows that the NYPD, in conjunction with the FBI, had an “interview” and “arrest” program as part of their campaign to neutralize and disrupt the BPP.

The NYPD advised the FBI that these programs have severely hampered and disrupted the BPP, particularly in Brooklyn, New York, where, for a while, BPP operations were at a complete standstill and in fact have never recovered sufficiently to operate effectively. A series of FBI documents reveal a joint FBI/NYPD plan to gather information on BPP members and their supporters in late 1968.

David Brothers

David Brothers

During an unprovoked attack by off-duty members of the NYPD on BPP members attending a court appearance in Brooklyn, the briefcase of BPP leader David Brothers was stolen by the NYPD and its contents photocopied and given to the FBI. Rather than seeking to prosecute the police officers for this theft, the FBI ordered “a review of these names and telephone numbers [so that] appropriate action will be taken.”

That “appropriate action” included an effort to label Brothers and two other BPP leaders, Jorge Aponte and Robert Collier, as police informants.

On December 12, 1968, the FBI’s New York Office proposed circulating flyers warning the community of the “DANGER” posed by Brothers, Collier and Aponte. The NYO proposed that the flyers “be left in restaurants where Negroes are known to frequent (Chock Full of Nuts, etc.)”

BSS later told the FBI that its proposal was successful in that David Brothers had come under suspicion by the BPP.

An FBI memorandum dated December 2, 1968 captioned “Counterintelligence Program” lists several operations during the previous two-week period. It closes by stating that “every effort is being made in the NYO to misdirect the operations of the BPP on a daily basis.”

Dhoruba Bin Wahaad

Dhoruba Bin Wahaad

In August 1968, Dhoruba Bin Wahad, then known as Richard Dhoruba Moore, joined the BPP, and within a few months was promoted to a position of leadership. He was soon identified by the Bureau and by the NYPD as a “key agitator” and placed in the FBI’s “Security Index“, “Agitator Index,” and “Black Nationalist Photograph Album.” FBI supervisors instructed the NYO to “develop better liaison and closer working relationship with the NYCPD” in their investigation of Dhoruba Bin Wahad.

On April 2, 1969 Bin Wahad and 20 other members of the Black Panther Party were indicted on charges of conspiracy in the so-called “Panther 21” case. A NYPD memorandum notes that the Panther 21 arrests were considered a “summation” of the overt and covert investigation commenced in 1966.

In a bi-weekly report to FBI Headquarters listing several counterintelligence operations the FBI reported that to date, the NYO has conducted over 500 interviews with BPP members and sympathizers.  Additionally, arrests of BPP members have been made by Bureau Agents and the NYCPD. These interviews and arrests have helped disrupt and cripple the activities of the BPP in the NYC area. Every effort will be made to continue pressure on the BPP.


In July 1969, the NYPD sent officers to Oakland, California to monitor the Black Panther Party’s nationwide conference calling for community control of police departments. An NYPD memorandum candidly acknowledged that community control of the police, “may not be in the interests of the department.

Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein

Through its warrantless wiretaps of BPP telephones, the FBI learned that the BPP was trying to raise the $100,000 bail that had been set for Bin Wahad, whose release was considered by the BPP to be a priority over the other 20 defendants, due to his leadership role in the organization. Fundraising efforts were impeded by FBI/NYPD counterintelligence operations. For example, following a fund raiser at the home of conductor Leonard Bernstein, the FBI sent falsified letters to those in attendance in order to “thwart the aims and efforts of the BPP in their attempt to solicit money from socially prominent groups…”

Unable to raise bail, Dhoruba Bin Wahad spent the next year incarcerated. The FBI continued to target BPP community programs. For example, the FBI pressured several churches not to institute the BPP’s Free Breakfast for Children Program at their parishes. In September, 1969, an NYPD BSS representative told the FBI that the BPP was disintegrating in New York.

J Edgar Hoover

By March of 1970, the BPP had raised enough money to post bail for the most articulate leaders and chose Mr. Bin Wahad for release. The FBI ordered that he be immediately and continuously surveilled and that donors of bail money be identified. Director J Edgar Hoover reminded his New York Office that the activities of Panther 21 defendants were of “vital interest” to the “Seat of Government“.

Through their warrantless wiretaps of BPP offices and residences, the FBI became aware in May 1970 of dissatisfaction among New York BPP members, including Bin Wahad, with West Coast BPP members. A COINTELPRO operation prepared by the New Haven Field Office and submitted to the FBI’s New York Office consisted of an FBI-fabricated note wherein Bin Wahad accused BPP leader Robert Bay of being an informant. This successful operation resulted in Dhoruba Bin Wahad’s demotion within the BPP.

Aware of his disillusionment, the FBI disseminated information regarding BPP strife to the media and participated in a plan to either recruit Bin Wahad as an informant or have BPP members believe he was an agent for the FBI.


Huey Newton

Huey Newton

In August 1970, BPP leader Huey P. Newton was released from prison. A plethora of counterintelligence actions followed which sought to make Newton suspicious of fellow BPP members, particularly those, like the Bin Wahad, who were on the East Coast.

By early 1971, the plan bore fruit. On January 28, 1971, FBI Director Hoover reported that Newton had become increasingly paranoid and had expelled several loyal BPP members: Newton responds violently…The Bureau feels that this near hysterical reaction by the egotistical Newton is triggered by any criticism of his activities, policies or leadership qualities and some of this criticism undoubtedly is result of our counterintelligence projects now in operation. This operation was enormously successful, resulting in a split within the BPP with violent repercussions.

Fred Bennett (Its About Time Archives)

Fred Bennett (It’s About Time Archives)

In early January 1971, Fred Bennett, a BPP member affiliated with the New York chapter, was shot and killed, allegedly by Newton supporters. Newton came to believe that Bin Wahad was plotting to kill him. Bin Wahad, in turn, was told by Connie Matthews, Newton’s secretary, that Newton was planning to have Bin Wahad and Panther 21 co-defendants Edward Joseph and Michael Tabor killed during Newton’s upcoming East Coast speaking tour. As a result of the split and fearing for his life, Bin Wahad, along with Tabor and Joseph, were forced to flee during the Panther 21 trial.

Afeni Shakur, a Panther 21 codefendant of Bin-Wahad and pregnant with Tupac Shakur declined to go underground with her comrades. On May 13, 1971, the Panther 21, including Dhoruba Bin Wahad, were acquitted of all charges in the less than one hour of jury deliberations, following what was at that time the longest trial in New York City history.

BSS Detective Edwin Cooper begrudgingly reported to defendant Michael Codd that the case “was not proven to the jury’s satisfaction.” Alarmed and embarrassed by the acquittal, Director Hoover ordered an “intensification” of the investigations of acquitted Panther 21 members with special emphasis on those, like Bin Wahad, who had become fugitives.

On May 19, 1971, NYPD Officers Thomas Curry and Nicholas Binetti were shot on Riverside Drive in Manhattan. Two nights later, two other officers, Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini, were shot and killed in Harlem. In separate communiques delivered to the media, the Black Liberation Army claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Immediately after these shootings, the FBI initiated the investigation of these incidents, called “Newkill,” as an extension of their long-standing program against the BPP. Before any evidence had been collected, BPP members, in particular those acquitted in the Panther 21 case, were targeted as suspects.

Hoover instructed the New York Office to consider [the] possibility that both attacks may be result of revenge taken against NYC police by the Black Panther Party (BPP) as a result of its arrest of BPP members in April, 1969 [i.e. the Panther 21 case].

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon

On May 26, 1971, J. Edgar Hoover met with then President Richard Nixon who told Hoover that he wanted to make sure that the FBI did not “pull any punches in going all out in gathering information…on the situation in New York.”

Hoover informed his subordinates that Nixon’s interest and the FBI’s involvement were to be kept strictly confidential.”Newkill” was a joint FBI/NYPD operation involving total cooperation and sharing of information. The FBI made all its facilities and resources, including its laboratory, available to the NYPD. In turn, NYPD Chief of Detectives Albert Seedman, who coordinated the NYPD’s investigation, ordered his subordinates to give the FBI “all available information developed to date, as well as in future investigations.”

On June 5, 1971, Bin Wahad was arrested during a BLA raid of a Bronx after hours “social club“, a NYPD protected after-hours “social” club for local drug merchants. Seized from inside the social club was a .45 caliber machine gun.

Although the initial ballistics test on the weapon failed to link it with the Curry-Binetti shooting, the NYPD publicly declared they had seized the weapon used in May 19. The NYPD now had in custody a well-known and vocal Black Panther leader and the alleged weapon linked to a police shooting.

His prosecution and conviction would both neutralize an effective leader and justify the failed Panther 21 case. But there was no direct evidence linking Bin Wahad to the May 19th or May 22nd police shootings.

Pauline Joseph, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic first introduced to Bin-Wahad by Edward Jamal Josesph (no family relation) became the State prosecution’s star witness. Ms. Joseph first surfaced when she made a phone call to the NYPD on June 12, 1971, supplying her name and address and stating that Bin Wahad and Edward Joseph (a Panther 21 defendant who also jumped bail with Bin Wahad) were innocent of the Curry-Binetti shooting.

She told the police that Bin Wahad “did not do it, either the Riverside Drive [Curry-Binetti] shooting or the 32nd precinct [Piagentini-Jones] shooting…” The first person to arrive at Ms. Joseph’s apartment was NYPD Lieutenant Kenneth Sauer, the head of the 24th precinct detective squad.

Contrary to her subsequent testimony at trial, Ms. Joseph continued initially to state that Bin Wahad was innocent of the Curry-Binetti shooting. Later that day she was interviewed by BSS Detective Edwin Cooper. Joseph repeated that Bin Wahad was innocent. Ms. Joseph was arrested, and committed as a material witness.

For nearly two years she remained in the exclusive custody of the New York County District Attorney?s Office. She was repeatedly interviewed by state and federal authorities. Ms. Joseph, while in the custody of the District Attorney, was recruited as a “racial informant” for the FBI. She was paid for her services and housed first in a hotel and then in a furnished apartment, paid for by the District Attorney. Pauline Joseph, despite her diagnosis as a paranoid schizophrenic, became the prosecution’s star witness in the case.

Dhoruba Bin Wahad was indicted for the attempted murder of Officers Curry and Binetti on July 30, 1971. Although the NYPD and FBI continuously interviewed Ms. Joseph, and prepared written memoranda of those interviews, the Assistant District Attorney represented that, except for a one paragraph statement made on the night of her commitment and her grand jury testimony, there were no prior statements.

The text of Ms. Joseph’s initial phone call was withheld by the prosecution through two trials. No notes of memoranda of the initial, exculpatory interviews by Lieutenant Sauer and Detective Cooper were ever provided to Bin Wahad. Neither were reports of subsequent interviews during the two years she was in custody.

cointelpro stringsAfter three trials, Dhoruba Bin Wahad was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced by Justice Martinez to the maximum penalty of 25 years to life in prison. Years later, In December 1975, after learning of Congressional hearings which disclosed the FBI’s covert operations against the BPP, Dhoruba Bin Wahad filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court, charging that he had been the victim of numerous illegal and unconstitutional actions designed to “neutralize” him, including the frame-up in the Curry-Binetti case.

In 1980, after documents with Bin-Wahad’s name on them turned up in the Fred Hampton law suit against the Chicago Police Department and FBI, the FBI and NYPD were ordered by Federal Judge Mary Johnson Lowe (the first Back Woman appointed to the Federal Bench, and a former member of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund legal team that won 1954 Brown v Board of Education decision that struck down the Separate But Equal standard of segregation) to produce their massive files on Mr. Bin Wahad and the BPP, that they had claimed did not exist.

The FBI and NYPD documents revealed that Mr. Bin Wahad was indeed a target of FBI/NYPD covert operations and, for the first time, depicted the FBI’s intimate involvement in the Curry-Binetti investigation. The “Newkill” file, which was finally produced in unredacted form in 1987, after 12 years of litigation, contained numerous reports which should have been provided to Dhoruba Bin Wahad during his trial.

In a decision announced December 20, 1992, Justice Bruce Allen of the New York State Supreme Court ordered a new trial. The court exhaustively analyzed the prosecution’s circumstantial case, particularly the testimony of Pauline Joseph. The court found that the inconsistencies and omissions in the prior statements contradicted testimony “crucial to establishing the People’s theory of the case“.

The inconsistencies, said the Court “went beyond mere details” and involve “what one would expect to have been the most memorable aspects of [the night of the shooting]”.

On January 19, 1995, the District Attorney moved to dismiss the indictment, acknowledging that they could not prove their case. The indictment was dismissed. After more than 20 years in prison, Mr. Bin Wahad is at liberty today, residing in Accra, Ghana.

Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur

The COINTELPRO off-shoot “Newkill” and later “Chesrob” (an FBI acronym named after Assata Shakur, aka Joanne Chesimard) had other targets as well. Members of the Black Panther Party forced underground by Cointelpro-instigated violence were hunted down by local and federal law enforcement officials.

In the three years after the 1971 BPP split, BPP members, Harold Russsel, Woody Green, Twyman Meyers and Zayd Shakur were killed during confrontations with law enforcement. Others were captured and charged with crimes. All were tried at a time when the public (and juries) knew nothing of COINTELPRO.

During these trials, as in the trials of Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Geronimo Pratt, exculpatory evidence was withheld and other violations of the United States Constitution were committed. However, post-conviction motions on behalf of these former BPP members were unsuccessful and they remain in prison today. They include Anthony Jalil Bottom, Herman Bell, Robert Seth Hayes, Sundiata Acoli, Abdul Majid.. Two of these former BPP members died while in prison: Albert Nuh Washington in 2000 and Teddy Jah Heath in 2001. Both spent over 25 years in prison but were denied compassionate release even in their last days.

Why Racial Justice Always Hung in the Balance

Although COINTELPRO was first exposed during the Watergate period, and incomparably more serious than anything charged against Nixon, it was virtually ignored by the national press and journals of opinion. A review of these programs demonstrates the relative insignificance of the charges raised against Nixon and his associates, specifically, the charges presented in the Congressional Articles of Impeachment.

In the early 1970s, there occurred a seemingly endless series of revelations about governmental transgressions. A “credibility gap” was engendered by the federal executive branch having been caught lying too many times, too red-handedly and over too many years in its efforts to dupe the public into supporting the U.S. war in Southeast Asia.

Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg

This had reached epic proportions when Daniel Ellsberg leaked the “Pentagon Papers,” a highly secret government documentary history of official duplicity by which America had become embroiled in Indochina, and caused particularly sensitive excerpts to be published in the New York Times.

Then on March 8, 1971, a group calling itself the Citizen’s Commission to Investigate the FBI, broke into an FBI office in a small town called Media, Pennsylvania. They subjected the FBI to what the FBI has been habitually subjecting political dissidents to throughout the course of its history. That is, in Bureau parlance, a black bag job. The information they obtained was widely distributed through left and peace movement channels, and summarized the following week in the Washington Post.

An analysis of the documents in this FBI office revealed that 1 percent were devoted to organized crime, mostly gambling; 30 percent were “manuals, routine forms, and similar procedural matter”; 40 percent were devoted to political surveillance and the like, including two cases involving right-wing groups, ten concerning immigrants, and over 200 on left or liberal groups.

Another 14 percent of the documents concerned draft resistance and “leaving the military without government permission.” The remainder – only 15% – concerned bank robberies, murder, rape, and interstate theft.

Among the 34 cases [of infiltration] for which some information is available, 11 involved white campus groups, 11, predominantly white peace groups and/or economic groups; 10, black and Chicano groups; and two right-wing groups.”

Furthermore, “in two-thirds of the 34 cases considered here, the specious activists appear to have gone beyond passive information gathering to active provocation.”

One year later, the political scandal known as Watergate began to unravel, when five men were arrested for breaking into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, located in the Watergate apartment and office complex in Washington, D.C. It was soon discovered that one of the men was employed by the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP or CREEP) and that the break-in had been planned by two others with close ties to the White House.

In this peculiar and potentially volatile set of circumstances, a government-wide effort was undertaken to convince the public that its institutions were fundamentally sound, albeit in need of fine-tuning and a bit of housecleaning. It was immediately announced that U.S. ground forces would be withdrawn from Vietnam as rapidly as possible. Televised congressional hearings were staged to “get to the bottom of Watergate,” a spectacle which soon led to the resignations of a number of Nixon officials, the brief imprisonment of a few of them, and the eventual resignation of the president himself.

Nixon ResignsThe ousting of Richard Nixon for his misdeeds on August 9, 1974 was described in the nation’s press as “a stunning vindication of our constitutional system.” Yet the Watergate affair — allegedly the media’s finest hour — merely demonstrated their continued subservience to power and official ideology. Until the dust had settled over Watergate, there was virtually no mention of the government programs of violence and disruption or comment concerning them, and even after the Watergate affair was successfully concluded, there has been only occasional discussion.

Beginning in 1974, the Senate held hearings to investigate COINTELPRO and other intelligence agency abuses. No other congressional investigation into these types of matters has been so extensive, either before or since. The Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, commonly known as the Church committee, after Chairman Frank Church, produced a extensive series of reports entitled, “Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans,” encompassing not only COINTELPRO, but also a wide variety of other subjects, including electronic surveillance by the National Security Agency, domestic CIA mail opening programs, the misuse of the IRS, the assassination of President Kennedy, covert actions abroad, assassination plots involving foreign leaders, and various topics related to military intelligence.

The Church Committee found that COINTELPRO, presumably set up to protect national security and prevent violence, actually engaged in other actions “which had no conceivable rational relationship to either national security or violent activity. The unexpressed major premise of much of COINTELPRO is that the Bureau has a role in maintaining the existing social order, and that its efforts should be aimed toward “combating those who threaten that order.”

This meant that the Bureau would take actions against individuals and organizations simply because they were critical of government policy. The Church committee report gives examples of such actions, violations of the right of free speech and association, where the FBI targeted people because they opposed U.S. foreign policy, or criticized the Chicago police actions at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Reverend Dr Martin Luther King came from a long line of Black preachers who represented Prophetic Teachings

Reverend Dr Martin Luther King

The documents assembled by the Church committee “compel the conclusion that Federal law enforcement officers looked upon themselves as guardians of the status quo” and cite the surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King Jr. as an example of this. With regard to COINTELPRO, the Church committee’s report was based, it says, on a staff study of more than 20,000 pages of Bureau documents, and included depositions of many of the Bureau agents involved in the programs.

The FBI eventually acknowledged having conducted 2,218 separate COINTELPRO actions from mid-1956 through mid-1974. These, the bureau conceded, were undertaken in conjunction with other significant illegalities: 2,305 warrantless telephone taps, 697 buggings, and the opening of 57,846 pieces of mail.

This itemization, although an indicator of the magnitude and extent of FBI criminality, was far from complete. The counterintelligence campaign against the Puerto Rican independence movement was not mentioned at all, while whole categories of operational techniques – assassinations, for example, and obtaining false convictions against key activists – were not divulged with respect to the rest. There is solid evidence that other sorts of illegality were downplayed as well.

The FBI’s quid pro quo for cooperating in this charade seems to have been that none of its agents would actually see the inside of a prison as a result of the “excesses” thereby revealed. The result was that”The Justice Department has decided not to prosecute anyone in connection with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 15-year campaign to disrupt the activities of suspected subversive organizations.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.34.00 AM

J. Stanley Pottinger

J. Stanley Pottinger, head of the Civil Rights Division, reported to the attorney general that he had found “no basis for criminal charges against any particular individuals involving particular incidents.” The director of the FBI also made clear that he saw nothing particularly serious in the revelations of the Church and Pike Committees. There is as yet no public record or evidence of any systematic investigation of these practices.

The press paid little heed to the record that was being exposed during the Watergate period and even since has generally ignored the more serious cases and failed to present anything remotely resembling an accurate picture of the full record and what it implies. The object of all this muscle-flexing was, of course, to create a perception that Congress had finally gotten tough, placing itself in a position to administer appropriate oversight of the FBI.It followed that citizens had no further reason to worry over what the Bureau was doing at that very moment, or what it might do in the future.

In 1975 the Senate Select Committee concluded that in order to complete its (re)building of the required public impression, it might be necessary to risk going beyond exploration of the Bureau’s past counterintelligence practices and explore ongoing (i.e.: ostensibly post-COINTELPRO) FBI conduct vis a vis political activists. Specifically at issue in this connection was what was even then being done to the American Indian Movement, and hearings were scheduled to begin in July. But this is where the Bureau, which had been reluctantly going along up to that point, drew the line.

The hearings never happened. Instead, they were “indefinitely postponed” in late June of 1975, at the direct request of the FBI. 133The Church committee cites the testimony of FBI director Clarence M. Kelley as indication that even after the official end of COINTELPRO, “faced with sufficient threat..

written By Dhoruba Bin Wahad

Where is Kamala Harris on this Mario Woods Killing?

Davey-D-purple-frameIn the wake of last week’s brutal police execution of Mario Woods by San Francisco police in Bayview Hunters Point, many are asking where is California State Attorney General Kamala Harris?

She was elected with the hope and expectation, naive as it may be, that she of all people would be out there weighing in and demanding justice for Mario. The hope and expectation was not only would she be sympathetic, but legislatively effective and politically impactful to issues of concern from the communities that backed her. In this case the issue front and center for many in California is police terrorism.

Shelly Tatum addressing the capacity crowd at Shipwreck

Shelly Tatum addressing the capacity crowd at Shipwreck

Kamala got her political jump off in the Bayview as was noted last week by her good friend and long time SF activist and promoter Shelly Tatum. He stood before a standing room only crowd of more than 500 people inside the St Paul of the Shipwreck Church and talked about how before anyone really knew who Kamala was, she had reached out to his family for help.

Tatum talked fondly of Harris. He talked about how he saw her go from assistant district attorney in Oakland to two term district attorney of San Francisco of San Francisco to two term state Attorney general of California. She is perched to replace out going US Senator Barbara Boxer. “She was someone to believe in”, he noted.

Gwendolyn Woods

Gwendolyn Woods

Shelly told, Mario’s grieving mother Gwendolyn Woods, what took place was beyond egregious. He added, that he had never asked Kamala for any favors but promised he would personally call her and press her to get involved with this case.

Tatum then turned to the audience and somberly stated: “Kamala, I say this to you. I love you. We love you. Bayview Hunter’s Point, the Black community of San Francisco, helped get you to where you are today… and today, we need you.”

He then asked the capacity crowd to repeat loudly in unison: “Kamala Harris!…. We need you today!”.

Kevin Epps

Kevin Epps

In the days that followed we seen and heard a number of other prominent folks from the Bayview public call for Harris to step up including ‘Straight Outta Hunter’s Point’ film maker Kevin Epps as well as Minister Christopher Muhammad of Mosque 26. He is on widely circulated video calling for Chief Greg Suhr to his face to step down and calling for Kamala Harris to get involved.  Sadly Harris has thus far been pretty much absent from the fight.


Now in the past, people have given Kamala  Harris a bit of a pass when she was running for State Attorney General where she would replace then outgoing Jerry Brown who is now our governor. People figured they’d hold back and not upset the proverbial apple cart so she could get into the top position and then make moves. Once she became State Attorney General, instead of going hard on police accountability, Harris has been currying favor with police unions.

Here’s a breakdown on this…


kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Back in January of this year (2015) during her inauguration Kamala Harris  pledged to do a series of reforms to help restore trust between police and communities of color. She gave the usual line of calling for more sensitivity training, pushing body cameras and insisting on community policing.

She completely sidetracked the main police accountability measure that has been vigorously pushed up and down the state by damn near every organization fighting for police reform which is special prosecutors in cases of police shootings. Folks have been crystal clear, that the day to day relationship local prosecutors have with police puts victims of police terrorism at a severe disadvantage. There’s an inherent conflict of interest.

This conflict was glaring during the Oscar Grant case back in 2009. Many forget that in the beginning Alameda County prosecutor Tom Orloff refused to investigate, much less charge BART cop Johannes Mehersle. I was present when over 100 black ministers, elected leaders and community activists came to his office on the morning of Grant’s funeral and demanded he step up and press charges on Mehersle.

At first Orloff refused to meet, with folks.  Alameda County supervisor Keith Carson convinced him otherwise. He then tried to hand pick two or three people to speak with and that was rejected by the crowd at hand. Finally everyone piled into his conference room where he dragged his feet and made no commitment to go after Grant’s killer


It was only after intense political pressure both locally and nationally that Orloff finally pressed charges. It was an unusual move but resulted in a conviction. That was the first time that had happened in California history. Mehesrle was due to get 14 years, but the pro-cop judge Robert Perry down in LA where the trial was moved, vacated 10 years, claiming he ‘made a mistake’.

With regards to district attorneys  we’ve seen time and time again from place to place, a reluctance for prosecutors to go after ‘killer cops’. From Ferguson to Staten Island to Cleveland to LA, to Houston to Chicago and beyond, the bonds between cops and DAs are too strong. Their political ties are even stronger.

We saw those strong political ties in Ferguson in the case around Mike Brown and DA Bob McCulloch.  We’ve seen this playing out in Cleveland around the Tamir Rice case with DA Timothy J. McGinty.


RIP Andy Lopez

Andy Lopez

Here in the Bay Area, we witnessed how the political interests of district attorney Jill Ravitch and Sonoma County sheriffs trounced over justice around the case of Andy Lopez.

For those who are unaware, in October of 2013, 13-year-old Andy Lopez was gunned down in Santa Rosa, California by a Sonoma County deputy sheriff named Erick Gelhaus as he was walking in field to return a toy gun that a friend had left at his home.

The field Andy was walking by was a well known spot where neighborhoods kids frequently do target practice with their pellet guns. It’s the same field where they hold pellet gun and paint ball leagues. In short holding an Airsoft rifle like the one Andy was holding, was not an unusual site in Santa Rosa.

Erick Gelhaus

Erick Gelhaus

Gelhaus upon seeing Lopez claims he thought the gun was real because it didn’t have an orange tip. He drove his patrol car up behind him and told the kid to stop. As Lopez turned around, the officer claimed he ‘feared for his life’ and shot him 7-10 times. Month’s earlier, Deputy Gelhaus had penned an article in a police trade publication instructing officers how they can clear themselves of wrongful shootings especially if it involves toy guns…

The shooting set off 60 days of protests in Santa Rosa, led mostly by Lopez’s middle school classmates who were devastated at the loss of the popular student. It was 54th killing in 10 years in that area with the Brown/Latino community being disproportionately on the receiving end of many of those deaths. They had enough and pushed the for the DA Jill Ravitch to press charges. Initially she stalled on making a decision and then she flat out refused.

Santa Rosa DA Jill Ravitch

Santa Rosa DA Jill Ravitch

It was revealed there was this political relationship between the sheriff and Jill Ravitch, meaning they were both campaigning and pushing for each others respective re-election bids and attending each others fundraisers. In fact the sheriff directly contributed to Ravitch’s campaign…

According to Civil Rights lawyer Jon Melrod who was key organizer around the Justice for Andy Lopez efforts, numerous calls were placed over and over asking for Kamala Harris to intervene. The community called for an independent special prosecutor to eliminate what they perceived as conflict of interest.. Those calls were met with deafening silence.


Kamala HarrisMany figured Kamala who was gearing up for the 2014 re-election was trying to stay above the fray and not piss off California police unions whose endorsement she wanted but did not actually need. Many forget that in her first election, most police unions in Cali got behind her opponent and she still won.

Police were upset with Harris and avoided endorsing her because as San Francisco district attorney she refused to seek the death penalty against David Hill a man from the Bayview who was accused of killing police officer Isaac Espinoza back in 2005. They held that against her in 2010 when she first ran for State Attorney General.  This time as she is running for US Senate, she wanted police union support in hand. This is important to note and here’s why …

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

In January of 2015 around the same time Kamala announced her package of police reform proposals, Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty proposed bill AB 86 the Peace Officers: Department of Justice: independent Investigation bill. Basically his bill would mandate that the Attorney General’s office would review and handle all police shootings. This is what folks had been fighting for all these years. The California Peace Officers’ Association opposed the bill before it even hit committee.

Kamala side stepped it and by publicly stating she is ‘philosophically disinclined to take away the discretion of local elected officials’. In short,  lets keep the status quo and lets not piss off the police unions.

One month after stating her position the Los Angeles Police Protective League came out and endorsed her bid for US Senate. Many political pundits feel that move derailed any chance of former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who was threatening to challenge Harris in her Senatorial bid to jump into the race. Read about that HERE- http://lat.ms/1R9Ukzz

More police unions are expected to line up behind Harris as the latest newspaper headlines detail her opening up campaign offices on Sacramento K Street, the Democratic Party expressing concern that she is spending too much money on her campaign and medical marijuana clubs throwing weight behind her republican opponent because she is distancing herself from them.  What we have not seen or heard publicly is Kamala Harris weigh in the Mario Woods killing. See for yourself HERE- http://bit.ly/1R9UcAf

She hasn’t even weighed in on the recent major 5 part expose by the UK Guardian that shows the most dangerous police department in all the US is located here in Cali’s Kern County. What routinely takes place here is heart wrenching. 13 people have been killed by police in 2015. 79 have been killed since 2005. The expose has been met with stone walled silence Read about that HERE-http://bit.ly/1jO27oa

Robert Murray

Robert Murray

Perhaps we should not be surprised when you consider that Kamala Harris has a rather interesting relationship with law enforcement in that county. Earlier this year Kern County deputy prosecutor Robert Murray admitted to falsifying a confession transcript that he provided to a defense attorney during plea negotiations.

The false confession would’ve sent the defendant away for life. When this false confession was realized, the judge threw out the case and Murray was facing possible suspension from the state bar.

In this particular case,  Kamala Harris did intervene. She stated to the appeals court that the prosecutor’s actions were “not outrageous” and that only physical abuse would warrant the dismissal of the charges. Yes indeed she said that. The courts rejected her arguments. You can read about that HERE- http://bit.ly/1SO2gnK


Kamala HarrisKamala Harris in her political ascent has attempted to remain above the frey and absent from some very important fights. Her absence leads one to wonder, what good is it to have Black and Brown faces in high places if they are not going to step in and change the game when the community needs them most?

Harris has the power to change the game right now as state Attorney General, not as US Senator where she has to obtain favorable votes from the majority of 49 other senators to get a bill passed. As AG she can jump into controversial cases where the community is crying out and level the playing field.

When running for her current position, Kamala Harris said she was there to protect the most vulnerable and voiceless people. From Santa Rosa, to Kern County and now the Bayview, vulnerable people are crying out.  We should not forget that vulnerable and voiceless people came out for her big time in 4 major elections. There is no doubt Kamala is expecting folks to come out and generously support her bid for Senate. When will Kamala come out for them is the 64k question?

PS Today Dec 9th 2015, The SFPD Police union has just come out backing the actions of the officers who executed Mario Woods..Will Kamala  back the unions or the people who voted for her??

written by

Davey D

People are urged to call or write to Kamala Harris Let her know the following

The San Francisco Police Department has lost our confidence after the shooting death, recorded on video, of Mario Woods. We demand that California Attorney General Kamala Harris immediately appoint a special prosecutor in this case. The San Francisco Police Department cannot police itself.” How’s that?

Attorney General’s Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550. Public Inquiry Unit
Voice: (916) 322-3360 or
(Toll-free in California)
(800) 952-5225
Fax: (916) 323-5341.
Email contact form: https://oag.ca.gov/consumers



Trump, Political Rhetoric and the Death of My Father

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

When Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump spews his openly bigoted, anti-Muslim nonsense, it makes great headlines, drums up support from the most racist elements of his base and gives newsrooms something to lead with.  As he rises in the polls and raises funds, and as TV ratings increase, newspapers sell and sites get more clicks, real life consequences happen.  The FBI recently released its annual Hate Crime Statistics Report and according to those figures the number of hate crimes overall fell in 2014 from the previous year – except when it came to the Muslim community.  Anti-Muslim incidents rose and one can only imagine what the final results for 2015 will be.

Since the tragic Paris attacks, there is yet again an increase in Muslim backlash; everything from attacks on women wearing hijabs to gunshots at a family’s home, to vandalism, to a cab driver shot on Thanksgiving day, to threats and even armed gunman protesting outside mosques.  But in addition to these horrendous acts, what doesn’t get any attention at all is the many ways in which both the overt and subliminal messaging of anti-Muslim rhetoric has seeped into the American psyche and created ingrained biases that can be just as dangerous as hate crimes – and yes, even deadly.

In 2005, my father was exiting a grocery store in the small, conservative suburb of Bordentown, New Jersey when he was hit by a car.  He flew back several feet and when he hit the ground, he sustained massive head trauma, hemorrhaging and started losing his ability to speak.  As he lay there struggling, suffering from internal bleeding and holding on for dear life, he tried to communicate but was having difficulties according to witnesses I found on my own.

When the police and EMTs arrived on the scene, instead of thinking that some of his neurological functions may have been impacted by the force of the head injury, they assumed my father could not speak English.  They put a ‘language barrier’ in their report – though he had been in this country since before I was born.  He was sent to a non-trauma hospital despite the fact that a trauma center was virtually the same distance away.  He didn’t get transferred to a trauma facility until five hours later; by that time he fell into a coma, and he died three days later.

I was the first one to arrive at the non-trauma medical facility and I watched as he lay there coughing and throwing up blood from his internal injuries, and I basically heard his last words as he asked me “what happened?”, and I asked if he was in pain.  Even uttering those few words were difficult for him and it took several attempts.  After that moment, he stared into my eyes for about 30 seconds without speaking, almost to silently convey ‘take care of the family’.  He then closed his eyes and would never open them again.  When he was finally transferred to a trauma hospital I followed the ambulance the entire way as my mother sat with the EMTs; neither one of us would be able to communicate with him again.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.56.41 AMAs my family and I dealt with the immense sudden loss of a loved one, it became apparent just how much disregard was given to my father’s life and wellbeing.  The Bordentown Township police department would not return phone calls as we searched for clarity as to what exactly happened.  My uncle and I found witnesses on our own who told us that cops refused their statements and failed to include them in their report even though they were willing to go on the record.

The final police report in fact only included one witness, and we later discovered that the driver was never even checked for drugs or alcohol.  One officer openly admitted to me that he knew the driver, and several weeks later we learned that the incident was never even reported to the DMV.  The police also went to this driver’s home (on a date after the accident) and allowed her to write a hand-written statement of her version of what happened as they continued to not return our phone calls.  The Chief-of-Police (who also never called the family) made comments to a local paper stating that it was just “an unfortunate accident” and speculated that the driver couldn’t have been going more than five miles per hour – even though the witnesses we found painted a very different picture.

I had the county re-open the case, tried contacting the attorney general, various organizations, news outlets and anything I could think of.  A reporter from NBC did come to one of our court hearings and literally had tears in her eyes as she told my mother and I that they treated us like we were the criminals and not the victims in that courtroom.  Unfortunately, her piece never aired.

Throughout the entire ordeal, it was clear that the authorities thought they could just sweep this under the rug, and had no regard for my father’s welfare and instead treated him as some sort of an inconvenience on that fateful March day 10 years ago.  I attempted to get justice for him any way I could think of, but sadly, I was limited in what I could do.  In the end, the individual who killed him got a careless driving ticket (which was dated almost a month from the incident) and paid $200 some dollars in court; meanwhile my siblings and I lost our father forever.  Though we later pursued a civil suit, it dragged on for so many years that my mother eventually settled for a woefully unjust amount, but not before she lost her house.

I wrote about my dad’s death in the context of the immigration debate several years ago, but felt compelled to do so again because the issues are connected:  the juxtaposing of certain groups as ‘other’.  Could we prove in a court of law that the police and EMTs had ingrained biases against Muslims?  Could we prove that they just looked at his name/ID and thought ‘oh who cares, he’s probably a terrorist’, let’s just send him wherever?  Could we prove that there was such negligence and shoddy police work on this case because they really didn’t care what happened to this ‘immigrant’?  Of course not.  But during the Bush era of ‘us vs. them’, was the climate anti-Muslim?  Absolutely.  When daily messages of Muslims as terrorists inundated the news cycle and in pop culture, the probability that such sentiments soaked into the minds of many Americans is almost certain.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.58.27 AMToday, when anti-Muslim rhetoric is so vile and so unbelievably outrageous from so-called candidates like Trump, what kind of environment are we creating?  He may be playing on people’s fears, anger – and yes, ignorance – but his political game is creating a society where Islam and Muslims are increasingly viewed negatively and where a backlash against them or an indifference for their wellbeing is deemed acceptable in the mainstream.  The following is from a recent Washington Post piece:

“A majority of Americans (56%) say the values of Islam are at odds with American values and way of life – an uptick in recent years… And in the absence of people they know — and perhaps like — who are Muslim, Americans’ perceptions of what it means to be one could remain negative for as long as the headlines are.”

For people like Trump, it may just be savvy politics, but for a religious minority (and those perceived as Muslim), he is creating an extremely toxic atmosphere.  The FBI’s own stats show a rise in Muslim hate crimes, and everyone knows that those figures are under reported.  But what is impossible to track are the implicit, deep-seated preconceptions that a person may possess – and those can have just as deadly results as was the case a decade ago when my father’s trip to the grocery store turned into an unimaginable tragedy.

Words, after all, have very real consequences.

written by freelance Journalist Nida Khan

Follow her on twitter @NidaKhanNY


Did the Police ‘Fear for their Lives’ in Colorado Springs?

Davey-D-brown-frameToday was a tragic day as a number of innocent people were shot killed and injured at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. The circumstances surrounding this raises alot of questions..

Earlier this week we saw a video of police in Chicago shooting a 17 year old teen 16 times as walked away from police with a small pocket knife. The incident happened last year in 2014 and was hidden from the public.. The claim was made then and even now via the police union and the lawyer of police officer Jason Van Dyke that he ‘feared for his life’ and hence had no choice but to shoot and kill Laquan McDonald.

Two weeks ago in the city of Oakland, 39 year old Richard Perkins was gunned down by police who were doing paperwork as they investigated sideshow activities. For those who live outside the Bay Area, sideshows are when drivers gather and do illegal maneuver like spins and donuts. On this particular evening, over 200 cars and motorcycles were involved…

Richard Perkins

Richard Perkins

According to Oakland police, Perkins was not involved with the sideshow or wanted for any sort of criminal activity. Nevertheless, OPD says he walked up on 3 rookie officers and a veteran sergeant and pointed his a toy gun at them. The officers said they ‘feared for their lives‘ and shot him dead..They say it was a case of suicide by cops. Witnesses on the scene see it differently. Perkins was the 5th Black man killed by Oakland police this year and the 1000th killed by police nationwide.

demouria HoggEarlier this year Oakland police killed their first civilian in 2 years when they attempted to wake up a sleeping man named Demouria Hogg who was passed out in his car. Police broke a back window and shot bean bags in the back off the car, Hogg remained unresponsive. Instead of waiting it out, OPD who had been on the scene for less than an hour, gathered up more than a dozen officers to swarm the car.

According to OPD, a startled Hogg finally woke up and reached for a gun. Police said they feared for their life and had no choice but to shoot him…

A couple of weeks ago Minneapolis police responded to a domestic violence call involving 24 year old Jamar Clark. According to their reports, Clark interfered with EMT workers trying to help the victim.. Police claimed they feared for their lives when Clark supposedly attempted to grab one of the officer’s gun and thus they shot him. Witness after witness noted that Clark was handcuffed when these fearful police shot him..

Jamar Clark

Jamar Clark

The Clark case is interesting because it led to nightly protest in front of the 4th Ave precinct police station.. In fact people camped out in front of the station. It was here that protesters were confronted by armed white supremacist wearing bullet proof vests who showed up on several occasions to intimidate them. In some instances, the white supremacist live streamed their aggressive antics. The last encounter ended with the white supremacist shooting 5 Black Lives Members protesters who were all unarmed.. The Minneapolis didn’t seem to fear the gun play in front of their door steps when it was white supremacist kicking up dust.. 3 were arrested and lived to tell the tale.

Andy Loipez

Andy Lopez

We can go on and on citing case after case.. From D.J. Henry to Kenneth Chamberlain Sr to Kenneth Harding to 13-year-old Andy Lopez to 12-year-old Tamir Rice to 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley Jones to Yanira Serrano-Garcia to Kayla Moore to Akai Gurley to Alex Nieto to Rekia Boyd…. police in every one of these cases claimed they ‘feared for their lives‘..

Somehow today in Colorado Springs a man named Richard Lewis Dear, who killed 3 people including a police officer and held them off for 6 hours before he was taken away alive and well. How does that happen??

Richard Lewis Dear

Richard Lewis Dear

Am I saying this brutal killer who committed what many feel was an act of terrorism should’ve been killed?? No, what’s being pointed out is that with all resources, training and most importantly, discretion and public trust given to police officers, they can and in many cases find ways to bring in a suspect without unloading their guns, talking about they ‘feared for their lives’…

During the press conference held after his capture,, it was noted that police spent considerable time reaching out, making contact and talking the gunman down. This is what many of us would say is ‘good police work’.

Now the public can see what was behind this act of terror. Was the person an out of control sadistic killer, someone with mental challenges or someone who was part of a larger operation designed to wreck havoc??

Again, here we have man who actually killed a cop and injured several others. He was not playing and clearly intended to kill… Such was not the case in the cases of aforementioned victims of police terror, yet they all wound up dead by highly trained officers with a sadistic police union and complicit, sensationalistic, butt kissing corporate media claiming that the victims were somehow at fault. The reasons given for Black and Brown people being killed by police are:

1-They didn’t follow police instructions. Just listen to the police is the mantra, even when some are mentally challenged and were suffering from episodes related to their mental condition, emotionally distraught or simply couldn’t hear or understand. We know the shooter in Colorado Springs wasn’t listening yet he got to live..

Tory Russell2-They were dressed like a thugs and thus police have lots to fear because of past situations it was hoodie wearing sagging pants wearing, menacing Black males who killed police. Such notions fly in the face of ‘plain as can see’ evidence that year after year shows the overwhelming number of police killed are done at the hands of white men…

In 2014 they were 50 police officers killed nationwide… 26 of those deaths came at the hands of white men including a number of deliberate ambushes. One was racially motivated where white guys sought to kill a Black officer.

Officers were killed 11 times by Black people and 9 times by Latinos, with half of those killings happening in Puerto Rico where the officer shot was also Latino. I looked up each of those cases myself and read the articles around them.. You can look at the various Officer Down Memorial pages which keep tabs on the number of officers killed.

The 50 shot by police is in sharp contrast to the estimated 1100+ people killed by police in 2014 and the 700+ in 2013 (please note this data is gathered from Killedbypolice.com which started tracking police killings in 2013. In 2013, they were only able to track from May-December). It’s estimated that more than 1000 were killed by police in 2013 if you add in the other months.

March to DOJ Carl Dix3-Black Lives Matter and other groups protesting police accountability are creating an anti-cop atmosphere. When you hear such rhetoric, one is supposed to believe gunmen like the one who attacked this Planned Parenthood clinic did so after watching BLM protests. That’s absolute hogwash.

If you search on line you can see there are scores of militia, biker gangs, Anti-authoritarian and white supremacist groups that call for the elimination of police. In fact if you search on line, you can find a tape of avowed racist and Neo-Nazi head Tom Metzger praising the New Black Panther Party and plainly stating that they all share a common enemy-The Police…

Since we know police are capable of facing the most horrific scenarios from today’s Planned Parenthood shoot out to the recent biker gang massacre and manage to keep suspects alive, then we should push and expect the same treatment when it comes to dealing with people in Black, Brown and poor communities where the acts of aggression are far less dangerous and threatening….

To those who lost their lives today, condolences to their families and may they Rest in Piece..

written by Davey D


Khan: No More Bloodshed (The Paris Attacks)

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

If you listened to many politicians on both the right and left discussing the rise of ISIS (or ISIL) and terrorism at large, you’d think that everything began with 9/11.  Even people like Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – who, let’s remember, voted in favor of the ’03 Iraq War – argues that though she voted incorrectly, terrorism isn’t on the rise simply because of that invasion.  She and other leaders are quick to remind us of the greatest attack on American soil, 9/11.  While no one minimizes the catastrophic brutality of 9/11 and the thousands of American lives lost on that tragic day, it is woefully misleading to act as if we weren’t already entrenched in the Middle East beforehand.  Even something as major as the first Iraq war is somehow left out of context when we discuss civilian deaths, the rise in terrorism and the current global crisis now facing everyone.  ISIS  may have risen out of the instability created after an unnecessary war in ’03, but terrorism was around long before then – as was Western aggression.

Beth Osborne DaponteBloomberg published a piece in ’03 titled ‘Toting the Casualties of War’ (http://ow.ly/UJDGx).  In it, they included an interview with Beth Osborne Daponte, a Commerce Department demographer who in ‘92 publicly contradicted then-Secretary of Defense Cheney on the issue of Iraqi civilian casualties during the first Gulf War, and who was later told she was losing her job (though she fought back).  The piece contains the following passages:

“In all, 40,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed in the conflict, she concluded, putting total Iraqi losses from the war and its aftermath at 158,000, including 86,194 men, 39,612 women, and 32,195 children …. She has since published two studies in scholarly journals about the effects of economic sanctions on Iraqi children, and casualties from the 1991 Gulf War and its aftermath.  Her final estimates were higher than her original ones: 205,500 Iraqis died in the war and postwar period, she believes today.”

War -gulf conflictIt is difficult to wrap one’s mind around those figures.  In ’03, the BBC also published a piece titled “Flashback:  1991 Gulf War” (http://ow.ly/UJC9q) where they state the following:  “Nobody knows how many civilians died in the war, but estimates for civilian deaths as a direct result of the war range from 100,000 to 200,000.”

Whether the figure is in the 100,000s or the 200,000s, it is an atrocious, inexcusable number of deaths.  If we don’t think that these casualties, or casualties from other conflicts like Afghanistan, Iraq ’03 and drone deaths in places like Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere aren’t being utilized as a recruiting tool by groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda and others, then we are simply kidding ourselves.

Paris attacksI want to be perfectly clear that I am in no way ever condoning violence of any kind anywhere, nor justifying horrible acts of terrorism like that which we just witnessed in Paris.  But when events like that most recent tragedy are presented under the banner of “they hate our values”, or “they are unable to assimilate”, or “they hate liberty, freedom and equality”, then we are doing a disservice to both Westerners and the ‘Muslim world’.  We cannot continue to pretend as if these horrid acts are occurring on their own, nor can we shy away from accepting responsibility for the innocent blood that has been shed as a direct result of our actions.

Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France and others have been participating in joint efforts for their mutual interests for years.  Those mutual interests have often been about resources, land and the removal of certain dictators, and sadly, many many innocent civilians have been killed in the process.  There is barely an accounting of those deaths, or even accurate figures available – let alone vigils held across the world.  Are they not human too?  Do we not value their souls?  Were they not simply going about their daily routines when their lives were cut short because larger forces were busy vying for power?

Paris tributesPeople across the planet are grieving and mourning for Paris right now – and rightfully so.  But where is the mourning for victims of the Beirut attack that occurred during the same week?  Or for the victims of so many attacks in places like Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, etc?  Or for the victims of our wars, our efforts to remove leaders when we feel like it and our drone attacks?  We cannot continue to place a higher value on Western lives, and discount the very real suffering of others.  All life is precious.  The sad reality is that the deaths of innocent Muslims doesn’t fit a convenient narrative for the hawks, or some so-called leaders with great political aspirations.  It’s a hell of a lot easier to say “they hate us for our values” then it is to accept responsibility for death, destruction and instability.

Just as groups like ISIS use propaganda of these conflicts to recruit for their evil cult, those always thirsting for war will likely use the Paris tragedy as fuel for more aggression.  And who will be caught in the middle?  More innocent civilians.  Innocent refugees fleeing hell on earth, innocents in Syria or wherever else we increase our presence, and innocent victims of more ISIS attacks both in the Muslim world and in the West.  It is a vicious, ugly cycle that those in power in a host of countries from all ends of the spectrum are benefitting from while the rest of us are duped into a debate about whether or not we should use the term “radical Islam”.

Since the attacks in Paris, we’ve heard GOP hopeful Donald Trump say he’d consider shutting down mosques to fight terrorism and would be in favor of bringing back surveillance of NYC mosques (though it is debatable whether or not that surveillance actually ever ended).  Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have called for ‘boots on the ground’, with Graham suggesting a force of 100,000 troops from a broad coalition of nations of which the U.S would be 10%.  And as for ISIS, they promised more attacks like the horrendous ones that took place in Paris.

Somebody please tell the warmongers, the terrorists and the ones who like to create revisionist history that we are tired of the bs.  No more bloodshed.



written by Nida Khan


Blaming Black Lives Matter for the Fake Killing of Officer Lt Charles Gliniewicz

Davey-D-brown-frameNov 5 2015: People should not lose sight of the fact that when the death of this police officer occurred, you had people like Alex Jones of Info Wars along with police union folks pointing a finger or insinuating the cause of death for veteran Illinois Lt. Charles Gliniewicz on September 1 2015 was because of the Black Lives matter Movement..

We should also note that there as massive manhunt which means the death of this officer brought unwarranted scrutiny on any number of people.. Some of it was direct, a lot of it was probably covert. The initial reports during the massive nationwide manhunt was his walkie-talkie was taken and the so-called culprits were listening in.. This blatant lies leads us to question;  How many emails were looked at? How many activist organizations challenging police violence were infiltrated?How many phone conversations were eavesdropped on??

Lt Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

Lt Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

When all was said and done what we find is that  Lt. Charles Gliniewicz was a crook.. He was stealing money from charity and using it for porn and personal expenses. He then supposedly staged his own death by making it look like he was killed by suspects who committed a robbery. Was this a lone wolf with a ‘troubled past’ or was he the tip of the iceberg of a hornets nest of crooked people working within law enforcement?

Heck how do we know he wasn’t killed by his fellow officers because he stepped on toes or crooked colleagues he worked with weren’t trying to cover up something? Should that be part of the line of questioning we ask especially since initially innocent civilians demanding police accountability were subjected to anger and scorn? Has there been an apology about that??

Instead of protesting film maker Quentin Tarantino for calling cops who murder unarmed people ‘murderers’, perhaps the attention should be focused on ‘the few’ bad apples within the ranks of law enforcement. Lt. Charles Gliniewicz killed himself and for the family and friends that’s a sad thing. No one likes to loose a loved one. They should get our condolences..

At the same time we should not be lulled into forgetting that if this cop did what his fellow officers are now saying he did which is; stealing from children’s charity and staging his own death to look like innocent people did it before he took his own life…Well then let the record show that cop was a bad apple.. rotten to the core.. Hence we should be asking how many innocent people did this ‘rotten apple’ impact when he came across them during patrols and routine stops?

If he was suffering from mental illness what was the root cause and how many others on the police force are also suffering? How are they being treated so they can get better? And lastly whose watch did his existence and all this happen? #‎staywoke‬

Below is an article written by Shaun King that sheds more light on this peculiar case http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-black-lives-matter-blamed-gliniewicz-suicide-article-1.2423278?cid=bitly



Gentrification Wins in SF w/ Low Voter Turnout

Davey-D-purple-frameNovember 4 2015 Well the 2015 elections in San Francisco are over and it looks like it was a big night for tech billionaires like Ron Conway along with big developers, greedy landlords and AIRBnB who he backed. Measure F and lost.

In short, GENTRIFICATION won big last night. It will stay alive and well and contrary to what many would like to believe those victories garnered by gentrifiers didn’t happen because of the record millions that was spent.  Measure F which would’ve allowed people to sue AIRBnB for illegal/unregistered listings didn’t lose because we saw commercial after commercial on TV every 5 minutes claiming the measure went ’too far’.

Measure I which would’ve put a stop to luxury condos in the historic Mission district didn’t lose because local politicians like Mayor Ed Lee opposed it on the behest of the developers who own and control him… It lost because in spite of the importance of these measures and the long term impact they will have on folks who are struggling day to day and in spite of all the attention nationally and locally they had, you still have 50-60% of the people who are eligible and registered to vote, stay home. You can look at the map precinct by precinct here if you think I’m lying: http://www.sfelections.org/tools/map_turnout/20151103/

In a recent interview, long time journalist Tim Redmond of 48 Hills said everything in yesterday’s election hinged on voter turnout..Whoever can turnout their people to pull the lever will determine direction of San Francisco Gentrifiers stepped up.. Those suffering under gentrification did not bring the numbers needed to turn the tide..

Now folks can get all philosophical and give all sorts of excuses about how both parties are controlled by the same people.. And how the system is corrupt and blah, blah, blah.. We heard it all before.  It’s bullshyt with respect to this.. On the ballot were important Measures put forth by people in the community..  Folks organized, held massive rallies and marches and went down to city hall to pressure and demand that the city put moratoriums on luxury condos..

Supervisors looked out at the packed room filled with angry citizens desperately trying to hold on to their homes and community and sided with developers.. Organizers went back looked at a variety of strategies and took advantage of the citizen ballot initiative process which isn’t even available in many cities and states around the country.. They gathered the signatures, got the Measure on the ballot.. They didn’t get corporate funding, they were grassroots and understood the hard times many were experiencing, especially with seeing their homes snatched up, rents skyrocketing and in some cases, homes being burnt up under suspicious circumstances, would lead folks to taking a stand by going to the polls to reverse an egregious wrong.. It did not..and that’s sad.. That’s sad as hell..

Ron Conway

Ron Conway

One man (Ron Conway) via a company he has heavily invested in (AIRBnB) spent almost 9 million dollars to defeat Measure F.. People say corporations are evil. They say tech Companies are tone def and insensitive and vulturistic, the opportunity to smash directly was not taken. It’s not like folks are mass organizing to boycott any of the products like Facebook, Google and dozens more he has investments in, so why not hand a sound defeat via the polls?

Ross Mirkarimi

Ross Mirkarimi

In other election results we saw that the police  and law enforcement had a big victory.. The rank and file in the sheriff department did not like long time progressive Ross Mirkarimi. At every turn the power elite in SF was looking for ways to upend him. They finally did it by convincing former deputy Vicki Hennessy to come out of retirement to run against him. She describes herself as a career cop who will no doubt do the bidding Mayor Ed Lee and the gentrifier class who came out in force at her victory party last night. She also noted that she in stark opposition to Mirkarimi when it comes to the issue of Sanctuary Cities.

Also former SFPD chief and now current District Attorney, George Gascon ran unopposed and got 98% of the vote. hence we should not expect any prosecutions of out of control police anytime soon…

Aaron Peskin

Aaron Peskin

If there is a bright spot in yesterday’s elections, it comes in the form of the district 3 race for supervisor. Ron Conway and the Gentrifier class put their money and hopes behind Julie Christensen. They went all out to defeat Aaron Peskin who about the business of reigning in tech companies and developers. Conway and his squad spent historic amounts of money on that race but in the end Peskin won. He changes the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors. If he sticks to his promises and his guns, Mayor Ed Lee will not be getting free passes and rubber stamps on all his development deals. Hopefully folks will find some political openings with Peskin on the board and be able to rock with them to turn somethings around..

The other bright spot is the coalition of people who came together to put  Measure F on the ballot to reign in AIRBnB are going to regroup, retool and reintroduce it in San Francisco and in other cities.. If it comes to Oakland, folks had best be ready to ride for it or start looking for nice apartments in Modesto or Stockton..These developers and tech billionaires like Conway have lots of money and are willing to spread it around in an effort to smash.. Hence there will be more elected officials who take the money and run #staywoke

Sheriff Says Brutalizing officer Ben Fields has a Black Lover So He’s Not Racist

Davey-D-purple-frameOct 28 2015: So apparently, the officer, Brian Fields who threw this child around and dragged her, is not a racist.  The reason being according to his boss, Richard County Sheriff Leon Lott; is because ‘He’s been dating  a Black woman for some time’.

Yes you read that right, the logic being put forth pretty much implies; that ball the past allegations and lawsuits against deputy Ben Fields that have been filed by Black folks who see this man as violent and abusive have no racial implications because he gets down at night with a Black woman. The fact that he’s nicknamed Officer Slam because of his brutality to students at Spring Valley High can be overlooked because of his Black lover.. One can make this stuff up.

Officer Ben FieldsLet’s put this in perspective… because we always have folks who are in denial of police brutality and racial discrimination who like to point to a Black spouse or friend of those accused and insist that’s the reason why they can’t be racist. We saw this logic play out in the aftermath of George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin. He had a Black friend named Joe Oliver, a former CNN reporter who went on all sorts of TV newscasts vouching for him.

We saw this with former NBA basketball team owner Donald Sterling, who in the aftermath of being caught on tape making disparaging remarks about Black people pointed to the fact he was set to receive and award from the NAACP and had a Black girlfriend  as proof he was not a racist. Fortunately, the NBA thought otherwise and issued a lifetime ban and made him sell the team.

Thomas JeffersonThe ‘I have a Black lover/ friend and hence can’t be a racist’ excuse goes back to the founding of this country. We should never forget one of this country’s beloved founding fathers ‘dated’ a Black woman.. actually she was a 13-year-old slave girl named Sally Hemmings.

He was 44 and was a key architect to this nation’s Declaration of Independence which proclaimed ‘All Men are Created Equal‘. Let that sink in for a minute. The man in question was Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.

He supposedly loved 13-year-old Sally Hemmings and she bore him 6 kids but he never saw fit to set her free along with the other 200 plus slaves he owned.  Can you really ‘date someone’ when you’re their slave and you are deemed property? And again to reiterate, we revere Jefferson for helping found this country and putting forth the notion that all men are created equal..(Unless your Black…)

What’s the point here? You can be as lofty and high brow as Jefferson and still be a racist and rapist who owns slaves. Hence, you can be white deputy in South Carolina revered by his fellow officers and supposedly loved by a Black woman and still be a racist, brutalizing dimwit who should be removed from the force and sent to jail for brutalizing that teenager. In short, no passes are given..

As for the recent news reports that attempt to justify her being beat because a third video has surfaced claiming this girl hit the 300 pound body builder officer Ben Fields, many are led to believe she hit the officer prior to the encounter..Not true. The girl flailed her arms when her chair was upended and that’s when the officer ‘was hit’.

Her classmates who were interviewed were horrified and in disbelief.

Here’s additional information on this case along with a video of the classmate who filmed the encounter and as a result was arrested for ‘disturbing the school’.  Check that out here–> http://nydn.us/20xKk6j