HKR: Uganda’s Harsh Anti-Gay Law| A Conversation w/ Hip Hop Pioneer Afrika Bambaataa

afrika-bambaataa-pointHard Knock Radio 02-27-2014: Anita Johnson talks with guest Edward Wycoff Williams about Uganda’s harsh Anti-Homosexual Law. They talk about its short and long term implications.. The culture that led to it being passed and the role that US Evangelicals played in bringing forth this law..

Here’s some additional food for thought about that law ..It’s a commentary from Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks

Later on in the show Davey D talks with Hip Hop Legend and pioneer Afrika Bambaataa about a number of topics ranging from the work he did to raise money for Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress during the time Apartheid was in effect, to his current love for Trap music.

Guests: Edward Wycoff Williams and Afrika Bambaataa

HKR-02-27-14 Uganda Anti-Gay Laws-Afrika Bambaataa


  1. Nixakliel says:

    While Uganda’s anti Homosexual Law maybe Draconian, IMO Museveni’s role in Congo’s Genocide & mass rapes is far more troubling.
    Here’s a recent statement from Uganda’s Ministry of Health on Homosexualism: } ‘Homosexual behavior has existed throughout human history including in Africa. Judeo-Christian religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) condemn it but not all religions of the world condemn it. Different cultures practice their sexualities differently and these practices have often changed with times…. – Homosexuality existed in Africa way before the coming of the white man. However, most African cultures controlled sexual practices, be they heterosexual or homosexual, and never allowed exhibitionistic sexual behavior. Almost universally, they contained homosexual practices to such a point that overt homosexuality was almost unheard of…’ { Now certainly I don’t support a ‘Gay’ Edgar Hoover / McCarthy style witch-hunt vs LGBT people in Africa, but IMO that’s a long way from legalizing ‘queer’ marriage across Africa.

    And IMO it should also be kept in mind that according to the WHO Uganda is a rare success story RE: the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Where thru its ABC [ABC: Abstinence, be faithful, use a condom {if you won’t do A or B} – IMO the ‘C’ should also include encouraging circumcision in Uganda & all of Africa] has helped cut its rate of AIDS from an estimated 30% of adults in the later 1980s to only about 6% now. Compared to S.Africa [which has legalized ‘queer’ marriage & whose Cape-Town beach is world-renowned as a top LGBT tourist spot] where adults estimated rate of AIDS went from less than 1% in the early 1990s to 20% – 30% now [18% – 20% of all adults -&- 29% – 30% of pregnant women].

    During Obama’s African tour last yr he found time to lecture the President of Senegal about accepting ‘queer’ marriage, instead of OBomber begging for forgiveness for his role in FUK-US NATO 8 month bombing assault on Libya that unleashed that AL-CIAeda linked RACIST LYNCH Mob on Black Libyans & African migrant workers there, -&- also for his role in backing Museveni & Rwanda’s Kagame RE: the Genocide in Congo [+7 MILLION dead & counting- including mass rapes of Congo women & girls that’s bound to spread HIV/ AIDS in Congo like wild-fire] while swearing to with-draw his support / military aid from them [& pulling out AFRICOM altogether], -&- also for ‘persuading’ Kenya to attack Somalia. By comparison IMO in all of Africa there has NOT been anywhere near 7 million nor even close to 50,000 – 100,000 LGBT persons slaughtered like in Congo, Libya & else-where.

    And before Obama’s ‘gay’ lecture to Senegal’s Pres, UN Chief Ban Ki Moon, also ‘lectured’ Africa about its over-all resistance to the ‘queer’ marriage agenda. Yet Mr ‘Moon’ ain’t found time to lecture / chastise the US along w the UK & France [= FUK-US NATO + the Saudi-GCC cabal] for violating UN-Res 1973 & misusing as it cover to carry-out the US’ NeoCONs’ long-time regime-change agenda plans against Khadaffi [in the guise as a phony so-called ‘R2P’ / ‘humanitarian’ mission]! Nor has Moon lectured Oboma for giving the US’ UNSC veto cover to Museveni & Kagame RE: their role in perpetrating Genocide in the Congo!

    • Nixakliel says:

      And then there’s this Recent DN! interview w Black Bio-chemist Dr Tyrone Hayes to consider: [ see @ & also see: ]- Some Excerpts: } ‘At Berkeley, I [Dr Tyrone Hayes] was studying the effects of chemicals that interfere with hormones on amphibian development. I was approached by [Novartis now owned by Syngenta] and asked to study the effects of the herbicide, atrazine, on frogs. After I discovered that it interfered with male development and caused males to turn into females, to develop eggs, the company tried to prevent me from publishing and from discussing that work with other scientists outside of their panel…. Further- they eventually asked me to manipulate &/or misrepresent the data… [because] The larynx [voice box] in exposed males [frogs] didn’t grow properly…, that indicated that the male hormone testosterone was not being produced at appropriate levels. We found that not only were these males demasculinized, or chemically castrated, but they also were starting to develop ovaries and eggs. And we discovered that these males didn’t breed properly, that some actually completely turned into FEMALES. So we had genetic males that were laying eggs and reproducing as females. And now we’re starting to show that some of these males actually show homosexual behavior. They actually prefer to mate with other males.
      I’ve just published a paper with 22 scientists from 12 different countries, who’ve shown that atrazine causes [the same type of] sexual problems in mammals, birds, amphibians, and fish…. – And recent study has shown that male babies’ exposed in utero to atrazine, genitals don’t develop properly. Their penis doesn’t develop properly, they get microphallus. There are studies showing that sperm count goes down when you’re exposed to atrazine…’ {
      – Mammals, amphibians, birds, fish & humans.., So what’s left Dinosaurs [& we know what happened to them]???!! The fact is there’s a myriad of gender-bending chemicals that we & the eco-sphere have been / are being exposed to [IE: in the food {especially meat, poultry & dairy}, water & plastic food-containers, etc…]- without our knowledge let alone consent. Also keep in mind that Syngenta is one of the World’s main GMO crop Corps, which want to dump GMO crops in Africa- meaning they’re bound to bring their gender-bending atrazine herbicide along as well.

      IMO its far easier to push a pro queer-marriage agenda rather than demanding that the SIN-Gentas & Mon-SATAN-Os of the World get rid of their gender-bending products & GMOs too!