Live Dispatches from Ferguson: Standing at the Crossroads

Rosa Clemente FergusonHere are some of our recent Interviews from Ferguson, Missouri. In recent days we spoke with local activist Bgyrl 4 Life along with long time activists and former Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente. They give a breakdown of the harrowing events that transpired the night before when police drew guns on them and their contingent as they peacefully assembled. One of the cops threatened to shot a 14-year-old boy who was on the ground next to her hyper ventilating.

Their narrative was in sharp contrast to what was being hailed on the news as a night of peace and a big turning point in the Ferguson Uprisings where folks are seeking justice for the murder of Michale Brown. You can listen to the interview below as well as read their accounts HERE

Rev SekouWe spoke with long time activist Rev Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou. he’s been on the ground as part of delegation of clergy who not only want Justice for the murder of Mike Brown but also want to help the community heal from the trauma they have been experiencing. During our interview he spoke in detail about US Attorney general Eric Holder’s visit and what that meant and didn’t mean for folks on the ground.

Rev Sekou has also been very clear in dispelling many of the false narratives being put forth by corporate media. For example, here’s a recent Dispatch from Ferguson that he penned

What CNN did not report: We held a line be between the police and protestors for 5 hours. When stores were broken into. young black men blocked the doors to prevent further looting. try time some one approached the police they pointed machine guns at us. There were about 50 cops at one point with 4 urban tanks, drones and snipers. These young people were crying and screaming. They are hurting deeply. We need folks to come out at night to protect the people. And a final note, looting in a consumerist society is political act!

Another dispatch from a couple of days later read as follows:

I am home safe. I was at the front of the protest holding the line. We were marching in a peaceful protest and about 9pm. Urban tanks descended upon us, said disperse and immediately started shooting tear gas and sound grenades. Women and children were trapped on a ledge and the police continued to shoot tear gas. CNN is lying! The police started the violence by attacking peaceful protestors. The continued to move down the street and shot tear gas and eventually rubber bullets. It was sheer pandemonium. #Ferguson

Below is our interview with Rev Sekou

Uncle Bobby pictured left w/ wife Beatrice X and Mike Browns fathers

Uncle Bobby pictured left w/ wife Beatrice X and Mike Browns fathers

Also on the ground in Ferguson was Cephus Johnson aka Uncle Bobby. For those who are unfamiliar he is the Uncle of Oscar Grant. Anita Johnson sat down with Uncle Bobby to get an assessment of how he saw things in Ferguson.

He compared and contrasted what he was seeing on the ground with what he and so many others experienced during the Oscar Grant Movement.

He also filled in the crucial gaps as to what the media was talking about with what was actually taking place..He also met with the family of Mike Brown..

Our Hard Knock radio interview with Uncle Bobby is below