MSNBC Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom Breaks Down Trayvon Martin Case

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom

Hard Knock Radio 04-16-14: We speak NBC legal analyst, lawyer and author Lisa Bloom about the her book Suspicion Nation which gives keen insight into the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman trial which she feels was botched by the prosecutors..

During our conversation Ms Bloom lays out 5 key egregious mistakes and oversights about the trial which led to its messed up outcome. Among the points raised is the mistreatment and harassment of  the only non white juror, Maddy, who for weeks felt singled out, demeaned, and belittled by the five white jurors. Things got so bad that she decided to leave — twice — but was talked into staying by two minority bailiffs. Was racial profiling going on inside the jury room in the midst of the highest profile trial in America about racial profiling?

Another disturbing aspect brought forth by Lisa Bloom in our interview was how the state of Florida failed to  argue their best evidence (that Zimmerman’s gun was holstered behind him, making it impossible for Trayvon to see, much less reach for – the essence of Zimmerman’s self-defense claim).

Zimmerman demonstrated this on videotape the day after the incident, so it was right under their noses all the time. The state failed to prepare its most important witnesses, and assured the acquittal by delivering an abysmal closing argument, failing to connect the evidence to the law, asking questions rather than providing answers. State Attorney Angela Corey’s big smile and statement “the system worked” after the acquittal raises real questions about whether they wanted to win the case at all.

Rachel Jaentel

Rachel Jaentel

Lisa Bloom talks about her interview with Trayvon’ s friend Rachel Jeantel who she notes was poorly prepared by the state prosecutors for her testimony. One of the key points that the state neglected to bring to light during that fateful last conversation was how Trayvon was joking with Rachel just before the altercation. This revelation would’ve have undercut Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon was an enraged homicidal attacker.

Lisa Bloom addresses the nagging issue of Trayvon being suspended from his high school in Miami. many were lead to believe that Trayvon was some sort of violent thug who was disruptive. That was far from the case. Bloom points out that Trayvon was suspended for being late and having an empty bag with traces of weed in his locker.

Trayvon Martin wore a hoodie in the rain..In the world of Don lemon and Geraldo, maybe He should've had an umbrella instead

Trayvon Martin

During our conversation Bloom gives larger context to the suspensions by noting how there have been multiple civil rights cases filed against Florida schools for racial bias against African-American boys in suspensions. In the case of Trayvon his infractions did not warrant suspensions under his school’s own written policies.

Under those policies, his offenses, like tardiness, should have not led to suspensions at all, or resulted in only brief suspensions.  Trayvon was away from his Miami home the night he lost his life due to an unwarranted ten-day suspension, his third in a few months.

We concluded our interview by talking about the importance of making sure the right DAs and judges get into office and how the refusal of many to take such elections seriously have had long term negative consequences…



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  2. ruserious says:

    whatis the name of the track / artist that plays at the beginning of this clip?

  3. Why isn’t the Obama administration bringing civil rights violation charges against George Zimmerman? Seems like they are same as the Florida prosecutors.

  4. I certainly appreciate Ms Bloom writing this book. I certainly did NOT know [but had suspicions] that Mattie’s fellow white-women juror’s isolated & likely singled her out [for arm-twisting]- which Ms Bloom confirms.
    Ms Bloom kinda of leaves it dangling out there [considering her position], but IMO the prosecution [& cops] likely deliberately ‘took a dive’ on a case they NEVER wanted to prosecute in the first place!! Remember Killer-Z’s Dad’s an ex VA hi-court magistrate, his mom’s a [ex?] court clerk & uncle’s a FL cop!!!
    Plus if the DA was serious about convicting Killer-Z, DA Ms Corey would have charged ‘Creepy-Ass Killer-Z w aggravated stalking of a minor w a deadly weapon- an obvious slam dunk conviction!!!
    Obviously the DA did NOT prepare their most important witness, Ms Jeantel, for cross-exam & let Killer-Z’s attny get away w asking her questions that were irrelevant to her main testimony- just to make her look bad. And why didn’t the DA call Ms Mary Cutcher [a white-woman who’s articulately unequivocal] in addition to her Latina room-mate. Killer-Z had a white-guy [Mr Goode] some-what backing his ‘tale’ -vs- Ms Jeantel, 2 Latina’s [& an immigrant white-woman] disputing Zman’s BS claims. IMO if the DA had been really serious about winning they’d had both Ms Kutcher along w her Latina room-mate testifying [FYI: Killer Z shot Trayvon behind their condo].
    – It’s good Ms Bloom makes that point Killer-Z had his gun holstered behind him- most likely tucked in his pants & covered by his jacket [IE: there’s NO way Trayvon could have seen it]. Also consider that Trayvon’s body was found 30 – 40 Ft from where Killer-Z claims Trayvon pounded his head into the side walk, & Trayon’s head & feet were pointing the wrong way for Killer-Z’s scenario to even be plausible [the ME later said that’s there’s NO way Trayvon was siting on Zman’s chest when Killer-Z shot him]!
    IMO the fact that the DA & prosecution bent over backwards to avoid so-called ‘playing the race-card’ while Killer-Z’s attny was all too eager to play it to slander Trayvon’s rep, combined w everything they should have done but did NOT [& vice-versa]- just tells me they NEVER really intended to seek justice for Trayvon’s parents!!!!